2 months ago- after the wedding of Superman and Wonder Woman

Colonel Steve Trevor stood on the rooftop of the STAR Labs building. The night was quiet, the stars lit brightly and the night wind was cold. Overall, a normal night like any other. He was waiting patiently for any signs of his visitor, making sure he wouldn't reveal his surprised expression- since his visitor had a reputation of making others surprised by unexpectedly appearing out of nowhere. He prepared himself once again by straightening his back and taking in a huge breath of-


He slightly jumped either way. Steve turned around to the deep voice behind him. There he was, crouching on the railing. He was barely visible- only his eyes glowed in the dark. He was a shadow- a shadow that represented fear to criminals but hope to victims.

"Batman" he finally managed to pull out his voice

"I understand you wanted to speak to me"

"I did," the Colonel informed, "and I won't beat around the bush. The STAR Labs was broken in by Doomsday where he stole a number of green and red kryptonite. Whatever the reason for this is unknown but it's clear it might have something to do with Superman"

Batman was silent for a moment but Steve swore he saw Batman bit his lower lip.

"Very well" Batman concluded, "I will make sure to look into the case. Leave it to the Justice League"

"Thank you"

Batman then dropped from the railing and slowly walked towards Steve. Steve, on the other hand, couldn't help but straighten himself further.

"You knew that that this is Superman's weakness," Batman suddenly began, "yet why is it you called me out and told me this instead?"

"Because the information I am about to tell you can never get to Superman" Steve warned

"And why is that?"

"Because this information might just break the already fragile bond between the Justice League and the government"


"The Kryptonite that were kept in the STAR labs were assigned by the President himself" Steve confessed, he then stared into Batman's eyes," but then I guess you already knew that didn't you? Otherwise you would have asked why there were kryptonites kept in the labs in the first place"

"I always knew the government has never truly trusted us" Batman acknowledged

"Then you should already know that if Superman learned the truth about this, his unwavering hope towards us might just feel betrayed which-"

"will therefore break the bond between the Justice League and the government"

"Exactly. That's why I called you instead," Steve told him, "besides Dia- Wonder Woman, you're one of the few members of the Justice League that expects everything from everyone- even the worst"


Batman was silent again for a moment.

"Superman is a friend of mine and it's because of this that I must remind you that you are underestimating his trust and hope towards you"

"How is that?"

"Superman is the most hopeful person I know who grew up seeing the beauty of the world as well as its worst and it is this that makes him a great hero"

"Then I suppose you will tell him about this?"

"I will"

"It's Superman's weakness that was stolen, this is vital information" at that point Steve was talking to himself

Batman prepared himself to fall off of the rooftop. He climbed the railing but before he jumped, he heard the Colonel's whisper to himself

"Batman," Steve called out," I will make sure to update you with everything about the investigation"

"Much appreciated Colonel"

And with that Batman jumped off of the roof. As he glided above the streets of Metropolis, he thought about the Colonel's whisper and remembered that memorable day when he stood as Superman's best man and the smile that sprawled across his best friend's face as his bride walked beautifully down the aisle,

"Kryptonite isn't his greatest weakness"


Clark called out to his wife as soon as he arrived home. His mind during his shift was filled with nothing but worry over his wife and it was at that moment that all his worry culminated to its peak.

"Kal?" the voice came from upstairs

Clark hurried to change into his normal clothes that were neatly piled on the sofa. This was done for at least 5 seconds. He quickly buttoned up his shirt but before he could run towards the stairs, Diana appeared, standing at the bottom of the stairs. Her expression was blank. Her head was down but Clark saw that her eyes looked stun, her face was a bit pale, but most of all, she was silent.

"Diana?" he called out, "are you feeling okay?"

Her trance was broken by the sound of his voice.


"How are you feeling?" he asked

"I'm uum-"

"Do you want me to get anything for you?"

"I need to tell you-"

"Perhaps we should call for a doctor?" Clark began walking back and forth, ignoring Diana's calls to him

"I need to tell you some-"

"Maybe it's a good idea to go to Watchtower first and get you checked there since most of our data are there?" he was talking to himself at that point


"Should we call anyone in the Justice League? Though maybe-"


Clark finally stopped. He quickly turned to his wife who marked a clear and serious expression towards her husband.

"There's something I need to tell you" she informed him

"What is it?" his voice was filled with concern


The sound came from Clark's pocket. It was his phone, in fact, it was the Justice League phone- a phone specifically designed for each members of the Justice League by Bruce for personal connections between each members.

Clark was reluctant to answer the phone at first but after seeing that it was from Bruce, he knew he had to take it. He shot a look to Diana who in turn, replied with a nod.

"Hi Bruce" he answered

"Hello Clark," Bruce replied, "is Diana with you?"


"Then would you mind if you put it up to speakerphone?"

Clark did as he was told and asked Diana to come near him so that she may hear the conversation clearly.

"Hi Bruce" Diana called out, "were listening"

"Hello Diana," Bruce greeted, "there's something important I need to report to you both"

The next couple of minutes consisted of Bruce reporting to the couple of the incident in the STAR Labs involving Doomsday and the Kryptonite. The two were speechless and did not ask questions but instead allowed Bruce to further explain how the ARGUS soldiers were currently investigating into the matter as well as the Justice League itself. Through the whole explanation, Diana continuously glanced over her husband with concern. She tried to identify what went through his mind as Bruce spoke but all she saw was the external appearance he gave out. Her husband was serious and quiet. She, on the other hand, was struck with fear of the news, fear for her husband- one of his greatest enemies along with one of his greatest weakness were together. To Diana, this meant that a terrible plan was brewing.

"Why were we only told about this now?" Diana suddenly asked

Bruce didn't reply.

"Bruce?" Diana hissed, "this was two months ago yet it never occurred to you to tell us about this?"

"A lot of things happened that day Diana and one of them was your wedding"

"Even so Bruce!" Diana's voice was slowly rising, "this is kryptonite were talking about, something that could hurt Kal! Why were we never told?!"

"Would you have allowed me to destroy, as far as I saw, one of the happiest moment of your life?"

"That moment would have been gone if something bad were to happen in the future Bruce!"

"Diana" Clark finally managed to make a sound, he then looked at the phone, "Is there anything else you have found?"

"No not at the moment," Bruce informed him, "but right now I'm going to have to ask both you and Diana to go to Metropolis to investigate this further with us"

Both Clark and Diana were silent, they shot each other glances looking for answers from each other.

"All right Bruce," Clark began, "I'll be going to Metropolis"

"Kal?" Diana voiced out, stunned by the reaction

Clark and Diana stared into each other's eyes for a couple of minutes, as if they were communicating with each other through their eyes.

"I will call you for confirmation later" Bruce concluded

"No Bruce there's no need" Clark stopped him from hanging up

"Yes there is!" Diana argued

"No Diana its better-"


"Its best to discuss this first Clark," Batman told him, "Goodbye"

"Bruce wait-"Clark called out to his phone

"Kal how could you?" Diana began, "you can't decide these things by yourself!"

"Diana I can't risk you into these dangers especially since lately, you haven't been feeling well!"

"Kal I'm an Amazon! A warrior trained since they were a kid to be strong!" Diana argued

Thump thump

Thump thump

"Then the more for me to worry about your current situation right now!"

Thump thump

Thump thump

"Clark," her voice was stern, "these things, illness if you will, cannot affect me greatly as you might think. Besides-"

Thump thump

Thump thump

Diana gave out a huge sigh where she prepared herself but Clark was not willing to listen…

"No matter I can't ask you to go" Clark continued to argue

"Kal listen to me"

Thump thump

Thump thump

"I just want you to be safe Diana" he touched her cheeks, hoping she would understand


Thump thump

Thump thump

"I'm sorry Diana" he turned away from her, "I can't argue with you about this"

"Kal-El! Listen to me!"

Thump thump

Thump thump

It was then that Clark realised of the third sound in the room that had been playing throughout their conversation. He turned around straight to his wife and stared at her from her face to her stomach. Two heartbeats. Two heartbeats from one person.

"Two heartbeats?" Clark whispered to himself.

Diana looked at him with question about his whisper but as she continued to stare at her husband's stunned look, she soon realized that he was staring at her stomach. She slowly smiled.

"Two heartbeats?" Clark looked at Diana's smiling face, "are you-"

"Yes" Diana grinned, "were having a baby"

Clark's mouth remained opened as his eyes gleamed. He then began laughing after which he lifted Diana by the waist and up the air. Diana responded with laughter, joining her husband who seemed thrilled with the news.

"Were having a baby!" Clark finally let her go

"Yes we are!" Diana continued grinning

"This is- this is amazing!" Clark stammered, "how did this happen? I mean I thought-"

"It doesn't matter" Diana shushed him

"You're right," Clark nodded, "as long as we have a baby"

Clark kneeled in front of Diana, so that he was facing her stomach, where the baby lay. He closed his eyes and concentrated his hearing on the two heartbeats coming from his wife. Throughout his life, Clark has heard a lot of beautiful things: the sound of a bird singing from a mile away, the gentle sound of crickets on tree branches, the laughing sound of children playing, the grateful cries of a person after being saving and more, but the two heartbeats coming from his wife was, to him, the most fascinating sound out of all of them.

Clark finally opened his eyes and looked up to his wife who watched him the whole time. She was still smiling. As he got up, he held her hand.

"We've finally begun our own family haven't we?" he asked her

"Yes" she touched his cheeks, "and it's more than a reason for me to come with you to Metropolis"


"Kal," she began, "were both individually strong but we are stronger when we are together, side by side"

"Diana I only want you to be safe"

"The only way I can feel and be safe is if I know that you are by my side" she reminded him, "always"

Clark sighed. There was no arguing with her anymore. She was right. She was always right.

"If you say so," Clark finally gave up, "but promise me this, if there is anything, anything, wrong at all, you would come and tell me immediately"

"I promise" she smiled

Clark pulled her closer to him and hugged her. She rested her head on his strong chest and closed her eyes, taking in his warmth. Clark understood from that moment on, that he and Diana had begun starting their own family. And it was because of this that he could never fail in protecting Diana and their unborn child. Because those two heartbeats coming from his wife is the sound of his family, his most precious treasure, his life.

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