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Vincent shakes me awake. "We're getting in positions for the feast. You still can't move your legs, right?"

I try bending my knees, "No."

"Okay, that's fine, just get your knives ready and please don't draw attention to yourself. Other people can climb trees and you have no way to escape."

"I know. And you, watch out for yourself. Don't die."

Vincent laughs, "I'll try my hardest."

He swings down to the branch below me, gathers his stuff, and climbs down the tree.

A while later, there's a click. A hole opens next to the spring. A long, white table rises from the ground. The table is basically a mini cornucopia. It's covered in rich, delicious capital foods, a couple first aid kits, and right in the middle is a cake. A three tier, chocolate cake. The icing is dark, dark brown. There are little designs made of thin, blue icing. The cake is covered in plastic wrap. A note is stuck on it. The writing is too small to read from here. All of that is covered by a plastic box, undoubtably to protect the cake from the coming carnage.

Someone darts out of the trees, the boy from 8 who got away. I throw a knife and a cannon fires, but now people know where I am. The girls from 7 come out. One goes to the table, the other to my tree. The girl at my tree gets out her ax. She slams it against the tree. I aim a knife at her, but there are too many branches in the way.

Dread fills me and I try to use adrenaline to move my legs. Nothing, nothing! Cliff comes out and stabs her with his sword. The 7 girl at the table runs over and stabs Cliff. Two cannons. The girl starts running into the woods, but Allison appears and kills her. Allison! I want to get her. She needs to die.

I get one of my last knives and start to throw, but the creaking of my tree startles me. It's tipping. The 7 girl must have gotten to it. It tips and tips until I'm leaning with my back facing the ground. "Crystal!" Vincent yells as I hit the ground with the tree on top of me. Not surprisingly, the tree is really heavy and I hear the bones in my legs crack. Apparently I lost the nerves when I got paralyzed, because I don't feel anything despite the horrific feeling that I should.

Allison is over me laughing and with the little life I have left, I stab her ankle. She yelps in pain and collapses next to me. I stab her in the gut and a cannon tells me that I can relax. But I can't. No, I most definitely can't. I'm in the Hunger Games. We're not finished yet. Will we ever be? I don't know.

A boy I don't recognize stumbles into the clearing. He takes the knife from Allison's body and stands over me, ready to kill me. A cannon fires. Vincent stabbed him. Another cannon, but I don't know who. Obviously not Ares or Vincent because they're standing over me, trying to revive me. They roll the tree off me and I know my legs are destroyed.

A knife flies through the air and lodges itself in Ares' heart. A cannon. I scream. How is he dead? It should be over! "Ares!" I cry. I shake him, trying to wake him from eternal slumber. Another knife. This one in Vincent's stomach. I throw my last knife at Sheen and he writhes around on the ground becoming still. I army crawl to Vincent who is gasping for air.

"Vincent!" I say as tears stream down my face. "Show me your face," he gasps. Vincent gives a racking cough and blood dribbles down his face.

"Why aren't they taking us out?" I cry.

"I'm too close to being gone."

"No! No, Vincent, don't give up. I love you! I know I do!"

Vincent smiles and closes his eyes. A last cannon fires.

"No! I wanted to win, but not like this! I wanted to win together! Wake up! Wake up, Vincent. Don't leave me alone."

I lay on his chest. I remember the cake and go read the note. "To the last one standing..." I murmur. I unwrap the cake and smash it into the spring. Stupid! Three people can come home! And I guess I proved them wrong, because I'm definitely not standing.

The hovercraft comes. They take me to the capital and heal me. They amputate my legs, but I don't want replacements. The rest is a blur. Weeks pass by and finally I'm home. There's a celebration and a Victory Tour. At the very end, I go and lie down in my garden. "The course of true love never did run smooth," I sigh, then I get a knife and run it through my heart. I welcome the fiery pain and run into Vincent's open arms. Peace at last.

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