As Clark Kent drove towards the twilight road, he turned towards the seat beside him. Diana was sleeping peacefully. The brightness of the setting sun could not even compare to her beauty. In fact, the glowing sun has just made her even more radiant than she was already. He investigated her face- it was so peaceful that breaking it would seem like the worst thing he could do. And so, he gently lifted strands of her dark hair from her face while at the same time, made sure the road ahead was clear. She slightly moved, positioning herself to a better and comfortable position. It was then he noticed the white, clear crystal that hanged from her neck. She was wearing his gift to her.

He suddenly noticed Diana moved. He turned to see that she was still sleeping. Good. They crammed in a whole week of farm work into the two days before their departure and it was no wonder Diana would be exhausted. Clark found himself very lucky that his wife was willing to work so much with him and still stay by his side.

He knew he was always lucky with Diana, the beautiful Amazonian princess of every man's dreams. Diana has always been beside him through thick and thin, never wavering. He has always wondered why one of the most beautiful women on Earth loved him; it was only when he asked her that he got his answer.

The first time Diana confessed his feelings to Clark was one of the happiest days of his life. He could still remember the look of her blushing face

"Superman can I talk to you?" Wonder Woman called out

Superman and Batman were looking over the final data of their recent battle with Darkseid which left massive destruction all over cities of the world. The Justice League fought with all they could against Darkseid's forces but it was only by an inch that they finally stood triumphant against Darkseid by sending him to another dimension. Each members of the Justice League were gravely injured: Flash almost broke his leg; Cyborg had to stay in STARS Labs for a couple of weeks so that his father may fix him; Aquaman was carried down to Atlantis to recover from his injuries; J'on took a couple of weeks off to heal himself; Batman was looked after by Gotham's best doctors but only took one week of break from the Justice League as he insisted that someone should look over problems that might soon occur, maybe left behind by Darkseid; while Wonder Woman returned to Themscyra where her sisters helped her heal. Superman wanted to come and help out with healing Wonder Woman since she took one of the gravest injuries In the Justice League and he found himself very concerned of her well- being. It was during the last week of the month that everybody has finally recovered and has come back to Watchtower where Superman took all the responsibilities for a while (his injuries were immediately healed after staying exposed to the yellow sun for a couple of hours) along with the new recruits for the Justice League.

"No problem" Superman replied as he wondered what the reason for her call could be

"I'll look over the data once more" Batman told Superman as he walked out the door

"Sure, I'll be right back"

He turned around to look at Wonder Woman, who was looking down, "How are you feeling? "

"I'm very well" she was still looking down

"That's good to hear," Superman sighed, "what can I do for you?"

"Would you mind if we go flying?"

Superman and Wonder Woman flew through the soft clouds and warm sky. Superman continued to follow Wonder Woman without any knowledge of her reason for calling neither him nor where they were heading.

"Where are we heading?" Superman called out

Wonder Woman then suddenly stopped. He saw her look around behind her and back, to her sides and under, it was as if she didn't even know where she was.

"Diana?" he flew beside her, "is everything okay"



"I need to tell you something," she began, "the battle with Darkseid left all of us in a terrible state"

"It did"

"As I lay on my bed in Themscyra, injured and my sisters helping me heal," she took in a deep breath, "I realized that everything will never be the same. Things will change all around us whether it's forced or not, things will change"

Clark was silent but continued listening to Diana

"What I'm saying is," she took another deep breath, "it is best to make the change happen yourself than let anybody else force it upon you. It is best to take a leap of faith for something you really want"


Diana's face was beet red and Clark could hear the fast beating of her heart.

"Kal," she looked up and stared at his eyes. Clark could see the fiery determination in Diana's blue eyes, "I believe I'm in love with you"

Clark was speechless. His mind was in total blank, unexpected of the sudden confession. Clark realized he was in love with Diana before but failed to take the step because he thought it might destroy the relationship they already had as well as being afraid of being shot down. Though seeing that she was the one who took the step forward, Clark felt pathetic but happy, no ecstatic, at the same time"

"I love you too" he told her

Diana covered her mouth with her hand as her eyes expressed a great deal of shock

"From the moment I realized I loved you," Clark began, "it pained me that I couldn't take the step forward of telling you and because of this, my heart ached every moment I couldn't tell you as well as seeing you sad. I love you"

Diana's eyes were watering; tears were flowing down her cheeks. Clark flew near her and took her hand and kissed it, "I'm sorry for being a coward"

Diana jumped to his arms and hugged Clark tightly, "I'm so happy that you feel the same! I don't care who took the step and did not! All I care is that you feel the same! I'm so happy"

"Me too," Clark buried his face on Diana's neck, "me too"

He then looked at Diana's face and told her, "I love you"

"I love you too"

They shared their first kiss with each other as they continued floating in the warm, cerulean sky. The day for the both of them could not have been any better as it was the day that the couple fully acknowledged their love for other.

Diana took the step forward for both of them and it was now time for Clark to take the step forward for them and the baby by making sure that they are safe at all times.

That was Clark's promise to himself and his wife. They were his family, his precious treasure and most importantly, his life.

Because time and time again, both Clark and Diana have found that with each other, they are very...


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