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Chapter 1: Those Words Will Define His Existence From Then On

The wind blew past roughly; each moment was like fighting against the winds of a hurricane as the shepherds continued their desperate battle. The risen were endless; with each one cut down a dozen more took their place, stating their numbers were legion truly felt like an understatement at this point. However what the Risen had in quantity they lost in quality. Though their numbers were overwhelming, the shepherds, veterans of combat, were able to quell them quickly enough to prevent any real advantage from. However this battle was far from being a stalemate. If left to a battle of attrition it was clear who would be the victor.

Robin, the silver haired tactician the makeshift army has come to know and love, took all this into account as he tried to formulate a plan within his mind. From what he has observed so far, considering the terrain, enemy numbers, and general combat ability of his comrades, he deduced that the chances of them coming out of this alive were… not very optimistic. And that was not even taking into account the fact that they were also constantly under assault from a massive dragon's head that happened to be controlled by his doppelgänger/evil twin/ himself.

It was times like this that he was seriously contemplating whether or not he should have considered being a dentist.

"Let us see if we can improve the situation a tad, shall we", Robin pondered to himself.

Frederick, Owain, and Gregor were defending the rear, and performing admirably at that. Virion and Gaius are doing a decent job protecting the flanks, though it looks like Vivron has resorted to using his sword instead of his bow,

"About damn time he figured out he was wasting his arrows", Robin muttered under his breath.

As for Chrom and Lucina, they were leading the frontal charge, as expected of their fearless leaders; however…

As Robin focused his eyesight he could see that, just by almost a minuscule amount, it appeared as though the number of Risen were thinning as the frontal units slashed their way through. Slowly, but steadily, their numbers were in fact decreasing on that side. Could it be possible? Is it there a chance they could breakthrough? But as Robin continued observing his eyes locked with another set that was similarly watching the situation.

With a pair of eyes that gleamed with the same color as his own, there stood Grima. His face a perfect mirror of Robin's own features, with the exception of one crucial detail; plastered upon his look-alikes visage was a demonically self-satisfied smirk.

"No, we aren't making a breakthrough; he's intentionally diverting his forces. The dastard wants us to come to him."Robin mumbled as he analyzed the current change in events.


Oh for the love of… What NOW!? Robin thought irritably as Naga's voice penetrated his mind.

Grima's servants will beset you to no end. Dispatch him as soon as you are able!

Excellent observation milady Naga, truly such unprecedented tactical genius could only come from a goddess such as yourself. Robin deadpanned to himself.

Once the fell one is weakened, a choice will await you…

Oh, well this is new.

If Chrom lets fall the final blow, Grima shall survive but return to his slumber…

"So be it" Chrom states resolutely.

Well that does not seem like a permanent solution at all…, the Tactician thought

If Robin strikes in his stead, both his life and Grima's are forever over. Only in this way may the fell dragon be destroyed for good and all.

"…. Really this goddess of ours is so naïve, after all, that choice… is not really a choice at all" Robin sighed to himself

After reaffirming his resolve, Robin admitted that the goddess did have a point in her first statement; there would be no end to this unless they finish this quickly and decisively. And so Robin chose the most decisive course of action he could think of. Giant explosions.

"Chrom, Lucina!" Robin shouted towards them, immediately catching their attention. "Dodge!"

"What", was the only word the pair was able to voice out before their instincts kicked in. They both dropped down to the ground and only barely evaded the VERY large bolt of lightning that surged past them; a bolt of lightning that was so pumped full of raw power that it reduced the Risen blocking their path to ashes.

"Come", Robin quickly stated as he sprinted towards them. "We don't have much time, that gap will fill up soon!"

The pair nodded as they followed his lead and rushed through the dense cloud of smoke that followed Robin's spell.

"Pardon my rudeness Robin, but I must say it would have been preferable had you given us a warning before launching an overcharged spell in our direction", Lucina narrowed her eyes as she chastised the Tactician.

"I do not see where the issue lies, I do believe I did warn you as I did so", said Tactician replied in a matter of fact tone.

"Ah, forgive us; we may not have elaborated as much as we should", Chrom spoke as his face took a similar appearance as his daughter. "It would have been preferable if you had given us a warning before launching an overcharged spell in our direction, not after you had already thrown it."

"Details details, I'm sure you would have been fine if you had been hit. Knowing you two it would have given barely a scratch." Robin stated nonchalantly.

Both Chrom and Lucina proceeded to turn their heads back towards the direction of ground zero, and similarly raised their eyebrows as they faced forwards once more.

Perhaps Grima was having a bit more influence on their friend than they previously had thought…

After encountering minimal numbers Risen that sought to hinder their progress, the trio had finally reached their destination. At the apex of the dragon's back upon which they rode, stood Grima.

Grima, the anti-thesis of Naga, the unholy god of dystopia, the black dragon that haunts the world, the eternal plague upon reality, and the puppy kicker incarnate; there stood the greatest threat humanity has ever known as a mocking mirror image of Robin.

"So, before we start this whole 'heroic final battle' thing, anyone feel inclined to share how they're doing right now." Grima cheerfully exclaimed.

The out of the blue question, as well as the cheerful demeanor Grima was displaying, threw off two of the trio. Robin was the exception since he was used to Grima's faux sincerity by now.

"May I ask why you consider such information relevant at this time", Lucina voiced out through gritted teeth. Seeing the omnicidal being that utterly destroyed her life acting so… jovial, disturbed the time-traveler to no end. "After-all, are you not going to simply slaughter us the very chance you get?"

"Oh do not be mistaken, I still intend to give you all an excruciatingly painful death that will make you regret the day you apes saw yourselves fit to desecrate my world. With the exception of dear Robin boy over there where I plan to give him an excruciatingly painful life, but that's later on the agenda." Grima once again replied in his joyful tone. "However I see no harm in being polite before introducing a mortal to the endless horrors that await them, it is simple common courtesy you see."

And with that said Grima made a simple hand gesture, and along with it came the freakishly large dragon's head that sought to end them. And so the final battle commenced.

As the battle waged on Robin was becoming increasingly optimist about their odds of winning. Each strike forced Grima back, each time he fired off a blast of dark energy the blow was blocked and the force countered back with interest. Most of all they saw that Grima was not invincible, they could win, they could prevent the future that destiny sought to bound them in.

There, a swift swipe of her blade and Lucina has Grima knocked backwards. The monster is down on its knees, the end has finally come.


"Now Robin!" Chrom shouts towards me. "This is our chance!"

"I'm going to finish this!" he roars

"No, no you will not Chrom", Robin whispers to himself.

For this choice, was really no choice at all was it not?

Robin raises his hand, and builds up the energy for what may be the last spell he shall ever cast.

"… Robin?!" Chrom exclaims "Wait, What—"


"You know, for once I'm glad you and I are the same." Robin says in the most serene tone he has ever spoken. "Now I can give my life to protect those I care for..."


"I would and I will. The evils you would visit on this world are unthinkable" Robin continues as he maintains the power within his palm. "In some way, I—we share the blame."

And with that statement the power in Robin's palm had reached its peak.

"It's only right we meet our end together!" Robin shouts out as he hurls the mass of energy towards the cowering Grima.


And with that final blow the dragon's head roars its death throes, and the apparition that resembled Robin fades away into nothingness; and Robin too, is gradually disappearing along with them.

"Robin! No!" Chrom cries out, the sorrow he feels punctuated with every syllable.

"Thank you, Chrom. For… everything…" Robin replies sadly, as the last parts of his existence start to fade away. "Tell the others… my last thoughts… were of them…"

"Robin, wait!" Lucina rushes towards him, his eyes meeting hers as she calls his name.

"May we meet again, in a better life…"

And with one last gesture of his hand, a final wave goodbye, the Tactician vanished from that world, as if he never was there in the first place…

He felt himself falling. All around him there is nothing but darkness, an eternal abyss that he continued to sink into. He was barely conscious; vaguely aware of what was happening only feeling the sensation of falling.

…No, not falling, this sensation was more akin to, sinking, much like how one would feel as they drown within the ocean. He was slipping deeper and deeper into a bottomless sea.

His eyes open, he gazed into the abyss around him. And as he did so, he felt something in there, gaze back.

Then his world was suddenly filled with light once more, and from that moment on, his reality forever changed.

A cool breeze swept over Robin as he slowly regained consciousness. As he opened his eyes he was met with a familiar sight. A field filled with a vast layer of grass, trees littered here and there, withered from the autumn weather.

"Well this isn't a place I recognize…" muttered Robin as he tried to get up, but stumbled as a sudden wave of pain pieced through his body.

"Ow, ow, ow", Robin stuttered out as he fell back down, "Damn, this must be how Jason felt after Joker beat the crap out of him during that whole Death In The Family thing…"

Robin paused after he muttered that sentence. Who the hell was Jason? What in Naga's name was the "Death In The Family"? His brain started to ache as he tried to shuffle through his memories. After three more headaches, Robin decided to just save his introspection for a later date. For now he needed to figure out what happened. The last thing he remembered was blasting Grima to oblivion, and slowly having his body fade away. Killing Grima was supposed to wipe out both of their existences in that realm, but from the looks of it his being was not so much erased as it was… moved out of that world.

"Could it be?"

If he were to believe his intuition, then that would mean that he went back in time.

It was most certainly a possibility, and from his experiences with Lucina and the rest he knew it was more likely than not. However it would appear as though his situation differs from there's. Now that he inspected himself, his body was visibly younger than he was used too. It was not that he was physically brought back, but more like his mind merged with that of his past self's.

Robin sighed to himself and lifted up his hand to rub his weary eyes, only to freeze as he gazed at the back of his hand. There, etched into his flesh, was the mark of Grima.

"Oh no, no, no, no…" Robin repeated endlessly. It wasn't possible; the mark of Grima should have disappeared! Gone along with the monster itself when Robin had struck the final blow, its sign should have vanished from his hand. Unless Grima had ended up just like Robin, not destroyed but exiled to the past.

Robin suddenly began to panic. If Grima ended up in the past then that means all their actions were for naught, he could not let all their efforts go in vain! But how to find him, there was no possible way to…


"HOLY &#&&#$%*!"

Robin's mental breakdown was suddenly interrupted when the bombastic noise tore through his thoughts.

Robin shot up as the demonic voice suddenly echoed out within his mind.

So how's it going? Been awhile since you blasted me out of existence old pal; life treating you as horribly as always?

Robin was having a dilemma, on one hand he was relieved that he had found where Grima was; on the other hand he was not at all comfortable with where the dragon had chosen to reside.

What. In. The. Hell. Are you doing inside my head?

Why don't look in that mirror you always keep on you? After all you're the jerk who sent us both back into this boring excuse of a past!

Robin raised his eyebrow in sheer disbelief of that sentence.

You believe me to be a jerk?! You, the mass murdering omnicidal dragon god, deems it fit to call me the jerk?

No. I think you're an asshole; I was just trying to be polite. Jerk.

Robin slammed his palms into his face at that.

"Ok, so let me get this straight", Robin said out loud irritably, he was tired of having his mental chat with the devil, "So when I blasted you away, instead of killing both of us like I wanted, it instead sent us back to the past. Except instead of sending us back to when I first met Chrom, we instead got sent back three years earlier; with you shoved into my skull for the ride. Everything right so far?

Your summary of what I just said is quite exemplary. Truly your ability to be able to recall words two minutes after they were stated was what caused my downfall; would you like a cookie for you efforts?

If it was possible to beat myself to death with my own skull, I would do so just to shut you up.

I take it you don't want the cookie.

Robin chose to ignore that rebuttal. "As if our situation could not get any worse, we were not dropped off in the Ylisse, but instead we ended up in the Valmese Empire. And the Valmese Empire, if memory serves me right, is not exactly the best place for us to be since we value our lives.

Of course. After all, one does not simply walk into Mordor.

Robin frowned at that sentence. "Stop that." He stated flatly.

Stop what?

"Stop that, that… referencing you're doing." Robin said, the word naturally coming from his mouth. "I don't have any memory of the phrase you are saying, but for some reason I understand what its definition…"

Oh? Do tell what you believe it might mean. Grima said, forever using that mocking tone.

Robin sighed, he might as well play along with the fell dragon for now, and it was not as if he had anything better to do at the moment.

"Mordor, in other words a place of unparalleled evil and danger" Robin said, the definition flowing out of his mouth seamlessly. "The phrase, 'One does not simply walk into Mordor' is used to point out the folly of going into such a hazardous place.

Go on. There is much more than that my dear Tactician. Grima beckoned, not yet satisfied with Robin's explanation.

Robin frowned as he tried to withdraw more information from his brain.

"The phrase itself, is used more often as a joke than not." Robin pressed his palm upon his forehead, as pain started to course through it. "It is used frequently because it was from a famous… movie?" The unknown word slipping off his tongue,

A movie, also known as a motion picture, a thing of entertainment that utilized individual images in rapid order in order to simulate motion. Why did he know of such a thing, such technology did not exist to his knowledge?

YES. Grima hissed out, as Robin was reaching comprehension.

Such an advanced piece of equipment did not exist yet in this world. Realization dawned upon Robin's face as he finally understood what Grima was alluding to.

You understand now dear Tactician?

This world… Such a thing does not exist yet in this one.

But it does in others.

"By the gods" Robin mumbled as he tried, and failed, to steady himself. "What did we see?!"

What did we see? Grima said, amused by his query. Why, it would be more appropriate to question what we did not. Dear Tactician, do you not remember what occurred soon after our mutual destruction?

What happened after? I don't remember anything afterwards…

Robin's train of thought broke once more as the memories burst out of his subconscious.

A sea of endless darkness, a place seemingly void of anything, yet at the same time felt like it contained everything. As Robin gazed into the abyss he felt something gazing back. And his world was filled with light, light and knowledge of that no mortal was meant to be witness to.

Do you see, dear Tactician, because of your act of murdering us, we have bore witness to that which even the gods themselves do not have access to.

"What, what was it" Robin feebly asked, as his brain was filled with the massive amount of experiences that his subconscious tried to lock away.

It has been called many names over the course of history. The Root, the Origin, Akasha, the Great Eye, the Warp, Heaven, Hell. The names all change and the interpretation varies from person to person; but the core remains the same. It is that which is both the beginning and the end, a place where one views the past and future of worlds in a separate reality from our own.

Despite the sheer insanity of what the Fell Dragon spoke of, Robin instinctively knew it was telling the truth. "What is going to happen to us then? Surely no mere being, dragon god or not, was meant to see such things?" Robin inquired once more.

From what I myself can recall from the dimensional rift, there have been others who have similarly gained our… gift?

"And? Would you mind sharing what happened to those souls?" Robin replied, pinching his nose out of frustration. Why did it phrase the last word as a question?

Well from what I can tell, they either became completely indifferent to their own world after seeing just how insignificant their accomplishments were…

Oh, well isn't that just peachy?

Or they became completely insane from the possibility that their own world and their hardships was nothing but mere entertainment to those in another reality.

"…." Was the only response Robin could give as his mouth hung open.

Well look on the bright side, at the very least we have transcended to a level even the gods have not yet reached. Not even that bitch Naga can brag about that! Grima stated in his usual jovial tone as he did what might have been an attempt to cheer Robin up.

Robin once again, slammed his palms into his face at the Fell Dragon's antics.

Well since we're still in exposition dump mode, I might as well say that I noticed something odd back when…

Back when? Robin mentally beckoned him to continue.

Well this is certainly an interesting turn of events.

Robin was just about to question what the dragon god thought was so interesting when a voice suddenly called out from being him.

"This is an odd place to take a rest, don't you think?" The deep voice echoed behind him.

Robin turned his head around to see just who stumbled upon him. He looked up, and up, and up, and up. Until his gaze settled upon an all too familiar face that stared down upon him, curiosity written across his face.

The Red Devil of Valm, the invincible, the untouchable, the warlord who seeks to unite the world under his rule.

There, entombed within his signature red armor, was Walhart the Conqueror, Emperor of the Valmese nation.

And as the mad cackling sound he would soon to come to know as Grima's laughter echoed within his skull. Robin had only one thing to say, words that would continue to define his existence from then on.

"Fuck my life."

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