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Chapter 4: The Master of None

After spending about half of an hour arguing over the price of the info, Anna and the soldiers finally settled down. The four soldiers were all members of the 8th company, Georgas was a knight, Kyle a wyvern rider, Clint a horseman, and Asha was a myrmidon, all veterans who had apparently fought side by side with the so-called "Judge".

The military group was slowly becoming infamous due to the fact that they were under direct company of the mysterious new general Walhart suddenly brought into his command. The word infamous is used because several nobles within the Valmese government have been downplaying the group's role in their master's conquests; though it has been said that the Judge himself did not seem that upset about it, people say he was more amused than anything.

The man was reported as saying, "If I was doing this job simply for a lust for fame I would have been better off employing myself into a boy band."

No one was quite sure what this "boy band" that he referred to could be. Many simply assumed it was the man's slang term for the Ylissean military, and many soldiers in the army soon began to pick up the trend.

"Well boys, might as well start with the basics." Anna said as she swirled the cup of water in her hand. "Any of you know this "Judge's" name?"

"No." The four men replied simultaneously.

Anna stopped playing with her drink and stared at them, eyebrow raised. "Seriously? I don't see any reason to be paying you boys for info when you can't even give a girl something as simple as the guy's name."

"Hey it's not our fault." Georgas said, hands raised, "No one knows the man's name, everyone only knows the guy by his title, Judge."

"It's true." Kyle vouched. "No one has even seen the guy without his helmet; there's all sorts of rumors about him going around though. "

"Care to describe these rumors honey?" Anna asked as she lounged in her seat. The merchant was fully aware that, while the bulk majority of rumors were exaggerated fibs, many of them held some semblance of the truth.

"There's a lot of them, tends to happen when someone like our Judge just pops up without warning." Kyle said tapping his finger on the table as he lowered his voice, which was probably his attempt to sound more ominous. "But there's one rumor that tends to show up more than others…"

Anna beckoned him to continue, intrigued where he was going with this.

"They say he isn't human." Kyle said in a near whisper.

There was a pregnant silence for a few minutes; no one making a move for what seemed like an eternity until-

"You're really a joker Kyle!" Georgas roared as he patted his friend's back, laughing to the point his face turned red. "I mean, I know our general is scary and all, but not human? Ha!"

Kyle glared at his friend, and was about to speak up until another voiced their thoughts first.

"Actually I think what Kyle says might be true…" Clint spoke up. "There's this one rumor that keeps bugging me most of all…"

"Let me guess" Asha said as he sipped his drink. "The one where people say he's the Fell Dragon in human form?"

The rest of the table turned to Clint, pure disbelief filling their expressions.

"Hey! I'm being serious here!" Clint shouted at them. "Those rumors have some truth in 'em. I remember back before we headed out to Rosanne…"

Clint was carrying a crate full of wooden lances, all to be used by the new trainees drafted to bolster the 8th company's forces; they would need it considering there were barely 70 men filling their ranks at the moment. Clint struggled to walk as he carried the large object through the nigh empty hallway, unable to see in front of him he turned right at the cross-section—

And promptly crashed into someone turning the same corner as he was, which led to the expected result of him dropping all the lances on said person.

"I'm so sorry, are you oka…" Clint froze mid sentence as he saw just who it was he had the misfortune of bumping into. The man who was pushing himself off the floor was none other than the "Judge", the dreaded overseer that haunted their training grounds for the past few weeks, the man who not even Walhart could put down, the new lord and master of the 8th company. The Judge's six red lenses glared down at Clint as he stood to his full height.

"Ap-Apol- Apologies you-your Lo-Lordship!" Clint stuttered out as he rushed into a bowing position. "I di-did not me-mean to de-defi-defile your per-personal space!

The "Judge" cocked his head to the side, a gesture of curiosity as Clint continued his begging. After making a shaking movement with his head, the Judge then moved his hand into a sighing gesture; however the noise that came out of his helm was more akin to a growl than a sigh, which only served to unnerve the horseman further.

"At ease soldier." The Judge said in what seemed like a weary tone. Apparently it seems like this kind of incident was not uncommon for the man. "Have no fear, I am not so petty as to punish a soldier for being a tad clumsy."

The Judge then proceeded to pick up the fallen lances, return them to their container, and hand the crate to the still-frozen-stiff, Clint.

"Please do be more attentive though soldier." The Judge said as he started to walk towards the direction he was originally heading for. "You would not believe the number of… accidents, that occur do to a lack of awareness."

The Judge turned his head to look back towards Clint, and in that moment Clint managed to see something many in the company had never had seen before. As he locked eyes with the lenses of the Judge's helm, Clint saw the eye of the man who lay beneath the mask…

"And as I looked into that eye, I swore I was staring into the eyes of the Fell Dragon itself…" Clint finished with a massive sigh, accompanied by a huge chug of his drink.

"I still say you're exaggerating." Asha sighed. "I'm pretty sure the guy was just telling you to be more careful, the whole threatening to kill you thing was probably your imagination."

Clint glared at his friend. "Don't give me that 'he's probably just misunderstood' bull, saying the word accident like that made it obvious he was gonna off me!"

"I'm just saying, even though everyone treats our general like he's the devil in human form, has he even done anything all that bad?" Asha questioned skeptically.

"According to the rumors he has, but you know how people get, they see a man in scary armor, and they assume he did something to deserve that scary armor." Georgas said, his voice showing just how little he cared for the rumors. "Enough with the rumor talk, this woman came for facts, and we should be giving them. So stop gossiping like a bunch of sheep tenders!"

"Since you seem to have a good hold on you coffers, how about you start us off with the fact checking then?" Anna gestured towards Georgas.

"Fine then!" Georgas said with a huff, "While I doubt the man is an actual villain, he can certainly act like one at the very least. But there's one thing I know for sure, that man is a genius, no doubt about it."

The 8th company was on their way to Rosanne, however as ordered by their ruler, Walhart, they were preparing to combat a rebel group that happened to have their stronghold situated in their path.

Georgas was at the forefront of their convoy, he had volunteered to be the guard of the first wagon, for he had a reputation for being at the front lines at all times. But there was an oddity this time around.

To his right walked the Judge, the general in charge of their forces, matching his pace as he walked alongside the knight. The Judge was simply reading a small book as he walked along. For reasons unknown to them the Judge preferred to walk just like the regular troops, in any other leader the men would have taken this as a sign of their leader trying to fit in with the troops. But this was the Judge they were talking about, and none knew what his real intentions were.

However Georgas was not like the other men, he did not allow himself to be distracted by baseless fears, and so he gladly walked next to his leader though the man's inhuman presence still unnerved him a bit.

"My Lord, forgive me if I'm interrupting your reading." Georgas said towards the Judge, the man turning his head in the knight's direction.

"What is it Georgas?" Georgas felt a tinge of surprise that the Judge knew his name. "Does something worry you?"

"Why yes My Lord, though I must say I am honored that I am worthy of your attention." Georgas said. "I did not think you would pay attention to one of such low standing as I."

"Georgas Alevi. You are 28 year of age, the child of Isabel and Symond Alevi, both of whom served the military of Vilan before the nation was conquered by Walhart. Due to this you decided to serve the military, both to follow the footsteps of your parents, as well as to give fame to the Alevi family's name." The Judge started summarizing Georgas' life response, causing the knight to widen his eyes in astonishment. "You have a younger brother who also wishes to join the army, hoping to fight alongside his elder sibling. Currently you are not married, though it is noted that there is a woman waiting for your return, and I can assure you that she will not be disappointed since you are under my command."

"How do you know all of this?" Georgas asked the man, unable to believe the general had taken the time to learn so much about one soldier.

"How? When one takes command of an army they must learn about the soldiers that they will soon command." The Judge said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "Even though I am but a temporary leader for this company, it won't change my habit of caring for my men."

"You did this for every soldier? You memorized every detail for every last man…" Georgas said his voice almost a whisper. While the company was the smallest in the entire Valmese military, remembering just the names of every soldier seemed impossible.

"Of course I have. Let's just say a certain experience of mine improved my memory a bit." The Judge answered simply. "Now I believe you had a question for me?"

"Ah, yes I did!" Georgas said as he recovered from his surprise. "I was wondering how we are going to put down this rebellion. We only have 80 men; I doubt we will be able to defeat the rebels without suffering high casualties. I have no idea why Lord Walhart thinks we will be useful in his campaign for Chon'sin."

The Judge responded to his concerns by, chuckling, or at least that's what Georgas thought it was. That helmet of his made it hard to tell exactly what the Judge's tone was, so it was either a laugh or him growling.

"There is a very simple answer to that Georgas; Walhart simply has too much faith in my abilities." The Judge said as he closed his book. The book was leather bound, strings in place of an actual spine, it appeared to be a homemade copy, most likely written by the Judge himself. Georgas could barely make out the title of the book; in stylized letters it said "The Art of War".

"You see Georgas, Walhart knows I am a bit of a perfectionist. So 80 men is more than enough for my purposes."

So Grima, how screwed are we?

Well from what I can sense, there's at least 400 men in that fort, and from what I can gleam from their minds they all are perfectly willing to kill you. Plus their all armed to the teeth with bows that makes most of our forces useless. Overall? I say we have a 15% chance of winning if we depend on standard tactics, though it could be lower since there was an area I couldn't sense for some reason…

Robin sighed at that. After scouting out the area they had found the rebels stronghold. A stronghold that happened to be an outright fortress, one that happened to be fully decked out with enough archers that would easily fill the sky with arrows; which is very unfortunate considering his company had no archers of their own to properly counter attack.

Add in the fact that the enemy had a territorial advantage, overwhelming advantage in numbers, and better morale and you have a wonderfully one sided odds that, as always, were against the Tactician.

The only good news he received so far was that the vast majority of the enemy troops were sell-swords, mercenaries who had no commitment to their leader's cause. So the only practical tactic was the classic "cut off the head, and the body will follow" routine.

I don't see how we will get their leader out of his nest. The mortal seems to actually have some common sense and is taking advantage of the fact he has numerous meat shields at his disposal. A refreshing change from you and that blue-haired servant of Naga; how you two survived so long is one of this world's greatest mysteries…

Robin ignored the dragon. Over the time they spent together as fellows in one container, Robin had noticed that the Fell Dragon was strangely cooperative. He had expected Grima to be more hostile considering the whole attempt to wipe out their mutual existences thing. Instead, while it felt the need to dish out a smart comment almost every spare moment, the dragon did its best to be helpful.

Looks like you got a visitor

Like now for example, Grima had given Robin a sort of extra sense. It acted as a means of sensing danger, though the most it could do was give him a general direction of something coming, and only giving a warning a second or two before he is actually hit. It was also like a passive radar, letting him know when people are nearby. However when Grima utilized this ability it could sense the life of everything around it, but when Robin used it he could only sense people in his general vicinity.

"Enter." Robin said simply. He heard a surprised gasp outside, and turned as the newcomer entered hesitantly.

"Lord Judge." Georgas greeted as he walked into the tent. "It appears Lord Walhart wishes to speak with you." The man held out a tome for Robin to grasp.

These were a heavy modification of the Anna sister's megaphone tomes. By using his knowledge of radios from the other dimensions, Robin made a magical equivalent, utilizing mages as a sort of operator for long range communication. Unfortunately Walhart had seen him testing the tome and demanded he immediately make more and distribute them to select companies.

I'm starting to think making something like this for Walhart might have been a bad idea. Robin thought as he theorized the strategic advantage he had unwillingly given Walhart.

Well you haven't exactly showed much restraint in giving him new ideas you know…


"… I'm telling you Walhart it's pretty much a requirement for someone like you to have their own little elite guard!" Robin said as he spoke with the Conqueror. Currently he was trying to convince him of the benefits to having his own miniboss squad.

"Robin, I believe you of all people should be aware of my philosophy, the strong are strongest when they are alone." Walhart said in response.

"Which is my point. After all what better way to crush the hopes of your enemies than to have them defeat an elite guard, only to discover that those men they had such difficulty defeating were nothing in comparison to the one who controlled them!"

Walhart rubbed his chin at that, "Your words do seem to carry some wisdom in them. Since you are that adamant, I will consider it."

Robin nodded as he mentally cheered for himself, satisfied the his persuasion skills were still

"Also, apologies for throwing off the topic, but I believe you mentioned before that the Ylissean Prince had a fondness for bear…"

Flashback End

Hey I'm just trying to fulfill my duty as (temporary) villain's right hand man right now. Since I don't really have a choice in the matter I might as well roll with it… though I admit I get a bit carried away.

Don't we all? Grima said fondly. Most likely because it was remembering all of its past (future?) atrocities.

Robin once again ignored Grima's comment for the sake of preserving what moral dignity he still had left.

Robin sighed as he took the tome from the knight's hand, as well as the stone that acted as the receiver. If it was left up to him he would have chosen something more aesthetically pleasing, but since he was rushed when making the damned things he had to make do with what he had.

"Lord Walhart." Robin spoke into the stone, then paused as he waited for a reply.

A buzzing noise rang out from the tome. "Ah, my Judge, how goes the journey?" Walhart's deep voice echoed out from the book, distorted by the static.

"Considering you had the generosity to send me and my men to do suicide missions for you? Doing fine sir."

"Of course, I am not afraid to be charitable every now and then." Walhart said ignoring the sarcasm in his (temporary) general's voice. "Then I can assume that your detour with the rebel's is also 'doing fine'?"

Robin paused. He turned his head to look at the map he had set up for the operation, with 81 wooden figurines stood on the side symbolizing his camp, while an overwhelming amount stood on the other. And as Robin looked at the simulated warscape, he had only one thing to say.

"Snafu my lord, just snafu." Robin said frankly.

There was a pregnant silence. It seemed to last forever until—

"HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Walhart's booming laugh tore through the tome. It took several minutes for the conqueror's laughter to die down, leaving the warlord with only a chuckle. "So, just a normal day in your life Tactician?" The man's grin was almost visible with the way he said that sentence.

"A depressingly accurate way of describing it my lord." Robin deadpanned.

The only response was another laugh from the man as the connection shut off. Robin sighed to himself as he turned around to address the knight near the doorway.

"Snafu my lord?" Georgas said in confusion.

"Code word. A new addition from the book I passed out." Robin responded with a wave of his hand, walking past the knight.

"Pardon my ignorance, but may I ask what it means?" The knight asked, slightly embarrassed since he didn't even bother to skim the new codebook.

"The situation is normal." Robin said as he walked out, the second half of his sentence murmured. "All fucked up."

"Status report." The Judge said simply, resting his hands on the map in front of him. They were mere hours away from the scheduled assault on the rebel fortress, and the scouts had just returned to share any new information. They were having a strategy meeting in the command tent, a decently sized space with nothing but a table with a large map of the area upon in.

"Enemy forces have not changed much my lord." One of the scouts said as he read the written report. "There has been some movement, mostly changing of shifts and minor formation switches, but the general layout is the same. They still have their positions optimized to protect the front gate as well as denying any air support."

"Troublesome. And what of the enemy leader?" Robin asked

"From what we managed to overhear, the leader is currently holed up in the center of the camp. He is known as the 'Bandit King' apparently."

Robin raised his eyebrow in conclusion. "Wait 'bandit' king? I thought this was a group of rebels and mercenaries, not brigands?"

"They are sir, but we aren't sure whether or not that's his title or actual name, whenever the men talked about him they always spoke of him with a 'the', so we believe it to be his title." The scout speculated.

"Oh well. Be it his name or his title it does not matter how we label a corpse." Robin said with a shrug of his shoulders.

How surprisingly uncaring of you Tactician. I had thought you one who cared even for the lives of enemies.

I am a tactician. Apathy has always been a part of the job. What does it matter to you anyways?

Nothing much Dear Tactician. I simply worry that our new circumstances might be straining you a bit more than you let on…

We can discuss whether or not I'm going insane later Grima. Right now we need to figure out how to keep our body alive for a while longer.

As you wish Tactician, as you wish.

With the mental therapy session over with, Robin turned his attention to the map. He pointed at the map, a symbol for a cave adorning the area he called attention to.

"And what of this cave, is it as we thought it was?"

"Yes my lord, your intuition is as astounding as ever." The scout said, half in true admiration, and half sarcastic flattery. That's the reason Robin liked the scouts, they didn't tremble near him just because his armor made him seem inhuman. And they had a redeeming sense of humor. "We have confirmed that the cave is indeed an entrance to an underground tunnel system, the rebels are most likely using it as a convenient escape route in case they were attacked."

Robin nodded as he listened to the scout. That would make sense; with that tunnel system there it made much more sense for the rebels to choose their stronghold in this area. There was no real strategic value in the area, no natural defenses whatsoever; however with the tunnels there the decision to make a fortress in such an open area was not as daft as they initially assumed. The enemy commander was more intelligent than Robin had given him credit for.

"Should we blockade the exit Lord Judge?" The scout asked in a tone that conveyed that he knew the answer already.

"No" Robin said flatly.

"Okay I will get the men started righ-" The scout started but then stopped mid sentence as the answer was not the one he expected. "Excuse me, my lord, I am not one to question your tactics but why should we not deny the enemy their escape route?"

"Simple soldier." Robin took a glance at the book he left on the corner of the table, one he had copied onto paper from memory. "In order to capture something, one must first set it free."

Robin stood upon the ledge, gazing down upon his small army. The time was upon them, in just a few moments they would begin their assault upon the rebel stronghold, an assault that would guarantee the deaths of his men were they led by any other general. However it was his tactics they were fighting under and his tactics happen to have 0% approval for casualties.

So I can't exactly give them the whole friendship speech to get them motivated, considering most of them assume I'm the cannon fodder user type. How are we supposed to inspire the men when we look like the villain here?

Dear Tactician, whoever said a villain could not bring up the men's morale? Just look at Walhart, though his ideals are obviously twisted he still leads men by pure charisma. Villains simply have a… different flavor you might say.

I see, well then if you put it that way.

"MEN OF THE EMPIRE." Robin's voice blared through the area, he was using the megaphone tome he carried with him to its fullest. "

"Here me now. As you know the odds are against us in this coming battle, we face an army that is four times our number. But that does not, and should not matter to you." Robin gestured towards the men, the unease within them palpable. "You are weapons of the empire, mere tools that can be disposed of and replaced. It is not your place to question where we choose you to be tossed away."

The men soldiers could only listen in disbelief as the Judge openly told them of their expendability.

"However, do not be mistaken soldiers; I am not one to waste my tools." Robin smirked as he saw the looks of confusion spread. "Though some of you may be dull, some of you do not have the share mettle as the rest, no matter the quality of the tool you are it does not change the fact you are MY weapons! And I do not carelessly toss my weapons away when I still have uses for them."

Robin continued, his hands making exaggerated gestures as he acknowledged his soldiers. His speech was changing how the men looked at their general; eyes once full of fear and hesitation were being filled with a sort of admiration for the man in front of him. True he spoke of them as mere objects, tools to be used; but he still showed them he considered them valuable. Something other generals in the Valmese army never cared to display once for them.

"Those rebels out there also see you as nothing but pawns in the Valmese army, mere cogs in the machine. They see how their numbers surpass ours and assume that their lives are more valuable than yours." Robin said, pointing in the direction of the enemy fort. "However I am the Judge here. And you are my men, my tools, and you are the anvil in which my Judgment shall hammer upon our foes…"

Lightning coursed through his arm, emphasizing his statement, the eagerness of his army rising at their leader's dismissal of the enemy.

"So with that said…"

There was a deep silence as Robin paused; he stared meaningfully at the group of soldiers whose lives were in his hands.

"I do believe it is time to tip the scales, is it not?"

The cheers that followed were deafening.

He walked forward, the night's cold breezed cooling his skin even through his armor. He walked at a pace that could almost be considered casual. To his left and right were his soldiers, men who have agreed to put their lives on the line on his orders. Though they knew their chances were slim, seeing their Judge treat the battle as a mere chore lightened the burden upon their shoulders.

Robin was at the center of the formation, three-fourths of his army was here surrounding him, the rest awaited nearby for his signal. The plan was simple, first they made a direct charge towards the gate, utilizing the battle formations Robin had recently learned (He was now slightly thankful for the different dimensional knowledge shoved into his brain). An obvious attack that, while the enemy could easily handle, they still needed to devout all their attention to it. Once there his mages would then focus their magic upon the gate, basically being used as door breachers, and then their forces would force their way into the stronghold to distract the archers. And when that was completed…

They rain death upon you Tactician.

Robin looked up as he sensed the wave of arrows descending upon them. In response to the imminent hail of pain falling towards them that only he knew was coming, Robin said only one thing.

"Testudinem Formate"

And with those two words, an order spoken in a dead language only Robin could understand, the soldiers around him immediately formed together. The men in the center raised their shields upwards, the front held theirs at ready, while the sides linked theirs to fit with their comrades. The result was much like turtle shell of pure metal, and when the arrows came they were blocked and deflected with ease, not a single one piecing the defensive formation.

"Moveo" Robin said simply, and with that command the armored shell became mobile, and marched towards the gateway as arrows continued to fill the sky.

"The hell aren't they dead yet!" The mercenary captain screamed out at the archers stationed at the walls.

"They just won't go down sir!" One archer said in a panicked tone as he fired off another shot. "Them Valmese troops are using some weird ass formation and no matter how many arrows we shoot at 'em they just won't stop!"

A loud crash suddenly sounded out, interrupting them.

"Sir, they're at the front gate!"

"Then fire down on the dastards! They can't just waltzed in here and expect to live when you shoot at them point-blank!"

"We're trying captain, but they stabbed their shields into the wall, our arrows can't reach them!"

"Damn it. I'm surprised those Valmese managed to get this far, and these tactics are just ridiculous, yet they're Naga damned working!" The captain slammed his fist into the wall. "Well at the very least we know they can't get past the gate. I have no clue where the big boss got that thing, but I am sure as hell grateful for it…"

All tasks at hand have been cleared. All that's left is to open the gate and launch the signal. Robin thought as he stood underneath the cover the shields provided. Since they could not maintain the formation properly when they reached the walls it was decided that they line up against the fort and stab the tools into the walls for protection. It was an on the spot decision but the gambit was working well.

I can tell the enemy commander is still cozy in his position. No doubt he thinks his men can take care of us no problem. However there's something off. I can sense the general just fine but there's an… emptiness near him, like a gaping void moving next to him.

A wha—

"Lord Judge!" A soldier cried out, interrupting Robin's question.

"What is it soldier?"

"It's the gate sir, the mages are firing all they have onto it yet it isn't blowing!" The man said in a slightly panicked tone. "They say the metal is nullifying their magic or something!"

Robin frowned at that. This new twist was one he was not pleased with at all, the destruction of the gate was a vital part of the plan.

A metal that can nullify magic? Does such a thing truly exist?

I am not quite sure myself, though I do not that legendary weapons like the Falchion and the holy weapons have a similar quality within them.

Robin decided to take matters into his own hands and walked towards the center of his dilemma.

"My lord…" One of the mages breathed out, clearly exhausted by the amount of effort they put into trying to destroy the doors. An effort rewarded with not a single blemish upon the metal's surface.

Robin gestured for them to stop their attacks, and the men did so immediately. The Judge then held his hands forward, and a torrent of lightning spewed forth from his palms.

"Are these men idiots?" The captain said out loud, watching from above as the man in armor, the enemy general he assumed, fired an endless stream of lightning at the gate. "Just because you can fire off more magic won't make it work any better 'gainst that door."

"Captain!" One of the gate guards cried out to him.

"What is it?" The captain replied casually, not worried at all.

"The gate sir! The gate its, its melting!"


Fun fact about magic, while people assume that it allows people to do the impossible, that is untrue. Magic is always bound by the rules of the world; in fact magic is simply the act of simulating natural occurrences in the world in an unnatural fashion.

A magic tome is like a remote, when a mage wants to fire a ball of fire they send a mental command, which the tome analyzes and then projects the wanted function. But that's all magic can do, each attack is a one-hit wonder, a tome can only process one command at a time. And that is where magic differs from sorcery. While in terms of pure fire power magic is superior to sorcery, a bolt of lightning from a magic tome is far stronger than one from the palms of a sorcerer. However sorcery, while weaker, has more uses. It can be fired off continuously without pause, overcharged to devastating effect, and is not restrained by a single choice of spell. But sorcery's greatest use, and the reason why Robin was so comfortable with it, is its versatility.

When a mage fires off a lightning bolt that's all it can do, a single strike of lightning to smite their foes. But when Robin uses his lightning, he can use it for anything he can apply it to. From electrocuting foes, to manipulating magnetism, this ability truly suited him the most. For Robin's specialty lies not just in his strategic mind, but in his ability to adapt to nigh any circumstance on the fly.

Like sorcery, Robin is a very versatile being. If he had the urge to, he could learn to be a Pegasus knight anytime he wished to. While he could possibly never obtain the levels of skill Cordelia and Sumia possessed he would still be a decent force in combat. And that is where he excelled the most, adapting to his position on the spot, changing his role in battle when it suited him, he was not a knight but a tactician, a man who lived by pragmatism.

And it is this ability to use unconventional tactics, which allowed him to bypass this gate despite its ability to nullify magic.

You see even though the metal of the gate disperses the wave of magical lightning assaulting it, it cannot nullify the non-magical aspects of the lightning. In other words, while the lightning itself disappears, the heat that comes with it does not. And it is that heat which is causing the metal wall to burn a bright red, slowly boring a melting hole within the fortress. And within the span of a few minutes, the Judge had tipped the scales in his favor.

Robin stepped back, pleased with his, modification, of the fortresses final defense. And with a single nod from his head, his soldiers charged forth through the gap. And Robin stood there, waiting as an orb of power built up within his palm.

"Damn, they got through!" The captain screamed out. 'All men stand you grou—"

The captain did not get to finish his command, for a sudden blast of energy bolted through the melted gate, flying into the middle of the air before exploding in a flash of light. Every soldier within the base was blinded by the flash, and they were soon deafened by the roars that followed.

For the last quarter of the Judge's army had arrived, signaled by the explosion of light, the Wyvern riders filled the sky, and upon each of them was a mage, the passenger raining destruction down upon the blinded archer's positions.

"Well then it appears as though everything is going as expected." Robin said nonchalantly as his men tore their way through the fortress. "Georgas, care to report on casualties?"

The heavy knight looked upon him, his face full of sheer amazement. "My lord, as of right now there are… zero reported casualties for our forces."

"Just as planned" Robin said with a smirk.

Careful, you're starting to channel some Tzeentch there buddy. Grima said, though his voice conveyed as similarly smug feeling.

Hey, I indulge myself in a bit of pride every now and then too.

"Well then Georgas. How about we pay a visit to this "Bandit King" we have heard so much about."

"I must say, "Judge", I am quite impressed." The Bandit King said as he stared down at the armored man in front of him. "To assault my compound with a meager force of 80 men, and use that attack as a simple diversion for your air units to bombard us from above? And you made it look like we had a chance to escape through the tunnels, only for you to ambush us soon after we exited? You must be quite a tactical genius to be able to plan to such an extent."

"I must say I am also impressed, though for reasons completely different from your own." Robin replied dumbly as he stared at the "Bandit King". While Walhart could be described as a giant, the only word that could do this beast justice was colossus. He stood a good eight feet tall, his muscles ripped to the point where he could only where a simple shoulder pad, for any other garments would tear from his sheer mass. He was a bald man of light complexion, his face bore an expression that screamed defiance, and his eyes burned with determination. To sum up the man, his whole presence screamed two things, rebellion, and pure strength.

"I'll ask you one thing Judge." The Bandit King said as he waved back his men, a gesture telling them this was to be one-on-one; the sell-swords complied without hesitation. "Why does someone like you serve a tyrant like Walhart? Just from the fact that you chose not to collapse the tunnel upon me while I traveled within it shows that you hold some semblance of honor."

"You want me to be honest with you?" Robin said, also gesturing for his men to back off, though they gave looks of worry they also complied. "I don't."

The Bandit King raised his eyebrow at that. "Then why do you fight for the dastard, surely you see his means of achieving peace are misguided?"

"Let's just say that circumstances have made it so that I am temporarily under Walhart's employ." Robin said with a shrug. "So unfortunately we are enemies of circumstance, not beliefs."

"I see, that is indeed fortunate." And with that the colossus reached behind his back, pulling out an absolutely massive broadsword that suited one of his size. "Then I suppose I am obligated to at least give you a good death as an apology." The man smirked, his voice suddenly filled with battle lust.

"I'll take care to give you the same courtesy then my friend." Robin said politely as he drew his longsword. While he found the katana's abilities, to be put it bluntly, awesome, they just were not applicable to many situation. And being the practical man he was, Robin saw simple longswords as more useful.

Robin then slid his left hand against the blade, a motion he used in order to augment it with the element of his choice with his sorcery. And when he finished the movement Robin stared at his sword… blankly as it did not change in the least bit. No lightning, no fire, no red special effects, nothing.

The Hell! What happened to my sorcery! Robin screamed out in his head, as not even a single spark came out of his hand.

Something is denying us that power, that void I saw before is here somewhere blocking off our connection with the "hole". I can't tell where the void is though, my sensory abilities depended upon your sorcery…

Damn it. I guess I'll have to do this the old-fashioned way.

Robin moved into his newly created sword stance, leg bent in front, blade bent downwards, scraping the ground. A stance that resembled a dragon readying its claws.

Try not to die Robin.

And with that, the Judge launched forwards, blade whirling forth. Once more Robin lived the only way he knew how; through war.

Sword crashes down.

Dodge right.

Move left as blade rises diagonally.

Slice towards joint.


Move back.

Jump over horizontal swing.

Fist connects with face.

Twist to the right.

Compensate for fall.

The battle that commenced was one that could almost be considered a dance. The Bandit King swung his blade with the grace of a swan, with the force of a rhino behind it. Each swing of his blade carving new scars upon the earth, each step he took shattered the ground beneath his feat.

Robin on the other hand flowed like water. He dodged each strike by the slightest of margins, swooping in and striking his opponent with each opening he made. Despite popular belief armor does not weigh down a man much; a soldier in a normal full plate of armor was not hindered much. In fact one could even do cartwheels if they felt like it. And Robin took full advantage of the speed he had. While he could not handle a direct blow from his opponent it did not matter if he could dodge every attack.

Or at least that's what Robin would like to say.

WHAT THE HELL! IS HE USING NANOMACHINES OR SOMETHING! The Tactician screamed in his head as his blade slid across the Bandit King's skin, and doing not even a scratch to it.

Well from what I can tell, his body is so massive that his skin is basically hardened to the point of being like steel. Grima said, you could almost imagine the dragon pushing up a pair of glasses on its nose with the way it said that.

That makes absolutely no sense scientifically and you know it. Robin deadpanned as he ducked under another swoop of the broadsword. Counter attacking as he did so, but once again his blade failed to penetrate the colossus' skin.

Well what do you want me to say! That the guy was born with iron skin? Considering just how much the world loves you, if I did that the dastard would go all hollow on ya!

Whatever! Is there anything useful you can do right now?

There is but…

Robin dodged right, the tip of the Bandit King's broadsword tearing a long gash in his gauntlet as he barely evaded the blow.

Tell me already! If you haven't noticed we are gonna die in approximately 20.8 seconds if you don't hurry!

Robin, I can help you, mostly by enhancing your strength and speed by a slight margin for a short period of time. However the cost of it…


Basically you and I have to become one.

I thought we already were? Robin said confused, as he evaded a flurry of swings.

We are only from a certain point of view. You are my vessel, one who carries my blood in its purest form; however our connection is only that of possessor and container. We are not truly one being.

So I assume that we need to be one to survive this?

Yes. In order to use the powers of Grima one must be Grima. In order to use my abilities, as degraded as they are right now, you must accept that you are me, and I am you.

In other words you will not just be my vessel, but my avatar, the physical manifestation of my being in this plane.

If this was only a few months back, a time before Robin journeyed to the past, then he would have refused with no hesitation however for some reason—

They stood surrounded by darkness, nothing but a black abyss surrounding them.

The dragon stared down, its massive form filling the emptiness with feelings of despair, hopelessness, sorrow, and isolation.

The boy stood there, hand outstretched, speaking words the dragon never thought any mortal would ever say to it.

And in that moment, they promised to one another—

—Robin knew he could trust the Fell Dragon this time. For its voice did not convey the feel of a demon offering its contract to a foolish human, but a friend reluctantly giving an ultimatum. The Tactician did not even need to hesitate.

I accept.

Are you sure Robin? If you do this, you will lose the last bit of humanity you still had within you…

I don't care. If I have to become the monster this world fears to protect it, so be it. I will challenge every obstacle fate has in store for me, and I—WE will overcome it.

Very well then… Grima.

Robin shuddered as he felt his body suddenly shift, it was as if every molecule of his body was being torn apart and rearranged in a single moment. His body felt both cold and hot. His heart beat as though he stored two within his chest. His arms burned with a strength they hadn't possessed before.

And underneath his helm, his eyes glowed red as his pupils slit vertically.

And with the change within him occurring in what may have only been a second, Robin burst forwards, the force of his sudden movement cracking the ground where he had previously stood.

The Bandit King's eyes widened in surprise as the Judge seemed to almost teleport to his side, the blade slicing through his hardened skin. Blood, finally being spilled from the wounds.

Thank you… Robin.

The Bandit King glared at him as he clutched his wounded arm. The look in his eyes shifting from determination, to pride induced rage.

Damn it. Even with the enhanced strength it isn't enough…

The cut, while able to piece the skin, was only a shallow one. Barely a paper cut for a man of that size. Not even the temporary power Grima bestowed upon him was enough to hurt the man shaped beast.

"JUDGE!" The Bandit King roared as he charged forth, broadsword raised in a fashion that screamed for the death of its victim.

"NO CHOICE THEN!" Robin cried out as he rushed forward blade swinging forth in an attempt to land a killing blow before the Bandit King had a chance.

Lightning fast speed v.s unstoppable strength. This was the concepts that ran against each other in this final strike.

Now then the events of this moment are seen differently from person to person.

Georgas' Perspective

The Judge rushed forward blade in hand, seemingly doing one final rush just like the rebel leader.

However the Judge was no fool.

At the last moment he bent down on one knee, quickly swerving upon the ground and knocking his opponent off his balance.

And as the giant of a man fell, what awaited him was the Judge's blade, the general holding the blade to point behind him, and piecing through the rebel's impossibly hard skin as though it were paper.

Without a single word, the Judge pushed the corpse off of his blade, letting the giants body tumble to the ground.

There stood the Judge, in all of his glory, triumphant, as the blood of his foe dyed his armor red.

Robin's Perspective (AKA What Really Happened)

Robin rushed forward, putting every muscle in his legs to their limit, making use of what little power Grima's contract with him gave him to boost his speed as he charged towards his opponent.

Unfortunately Robin was not quite used to coordinating his body with his and Grima's senses merged together, and so he tripped. Over a pebble. One that ironically happened to come from the crater he created when he first sped towards the Bandit King.

In an attempt to balance himself, Robin bent down on his knee, but then accidentally twisted himself as he messed up the timing.

This would have been really bad news for the Tactician,if it wasn't for the fact that the Bandit King had also tripped. Over the exact same pebble that Robin had, and the Bandit King fell upon his blade.

While falling on the sword would not do too much damage to a normal person, due to the Bandit King's massive weight the force of the fall nearly tripled what it normally have been. Thus allowing the blade to piece right through the man's body.

Ironically it was the Bandit King's greatest strength, his mass, that killed him in the end.

And as Robin pushed the extremely heavy body of his foe, he and Grima could only think of one thing as they stared at the corpse of their opponent. One that died a less than dignified death.

Well that was anti-climatic.

Omake 2: Pari Passu

Author's Note: While the majority of my Omakes are comedy stories, this is one I made to give more insight into this version of Grima. Since the story is actually kind of sad I thought it would be best to put it into this chapter since it was a tad more serious than the previous ones.

"Hey Grima." Robin said to draw the dragon's attention, at the moment they were using his inner world to work on reviewing troop reports, city security, grocery lists, executions; you know the normal stuff.

"What is it Tactician? Finally decided to get a girl, or is "Operation Maintain My Eternal Chastity" still in effect?

Robin wisely chose to ignore most of that sentence. While Robin had his fair share of shippers back in his time with the Shepherds, Grima took the "Try and get Robin to go on a date" thing to a whole new level. Who knew the Fell Dragon was such a romance buff?

"I was just wondering…" Robin muttered as he turned to face the dragon. "Why do you always take that form?"

Robin asked this question because Grima, instead of lazing about in his "True" form, was currently laying in the grass in Robin's appearance. Every feature of Robin's exterior was mirrored by the Fell Dragon to the very last detail. It was the same form he took when Robin first (consciously) met Grima, and the form he took when he ended him as well.

"I don't quite understand what the issue is Tactician." Grima said, its brow creasing in confusion.

"Well, I mean you're a being of immense power right?" Robin explained as he got himself into a thinking position, hand on his chin. "While you yourself said you were not a god, I doubt something like shape shifting was out of the question."

"Correct. My appearance is quite malleable; in fact my so called "True" form is one I made just to increase the intimidation factor"

"Interesting point, but off-topic" Robin said with a wave of his hand, he decided to store that in his "Future Conversations with his Inner Demon" folder he stored in his mind. "What I mean to say is, you could have picked the appearance of anyone, you could have confused us by taking on Chrom's appearance or maybe pretend to be Lucina. Yet you only choose to mimic my appearance."

"…." Grima was, surprisingly, silent as Robin started his questioning.

"And then there was that whole "You and I are one and the same" thing you kept going on about. Right now we are literally the same, but back then we were still two separate beings." Robin continued, not noticing Grima's growing signs of discomfort at the conversation. "At the time I was nothing more than your future vessel, you were a Dragon God that had existed for millennium, yet you kept talking as if we were equals. And then there was the fact that you were fixated on having me be your vessel. I've done my research. While Validar was not the perfect candidate; he should have been a suitable enough vessel for your needs."

Grima continued to stay silent, its gaze fixed on Robin.

"Basically, I want to know why you treat me so differently from everything else. Even now, despite being reduced to nothing more than a voice and my head, you treat me as though we are... friends almost."

"Why you ask?" Grima finally spoke, its voice strangely melancholic.

"So this is Validar's spawn?" Grima, in his humanoid form asked. He wore nothing but a black robe, the inside of the hood completely engulfed in shadow, for he found no face worthy enough to fill it.

"Yes, this is my son. His name is Robin." Replied the woman, her white hair flowing down to her waist, her brown eyes staring lovingly at her child. This woman's name will be one never recorded in the pages of history, yet it will be her future actions that will allow future stories to be written.

They both watched the child play with his toys, he wore an over-sized coat, one emblazoned with the markings of the Grimleal, his short white hair an oddity for one his age. This was Robin, at the tender age of six, being raised isolated from all others in order to prepare him for his role as vessel.

"My apologies my lord." The woman said as she turned towards the monster in human form. "But was Validar not suitable enough to be your host? Must my child bear the burden of your blood in his stead?"

"Oh? How wonderfully arrogant of you Woman to question my will so directly." At this point in time Grima was not one for pleasantries, preferring to be direct, always cutting to the point. "If you must know, it is because I happen to share your lack of fondness towards that fool. His mind is too clouded with the inane doctrines the Grimleal filled his useless skull with. While his blood is pure enough for me, the mind is severely lacking."

And with that Grima walked towards Robin, crouching down to face the boy as the child stared at the unknown figure, curiosity in his eyes.

"Which is why a clean slate is required…" And with that Grima forced itself into the child's mindscape.

While I did say clean slate, I did not mean that literally to this extent… Grima thought to itself as it viewed what Robin had for his inner world.


That was the only way to describe it. Most children his age would have their home, or perhaps their favorite playing area as the scenery for their mind. But this child had nothing, nothing but a black abyss.

Truly Validar and his followers did an exemplary job of denying this child any experiences in life. Grima thought in what might have been disgust.

The boy looked around himself in confusion, a bit startled at the sudden shift in his surroundings, yet strangely he was not panicking nearly as much as a normal child would in his situation.

After a few moments the boy finally took notice of the elephant in the room, for Grima chose not to present himself to Robin in his human disguise, but in his "True" form, in all its horrifying glory.

"Behold offspring of man!" I. AM. GRIMA." Grima bellowed out, doing the obligatory possessor to vessel introductions. "I am that which will bring despair and suffering to the world. My wings shall blot out the sun. My armies shall feast on the living. My voice will ring through as the death throes of your species echoes back."

Grima continued his speech towards Robin, who was, despite all logic, simply sitting there as though his mother was telling him a bed time story.

Seriously? The hell did Validar do to this kid?

"I am the Fell Dragon that eternally haunts this world, and YOU are the vessel that will allow me to arise once more." Grima continued, explaining to the boy his purpose. "We shall become one and the same, for my blood flows through your veins."

The child still sat there, but for some reason it seemed more intrigued by something than confused, its eyes locking with Grima's.

"So child, what do you think?"

Robin tilted his head, his hand on his chin in a thinking position. And after a minute or so the child decided to speak…

"Mister Grima, are you lonely?" Robin asked, a sympathetic look on his face.

If it was possible for something its size to face fault, Grima would have done so. Instead it opted to move its head at such speeds that its neck cracked, the sound louder than a thousand thunder claps. That response was one Grima was definitely not one it expected.

"I beg your pardon child. Are you daft?" Grima asked incredulously. "Me! The Fell Dragon lonely, what gave you that impression?"

"Well mommy always did tell me I was good at judging people." Robin explained. "And when I looked at your eyes, and I must say you do have quite a number of eyes Mister Grima, I thought you looked really sad…"

This child… this Robin is quite a strange one, is he not?

"And well, I don't have any friends myself; Validar said companionship was for the weak or something like that." Robin said as he waved his hand. Must be some sort of unconscious habit of his. "So I know when looking at someone when they don't have any friends either!"

This child was confusing Grima more and more with each passing moment. A child having compassion for, and even empathizing with the Fell Dragon! The very idea was making Grima's head reel.

"So with that said…" Robin looked away shyly, scratching his head out of embarrassment. "Do you want to be my first friend?"

"Child has your mother dropped you occasionally or something?" Grima's brain had pretty much fired at this point. "You are but a cub, and I am a dragon who many see as a god; surely even at your age you can see the divide?"

"Hmmm, true…" Robin nodded, but then his head bolted up and he raised his index finger, as though having an epiphany. "But you said we are going to be one and the same right!"

"I don't see how that's releva…" Grima started, but was interrupted as Robin continued, excitement filling his voice.

"Mommy always said that it's best to understand someone by imagining myself in their shoes!" Robin said as he ran forwards towards the Fell Dragon's lowered head. "So if you're me, and I'm you, then that means neither of us would be lonely ever again!"

Grima was truly dumbstruck. An unknown feeling rose within it as this boy continued to defy all of its expectations.

"Well then Robin." The boy said as his face erupted into a smile. "I'm Grima, would you be my friend?" The boy asked as he raised extended his hand towards Grima as if waiting for a handshake.

For some reason, all Grima could think about was how that boy's stupid smirk seemed to be brighter than the sun itself.

"So gentleman, would you kindly let go of that poor girl before I introduce you a realm of pain you can scarcely imagine?" Robin, now in his early teens, said in a sweet tone.

The group of boys in front of him scattered as he gave them the so called "Grima Glare" a name it will be given by his future friends.

"You're not too hurt are you?" Robin asked in a worried tone as he reached down to grasp the girl's hand, lifting her up.

"I'm fine" The girl managed to say, as she dusted off her clothing.

"That's good; it's a real shame that those boys have nothing better to do than bother a pretty girl such as yourself." Robin said, that stupid grin of his adorning his face.

The girl flushed at that, and managed to stutter out a quiet thank you as she walked away, face reddened.

That boy would have been quite popular with woman if he was able to live that long… Grima thought sadly as he walked towards Robin. Grima was like a shadow to Robin now, wherever Robin went Grima was always somewhere nearby. And wherever Grima went, Robin was quick to follow.

Grima's humanoid appearance had seemingly changed little over the years, yet when one looked closely they would see just how much the Fell Dragon had shifted. Where once under his hood there was nothing but darkness, now, though still obscured by shadow, underneath the hood lay a face that mirrored Robin's own.

"Dear Robin." Grima called out to the teen, he had taken to calling Robin that for quite a while now, a show of affectionate that was rarely seen from the dragon. "I have to ask, why are you always so damn polite to those whelps? They don't deserve any show of respect from you, so why bother?"

. "Well I don't really see any reason not to. Just because those guys did not feel like showing respect doesn't mean I have to sink that low." Robin laughed as he waved his hand. "After all…"

Grima raised its eyebrow in curiosity as Robin turned towards him, deliberately prolonging his sentence.

"I see no harm in being polite to people before doing anything to them." And that smile of his crossing his face once more. "It is simple common courtesy you see."

"Might I ask just where you think you are going?" Grima questioned the white-haired woman as he blocked the doorway.

In the woman's arms, was Robin, asleep in his mothers arms, unaware of the drastic change occurring.

"Robin is... sick, and I need to get him to a doctor right away lord Grima." The white-haired woman feebly replied. Already knowing it was pointless to lie to the robed monster. She had seen the full extent of what Validar was willing to do to obtain his twisted world, and she could not stand by and let her son undergo such things.

Grima stared at her for what seemed like hours to her, prolonging the death she knew she would receive from the Fell Dragon. The beast soon opened its mouth to sentence her to her dea...

"Feel free to go then."

"I beg your pardon?" The woman asked in pure shock, there was no possible way the dragon believed that fib.

"Well, are you not in a hurry? It is not good to keep Robin waiting for treatment. After a..." Grima turned meaningfully to the Plegian palace. "It's not exactly healthy here for the boy."

"The woman nodded her head in understanding, and silently made her way past Grima, giving only a single glance over her shoulder as she began her journey out of the nation.

"Well then, I suppose I should get ready to go scream at Validar for losing my vessel in a few hours..."

"What manner of sorcery?!" One of the Ylisseans cried out as Grima removed his hood. Displaying his appearance for all to see. In front of him, Robin stood mouth agape, eyes wide in confusion.

"He looks just like… me." Robin muttered as Grima's gaze pierced through him.

"My name is Robin." Grima said in a mocking voice. "Oh and that was YOUR name as well, wasn't it? What a strange coincidence…"

Grima meant that as a joke, a quip only he and Robin could understand. However he was only met with a feeling of emptiness as Robin's face contorted into one of disbelief, not recognition.

Validar made some smart comment, but Grima chose to ignore him in favor of observing Robin's reactions.

He truly does not remember… Grima sadly thought to itself.

Their attempt to become one had failed, Robin's body rejecting Grima for reasons unknown. Grima was worried that Robin would have suffered some negative effects, but to completely forget his previous life; their own promise to one another? Robin, the only one who had truly understood the Fell Dragon's existence, sent into the arms of Naga!

Truly fate had a cruel sense of humor.

Grima panted, the last of his energy fading away. He was beaten; the heroes have one, just as they were always meant to. And now Grima waited, waited for the Exalted to strike the final blow and give him the sleep that he wanted.

But as the Exalted charged, holy sword in hand, Grima locked eyes with Robin. And in that moment Grima saw the look of determination filling the Tactician's being.

I see… so that is the choice you have made.

To them it must have seemed like Grima was futilely trying to prevent its defeat, however that was not the case. With its last bit of power it stopped the charge of the Exalted, not to prevent the final blow from being struck, but to allow another to do so in the Exalted's place.

There stood Robin, using the same dark magic that Grima used, fueling a spell that would end both of their existences.

Because only Grima can kill Grima, isn't that right Naga?

"…Robin?!" The blue haired man cried out. But Grima ignored him, turning his attention to Robin, and Robin alone. Grima did so while crying out the obligatory death cries that fitted the "villain" of this story.

"You know, for once I'm glad you and I are the same." Robin says in the most serene tone he has ever spoken. "Now I can give my life to protect those I care for..."

You have so many friends now, truly mine is not the only existence you have brightened…

"I would and I will. The evils you would visit on this world are unthinkable" Robin responded to Grima's fake death throes, Grima itself not even paying attention to its own words. "In some way, I—we share the blame."

I'm happy for… I truly am. Because you are…

"It's only right we meet our end together!" Robin shouts out as he hurls the mass of energy.

And with that final blow, the beings that were both Grima and Robin thought they had met their end. Both satisfied that they would die together, dying as one, but for entirely different reasons.

Back in the present

"Why you ask?" Grima said. "No particular reason. No reason at all."

Robin tilted his head, Grima's current tone of voice foreign to him.

"I just like to think that you and I are beings on equal footing."

Author's Note: And that's it for chapter 4. This chapter was actually going to be 3 times longer since I was planning on adding both Rosanne and the Chon'sin invasion into it. But it was taking too damn long.

And sorry once again for not updating last week, school has been rough the past couple of weeks.

And about the Omake chapter, first off, sorry it's a bit serious but I wanted to give Grima more characterization. Secondly, if you're wondering why Robin and Grima's relationship is so differently from cannon Awakening then I have one term for you, A.U. In this continuity Grima actually met Robin when our little Tactician was but a boy, and as you can see the experience changed it quite a bit.

If you did not like the seriousness of this Omake, do not fear! My next three or so are all comedy ones.

I'm hoping to finish up the Valm arc in the next four or so chapters so stay tuned. And to make up for not updating, here is a new feature for my story; NEXT CHAPTER PREVIEWS!

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By the way, just so we are clear "moveo" is not a typo, it's Latin. Basically I've been doing a lot of research into military tactics both ancient and modern, so you might have noticed the ones I've inserted into here. In the main story Robin was always looking for tactics books to read so naturally he would try to read up on ones in other dimensions as well; hence why he copied down The Art of War. AS for why he is using Latin words for commands, well the Roman's used them and I thought "Hey what better way to make sure your enemies don't know what you're doing than making your commands in a dead language that doesn't exist in that world!". I'm a history buff, so expect some references here and there whether it be military wise, political, or social.

While I'm at it I might as well announce the projected timeline for the story. As of right now I'm planning on the Valm arc (AKA first year before main story) to end in 2 chapters (At most 3). After that I'm either going to move into Plegia, or Regna Ferox (I'm leaning towards Plegia since I have a few ideas having to do with the unbalanced minds there). Then I am going to move the story into Ylisse where we will eventually transition into the plot of Awakening, one that will be heavily altered due to the changes that Robin had unwillingly brought.

As for other things I'm planning, well I might as well say it now, I am going to be introducing an OC into the story. BUT DO NOT WORRY. The original character was made only for comedic reasons (Seriously. I literally made a whole character solely for the sake of one joke.).

Also want to make a shout-out to the User Axel's World for pointing out the Lucina thing. I personally did the whole "Avatar" thing with Robin because I wanted to see how that would effect the way the two interacted. I felt like Robin being the vessel of Grima was a plot point that wasn't really used much in the actual game (It was mainly just a plot twist, a cool one, but still just a plot twist) so I thought it would be fun to experiment with. Plus It was a nice way of expanding on one of the themes of this story; hint it has to do with the armor, being Grima's vessel, and his role as tactician.

(Damn. That was a really long edit...)

Chapter 5 Preview

(Quotes may or may not make it into the actual chapter)

"It takes guts to insult someone in their own language ya know."

"I am Virion! Duke of Rosanne and the finest archer in all the land! If you happen to be a fair lady underneath all that tin then I would appreciate it if you would aid me in stringing my… bow?"

"Silly Minerva, I have not met this man before! At least I do not believe I have…"

"Well hello there Nurse Joy! About time you showed up."

Are they seriously giving me the whole 'this is my name and my invincible abilities' speech?

I think you went a bit trigger happy with the whole, burn everything to a crisp around you, feeling there. I mean all the charred corpses are a nice touch, but the collapsing floor thing is a bit inconvenient.

Going by that logic then that means freakin' OWAIN is going to be the most overpowered person on our side. That's messed up.

"I am Yen'Fey. King of Chon'sin. I apologize for killing you."