Just for a moment,
After the adventures I go through,
I reflect about what I did,
I reflect about what I'll do.

Time passes by,
Even in the land of Ooo,

They used to say I was too young,
Although, I was a warrior too.

Jake, my brother,
I guess we've just got old,
Princesses became queens,
Ando our legends are already told.

Oh, Queen Bubblegum,
You said you wouldn't cry for me,
You are even more beautiful,
But we were not meant to be.

Oh, Queen Marceline,
Your face is still the same,
Your father would feel so proud right now,
As Simon would feel again.

Oh, my Fire Queen,
I'm sorry to leave you alone,
But my time in Ooo is over,
Now there's just an empty throne.

Beemo, my old friend,
It's been some time since our last game,
I'm sorry for the times we left you alone,
But our friendship was always the same.

Lady Rainicorn,
Take good care of my bro,
A family, a house and a lot of love,
Our parents would be proud of him so.

And you all shall remember,
Every little moment we've been through,
All the problems, joys and parties,
All the adventures we've been through.

Oh, Jake, my best friend,
You said you wouldn't cry at my fall,
It is the end,
No more adventure times at all.