Disclaimer: I don't own the Hunger Games or the title of this fan fiction (a quote by William Shakespeare).

Just an overview, this is the 188th Hunger Games. The rebellion was lost. The 76th Hunger Games was fought completely to the death, there was no victor. After that, the tributes from the same district could come home together like in the 74th Games, but without any tricks at the end.

District 12 was rebuilt, but there were more peacekeepers and the fence was repaired. The living situation in the districts in better, almost a happy place other than the Games. That way, the capital could keep a safe distance from another rebellion, but they wouldn't have to worry about the districts demanding more and more supplies.

One last thing. Now, there's a girl's bowl, a boy's bowl, and a neutral bowl. Everyone puts their name in however many times they need to. One slip for every child goes into the neutral bowl, any others go in the bowl for their gender. Ex: girl puts in 7, 1 goes in neutral, 6 go in girl's bowl. boy has 1 slip, the one goes in the neutral, none in boy's bowl. If a person is drawn from their gender bowl, then drawn from the neutral bowl, there will be a redrawing in the neutral bowl.

If you don't understand, PM me with questions and I can explain it to you.