Clark Kent: reporter, genius, football star and Lana's first love. As he stood at the entrance door in his white flannel suit and black tie, a handsome face with jet black hair and a wandering face as if scanning every crowd; he looked sharp and mild- mannered, as always- a feature Lana found "cute". As his eyes wandered through the crowd, Lana can't help but hope that he was looking earnestly for her- it was because of this that she felt her heart smile. Though that smile soon fade away as she caught a glimpse of a beautiful woman behind him. Her looks were different from faces she was used to seeing- she was more radiant than them. Her black hair was tied up into a bun and her blue eyes were mirrored by her glasses, making them lighter. Most of the people in the party stared at the two- stunned just like Lana, but Lana was far from staring at the woman alone- no, she was staring at Clark's expression; whose expression changed quickly to a smile as he turned around to look at her.

"Who is she?" she asked herself

"My wife" Clark answered to an aging man, who he recognized as his former Physics teacher, after the question "And who might this lovely young woman be?"

"Diana this is Professor Rockfort, my old Physics teacher" Clark introduced, "Professor Rockfort, this is my wife, Diana"

"It's a pleasure to meet you" Diana greeted

"The pleasure's all mine, Diana" Professor Rockfort smiled

The Smallville High class of '98 reunion invited all the former students who left Smallville High in the year '98 one of which was Clark. And since it just so happened that the new power couple needed a break away from their work in Justice League as well as having their first honeymoon, Clark finally agreed to the invitation, arriving with Diana( who insisted that she should come as well) during their honeymoon in Smallville.

"Why did you insisted on coming?" Clark asked Diana, whispering, "you know you're not comfortable with first meetings, especially with people you're unfamiliar with- and believe me, Smallville is a town filled with people very different from Metropolis or any city you've encountered."

"Is it bad for a wife to arrive at her husband's school reunion?" Diana argued, "besides it will give me an insight on a different side of you"

Clark sighed

"After all our years working together, me telling you everything about me and the fact that you're the wiser one out of the two of us, wouldn't you already know everything about me?"


"AND the fact that you told me just the other day, and I quote, 'I've already seen everything about you'?" Clark continued to argue, hoping that this time he'll win against his wife

Diana gave out a smile, a smile that terrified Clark with the knowledge that she is still winning, "As I remember it, I think I said that I've already seen every inch of you"

She pressed her hands on to his hard chest- a chest that, to Diana, seemed to be trying so hard to free itself from the tightness of its shirt- and as she did, Clark's face blushed into beet red which made him look like a little boy.

"Clark? Clark Kent?"

Clark quickly turned around to the somehow familiar voice and was stunned to see one of his high school best friends – Lana.

"Lana? Lana Lang?" Clark stammered

"It is you!" Lana broke into a huge smile, "Wow! You look great! I haven't seen you in a long time"

"It's so good to see you too! You look like you haven't changed a bit! You still look fantastic!"

"Thanks" Lana blushed

Talking to one of his childhood best friends made Clark feel like a teenager again- and that made him happy. At the time, Clark also felt bad while talking to her since he rejected her invitation for the reunion so many times due to wanting to spend time with his new wife; it wasn't until Diana accidentally read the message in the computer that he agreed.

"Oh," Clark remembered," Lana, I'd like you to meet my wife, Diana"

"Wife?" Lana looked surprised.

For a moment, Diana was sure she heard the woman in front of her give out a despairing sigh, "wife"

"It's a pleasure to meet you" Diana gave out her hand

"It's a pleasure to meet you too" Lana smiled

Diana couldn't make out why, but it seemed that Lana's smile was forced. She saw, no she knew, that Lana looked truly happy when she saw Clark but upon hearing the word "wife", her face fell into despair. Why? Could it be-

"I didn't know you got married?" Lana interrupted her thought," when was the happy day?"

"We've only been married for a month now and it's only now that we decided to have our vacation" Clark answered

"Is it work?"

"More or less"

Lana then turned to Diana, "Well I want you to know that you are very lucky to have Clark as a husband; he is such a sweetheart. Almost every girl in our year had a crush on our football hero"

Clark blushed and casually put his hand behind his neck, as if trying to rub something off.

"I know," Diana smiled, "I'm very lucky"

Diana felt that from the moment she saw Clark as Superman: she was lucky that they had someone as kind and with a strong sense of justice as him in the Justice League: she was lucky he was close with her: lucky he was her best friend: lucky that he listened to her: lucky that he was there for her: lucky that she felt in love with him: lucky that he fell in love with her: and lucky that he married her. Lucky.

She smiled at the thought

Clark noticed Diana's glowing smile and wondered what she was thinking about- but unfortunately, Superman might have a lot of different powers but reading minds wasn't one of them; and so he tries his hard to tell what Diana was thinking even though it was really hard since Diana is not exactly an open book- but he still gets it somehow..


"Oh darn" Lana remarked, "I have to disappear for a while, I hope we can talk later?"

"Definitely" Clark assured

"Nice to meet you again" Lana turned to Diana

"The pleasure's mine"

Clark turned to face his wife, hoping to catch some alone time with her- their first alone time since arriving in Smallville ( they were immediately greeted by farming neighbours the day they landed in Clark's childhood home, asked to come to their house for some catch-up, and attended the reunion during the evening; but, as he didn't expect, Lana wasn't the only one keen on playing catch-up with Clark, or even recognise him at all)

After several "Hello", "Nice to see you again", "Its been such a long time!" and "Nice to meet you"- a statement Clark was sure was a flirting statement from the guys towards Diana; Clark was surprised to see that Diana showed great enthusiasm towards meeting his old schoolmates. He was glad.

"I'm really glad you're here with me" he told her, pulling her close to him

"Are you now?" she teased, "I guess I gave out a different impression than expected?"

"Not really" he answered, "You're still you and that's what I liked"

Clark then leaned to give his wife a kiss to which she returned with a smile.

Suddenly, the lights dimmed lower and a slow romantic song was played in the background.

"Mrs Kent," Clark held out his hand, "would you-"

His sentence was cut with a scream that appeared from miles away. His super- hearing detected the scream of a girl that no mortal could hear. A sound he couldn't ignore.

"Clark?" Diana called out

Clark looked at Diana with concern in his face…

Diana has learned every expression Clark has made and it was the exact expression that her husband was currently giving that Diana knew very well..

"Trouble?" she asked

Clark simply nodded

"Then go get them," she leaned to whisper in his ear, "Superman"

And with that, Clark gave her a quick kiss and a smile, after which he disappeared.

They might've been only married for a month but Diana has become accustomed to becoming the wife of a disappearing husband. And she was okay with it. She understood this because it's just exactly the same as hers. Clark Kent and Diana Prince might've married each other; Diana might've become a Mrs Kent- but they are still first and foremost Superman and Wonder Woman. Heroes. Of all people, they understood that; that's why they have decided that they wouldn't allow their duty to the world to become a factor between their marriage and personal lives. Even if it cannot be helped sometimes…

"Well hello there" a voice appeared from behind her

Diana turned around to see a man holding a half empty bottle of alcohol. His eyes were droopy, his beard patchy, his tie loose from his neck, his shirt unbuttoned to his chest but most of all, his breath gave out a pungent smell.

"Hi" Diana answered politely, trying to ignore the horrible features the man gave out.

"I don't think I've ever seen you before," he swayed as he talked, "you didn't come from this school, not alone this town did you?"

"No," she continued to answer politely, "I'm actually here with someone, as a guest"


"Clark Kent"

"Kent?!" he yelled in surprised, "I knew he was a football hero and all but I didn't expect the geek to score someone as hot as you"

Diana clenched her fists at the remark, ready to punch and add more unpleasant features to his face. How dare he insult her husband like that?! Her husband that protected this Man's world for their sake, all these years?!

At that moment, Diana wanted nothing more but to see this guy fall on the ground, wallowing on the pool of his blood but then-


A familiar and heart -warming voice appeared behind her; his gentle hand on her shoulder, managing to calm her fury.

She turned around to see her husband with concern in his face.

"Hey there Clark!" the man exclaimed


"Guess you remembered the ol' Freddy"

Diana found his manner of speech revolting and could not wait till they got rid of him.

"Anyway," Freddy continued, "I was just chatting up your .. um-"

"Wife" Diana completed

"Wife?!" he said with surprise, "I gotta say I underestimated you Clark"

He waved them a slight goodbye, leaving Clark with a sound of Diana's sigh of relief.

"Did something happen?" he asked, "you looked pretty tense once I got back and chatting to Freddy"

"It was nothing" she assured, "he just somehow got on my nerves"

"He tends to do that to people"

"Anyway," she tried to fix his crooked tie," did you manage to make a save?"


"Good" she smiled

The dimmed light suddenly turned bright as the slow music stopped.

"That's it folks!" the announcer shouted, "it was very nice seeing you all again and I hope you all had a great time!"

Darn it! He missed his first dance with his wife. Clark was more than disappointed towards the thought that they might miss stuff like this in their marriage. In fact, this was one of the moments he was looking forward to the most and yet he couldn't even make it happen.

"Let's go home" Diana called out to him


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