The couple walked around the festive town together, and as they did, Clark was glad to see everyone greeting and talking to Diana. He realized that Diana was not only getting used to Smallville as her home but Smallville itself was getting used to his wife. He couldn't have asked for a much more pleasant scene.

They arrived in front of different stalls, buying foods and snacks as much as they could, snacks that included corn dogs and corns on cobs as well as chips. They also bought sweets such as chocolate apples and cream filled crepes.

"Here," Clark held out his cream and chocolate filled crepe to Diana so she may taste it. Diana took a bite from the crepe but it left her with cream on the side of her mouth. Clark laughed and wiped the crème off of her soft face.

"Thanks" Diana blushed

"You know you're really cute when you blush" Clark complimented her.

Diana's face was beet red, "I uumm-"

Clark laughed at his wife's expression who stammered trying to get a reply from herself. She looked to him with an annoyed expression and punched him in the shoulder, "Clark!"

"Sorry" he continued to laugh

Clark's laughter was broken when a man appeared behind Diana, a man whose face was filled with a sympathetic expression, he was dressed nicer than most days Clark has seen him- his collared shirt was properly buttoned unlike other times when the buttons were unlevelled, he has shaved his beard but kept his moustache; his hair was also cut and combed.

"Hi" he greeted in a gruff but calm voice

Diana turned around to face the mysterious voice behind her. She was surprised to see Freddy standing so mannerly, "Hello"

"Hey Clark"

"Hey" Clark replied

"Listen," he turned to Diana, "I acted like a huge jerk to you and I wanted to apologize for everything that I have done to offend you, I'm sorry, and this time, I genuinely am sorry"

Diana was reluctant to take Fred's handshake but she still did, "I accept your apology"

"Thank you," he continued to shake her hand, "I'm really grateful that you can accept my apology for the second time"

"It's nothing" Diana smiled, "and I apologize for punching you"

"Please don't," he held up his hand, "I deserved it"

There was silence between the two but Clark knew they were coming into an agreement with each other and he was glad.

"Clark," Fred turned to him, "I'm sorry as well"

"It's not a problem," Clark shook his hand, "I gotta say Freddy you clean up really well"

"Thanks," he chuckled, "that's because I'm committing a new promise today I hope I could fulfil for the year ahead, and I thought what better way to start but to look good"

Both Clark and Diana smiled to him, they knew he was changing and he meant it.

"What promise?" Clark asked, "if I may ask"

"You'll know soon enough but," Fred sighed, "to tell you the truth my life hasn't been great since high school, I couldn't get into any college in the city so I have been stuck in the same workplace, I could barely pay rent and fill my fridge with anything but beer. Because of this, I resulted into drinking alcohol every night and well you know the rest…. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I admit I was jealous of you Kent, you seemed to have everything but even after what I did to you, you still gave me a second chance, even you Diana, and I thank you for that. I could only hope as well that you will help me fulfil my new promise"

"We will," Diana put up her hand on his shoulder, "we definitely will"

Fred turned from Diana to Clark who gave him a smile and a pat at the back. This was enough to give Fred confidence for his new and bright future.

"Well," Fred sighed, "I better leave you two lovebirds alone, I'll see you later"

"See you Freddy" Clark waved

"Goodbye" Diana smiled

"Glad to see you're back" a voice appeared from beside them. It was Lana

"Lana!" Diana hugged her

"It's so great to see you again Diana" Lana hugged back

"Thank you for everything Lana," Diana showed her gratitude through a bow," I heard everything from Clark"

"Did you now?" Lana smiled, "then you must've heard how it was all his idea"

"But still Lana," Clark insisted, "if it wasn't for your help I wouldn't have done it"

"I just did what I could" Lana told them, "but I gotta ask, was it just coincidence that you brought your voice recorder with you at the time?"

"Like I said, I'm a reporter," he reminded them, "it's my job to always be attentive in gathering potential news"

"I should've expected more from Smallville's great reporter" Lana laughed, "but I'm glad I was of help"

"You did more than that," Diana told her, "and I thank you again for that"

"You're my friend now Diana," Lana reminded her, "and that means I would do anything I could to help you and be there for you"

"Likewise," Diana smiled, "if there's anything I could do for you, please don't hesitate to ask me"

"I'll keep that in mind," Lana smiled," well enjoy the festival, I have to go since I'm part of the planning committee"

"We will," Clark told her, "and thank you again"

"No problem," Lana waved goodbye, "see you later"

"See you" Diana waved back

Clark turned to face his wife, "I'm glad that you and Lana have become such good friends"

"Me too" she looked at Lana, who was running, "she's a good friend"

"Hello people of Smallville," a voice boomed from speakerphones around town, "I hope you're enjoying your time in our Founder's Festival! Right now, our famous annual Bonfire is about to start where you can write about your past mistakes and throw them in the fire. You can also announce your promises for the year coming so that we, your comrades in Smallville may support you!"

Diana grabbed a piece of paper from the table and a pen from her bag. She then wrote all the mistakes she has made from the past year and among them she wrote:

"Failed to completely trust my husband"

She threw the paper to the fire

Clark tried to hide his piece of paper from his wife, concealing the past mistakes he has made from the past year where among them he wrote:

"Lost trust of my wife for a moment"

He threw the paper to the fire

A gruff voice appeared in the speakerphone that both Clark and Diana recognized, they turned around to confirm the suspicion and they were right. Freddy stood in the stage. He cleared his throat and began:

"Hello my name is Fred," he introduced himself, "and I would like your support for my new promise: that I would work hard from now on to make my life better as well as avoid alcohol as much as I could"

The crowd clapped their hands which both Clark and Diana recognized as a sign of their approval.

"Thank you" Fred bowed his head to the crowd.

Both Clark and Diana couldn't help but somehow feel proud of Fred. It seemed as if he had gone a long way from what he was to what he was now trying to become. Because of this, they told themselves that they would help him whenever they could, to fulfil his new promise.

Clark suddenly grabbed hold of Diana's hand and pulled her through the crowd and onto the stage. Diana was stunned by Clark's actions who held the microphone to his face.

"Hello my name is Clark Kent," Clark introduced himself," and I would like your blessing for my new promise"

He turned to look at Diana

"I promise you that I will protect you now and forevermore," he continued to face his wife who in turn stared at him, "I will die again and again for a thousand years if it means keeping you happy and by my side. Diana," he held her hand tightly, "my heart has died everyday waiting for you but now that you're here I can't allow for it to die anymore instead I will continue on loving you for a thousand years and a thousand more"

Diana continued to stare into his blue eyes after which she grabbed the microphone from him and turned to the crowd.

"Hello my name is Diana" she introduced herself, " and I would like your blessing for my new promise," she turned to Clark, "I promise to stay by your side no matter what, through thick and thin, never wavering," she then put her hand on his cheeks and brushed it, "I will never leave your side and will continue on loving you for a thousand years just as my heart has endured a wait that felt like a thousand years just waiting for you"

Clark smiled and kissed his wife passionately as the crowds clapped and cheered. They then whispered to each other, "I love you"

As the fire crackled into the warm night, the people of Smallville danced in twos around the massive bonfire. The sight was mesmerising for Diana to watch, the crisp glow of the fire against the dark but starry night gave off a sense of warmth and peace- one which everyone in Smallville enjoyed. Added to that was the sweet acoustic sound of a band that played as everyone danced with it.

"May I have this dance?" Clark extended his arm to Diana

"Certainly" she grabbed hold of his hand.

As they danced around the bonfire, Diana laid her head onto Clark's chest to rest, his warm feel gave her comfort. Clark in turn, rested his head onto Diana's.

"Clark," Diana didn't move her head, "thank you"

"There's really no need to thank me Diana," he said, "it was my fault as well"

"No," Diana looked into his eyes, "not just that, thank you everything. Nobody has explained to me how beautiful the world is just like how I see it now. It's all because of you that I now see not just fear and betrayal anymore but beauty instead"

"Right now all I could see is beauty in front of me," Clark told her, "and you will always be beauty to me. I can't express you how much I love you, in fact, I love you this big and more"

Diana laughed at the sight of her husband standing with his arms stretched open wide. To others he looked crazy but to her he looked sweet- the only man who has captured her heart.

"Eyes have never seen this big you know?" Clark continued, "In fact I think I can go further," he continued to stretch his arms even further, making his face look red.

"Okay okay," Diana stopped him, "I get it, I love you a million times more than that too"

"Oh no you don't," he chuckled, "I love you more, here look I can stretch my arms even further beating yours"

"Clark!" she continued to laugh and hugged him

"I love you" he stared into her eyes

"I love you too"

I've finally finished the arc and hoped you enjoyed reading it! I highlighted different aspects of their relationship with each other more in this arc.

Anyway, Clark and Diana have made their promises to each other but would they be able to survive through obstacles to keep their promises with one another?

Thank you again for reading and hoped you enjoyed it!

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