We may seem heartless, scary, and mean

But we really aren't

You may see us as dark, evil, and demonic

But we are as angelic as you

We may be made of metal, be a experiment gone wrong, or just a rouge

But we all have hearts and feelings and can feel pain

We are all connected in a way

We all have the same desires

We all want the same thing:

A family

We fight for love and to be recognized

We just want to be loved

We aren't as evil as you think

Sure, our appearance may scare you

But we don't mean to scare you

We're just like that XD

Sometimes we do some despicable things

But we just want to be seen

Some of us even kill others

But we just want to be known

But not in the ways we are now

We don't wanna be bad

We wanna be good

We wanna help others

Yet sadly, some of us don't get the chance

Or have gone too far

. . .

Metal Sonic's POV

We all want a family.

Metal Shadow, Tails Doll, me, even Metal Knuckles

We all just want a family.

We act the way we do to please our masters

To make them happy

To get love

But behind the scenes

It's different

Even though we are robots, androids, or even living nightmares

We all know each other

As a family

A misfit family

One not meant to be

Be here we are

And we are proud

Bokkun, Tails Doll, Lucky

We are here

me (Metal Sonic), Metal Shadow, EXE, all of the unwanted, feared, and hated
We are here

And we are our own family

A hidden one. :)