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"Steeeef-aaannn" Caroline called in a sing song voice. Swear to God she was almost skipping towards him as she enfolded him in a tight hug. "I have missed you so much! Have you missed me? I probably have missed you more. Speaking of which….. Stefan Salvatore, I have been in London for two weeks! What took you so long to see me?! Are you avoiding me? Is it a girl? You would tell me if it was a girl right? Is it a girl? Oh my God if you are holding out on me I will strangle you!" Caroline pulled back, her hands clutching his shoulders as if to shake the truth out of him.

Stefan laughed, shaking his head as his best friend continued to ramble. "No, Caroline. I have just been busy with my job."

"You're always busy with your job." She whined as she crossed her arms to glare at him. "What is so important about your job that you cannot make time for your best friend forever? Hmm?" Her head tilting to the side, her eye brows lifting as she waited for an answer.

Stefan just laughed and shook his head. "Well I'm here now. That is all that matters." Smiling he grabbed her by her elbows and pulled her onto the bar stool next to him. His hand lifting to signal the bar tender as he turned to smile at his friend.

Klaus had watched the whole exchange with a smirk of amusement. It was quite funny to watch his enforcer get sassed by a beautiful little blonde. Her red sun dress doing nothing to hide the sweet curves of her body, golden curls falling over bare shoulders, with skin that had been kissed by the sun – attesting the to the fact that she had indeed come from far away as the sun was never out long enough in London to bronze skin like that.

It was in that moment that Klaus decided he wanted her. He wanted to add her to his lists of conquests. He could already imagine those long lovely legs wrapped around his waist. He would have her moaning his name by the end of tonight. Pressing his hands against the arms of his chair he pushed himself up, hands tugging lightly at his Henley in an effort to look his best as he meandered up to the handsome pair that sat at the bar.

"Stefan, mate…. Won't you introduce me to your beautiful friend?" Klaus laid his hand on his enforcers shoulder, turning to face the lovely woman at his side. Caroline slid her drink back onto the counter as she turned to face the man who demanded an introduction. His voice was hot, she would give him that, of course the whole country was one huge damn sexy accent. The voice matched the body. Sandy blonde curls, cheek bones that were covered in a stubble that was just ridiculous in how sexy it was. Lashes flickering as she looked him over, his body lean and muscular. Klaus could not help but smile at her obvious perusal of his person. And all Caroline could think as she lifted her eyes back to his face was - God! He had dimples too?! - Caroline had just officially met a lady killer.

A cautious look crossed Stefan's face as he looked at his boss and then to his friend. Clearing his throat he ducked his head down for a moment before looking to Caroline. "Caroline this is Klaus. Klaus this is Caroline."

"You can call me Nik." He smiled as he took her hand and kissed the back of it lightly. Carline was startled for a moment before she pulled her hand away, rolling her eyes. "Nice to meet you." She murmured, already turning back to her drink.

She had been hit on enough to know the drill. Beautiful friend. Ha. You can call me Nik. Ha. Klaus lifted an eyebrow at her cold demeanor. A challenge. He liked a challenge. With a glare at the bloke sitting in the seat next to her, the man quickly got up and left. Klaus smiled as he moved slide into the seat beside her.

As his hand went up to signal the bar tender he tilted his head towards Caroline. "So tell me, love. What brings you to London?"

Caroline rolled her eyes as she swiveled in her seat to face him. "Look pal, I am too smart to be seduced by you. So cool it."

She could hear Stefan choke on his drink as he listened to her tell off his boss. She glanced over at him, her brows raised as if to say really?

Klaus laughed as he ordered a scotch from the bar tender. "I am not all that bad, love. Just trying to get to know my mates best friend forever" A smirk adorning his lips as he spouted off Stefan's title.

"So you are an ease dropper too? Rude." Caroline twisted once more to face Klaus, her long legs crossing one over the other as she leaned her elbow on the bar. Her slender fingers lifting her glass of rum and coke for a sip as she narrowed her eyes at Klaus.

Stefan at this point was on the edge of an aneurism. His best friend telling off the most dangerous criminal in London was generally not a good thing. Yet Klaus was more amused than insulted. He gave Caroline a huge smile, showcasing those dimples that were just too much to handle.

"I am heartbroken you think so low of me Caroline. " Klaus said as he clutched his heart. A look of anguish falling over his handsome face.

Caroline pursed her lips, as she watched the man before her. She was completely attracted to him, but there was no way in hell she was going to fall for him. He was a player through and though and that would just not do. Caroline did relationships, not one night stands.

"So sorry to wound your giant ego Nik, yet somehow I think you will survive." Her brows pulling together to as she gave him a mock look of pity before she turned to take another drink of her rum and coke. She was probably going to need a few of them to keep herself from giving in to the hot stranger beside her. God, how long has it been since she got laid? Tyler was her last time and that was a few months ago. No Caroline. You don't do one nightstands. Very bad! Very. She gave herself a slight nod after her internal pep talk and turned her attention to Stefan. He was the reason she was here after all.

"That's not the only thing that's giant, sweetheart." Klaus grinned as Caroline choked on her drink, coughing as she turned to glare at him, her soft cheeks bright pink with embarrassment. Stefan dropped his head chuckling at the exchange.

"Seriously? You did not just say that. Oh my God." Caroline screeched once she was able to get her breath back.

Klaus laughed as he took another sip of his drink. "And here I thought I would have to get you into my bed before I had you calling out to God." Caroline's eyes going wide with that statement.

"Not only are you rude and perverted you obviously are mistaken about where this is heading." Caroline growled lifting her hand to motion him and herself. "Because it is going no place. I don't know what kind of women you pick up with those lines because they are not going to work on me. In fact what kind of woman would even fall for those lines?" Klaus opened his mouth to answer but apparently the blonde did not intend the question for him. "Tramps. That is who fall for those kinds of lines. I mean honestly you would think that they would have better standards than that."

Before she could continue her tirade Stefan placed his hand on her arm. "Caroline, you're rambling." Caroline turned to glance at Stefan who had a shit eating grin on his face and then turned to face Klaus once more, a perplexed smile stretching those amazing lips of his. No Caroline. There is nothing amazing about him. Those lips are not kissable. And you do NOT what to know what those lips would feel like on your skin. Damn it Caroline! Focus!

"Right." She chirped. "Back to my point, I am not going to sleep with you. End of story." With that said she slid off her stool and flounced off to the bathrooms.

"Talk about crash and burn." Stefan laughed as he looked over at his boss who's eyes were on Caroline as she moved through the crowd.

"I will take that as a challenge, mate." Klaus replied as he turned his gaze to his enforcer.

"So how do you know Caroline?" Klaus asked casually. If he wasn't going to get information from her, he would get it from Stefan. He was intrigued with the lovely blonde. It was the first time a woman had not fallen for the famous Mikaelson charm hook line and sinker.

"We grew up together back in Virginia. I am pretty sure she decided I was her best friend the second day after we met." Stefan laughed as he shook his head remembering the blonde little girls declaration that from that day forth they would be best friends forever.

"Why is she in London?" Klaus asked. His fingers busy twirling the empty glass around as he kept his eyes peeled for the little blonde.

"Fashion correspondent for a fashion magazine and she was assigned to London. She writes articles for them."

Before Stefan could continue Caroline popped back onto her stool giving him a smile. "No, I came to London because I missed my best friend forever. I couldn't live without you any longer." Caroline teased as she pulled Stefan into a bear hug.

Stefan rolled his eyes as he laughed. "Yeah right."

Klaus smiled as he watched them interact before pulling his gaze away to signal the bar tender for another round of drinks. "How do you like London so far, sweetheart?"

For a moment he thought she wouldn't answer his question, but he was surprised that when she did answer it was serious one. "I love it! It so beautiful and there is so much to do here and oh my God the fashion is ridiculous."

Klaus couldn't help but admire her. Her bright blue eyes were dancing and she had a genuine smile on her lovely pink lips. Lips that he would like to see wrapped around his…. but before he could finish that thought he was pulled to attention when she asked him a question."I'm sorry what did you say?"

"What do you do in the shipping company? Stefan told me that you run it with your brothers. So what is it that you do?" She tilted her head as she waited for an answer. Klaus flicked his gaze to Stefan and saw him shake his head slightly. Looks like someone is keeping secrets from their best friend forever. A smirk touched his lips before looking back to Caroline.

"I do a lot of the planning for the most part. Although I do like to get out and get my hands dirty now and again." Klaus said taking another drink of his scotch.

Before she could ask another question they were interrupted by another voice. "Stefan mate, how are ya?" A dark haired man clapped Stefan on the shoulder as he turned to smile at Klaus and Caroline. His eyes immediately going to Caroline's legs as she turned in her seat to face him.

"And who is this lovely little number might I ask?"

Caroline rolled her eyes as Stefan motioned with his hand. "Kol this is Caroline. Caroline this is Kol."

Before she could speak he lifted her hand and kissed the back of it. "The pleasure is all mine I assure you." Kol purred .

Caroline ripped her hand away from his. "Yes it is." She snarked as she turned her back on him to grab her drink. "Seriously Stefan. Couldn't you have made friends who at least had better pick up lines than these two?" With that Kol burst out laughing. Not only did she have a sharp tongue it looked like his brother was shot down as well. Klaus glared at his brother as Kol came around to sit next to him.

Stefan just sighed and drank his scotch. "I like them feisty." Kol laughed as he made moon eyes at Caroline. "Shut it Kol." Klaus grouched. He was finally getting some headway with Caroline and Kol had to come in and ruin it.

Kol ignored Klaus and smiled at Caroline. "So tell me darling, what is a tasty treat like you running with these two goons when you can be with me instead?"

Caroline sighed as she finished her drink in one gulp and slid off the stool looking at Stefan. "Ok I am going. Next time we hang out can you please leave your Romeo friends at home." She pressed a light kiss against his cheek. Stefan smirked and nodded his head. With that Caroline turned to face Klaus and Kol.

"Leaving so soon, sweetheart?" Klaus asked as Kol tilted his head to present her his cheek as if he was waiting for her to kiss him as well.

"Yes. And it has not been a pleasure meeting the both of you." Caroline said as she turned away making her way out of the pub, Kol's laughter following her out.

She was half way down the street when Klaus caught up with her. Caroline jumped as he was suddenly next to her, her hand lifting to calm her racing heart. "Damn it, you scared me."

Klaus smiled at her as he reached up to tuck a stray curl behind her ear, at which his hand was batted away. "No need to end the night so soon, sweetheart."

"Seriously? Do you never give up?" Caroline rolled her eyes and continued to walk to the nearest train station. Klaus kept pace with her, hands in his pockets as he stared at her.

"Come on, love. Give me a chance. Let me at least take you out on a date." Klaus begged.

"No and no." Caroline ground out as she shot him a glare.

"I will take you anywhere you want to go." Klaus lifted his arm, motioning to the city. "All of London at your fingertips. And who better to show you but a native." He grinned at her and she just shook her head.

"Look you and your sexy accent can leave me alone." Caroline bit out and then face palmed as she realized what she just said.

"You think my accent is sexy do you?" Klaus was grinning now, from ear to ear. Caroline shook her head and just kept moving forward.

"The important thing to take away from that statement is the leave me alone part."

"Are you just arguing with me so you can listen to me talk?" Klaus wiggled his eyebrows at her as she scoffed. "Come now, love. Just one date." He held out a finger, emphasizing his point.

"Gah! Fine! I will go on a date with you if it means you stop trying to follow me home." Caroline threw her hands up and turned to face him. Reaching over she pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and punched in her number. Klaus smiling at the unexpected feeling of her hand near a certain piece of anatomy. Shoving his phone back into his hand she shot him another glare before turning around and leaving.

Klaus smiled with glee as he watched her go. "See you soon, Caroline." He called after her, to which she just ignored him and kept walking.

With another smile Klaus returned to the pub, excited to rub his victory in Stefan's and Kol's faces.