Richelle Mead Owns Vampire Academy

Rose: Comrade :D

Dimitri: Roza? How'd you get my number! O.o

Rose: Guardian Secret ;D

Dimitri: :O Rosemarie you know it's stalerish to randomly get someone's number without asking?

Rose: Lol I know Comrade ^-^ but you're not doing anything about it.

Dimitri: :p

Rose: So was sup? J

Dimitri: Reading my western :D I finally got the new series!

Rose: -_- you're such a nerd…

Dimitri: Sometimes. Hmm I could punish you for talking back to me.

Rose: ;) ooh what kinda punishment?

Dimitri: 0.0 Roza! Keep it PG!

Rose: Naaa I like "keep it M"

Dimitri: Smh you're such a rebel.

Rose: I know ;D

Dimitri: 10 laps starting tomorrow! :D

Rose: What! NOO! You can't do that!

Dimitri: Yes I can, I'm your mentor. Oh and make that 20 laps.

Rose: Grrr! F'k you Comrade!

Dimitri: Not now Roza. ;D

Rose: Dimitri! 0.0

Dimitri: What? Oh! Omg! I'm so sorry! Ttyt!