Co-written between Tangerine Catnip and NebulousMistress

A brand new RP, this one's paced a little differently from our other works. It's post-series (Danny's 17-18) but Phantom Planet never happened. Danny's grown up enough to realize how much of a dick he's been. And there are some other... differences...

The whole core flare phenomenon is discussed in greater length in various works by the NebulousMistress. This RP merely takes that phenomenon to a porny conclusion.

This story deals with odd sexual situations and elemental porn. We fully recognize it's not for everyone. Along those same lines, beware of science. Physics is not forgotten here.

This fanfic is spawned from refurbished RP logs. It has been edited and the voices homogenized.

Danny stood on Vlad's doorstep, staring at the entrance to the mansion like it was going to bite him. He could hardly believe he'd managed to get this far without chickening out again. All he had to do was ring the bell and hope he'd rehearsed his lines well enough.

He took a deep breath. He couldn't keep coming here night after night trying to force out the courage to face Vlad. This was his best chance, he probably wouldn't get another without people seeing him or without being yelled at for missing curfew. Willing his arms to move, Danny rang the doorbell and held his breath.

Vlad's perimeter cameras picked up the intruder, not that it was needed. Danny was being so unsubtle about it that Vlad's ghost sense alone could have informed him of his less than welcome visitor. He put his book down and picked up his cat, dropping her off inside her toy room and closing the door behind her. He stalked down the staircase into the foyer, took ghost form, and opened the front door to his annoying little intruder.

Danny opened his mouth then snapped it shut. He tensed as he sensed the elder's anger. His first instinct was to go ghost like Vlad had and fight him. His hands tightened into fists and he slowly counted to ten in his head. He had to keep control of his anger; punching everything wasn't going to solve his problems anymore.

"What?" Vlad snapped.

Danny looked up at Vlad, his mouth open before he realized he'd lost his whole memorized speech. He didn't know how to explain himself. He almost turned around and left without a word but the thought of having to come back in shame later...

"Oh fuck it," he hissed and threw himself at Vlad. He wrapped his arms around the elder man's back and pulled him into a firm hug.

Vlad froze, confusion reigning in his mind. Confusion so total he took human form even as two human arms stayed wrapped around his middle. What in the nine hells was going on here? His hands didn't know what to do. Was he supposed to hug back? If so then what was he supposed to do? Was this some sort of attempt to lure him into something? It wouldn't be the first time Danny pulled something like that on him. Vlad held his arms away from the boy, keeping them held outward. He had no idea what to do.

Sensing the moment was over, Danny released Vlad and hopped back a step. He smiled awkwardly and looked the now human Vlad over. He seemed the same as before; what exactly was supposed to change about him? Except the teenager noticed that Vlad was staring and suddenly retreat seemed like the better option. He had done what he said he would do and now had every right to run away with his tail between his legs.

"So.. um… later!" Danny turned on his heel to jump down the stairs and take off into the night.

Vlad's hand shot out and fisted in Danny's shirt before he realized what he was doing. Daniel had come to him... to give him... a hug? Two warring factions in Vlad's mind argued, each attempting to take control of the situation. The one that insisted this was a trick, part of some scheme, was quickly losing ground. In its place was an urge to demand... "Why?" he asked.

Danny made some sounds, tried shrugging his shoulders, even fidgeted. This was exactly what he had been worried about. "I... um..." He sighed and looked over his shoulder at Vlad. Danny slumped, being tense and nervous becoming too much work. "It was a stupid idea," Danny admitted. "I just thought maybe you might be less of a fruitloop if someone gave you a hug. You know, human contact and all that crap?"

First, Vlad was indignant. The boy thought he could... fix him with something as simple as a hug? As if he needed fixing... Then he was confused. After four years of harping and fighting and mocking and humiliating him near and far why would Daniel think to even attempt? Then angry. Daniel thought he had the right to pass years worth of judgment then come to him offering this? Whatever this was? Every single emotion played across his face as they warred, as he stared at Danny and considered...

Danny could sense the tension in the air. He pulled away from Vlad and fixed his shirt. "Look, I know it's not ideal that it's coming from me. I've already considered that. But if it's not coming from me well- who else even knows you need it? You're always hiding from other people. Hell, I probably know you better than anyone and I'm your archenemy!"

Here was something Vlad was used to. The confrontation in Danny's tone, the snappish behavior, the fight growing in him, the veiled insults... Familiar territory to give him a starting point, an idea what was going on. Somewhere from which to analyze the situation... and realize that Daniel didn't have an ulterior motive. If he had then then he'd have done something, punched him or mocked him or something more than... this...

The phantom feeling of arms around him taunted him, tempted him. "But... why bother?" Vlad asked. Daniel had never cared for what he needed, never allowed him to fulfill even basic needs. What had changed?

"Because you being insane doesn't do anyone any good," Danny said. "Because I've been fighting you with fists for years and things keep getting worse and worse. Your plans are hurting more people than just me and my family." Danny paused, taking a deep breath. "And maybe I realized that I'd been too harsh," he admitted. "I'm never going to forgive you for trying to kill my dad and seduce my mom. But you've not exactly had an easy time with your powers either and maybe making fun of you every chance I got was childish." Danny rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. "I've just been thinking about a lot of stuff lately."

"Like how to grow up," Vlad said snidely. Old habits died hard. But he was tired of fighting and snapping and lowering himself down to the level of an immature, self-centered child. And the boy was trying. Certainly trying harder than his previous attempts at apologizing. Maybe Daniel even meant it this time. Some small part of him anyway.

"I'm tired," Vlad found himself admitting. "Tired of fighting."

"Yeah," Danny admitted. "Me to." He looked down the driveway to the empty street then back up to Vlad. "But we can't stop fighting unless we come up with a better truce." He fixed Vlad with a glare, not daring to flinch. "There has to be a way you can be happy without destroying my family."

Blue eyes bored into his own. Vlad turned away first. He'd given up on Maddie well over a year ago. His need to kill Jack had faded into something less final, almost turned into a running joke in Vlad's own life. He couldn't rise to the bait and take the offered truce. But not for the reasons the boy expected. "I can't," he said. "I gave up on ever being happy long ago."

"Come on, Vlad, don't do this to me. The only thing worse than an insane villain is an insane suicidal villain." Danny huffed and stamped his foot like the child he still was. "You must have something you're up to if you're still running this town. What do you do all day?"

Vlad had given up on Maddie and on Jack. But if Danny continued to show this willingness to grow, to change, to finally think... "I do have something..." Vlad said. His demeanor changed, the old evil coming back as he pondered the one thing he wanted most.

Danny took an instinctual step back. His panic was quickly quelled by logic; he'd bested every ghost in the Zone, he could handle Vlad. "You mean me don't you?" he asked slowly.

"You're not as dense as you make yourself out to be," Vlad said. He took a step forward to counter Danny's pulling away.

"Yeah well..." Danny didn't feel like rising to the bait. He could feel Vlad plotting form here but he wasn't going to let it get to him, not this time. "Do you want more hugs? 'Cause I wouldn't mind as long as no one sees."

"I wouldn't mind," Vlad purred before draping his arms around the boy. Those arms slowly tightened, his hands clawing into Danny's shirt. The boy's head fit just right under his chin...

Danny rolled his eyes but this was a lot better than last time when Vlad had just stood there. So far this plan might actually work out. The hugs weren't half as bad as he was expecting they would be. And maybe it was just his imagination but hugging Vlad felt different than when he hugged his mom or dad. There was this odd hum in the air when he got close; maybe it was something to do with them both being hybrids. His eyelids began to droop. This was kind of strange. Nice but strange...

Vlad hummed in his chest. This felt right. Very, very right. Like other times he'd been able to capture the boy but... better. Much better. For one thing, it was willing so he didn't have to worry about escapes or facing down an angry child in a tantrum. For another... Vlad's own arms encaged the boy. Danny's head rested against his chest. Vlad buried his nose in the boy's unruly hair. He smelled nice... Like fresh snow...

Danny's hands grasped the fabric of Vlad's suit. His chest pounded with an erratic heartbeat that seemed completely out of place. He gripped Vlad tighter, his mind swimming in a haze. Vlad was warm, really warm, and he felt like he wanted something… needed something...

A sudden clatter startled Danny hard enough to make him pull back from Vlad. He stumbled back just in time to see a chipmunk run out from the gap between two houses, the metal trash can lid he had upset rolling away on the concrete.

Vlad wanted to incinerate that damned chipmunk. Certainly he would be throwing Maddie outside and having her deal with it. She was a cat, surely she could hunt.

Danny shook his head and laughed it off. "Maybe I should go now. Mom and Dad will get worried. I'll come by tomorrow, after school. We can talk more about making a new truce then, okay?"

Vlad sighed. Ah, well. He could sense the nervousness in the boy currently imprisoned within his arms. He didn't want to unlock that cage. But then Danny was admitting he'd be back. Perhaps he could find some way to ensure the boy stayed. It would take time, effort, much more finesse than he was used to... "Tomorrow then," he purred. "We can discuss a new truce." It was the first step, anyways.

Danny extracted himself from Vlad. An unpleasant twinge pulled at him once the elder was no longer in contact with him. He thought of running back and grabbing Vlad again but there was no reason. Right?

He transformed, his ghost power flooding him and turning his hair silver and his eyes green. He was about to take off when a shiver arched down his spine. The concrete under him spider-webbed with a thin layer of ice, the pool expanding in a single direction back towards Vlad. Worried that Vlad would think this was some kind of attack, he leaped from the icy stoop and flew as fast as he could in the other direction.

The cold sensation of not being able to control his ice powers faded as he flew away. Danny shook his head as he headed home. What the hell was going on?

Vlad shuddered. The ice reaching for him was certainly odd, nothing he'd ever seem before. But the strangest part was his own powers, a spark jumping up his spine and reaching for the boy like a lightning runner. He touched the stone wall, grounding himself. Something had made his powers flare. Something that left him wreathed in the unmistakable scent of ozone.