This is my first foray into writing for Star Trek so I'm not as knowledgeable as some or as experienced as others, but I fell in love with the reboot and the obsession has shown no sign of stopping.

This story is AU – I started thinking how different things could have been if Spock hadn't reassigned Uhura to the Enterprise like she requested, and went from there.

I was also unhappy about Into Darkness not saying much about what happened to the Vulcans following the first film. So I thought I'd come up with my own intermission for between the two films.

The first chapter is mostly explanation – sorry! And setting up the chain of events that lead us up to the beginning of this story. I hope you enjoy!

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Her knee bounced beneath her console, heeled boot tapping staccato on the floor tiles.

"Uhura," Jim glared at her foot then caught her eyes. He sighed, wiping his face with his palm. "I know we're all looking forward to seeing him again, but this isn't a social call." He stood and the bridge turned to watch him.

"Spock will be taking the place of Ambassador Sarek because the Vulcans and Starfleet think that it will be… easier if we approach this from a place of familiarity?" He frowned at his word choice then flung his arms in the air before sitting back in his chair.

Uhura kept her eyes on him, watching as he swung in his seat slightly from side to side, chin in palm, fingers tapping on his cheek. He was as unsettled as the rest of them.

"Five minutes, Captain," Sulu said, with more composure than the rest of them could have managed at this point.

Her heart was beating so quickly she couldn't ignore it. She didn't know what her reaction would be to seeing him again. 371 days was a long time by anyone's standards.

Emotions were not steady or stable, especially when directed at one thing. Anger had motivated her after he had refused her request to transfer her to the Enterprise after they had received the distress call from Vulcan, and that anger had ultimately saved her life.

She had volunteered to stay below deck in engineering with Gaila, unable to calm herself enough to reasonably argue her suitability to assist the existing Communications Officer. They had been carrying reams of cabling and other supplies back and forth and up and down the Jeffries tubes from the stores when they'd heard the alarms.

They dropped to the bottom and ran. She would have kept running if Gaila hadn't yanked her into an escape pod and deployed before she'd had time to pull herself up from the floor and strap herself into the seat.

Thrown around, she hadn't remained conscious for long. According to the medics, she's fractured her skull on the console and broken ribs and a leg through the jostling. Gaila hadn't been much better off, cracked vertebrae from the impact of landing – the pod had splinted when it collided with a building on Earth.

They were one of only 3 pods from the Farragut and 15 from the entire fleet.

Gaila felt no remorse for her actions, and Uhura couldn't blame her. She was alive, afterall.

The Enterprise had already saved Earth when she woke up, strapped to a bed in the Academy's sick bay. Her eyes were fixed to the screen on the wall that scrolled through the events of the previous day.

Vulcan destroyed.

Fleet wiped out.

85% of her graduating class and most of her instructors gone.

Only 25,000 Vulcans left.

She cried and cried until a hypo put her to sleep.

They hadn't been able to repair the damage to her skin – a mini skirt didn't provide much protection against shrapnel, but she didn't care. The silvery lines that criss-crossed her legs was nothing compared to the cost that others had to pay.

Gaila was lucky to have escaped spinal cord damage, but still decided that Earth was the best place for her. Not willing to tempt fate, she took a position to help re-build the fleet.

Uhura had been more convinced of her place in the stars- her linguistic skill now more important than ever. Her fluency in Vulcan had been put to use when the Vulcan refugees had temporarily stayed at the academy whilst New Vulcan was made initially hospitable.

The elders and the skilled left immediately to begin the process of relocation – as had Spock, not even stopping on Earth, but a few Vulcans had been placed into the accommodation quarters that were no longer needed.

They were mainly women who were pregnant or looking after children and it nearly killed her to see the grief breaking through their stoicism. She didn't bring attention to it, not wanting to distress them more, but I grieve with thee didn't satisfy her desire to comfort them, so did everything she could physically do to make the process easier for them to handle.

The language was a comfort to them. They told her stories, recipes, names and family trees and she helped preserve them writing endlessly and finding discs for them to store recordings. She went to the Botanical Science Department and gathered all of the seeds that she could convince them to part with so that they could begin to grow familiar plants and flowers, and did everything else she could think of to make their loss easier to handle.

The younger children were fascinated by her and she became an unofficial child minder, watching them make furniture with the soft wood available to them, amazed at how further developed and capable they were compared to Terran children, and teaching them standard when they asked questions.

Her heart felt like it would burst, seeing the unspoken sadness all around her, but it had turned into a gaping hole when they'd left.

Having never visited the original Vulcan, and only knowing about it from her Vulcan tutoring with Spock and from research, she was excited to see what the people had done in such a short space of time.

Starfleet had been increasing their demands to New Vulcan to be kept up to date with progress of resettlement, but true to form, the Vulcans had not been forthcoming. A year on, they'd had enough and demanded a crew be allowed to conduct a survey and report back to base.

The Enterprise had been chosen because of their role in the rescue of the refugees and the pre-existing relationship between the crew and Spock. Trust did not come easily.

She snapped out of her memories when Kirk granted permission for Spock to beam aboard.

Heart in her throat and flushing with embarrassment at being so distracted, she caught Chekov's glance and gave him a weak smile as she turned to the doors.

They slid open and her heart stopped.

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