So it's been a really damn long time since the last update for this story, and I apologize for that. This update is just an official announcemnt (If the previous months of silence hadn't been enough of an indication) that the story is on hiatus until I get my shit together.

If you want a reason why, well the short story is that my computer self-destructed and it takes a bit of time to scrounge up another grand of cash to replace it. And since I absolutely refuse to use the library to work on something like this (My local library is somewhat of a hive for scum and villainy), I decided to simply postpone writing any new chapters for this story.

After I get everything down and find some free time to myself, hopefully I can continue this story since I had some decent ideas for it brainstormed before my computer's lapse in functionality. And by that time I'll hopefully be able to recover the work I already had down from my old hard-drive too.

Once again, I thank you the readers for your support, and I hope you'll continue reading this silly story of mine when I get back to work on it. No ETA at the moment, since I don't want to make promises I can't keep.