Interlude A

Toothless opened his eyes slowly. Body aching and mind fogy; He recalled the moment which whom Daggur had appeared and shot the first fast flying spear. He remembered collapsing into the cold stream, and he remembered the shrill scream of Jack's voice as he called out to him.

He looked up to the dark sky, wishing to be able to fly and go back home, Jack in tow, back with friends and a warm nest. He shook his head, whined as the spear jostled in his chest -Thankfully it was not as deep or as close to his heart- and shook the spear off of his body, the wood end snapping off its pointed end still deep within his body. Slowly he rolled over and turn his head to call out for jack.

Eyes became wide and his body became cold. His world has stopped in that single moment. He took as careful step forward, slipping into the stream, but eyes yet to leave the stilled body lying on the ground, surrounded by his own blood. Jack's eyes were closed, as if he were just asleep. Toothless scrambled off the stream and hurried to stand over Jack. He could not see the distinct rise and fall of his chest. Toothless knew to only do one thing.

He mourned. He had knelt over his brother's body; roar after heartbreaking roar left the dragon's chest. Toothless trembled, for once scared, and unsure to what to do. The fleeting though to bury Jack had crossed his mind for a beat of a moment, a passing thought, quick like the heartbeat of a hare. He roared once again, looking at his deadly paws, unable to make a proper grave, too far away from the island to let him sleep under lake, too alone to think of anything else to do.

He ran. Toothless ran and ran, he roared to the sky, he roared to the ground, he flapped his wings, desperate to fly up to the heavens, where his mother surely was, watching over both; where Jack would be joining her. He roared again.

The dragons cry echoed all around, any creature near hid and both pitied his sorrow. Toothless wanted to fly, to go back home, to curl around his nest, where the smell of Jack would still be fresh, where the still lingering smell of his mother would be, and sleep. He wanted to sleep just as Jack was; He wanted to join both mother and sibling, to fly in the other world, carefree and free from any worldly feeling.

But he couldn't. Toothless couldn't fly, his fin was missing. No matter how hard or fast he flapped his wings, never did he rose further than that of a rabbits hop. He cried openly now, mourning his existence, unable to cope with such feeling. To know that he would forever be stuck in an unknown land, away from friends and the memories of those he loved.

Finally, he crashed in a small clearing. The overgrowth taller than his slumped body, he laid on his side, the strange thick ropes that still clung to his body, dug into his back, an uncomfortable pressure that he ignored, preferring to cry as loudly as he could, cried like he once has when he was but a hatchling. Sobbing, wheezing, and crying out for his mother to come back.

Finally, the forest became silent. A loud ring still clung in the air, but the dragon, now sated, lay unmoving, pretending that he was like Jack, sleeping. That we would wake up, and they would still be at the island, where he would laugh at Jack's musings and nudge to encourage at his brothers behind to court his Hiccup, for them to finally mate and have eggs. Toothless wished.

It was by a small breeze of a miracle that Toothless heard it, smelled it; the distinct scent of blood, and the high cackle of a mad being. He rose slowly from the grass, head tilted and eyes open in rapt attention. Another small breeze and Toothless was sure of it.

The beast that had murdered his brother was near. Rage boiled from inside his chest, too hot and vengeful. He didn't roar, nor did he growl or hiss. He stood into his hind legs and smelled the air once more, pinpointing the location to where the smell came from the strongest, and with a small puff, made way, body shaking and eyes set.

Astrid didn't sleep. She watched on as the few guests inside Hiccups home dozed on the couches in the front room, Aster snoring the loudest, Amanda snuggling up to him. She sat by the window, watching as the darkened sky slowly gave away to dawn. She didn't move from her spot as the back door squeaked open, Fishlegs shuffling inside silently. He looked up at Astrid and sighed silently.

Mindfully, he stepped over both Aster and Amanda, shrugging off his coat and draping it over Astrid's shoulders. Astrid gripped at the fabric, looking away from the window to stare at Fishlegs as he settled across from her, circles under his eyes. She cleared her throat and smiled at Fishlegs, though it came out looking more like a grimaced.

"How are they?" She croaked out quietly.

"Fine." Fishlegs whispered back. "Meatlug was happy to see me; had to feed her a lot of rocks trying to convince her to let me go." He smiled to himself.

"And Stormfly?" She returned looking out the window. Tentatively, Fishlegs laid a hand upon her shoulder, squeezing gently.

"She seemed to really miss you." He said tenderly. They said nothing after that; both opt to sit in comfortable silence, both far away in mind, watching as the sun began to slowly rise.

Hiccup stared at the white canopy above him, his body was sore, and overheated, his stump burned, and lightning pain shot through him whenever he managed to move. His eyes felt heavy and droopy, but he refused to sleep. He refused to move as much as an inched; He refused to breathe until Daggur's body moved away from him, until he managed to escape. Daggurs arm wrapped itself around Hiccups waist possessively. It sickened him.

During the night after Daggur had taken him, Daggur had slipped away with the warning for Hiccup to stay put, only to return a few hours later with sheets, game- two small hares- and wood for the fire. He didn't question where the sheets had come from, and opted to watch him in cautious silence as Daggur made a makeshift tent near the edge of the small clearing, pitching into the earth with some stones and sticks, starting the fire and started to skin the two hares. Hiccup had turned his head to the side at that.

Silently, if not malevolently, Daggur ripped into the flesh of the hare, skinning them with precision, smiling to himself as the blood and intestines fell to his feet. He shoved sharps sticks into them and roasted them to the fire. The whole time watching them intently, watching the fire as he occasionally glanced over Hiccup and flexed his hands.

Once the hares had cooked, Daggur plucked one from its stick and began feasting on it with vigor. He turned to look at Hiccup, eye brow raised.

"Aren't you gonna' eat?" He eyed the other hare.

"I don't quite enjoy eating hare." Hiccup glared at him, there was no way he would eat anything Daggur offered him.

"Suit yourself, darling." He shrugged, finishing his hare and reaching for the other; "More for me."

He didn't say anything after that. Hiccup winced as he moved his leg, the pain not as sharp as before but a constant pressure. He absentmindedly reached down and stroked the leather used to attach the leg. He was startled out of his musings when Daggur threw the bones of the hares into the fire, crawling to him, predator like. Just like earlier, he moved in between Hiccups legs, wrapping his arms around his waist, and resting his head into his thigh, Hiccup flinched as Daggur dumped all of his weight to his stump.

Daggur said nothing as he rubbed his cheek on his leg, hand stroking his back gently, Hiccup shivered at the contact.

"It's not going to work, y'know." Daggur murmured into his thigh.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Hiccup hummed. Daggur shook his head and looked up at Hiccup with a bored expression.

"Really now?" He smiled. "You know what I'm talking about. This whole hostage pretending you're doing, it's getting really old, really fast." He made move to shit up, still in between Hiccups leg, stroking at his thigh, the gesture almost intimate.

"I'm not pretending. I am a hostage." Hiccup looked straight ahead, holding back a whimper as Daggur grabbed at his stump forcefully, jostling it in a way that the makeshift foot rubbed at his already chaffed stump.

"I disagree." He gave the leg another squeeze "I don't think you understand what's happening, what we are." He moved again, crawling over his body and grabbing him by the arm, squeezing and pulled him up as he stood, Hiccup yelp as Daggur dragged him to the small tent, throwing him onto the floor, Hiccup had enough sense to put his arms out and glare fully at Daggurs looming body.

Daggur knelt over him, arms on either side of his of his face, caging him, his face pressed close to his, noses bumping, with a silent growl Daggur pushed Hiccup by the shoulder and crushed his lips to his, teeth catching on Hiccups lower lip, pulling at it and forcefully shoving his tongue inside, Hiccup gagged into the 'kiss' and turned his face away.

"Get off me!" Hiccup struggled, kicking at the air, he hissed as Daggur kneed at his stump, putting all of his weight on it.

"Please, Hiccup. You're being ridiculous." Daggur sighed, sounding almost bored.

Hiccup didn't relent his struggling. He flailed and kicked and yelled until flesh hitting flesh echoed in the small clearing. He stared in shock as the image of his fist in the air, Daggur, whose face was sporting an angry red mark on his cheek and the corned of his eye, looked down at him, expression unreadable. Both remained silent.

For the longest moment, Hiccup didn't dare move, His fist still raised in the air, he watched as a series of emotions passed over Daggurs eyes, until it settled in amusement. Daggur screwed his eyes shut and a small cackle passed through his lips, growing in volume until Daggur laughed hysterically, his body bending forward, wheezing for air as he finally rolled over to his side, laughing more while wrapping his arms around Hiccups wait, pulling his body flush to his side. He laughed until nothing but a breathy sigh remained, gently he stroked the side of Hiccups face, thumb rubbing small circled around his waist.

"Oh, Hiccup." He smiled, the softest expression grazing his features. "I love you so." He whispered, leaning in kissing at his hair, settling his face to the crook of Hiccups neck.

Hiccup remained still, only relaxing somewhat when Daggurs breathing evened out, and a heavy snore through his body. Only then did he let the tears to fall once again from his face. He felt dirty, disgusted by the body next to his. Wishing, praying, that Jack had somehow survived. Praying that he would somehow get away from the mad man, and wishing nothing more than to be home, with his father, and Jack tucked safely in his arms.

Of all the senses, smell came first. Then feel, hearing, and finally sight.

Jack first smelled the indistinctible scent of burning wood, and then came the sharp smell of cinnamon and the sweet aroma of vanilla and some other spicy scent he couldn't place. Jack gently moved his hands to feel around, slowly taking notice that his top was no longer there. He prodded near his stomach, feeling the rough texture of bandages, and flinched back at the sharp pain when he poked too hard. Jack strained his ears and heard a low rumbling of a fire, and the cackle of the wood.

Finally, Jacks eyes fluttered opened, his vision invaded by a wood ceiling, momentarily unaware of where he was, suddenly shoot up straight, only to crumble back into the soft sheeting under him with a loud groan.

He opened his eyes again and carefully maneuvered himself to his side. He faced the brick fireplace. His eyes traveled further around, taking note of the soft wood shelves filled with small colorful trinkets, the plush looking carpet in the middle of the room, the small window on his far left, and the door next to it.

He groaned again and sat up slowly. He jumped at the small gasp behind him; he turned and saw a tall hairy man, with grey hair covering most of his face, and arms. The man stood from the small stool he had been sitting and began to speak what sounded to Jack, gibberish.

"Он проснулся! Господи, мне нужно сказать севера!"

The man kept looking at him with wide eyes as he inched along the edge of the room, before opening the door-Jack noticed it led to a hallway- and rushed away, yelling out the same gibberish.

"Севера! Иди сюда, Он проснулся!"

Jack laid down once again, arm coming up to cover his eyes, in frustration and confusion. He wanted to know why he was here, how he got here, who was the one who had healed his wound, and most of all, he wanted to know where Hiccup was. Was he okay? Has Daggur hurt him? The same questions circled around his head until the stomping of hurried boots neared the door and it slammed open.

In entered the same man he'd seen in the forest. His similar blue eyes stared back at him with so much emotion; Jack couldn't place the weird knot that formed inside his chest. He man took small tentative steps towards him, Jack stayed still, watching him, unmoving, and eyes set straight. Jack knew he should react, hiss at the man, but all he felt was confusion, and a bone deep tiredness.

The man gently kneeled down next to him, eye to eye. He reached out and gently pet Jack's head. The man smiled gently, eyes watery.

"Дорогой Бог, мой ребенок." The man murmured in that same strange tongue, tears pouring down his cheeks. "Это действительно ты, сын мой! Мой красивый мальчик!"

Jack said nothing as he stared back in confusion at the strange man. Said man smiled some more and slipped his big hands under Jack's shoulders, lifting him up to a sitting position, and motioned for the man behind him. The other man rushed to the side and wrapped a warm blanket over him.

Jack watched them in confusion and cleared his throat, both men's eyes snapped to his direction in rapt attention.

"W-Where is this?" The man with the white beard smiled fondly and stroked his hair once more.


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He's awake! Lord, I need to tell north

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