HAVE YOU ALL READ THE LATEST BLEACH MANGA?! WHERE ISHIDA BECAME JUHA BACH'S SUBJECT?! DID YOU?! DID YOU?! Kay, lolz, that's the first thing I say after being gone for so long. Sooo... I'm just too excited to see my Uryuu bby making his debut(finally) and what's more? HE'S THE BAD GUY! I've been DYING to see bad!Ishida and ta-daa! OMG- -squeals so hard- I'm being called crazy by my parents when I reached THE Ishida-being-so-sassy-in-that-uniform page! u

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So, here's this short story~~~~ Very short. I tried my best to make it good! ouo Hope y'all like it! Enjoy~

"Say, Kurosaki, mind if I asked you something?" I asked with hesitation and uncertainties. The seriousness in it made Kurosaki halt his action to pull up his as he stared at me with a curious gaze. I was already dressed. We were at Kurosaki's room. I don't know if this is the right time to ask him about something that matters a weight of an elephant after we had intimate moments but I have to assure something.

"Um, yeah, sure?" The reply Kurosaki gave was more of a question than an agreement.

I gulped down my saliva to clear my throat before proceeding with my question. "What if one day, I was your opponent and there's only one way to defeat me," I stopped. Clearing my throat once more again as my eyes flashed a glint of fear and sadness. I can feel a lump in my throat when I opened my mouth and tried to continue. Kurosaki had already put on his pants but not his top and was climbing back up to the bed. He sat across me with his legs crossed, his forever-scowling forehead made a deeper crease. He opened his mouth to say something.

"And that one way is?" He asked as he noticed I had pause too long.

"And that one way is to kill me." I finished when I regain my calm and steady posture. I bit my lower lip after that and clutched my fingers into the bedsheet, waiting for his answer.

For a moment there, Kurosaki's expression showed disbelief and fear as to why did I ever asked him something so absurd. But soon, determination replaced them both. "There's no way I'd kill you," He said in a tone similar to an elementary teacher scolding a naughty student. He placed his hand on my knuckled one and squeezed it with care. "I'll save you, definitely," His eyes shone in unwavering resolve when he banged his forehead onto mine. "You're stupid to ask me something so obviously answered." He smirked.

My eyes widened but soon went back to its original stage. I've expected Kurosaki to say something like that but hearing it from the owner himself still made a great impact on me. I let out a soft chuckle at my stupidity, the pain on my forehead still stinging but I could care less because the man in front of me, shining in bright determination, matters more. I smiled. I shifted my hand so that we could meet palm to palm and laced our fingers together. "Who are you calling stupid?" I said teasingly before mouthing a 'Thank you'. Kurosaki's smirk widened. He squeezed our intertwined hands once more as he leaned in to kiss me on the lips lovingly. I blushed a little, the smile still plastered on my face.

"Hello, Kurosaki." I greet the orange haired shinigami in front of my eyes with a cold stare.

"I-Ishida?" His face shows astonishment. His tone reflected disbelief and his eyes flame in betrayal. He tightens his grip on his Zangetsu as he clenches his teeth.

My expression, unchanged after seeing him. I wouldn't cry nor feel guilty because I know, Kurosaki can and will save me. I know him. Whenever he's determined to do something, he'll never fail to achieve his goal. And that's why I believe him. All I need to do now is to put up a good show.

I smirk at the determination that lies in Kurosaki's eyes.

A/N: Sorry for the ending, can't write much since it just started. ^^