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Bullet For Prisoner
"...soon, we'll be together, forever."

In the tiny eight-tatami-mat hotel room, the small television set filled the space with the drone of the evening news. I swept my dirty pink hair over my shoulder as I sat down to eat my dinner - nothing more than a bowl of instant ramen and a yakisoba bread I had filched from the convenience store downstairs. A pang of regret had crossed my heart for an instant - and it had been quickly wiped away by the need to find shelter. Just like how I operated as a lone wolf, not very long ago...

Shaking my head as though I could push away those feelings, I sat down to eat, when suddenly, that name was mentioned.

"...the body of missing psychology student, Kagamine Len, was found yesterday evening..."

Shock. Disorientation. Then- pain.

Knocking over an empty soda can in my haste, I scrambled for the remote control, turning up the volume until the drone of the newscaster filled my ears and echoed throughout the small room. But I was barely taking in his voice; all I can hear is the sound of my own thumping heart, seeing my view of the screen shrink. Memories came rushing back:


[The feeling of your cold hand, far too cold to be still alive, when I woke up on the double bed.]

[The pounding ache within my head, once I realised I was still alive.]

[The crushing pain within my heart once I knew, you still wanted me to live.]


"...why, Len...why..."

The remote clattered to the floor as my vision swam. Curling into a ball, I hugged my knees to my chest in an attempt to try and remember his warmth - when he had hugged me, when he had held me for that first and last time.


[The first time I met you, when I held a knife to you in that deserted street, demanding your belongings. You smiled calmly, and asked to walk with me.]

[When I ran into you again two days later, and once more you asked to walk with me again. We took a train and you didn't refuse me when I requested - no, ordered you to buy me a drink.]

[And even after you saw me strolling with my gang members down the streets, bringing cold gloomy silences with our piercing stares, you still smiled warmly and asked to walk with me.]


But what did I reward you with?

Hot tears of guilt gushed down and my shoulders shuddered. Guilt and regret pulsed hot and heavy all over: guilt, for asking you to prove yourself by giving your life. Regret, that I didn't realise my rash words resulted in your death.

And above all, not mine. That when you returned my (cold) favour by asking me to take the sleeping pills too, but only you died.

I will never understand why you fell for me, Kagamine Len. But if that note in your pocket explains anything, then...


I've always watched you since young, and always loved you.

I don't care if you're a gang member, a pure maiden, or a normal teenage girl.
There's is only one Megurine Luka I can fall in love with.

You're taking stuff from me and I don't care.

I just want for our hearts to be together, forever."


It's an eternity before I wake up. The lights and television are still on, and I can see it's four in the morning. My fatigue does nothing, though, to stop my resolve.



If I cannot atone for my sins in this world, then, I will meet you there to do just that.

If I can fulfil your wish, and do one right against all my wrongs, then...maybe, that's good enough.

I've never felt this way before, and I never will again. Maybe it's a good thing, though.



I reach for the cold lump of metal, curling my fingers around the grip. I place the revolver's barrel against my head.

"...I'm here, Len."

"And I'm sorry."