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"Natsu come down stairs!" His mother called from below, her voice faint from distance.

"Whyy~" He whined in response, glued to the television.

"Get down here boy!" She snapped, her voice much louder from impatience. He sighed, sinking slightly into his comfortable bean bag before getting up, making sure to groan extra loud for his mother's ears only.

"What do you want? Can't you see I'm trying to-" He finally reopened his eyes on the last step, onyx orbs nearly popping out from surprise.

"Someone's here for you~" His mother giggled, anger vanished completely from her face. All Natsu could do was stand there, mouth gaping like a fish.

"Wh-What are you doing here?!" He managed to ask after a moment of staring, gaze directed towards the floor while he blushed.

Because Lucy was standing in front of him, eyes lighten up with amusement.

...And he was in his boxers.

She giggled at his embarrassment, smiling apologetically at his mother. "I'm sorry for coming over unannounced Grandine-san, I was just walking by and I remembered I left my sweater here a while ago." Lucy explained, bowing respectfully to the older woman. Grandine waved her hand dismissively, putting a hand on Lucy's shoulder.

"No trouble at all, remember you're always welcomed at my home." Grandine smiled sweetly to Lucy, causing the blonde to bush. "It's such a shame, Igneel would've loved to see you." Grandine sighed and Lucy couldn't help but giggle again.

"Well I think he'll be fine with these." Lucy reached into her bag and pulled out a tray of chocolate chip cookies wrapped in saran wrap. The bluenette took them eagerly, a laugh escaping her lips.

"He sure does love your cookies." Lucy smiled gratefully, remembering how silly the oldest male Dragneel got when he had the sweets.

"Yeah that's great." Natsu finally managed to cut in, arms crossed over his bare chest in annoyance. "Where did you say you left it?" He stared directly at Lucy, hoping she couldn't hear the rapid beating of his heart.

"Uhm in your room I think?" She tilted her head slightly, as if trying to recall the memory. He nodded, hurrying up the stairs so he could be as far away as possible.

It wasn't fair. How could she do this? How could she-with on simple glance-make him act like this? The look in her eyes, the way she smiled - it wasn't fair and it hurt the most to see that he didn't have the same effect on her as she did him.

"Goddamnit...I'm not crying..." He hissed at himself, wiping the mist in his eyes so it didn't fall and become tears.

Finally barging into his room, he began looking around for it, knowing exactly where it was but not wanting to let her go yet. Because this time when she left, he knew it was permanent. So he procrastinated (which wasn't hard-he was a boss at it) for a while, sifting through piles of useless junk on the floor. And while he did, all he could do was think of the things he could've done for her-should've done for her.

"Natsu?" a lone voice broke him from his sad thoughts. He quickly looked up, watching as Lucy closed the bedroom door behind her with a click.

"Uh-ahem-yeah?" He hastily cleared his throat when he heard how miserable and wet it sounded.

"Are you okay?" She whispered, brown eyes widening and pink lips frowning in concen.

Natsu was confused for a second, "what do you mean?" He asked, wondering why she was acting so concerned.

"You're crying..." Her voice was frail, brown eyes seeming to look broken. His eyes dilated, realization striking him as he finally felt the wetness of tears.

"Oh-I-um...I accidently smashed my finger in the door and...yeah." He mumbled, waving off her worry. She continued to stare at him for a moment, leaving him unnerved.

He busied himself with searching, trying hard not to allow his gaze to dart towards the closet and give away the true location of the sweater.

"Wow...this place hasn't changed much." Lucy commented awkwardly. He looked over to see her balancing on the balls of her feet, a wistful smile lingering on her face. Natsu looked back down to his pile, throwing a few socks out of his way.

"It's only been two weeks." He teased, though he was slightly uncomfortable himself.


"Huh?" He looked back over to her sharply, wondering what she was talking about.

"Three weeks," She explained, smile waning. "It's been three weeks since we.." She let her sentence die out, slowly closing her mouth once more. He held in a sigh, wishing things could just go back to how they used to be.

"Here let me help instead of being rude." Lucy cut into his thoughts once more, coming to his side. She shifted the pile completely over, only to reveal something he had hoped she'd never see.

"Natsu..." Her voice came out unsteady, her brown eyes wide as she stared down at the object.

He felt his heart shrivel up.

"Please..." He leaned forward, voice hoarse and hands itching to snatch his precious book away. "Please don't take it..." He pled, shuffling closer.

"I...I thought you'd give it back." She answered truthfully, her fingers tracing the border. She smiled, flipping open to the first page.

The Constellations

"I can't tell star from star without it." He mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. Lucy's smile softened, eyes skimming the page.

"Why would I take something important to you away?"She turned to him, brown eyes filled with misty tears. "I'm sorry I hurt you." She whispered, her voice loud in the quiet room.

Natsu tensed where he sat, gaze flickering down to the floor. "That should be my line..." He countered, causing Lucy to giggle.

He stood up and sighed, placing his book carefully onto his bed. Walking over to his closet with heavy steps, he slowly creaked it open, pulling out her cream colored sweater.

"Here..." He held it out for her. The blonde seemed to dampen but stood up, smiling all the same. She walked to his side, hand stretched out for the piece of clothing-

And when her hand touched it, Natsu pulled her closer to his chest, wrapping his arms around her while he embraced the blonde.

"Goodbye, Lucy." He whispered into her hair, his grip tightening.

Lucy stood in his embrace for a few moments before hesitantly wrapping her arms back around him, melting into his safe and warm arms.

Nothing lasts forever. He thought before finally releasing her, his sharp gaze looking right past her shoulder. She paused, head turning upwards to stare at him, brown eyes sparkling.

She let out a soft sigh, jerking her gaze away towards the door. The weight of her sweater hung in her hands, her legs automatically moving towards the door. She took the few seconds she had to soak in everything, knowing it'd be the last time.

It's over.

She told herself, so why was she hesitating? Her hand was reached out towards the door knob, though she couldn't bring herself to open the door.


The satisfying click of the door was heard as Lucy made her exit, frozen in the hallway.

"Arigatou, Natsu." She said under her breath before leaving the house.

"Natsu!" Meredy yelled loudly, racing in panic. Natsu's head shot up, tired eyes wandering around.

"What?" He mumbled when Meredy raced towards him. She clamped tightly onto his arm, pulling him out of the Art room.

"I thought you said this would work!" She whined, green eyes drooping.

"What are you talking about?" He rose an eyebrow. Meredy scoffed, crossing her arms over her chest.

"You didn't hear? Lucy's moved on!" Meredy said, stomping her boots in distress. "She's dating Erik."

Natsu's eyes widened slightly in surprise before he stopped himself, turning the other way. "Yeah about that...I've decided to give up." He explained, scuffing his shoe on the floor.

Meredy's eyes widened at his words. "W-What?" She asked in disbelief, thoughts whirling. "You-You can't do that! You said you'd help me!" She pouted, disappointment rolling off of her.

"I'm sorry," Natsu apologized sincerely, rubbing the back of his head. "It's just that...Lucy really doesn't love me anymore." He shrugged, trying to hide the pain those words brought to him. "So I guess I should just stop pursuing."

"But Natsu-san..." Meredy mumbled, staring sympathetically at the boy. He had never seemed so...human before. He was usually cocky and self-absorbed, but now...

You really fell in love, didn't you? She couldn't help but think, a soft smile tugging on her lips. He turned towards her, pulling her out of her thoughts.

"if you love someone, you should tell them." He mumbled absentmindedly to her, causing the pinkette to blush. "Before it's too late." He gazed into her eyes, seriousness dancing around in his murky orbs. "Sadly I was informed of this...too late." He sighed, pocketing his hands. He bobbed his head goodbye, leaving the girl to stand there and think.

Tell him...? Lyon would never love me though...She thought sadly. She narrowed her eyes in determination, clenching her fist.

Arigatou, Natsu-san.

"How'd you get over Natsu so fast?"

"Amazing! That's Lucy for ya!"

Many comments similar to these bounced around the room, annoying the hell out of the blonde.

Why was everyone freaking out about it? She had been telling everyone she was over the pinkette, but nooo. No one listens to her.

And why were they talking about her and Cobra? So what if they went out? Is it really that interesting?

Well probably, since Natsu never took her out on dates.

...He never took her anywhere, as a matter of fact.

That buffoon. She thought with a frown, twiddling her fingers together. She felt different with Cobra, so much different...

"Lucy!" Said girl looked up to see Cobra himself walking towards her, toothy grin planted on his face.

"Hey Erik!" She greeted him with a warm smile, silently wondering what he wanted. He sat down near her, winking at her secretly.

"Thanks for helping me with, well, you know..." He trailed off, a slight blush adorning his cheeks. Lucy giggled at his bashfulness, shaking her head dismissively.

"Anything for a friend," She reassured. His grin seemed to widen and he nodded in response, turning forward so that he wasn't yelled at.

Lucy smiled at the back of his head, feeling weird butterflies roam in her stomach. She felt so warm inside it was funny, really. She hadn't felt this way in a long time.

"Since everyone's here let us st-"

The door cracked open, revealing a certain pink haired boy she knew very well.

He walked over to his desk and set his items down, standing straight and tall.

"I am sorry I was late for class." He addressed the required statement. "I was caught up in reality..." He explained, puzzling a few.

What's up with him today? He usually slouches and makes stupid remarks while doing the apology. She thought in confusion.

"I accept your apology."

"...your apology." Lucy flushed crimson when all eyes turned to her, noticing how she had been late. She looked down to her desk, her hair shielding her embarrassment well.

"...Very well, sit down Dragneel." The teacher sniffed, turning back towards the smart board. Natsu sighed in relief, plopping down in his chair.

His eyes kept trailing over towards a certain brunette who was in his seat.

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