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Kunoichi Files

3. The Bedroom Diplomacy

Another day, another mission – that is the way of shinobi life. There are too many tasks to be performed and too little time of respite between them, not to mention personal training to maintain their skills sharp, that shinobi just can't afford to agonize over the missions of the past. If there are any issues concerning the completed assignments, usually they are tucked away into a little box in the back of mind, meaning that they are to be dealt with at a later date. Nothing should take a ninja's attention off the present time. All distractions should be disposed of, leaving a clear head capable of coming up with efficient ways to do the job.

When Ino and Sakura were summoned to Hokage's office in the early morning the next day after they had come back from the escort mission to Earth Country, they were both still half-awake, as they didn't expect a new assignment so soon. Usually, they had at least a day off to recuperate before resuming their duties in village's service. Sakura spied a glance at Ino, who was rubbing her eyes tiredly and looked none the wiser about the reason for which they were summoned. The medic self-consciously patted down her hair, envious that her friend found the time to brush her long blonde locks, while she herself sported a rather unflattering pink bedhead.

Sakura turned her attention to Hokage and straightened her spine, ready to receive her new assignment, whatever it would be, and carry it out with pride as a kunoichi of the Leaf.

"Haruno Sakura, Yamanaka Ino, I've chosen you both for an A-rank mission," Tsunade informed them in her official tone, her chin resting on the intertwined fingers, elbows propped on the desk perpendicularly.

The young kunoichis shared a baffled look. It was unheard of to have two chunins on a mission of such importance. There was a reason the A-ranks were reserved for jonins, and it was because they were above all dangerous and their success crucial to the village. In these missions, there was simply no room for mistakes and while both Ino and Sakura were talented kunoichis in their own right, they weren't yet prepared to undertake such serious tasks, their youth and relative inexperience being the main impediment.

Tsunade chuckled at their bewildered expressions. "Ah, don't fret, you two, it's not that bad. You won't be even leaving Konoha for this," she paused to drink some of her hot coffee from the cup on top of the daily paperwork stack, enjoying how her subordinates were hanging onto her every word. Sakura hid a pout threatening to emerge at her shishou withholding the information for the sole amusement of watching them squirm.

"What is the mission, Hokage-sama?" inquired Ino respectfully, all traces of drowsiness gone, replaced by the focused look on her face.

"Tomorrow Kazekage and his entourage will arrive in Konoha for three-day long diplomatic talks. Your mission is to escort him around for the duration of his stay. Above all, you two will make sure everything is to his liking. You need to keep him satisfied, by any means necessary. Do you understand what I'm saying?" Tsunade regarded the kunoichis, who blanched at the implication held in her words.

"Shishou... do you mean that we will have to... sleep with the Kazekage?" Sakura asked uncertainly, hoping her mentor would deny it.

"If it keeps him happy, then yes," Tsunade crushed her hope nonchalantly and took a careful sip from the cup. "And girls, don't act so coy. I am the Hokage and I do have access to your medical records. I know for a fact you're no blushing virgins, so cut it out. Why do you think I've chosen you two for this mission?"


"Shishou, it's not like that!..."

As if to contradict her claim, Ino and Sakura sputtered, their faces flaming red, embarrassed at being called out about their experience in the bedroom. However, they knew they shouldn't be so surprised. Tsunade might have her vices but nothing really went past her unnoticed.

Their leader regarded them with amusement, a slight smile curving her lips.

"I'm not going to ask what you did to guarantee such a reaction," she started and the kunoichis breathed out in obvious relief, "but I guess it must have been something very naughty." She winked suggestively and chuckled at their wide-eyed expressions of utter mortification. Precious rare moments like these were why she still didn't quit the job.

As much fun as she had when tormenting her subordinates, she had to move on with her day. The paperwork wasn't going to fill itself out, sadly.

"Sakura, Ino – ensure that Kazekage has a comfortable stay in Konoha, that's all there is to it. I'm certain you two can do it without a problem. Do you accept this mission?"

The kunoichis shared a look, identical confident smirks emerging on their faces as they turned to their leader.

"We accept, Hokage-sama," they replied, no trace of hesitation in their voices.

Tsunade smiled, pleased with their steel resolve.

"Alright. Sakura will act as a team leader," she handed the mission scroll to her apprentice, who took it with a nod. "Go to the diplomatic corps bureau and take care of preparations. Dismissed," Tsunade gave her final instructions.

"Yes, Hokage-sama," the kunoichis bowed and left the office. They had much to do and little time to spare.

The day went by quickly, hectic with making all the necessary arrangements – readying the best lodgings for Suna delegates, planning for any entertainment activities they may want to partake in after the official talks and plain running errands around the village. Understandably, the kunoichis were on their last legs when they finally plopped down at the table in the Hokage tower's cafeteria for a late evening meal.

"No dango?" Ino raised an eyebrow at Sakura's choice of food – miso soup, white rice and a piece of grilled fish.

"I'm not in a mood for sweets," she answered and rubbed her temple tiredly, hoping to stave off the migraine she felt coming.

"If your head hurts, just heal it," Ino advised.

Sakura waved off the suggestion. "No, I need to conserve chakra. It'll go away by itself." She winced as a stab of pain drilled mercilessly through her skull.

Something warm suddenly pressed to her forehead and she relaxed into the gentle touch as a healing chakra flowed into her head and soothed the persistent ache.

"There, all done," Ino took her hand away and smiled.

Sakura returned it. "Thanks, Ino."

"I can't have my oh-the-great team leader suffering," the blonde quipped and took a bite of her chicken salad.

The kunoichis ate at a moderate pace, enjoying their free time while it lasted. They knew the next day, when Suna delegation will arrive, would be even more nerve-wracking, especially with the mission specifics Tsunade gave them hanging over their heads like executioner's axe, ready to fall.

"Why did Tsunade-sama choose us? There were no other kunoichi suitable for the job?" Ino groused.

"Well, I'm Hokage's apprentice and you're Yamanaka head's daughter. Anything less would be disrespectful to Kazekage. Besides, we're both his age," Sakura reasoned calmly.

"Doesn't mean she couldn't find someone else for the job," Ino muttered rebelliously.

Sakura shot her a taxing look. "What is it, Ino? What's really bothering you about it?" she asked perceptively.

The blonde sighed. "Not 'what'. Who."

"Kazekage? You don't have to worry, he's on our side."

"I'm not afraid of him or anything!" Ino exploded. "He's just freaking me out! When I think about him, all I see is that crazy, bloodthirsty kid who almost killed Lee! Almost destroyed Konoha!" she caught herself and averted her eyes to the ground, ashamed of her outburst.

Sakura stood up, walked around the table and embraced her friend gently, not caring if anyone was looking. At this late time cafeteria was a solitary place as most people have already eaten or were still on duty.

"Almost, Ino, it didn't happen. And after that he became Naruto's friend and our ally. He and his siblings saved Lee, Chouji, Shikamaru and others when they went after Sasuke. Remember?" she said reassuringly.

Ino nodded, visibly calming down.

"And he's not even a Jinchuuriki anymore. His whole village loves him now and they have a lot more reasons to be afraid of him, right?"

"Yeah," came a soft reply.

They stayed like that for a short while, Ino's head pressed to Sakura's stomach as she was wrapped in the comforting hug. The moment ended when the blonde disentangled herself from the hold.

"Thanks, Sakura," she sent her friend a small smile.

"Any day," Sakura returned it affectionately and went back to her seat.

"But I still think he's freaky," Ino stated unexpectedly.

The medic looked at her questioningly.

"Come on, he doesn't have eyebrows! How is that not freaky?"

The women burst out laughing so hard, they were soon clutching their stomachs and wheezing for breath, all strength leaving their bodies due the uncontrollable spasms of muscles as they guffawed heartily.

"I don't know, Ino, I don't know," Sakura replied, wiping the tears of mirth from her eyes, after they finally calmed down from their fit of laughter. "But isn't it better that he doesn't have eyebrows than if he..." she sniggered, "... if he had big, bushy eyebrows like Lee?"

The conjured image of Gaara with such flamboyant eyebrows was too hilarious for the kunoichis, this time sending them chortling down onto the tabletop in another paroxysm of laughter.

Gaara, the Fifth Kazekage of Suna, was a no-nonsense kind of a man. From a young age he had been taught how to keep his emotions in check in order to suppress the demon he'd been a host to. However, bottling his feelings up inside, mostly the negative ones, hadn't been the best solution as it had made him all the more volatile whenever he had snapped, which usually had ended in a bloodbath. He had thought it impossible to control the killing urges – until he'd met Uzumaki Naruto, a fellow Jinchuuriki. Naruto had taught him the value of friendship and bonds, which had given him a reason to change, the strength to fight off the seductive whispers of his demon.

Now, free from its malevolent influence after the forceful extraction by the Akatsuki, Gaara found it only natural to keep his stoicism as a habit. Expressing emotions by the way of showing it with his actions and motivations came to him easier than just speaking of them or changing facial expressions. Also, knowing that he had a full control over his mental state, that it could never again be comprised or swayed was a relief in itself and he intended it to stay that way.

Two voices brought him back from his inner musings.

"So, soon you'll get to see your boyfriend! Aren't you excited, Temari?"

"Shut up, Kankuro. And he's not my boyfriend," came an aggravated reply.

Kankuro feigned a shocked gasp. "Don't tell me you're on the next level already?! That's so bold of you. Aren't you moving too fast?"

"That's it!" she snapped. A sharp whack and a wail of pain scared a way birds from a nearby trees.

Gaara glanced at his two bodyguards and also, coincidentally, his older siblings – Kankuro and Temari. It seemed that he was born so that his down-to-earth nature would balance out their nonsensical behaviour. For some unfathomable reason to him, all the way from Suna Kankuro was bent on teasing their sister about her love life, claiming that she wanted to accompany them to Konoha just to see her supposed boyfriend. Gaara failed to see how it was any of Kankuro's business and why he was so insistent on pursuing this matter when it only earned him Temari's wrath and frequent whacks on the head with her fan. At first vaguely entertaining, it's already grown repetitive and boring to watch.

Nevertheless, it was time to bring some semblance of decorum to their group, as he saw the gates of Konoha in the distance.

"Kankuro, Temari," he spoke their names in his usual, low tone and as always it was enough to bring them to heel.

Two silhouettes were looming in the open gates, indiscernible due to the sun positioned behind them, but soon they became easily recognizable to the Suna delegation. The pink hair of the Hokage's apprentice was unmistakable and as for her blonde companion, she was also known to them all from the Chunin Exams in Konoha.

On their side, the two kunoichis had an easier time in spotting the Kazekage's entourage. Both of them had donned their freshly-pressed mission clothes, though their shirts were left a little unzipped to show a hint of cleavage. The kunoichis also wore a subtle make-up to accentuate their features just for this occasion.

Ino's calm and smooth, if a little too serious expression belied any lingering doubts she may have had about this mission's objective. Sakura cast a quick once-over her way and decided to have faith in Ino's ability to cope with her feelings. Kami knew she was so much better at this than the medic.

"Welcome to Konoha, Kazekage-sama, Temari-san, Kankuro-san," they greeted, bowing formally. "We trust your travel went well?" Sakura asked.

When Gaara wasn't forthcoming with a reply as the purpose of small talk was lost on him, Temari hurried to answer. "Yes, we didn't encounter any problems on the way here."

The kunoichis then escorted the trio to their quarters so they could refresh themselves before beginning the diplomatic talks with the Hokage.

As expected, the time spent in the conference room was drawn out and mentally exhausting, despite the comfortable chairs and cool beverages provided. However, it couldn't have been helped, as the matters discussed concerned the prime security threat to both of the villages – Akatsuki. Suna's network had found evidence of the criminal organization's presence in Rain Country and requested Konoha's aid in the investigation, mainly due to the closed borders of that country and lesser effectiveness of Suna's ninja in such a wet climate. Konoha's participation was paramount for the success of the infiltration and information extraction in Rain Country.

Sakura and Ino waited outside the conference room so they could show the Suna delegation to the dining room, where a feast of the best delicacies was prepared for their guests. What they didn't count on was a third party's interference. Ino drew up and tensed when her teammate emerged from the room at Temari's side.

"What are you doing here, Shikamaru?" she asked, thankfully restraining herself from raising her voice needlessly.

He sighed. "I'm helping my dad with these troublesome talks. And you?"

"Escorting Kazekage-sama and his entourage."

"I was just inviting Shikamaru to eat with us. It won't be a problem?" Temari put a word in.

"Not at all," Ino answered with a smile, though Shikamaru immediately detected the fakeness in it.

During the dinner, the blonde inwardly seethed while outwards she exhibited a serene facade of a perfect hostess. She didn't like the way Temari looked at her lazy teammate. Ino's hawk eyes noticed everything – every flirtatious smile, innocent batting of thick eyelashes, not-so-accidental brushes of Temari's thigh against his. What was even worse – Shikamaru returned the interest. Though he didn't do anything out of ordinary, Ino knew him too well not to see how he paid attention to the Suna kunoichi's every word and gesture, his dark, intelligent eyes never leaving her face in utter focus when she talked. A hot knife of envy was stabbed into Ino's gut, making her feel sick to her stomach.

The calm facade she carefully built didn't fool Sakura for a second. Under the excuse of getting fresh plates from the kitchen, she took her distraught friend to the side.

"Ino, are you alright?" she asked, not hiding her concern.

"Just fine," the blonde lied through clenched teeth unconvincingly.

Sakura gave her a look but refrained from commenting. She had an inkling what it was really about.

"Just keep it together," she instructed. "Remember the mission."

Ino nodded in affirmative.

They went back to serving their guests and engaging them in a meaningless conversation, though the only one who actually participated was Kankuro, as Temari was engrossed in her own discussion with Shikamaru and Gaara responded rarely, mostly in monosyllables. His seriousness was making the kunoichis uneasy. It didn't look like he was having a good time and that would constitute as the failure of their mission if they didn't do something to change it.

The next stop for the evening were the local hot springs, which were booked for a few hours for the sole use of the Suna delegation. Kankuro and Temari reacted to the news with much enthusiasm. Suna didn't have natural hot springs, being located in the middle of a desert, so it was a huge attraction for them. Gaara didn't express anything, but his lack of protest was as good as an agreement to this arrangement.

Shikamaru quietly excused himself after Temari had whispered something in his ear, something which had made him slightly redden, to Ino's silent displeasure. The blonde stopped the Suna kunoichi from leaving the room after the others by grabbing her wrist.

"I know what you're trying to do," Ino announced coldly.

"And what that would be?" Temari asked disinterestedly as she pulled her hand free from the grasp.

"You're trying to seduce Shikamaru."

Temari looked her up and down and smirked. "I could say the same about you."

"W-what?" Ino faltered.

"You're trying to seduce my brother with these clothes and make-up, but believe me – between the two of us, only one will succeed and it's not you. Better kunoichis than you tried to win Gaara over, so just give up, you have no chance."

Ino regained her equilibrium. "Care to repeat that?" she asked cockily, laying her hands on her hips.

"You. Have. No. Chance. Whatsoever," Temari pronounced slowly to get her point across but instead it only served to ignite Ino's competitive streak.

"We'll see," she turned on her heel to leave but couldn't resist to have the last word. "And for the record, there's no way Shikamaru would sleep with you, it'd be too troublesome for him."

"That's interesting, because he already did," Temari's smug response almost stopped Ino in her tracks, however her stubborn pride disallowed her to give in and show any weakness to be exploited.

I'll show her! She'll eat her words! Ino vowed to herself, clenching her fists so tightly, that her practical, short-clipped nails left crescent marks in the skin. She picked up her pace to catch up with Sakura and the rest heading for hot springs. She needed to talk with her mission leader.

The steam rose off the gleaming surface of the pool, its curly wisps so thick they effectively obscured two occupants of the hot spring, who relaxed carefreely in the mineral-rich water, finally unburdened after the long day. Kankuro sighed, enjoying the warmth enveloping his strained muscles. For anyone hailing from the desert village, being immersed in a bath was the most decadent of all luxuries, a privilege for the most wealthy people of the highest social standing. He had trouble wrapping his head around the fact that here, in Konoha, it was a commodity as Fire Country was abundant in water resources, unlike his homeland.

He wondered how something so simple can bring so much pleasure in life. Konoha truly knew how to be hospitable to its guests. Delicious food, hot bath, sumptuous suites – for now their every need and wish, even unvoiced, was met with astonishing swiftness. Kankuro imagined what he'd like to do next and smirked – that was also already taken care of, presuming by the presence of their two lovely escorts in the neighbouring bath.

It was certainly good to be a diplomat, he concluded.

When he finally found in his indolent self the will to leave the water and collect the prize of the night he believed to be waiting for him just to ask, he glanced at his silent brother. Gaara really didn't know how to have fun and Kankuro, being in such a good mood, decided to give him a hand for once.

"Hey, Gaara, you won't mind if I borrow one of our escorts for the night?"

"Do whatever you wish." Kazekage didn't even open his eyes, choosing to continue his meditation or whatever it was he was doing, sitting submerged in the pool. Kankuro wasn't sure and didn't really care.

"You know, you should ask that blonde girl for a massage, I've heard it's customary for Konoha's guests to get one." His smirk was positively wicked, but of course Gaara couldn't see it.

"Not interested."

"Well, that's a shame, as the Kazekage you should be a gracious guest. Refusing your hosts is in a bad taste, you know."

"Alright," Gaara conceded after a short consideration.

Gotcha! Kankuro thought triumphantly.

"I'm going. Night, Gaara," he left the pool, wrapping the towel around his hips and headed for the changing room. Now for the step two of his plan...

To his slight surprise, he found both of the women in the main hall of the building, already waiting. He thought they would take advantage of the opportunity and soak a little longer. Apparently he miscalculated their dedication to their duty. All the better for him, as it actually increased the chances everything would go as planned.

"Kankuro-san! You're already finished?" exclaimed Sakura right upon noticing him. "Was the water to your liking? Did something disturb you?"

"No, nothing like that, the water was great," he reassured her worries, thinking that she looked adorable with that scrunched brow. Her expression smoothed out. "I'm a practical desert man, so I don't take long time to wash up. Besides, sitting still isn't my idea of fun." He gave her an intense look and saw the light dusting of blush on her cheeks. He forewent applying his face-paint, as it was good for intimidation tactics in a battle – but it wasn't required in the kind of battle he was hoping to engage her in by the end of the night.

At eighteen, there was nothing left of the boy in him. Kankuro possessed the rugged manly looks – square jaw, broad shoulders, narrow waist. Along with the respected status of jonin and being Kazekage's brother, it made him the second most desirable bachelor in Suna, placed right behind Gaara. If there was anything he lacked, it sure wasn't confidence in his ability to woo a woman.

"Sakura-san," he leaned down to her, all the while maintaining eye-contact. "I don't know Konoha that well. Do you know any good place where we could go for drinks?"

Her eyes didn't glaze over like with most other women he had tried this on, though her blush deepened. She gave him a scrutinizing look and, having weighed something in her mind, nodded.

"I know just a place. Hold on for a moment, I need a quick word with Ino."

"Me too. It's about Gaara," he said quickly.

Sakura waved her friend over.

"What is it, Sakura?" the blonde asked, though judging by the knowing glance she gave them both, she didn't miss their earlier interaction.

"I'm going to escort Kankuro-san for the rest of the evening. You'll be attending to Kazekage-sama by yourself, is that alright with you?" Sakura asked in a serious tone, all the while aware that was exactly what Ino wanted – an opportunity to be alone with their esteemed guest.

"Yes, no need to worry. Kazekage-sama will be in good hands," Ino assured them.

"Gaara has a request for you, Ino-san," Kankuro informed her. When she looked at him questioningly, he elaborated. "He wondered if you could give him a massage. But, he has very specific requirements." The puppeteer leaned to whisper into her ear, "He wants a full body massage, with oils and he'd prefer if you were less clothed. Could you do it?" Kankuro straightened out.

"Yeah, it's no problem," Ino responded evenly, ignoring Sakura's puzzled look. The blonde bit her cheek to stop herself from smirking. "You two can go, I'll handle everything."

She waved to them as they left the bathhouse. Then she quickly dispatched a shadow clone to get the massage oil and other things and deliver them to the Kazekage's suite as she waited for the man to emerge from his bath. She couldn't believe her luck. With that request she was more than certain she would win the challenge issued by Temari.

She frowned. On the other hand, she would have to be alone with the Kazekage. While Sakura had successfully assuaged her doubts the previous day, Ino found the man off-putting and uncommunicative. He was the type she disliked the most, the antisocial one. But, she resolved to herself, she would do whatever it takes to crack his stoic demeanor and fulfill her mission. After all, it can't be impossible if he requested the massage himself.

With a new conviction, Ino seated herself on a bench. She didn't even bat an eye when Temari came out from the women's changing room and giving her a sardonic smile, strode out.

Ino didn't need to respond to the provocation to prove that victory was hers.

Around twenty minutes later, locked in the luxurious white-tiled bathroom adjacent to the Kazekage's room, she wasn't so sure of herself. Under the focused scrutiny of his inexpressive teal eyes even the simple task of lighting up the candles and putting on the relaxation music on the cassette player to create an intimate, soothing atmosphere had been positively nerve-wracking. After instructing him to undress for the massage and lay on the bed, which had been covered with a white sheet, so the covers wouldn't be stained by the oil, she had fled to the bathroom to change.

Ino looked into the large mirror hanging above the washbasin she was bracing herself against. She was almost hyperventilating from nervousness, her doubts about Gaara once again surfacing to the forefront of her mind. Her impression of him being stoic and unapproachable didn't help with putting her at ease.

The kunoichi tightened her grip on the porcelain edge and looked into the mirror, staring in her reflections blue eyes. I can do it! she thought determinedly, fighting off the paralyzing uncertainty. She steadied her breathing and after smoothing out her long hair, twisted in a neat bun at the back of her head, turned to the door, psyching herself up for the daunting challenge of seducing the stone-faced man that awaited her behind the flimsy wooden frame.

In the beginning, Gaara was rather skeptical about the massage. The blonde kunoichi seemed too skittish around him, he could tell it no matter how hard she tried to hide her unease. He took it in stride, so used to people being unsettled by him that he didn't pay it any mind. However, when she disappeared in the bathroom, having left him with instructions to undress, he followed them, even if only because of his sensibility to accept Konoha's traditions.

Neatly folding his red desert robes on the chair, Gaara wrapped a small white towel around his hips for preserving his modesty and laid on his stomach in the middle of the cushy king-sized bed. The soft, cotton white sheet put on it provided an interesting, pleasant sensation against his naked skin, while the sounds of ocean waves coming from the cassette had a calming effect on his mind. The room was dimly lit by the candles and he would have probably been lulled to sleep if he was left alone for any longer. Actually, Gaara wouldn't have terribly minded if the kunoichi didn't come out of the bathroom. Even though he was now free of Shukaku's influence and could sleep as much as he wanted, he was so accustomed to not sleeping, he rarely ever caught a wink at night. Now, peaceful and relaxed, laying in the impossibly comfortable bed, he felt as if he could nap all night long.

The sound of the bathroom door opening made him turn his head to look over there. Ino strutted out confidently and all thoughts of sleep promptly vanished from his mind.

Gaara's eyes widened in shock.

What is she wearing? he wondered, drinking in the sight of the perfectly formed womanly body, the soft looking, lightly tanned skin mostly naked, only the most essential places hidden beneath the skimpy blue scraps of clothing which still left nothing much to the imagination. Gaara's eyes inadvertently roamed over the gentle curves and dips which made up a true beauty of a nature. It was the first time in his whole life he saw an almost nude woman and his curiosity in the opposite sex, until now practically non-existent, awakened with a raging vengeance.

Ino smirked and inwardly cheered, spotting right away that despite the poker face he was keeping on, his gaze didn't stray away from her magnificent body for a single moment since landing on it. She just knew that wearing that scandalously small triangle bikini her father would have a heart attack if he ever saw it would pay off immensely.

Giving Gaara a winning smile, the blonde sashayed seductively to the bed, then she picked the bottle of massage oil from the bedside table and crawled on the mattress to straddle his back. She didn't sit on him, he was still the Kazekage and she needed to first make him comfortable and at ease with her touch before establishing a closer contact between them, so she just hovered on her knees above the aesthetically pleasing musculature that she was about to familiarize herself with very, very soon.

Gaara felt strangely vulnerable, despite knowing that the kunoichi didn't mean him any threat and even if she did, she wouldn't have been able to harm him, but also he found himself intrigued. The slight, grazing touch of her legs against his sides felt certainly more suggestive than it should. Gaara closed his eyes, mildly irked by the distracting, illogical thoughts the woman sparked in him.

Ino's small hands rested on his shoulders and he tensed instinctively.

"Relax, Kazekage-sama," she whispered.

He nodded slowly and she traced lines and circles around his upper back with just her finger pads, so he would get used to her touch. It was surprisingly soft and warm.

"You can call me by my name," he said quietly. At this moment, he saw no need to stay strictly formal.

Ino brightened up, pleased that he was the one who offered this piece of familiarity between them. It would make her job much easier.

"Of course, Gaara-sama," she spoke softly. "You can call me Ino," she returned the gesture.

They didn't speak any more. Ino squeezed out the massage oil on her cupped hands, then started applying it to Gaara's back with long vertical strokes. The intense scent of lavender surrounded the two of them. Gaara inhaled deeply, finding the smell pleasant, his senses galvanized. He felt acutely the way Ino's small hands worked their magic on his slippery flesh, gliding up and down with varied pressure and kneading the knots and kinks in the muscles until the tension dissolved completely, replaced by a limp, relaxed feeling. Gaara didn't outright moan from the relief brought by the kunoichi's skillful massage but he also didn't bother to keep in the soft sighs of contentment, which was an already big step, showing just how much his guard was lowered.

Ino's hands glided up to gently stroke and rub his neck, paying special attention to the areas halfway up to his ears. She knew from both her kunoichi classes and medic studies that massaging there helped to encourage the body to flush out the toxins accumulated inside and dispel the stress through activities of a more passionate nature. Ino was counting on the latter effect of her ministrations.

Moving away from Gaara's neck, she massaged both of his arms with a wringing motion. She noticed that while not too bulky, he possessed a very nicely defined biceps to complement his strong shoulder and back muscles. Ino guessed that carrying around that heavy gourd with sand must have contributed to such a body development and had to stifle a soft giggle at this silly thought.

Gaara heard the rustle as kunoichi's warm palms pulled away from his skin and he felt her shift backwards.

"What are you doing?" he asked, perplexed why she would stop so suddenly.

"I'm just going to massage your legs, Gaara-sama, if that's alright with you?" Ino replied.

"Go on," Gaara told her and closed his eyes. He didn't want to admit it but it seemed that for once Kankuro was right about something. This massage was too enjoyable to be ended so quickly.

The blonde looked at his legs and bit her lips, then coming to a decision, started from his calves up, forgoing the feet. She didn't want to risk tickling him and ruining the sensual mood she was trying to get him into, even though Gaara didn't seem the ticklish type, not having reacted when she had grazed his sides or at times touched too close to his armpits. After coating the pale skin with the oil, she proceeded to rub firm circles and pluck at the flesh, loosening the leg muscles.

As Ino moved up the Kazekage's legs, her curious gaze strayed to the white towel wrapped around his hips. With Gaara so calm and docile as she touched his body wherever she wished, even if it was just to service him, she grew more and more comfortable around him. All the fears were forgotten as her confidence increased, causing the heated fantasies of what might be hidden under the man's towel to pop up in her mind. A light blush appeared on her cheeks as her hands started kneading the backs of his strong thighs, getting closer with every swipe to the edge of the towel. Feeling a bit frisky, Ino dared to slightly caress them on the inside under the guise of a massage.

A jolt went through Gaara at the sensation brought to him by Ino's not-so-innocent touch but he didn't tell her to stop, too baffled with his own body's unexpected reaction to utter a word of complaint. Before he recollected his thoughts, Ino finished with his legs and moved above him. After brushing the red locks away from his ear she bent to him, letting the tops of her breasts lightly skim over his back, and whispered, "Please turn on your back, Gaara-sama."

For a moment, he didn't move contemplating the strangely irritating feeling on his back. Why was it irritating him, he didn't exactly know, so he opted to simply ignore the minor annoyance. The woman pulled back, allowing him to roll his body over. The first thing his teal eyes noticed was her impressive cleavage forming a deep crevice between the two mounds covered in blue triangles of material.

Ino would have been blind not to see where he was blatantly staring but she didn't say anything as it was exactly the reaction she wanted to coax from the stoic man. Reaching for the oil bottle, she squeezed out some of it directly in the middle of his not ripped, but still very nicely defined pectorals, then started spreading the liquid evenly all over his front side musculature, rubbing it in and grinding her palms into the flesh.

With the rhythmic, steady movement of Ino's arms and back when she used her body weight to increase the pressure of her strokes, her perky bust swayed hypnotically before Gaara's curious eyes. For some unknown to him reason he felt a developing twitch in his hands as if they wanted to grab something but instead got only air. He clasped the sheet tightly, balling them into fists but the strange urge persisted, adding to Gaara's confusion. It was as if his body was trying to tell him something but he couldn't understand what it was.

He was temporarily distracted from his inner musings when Ino's fingers traced symmetrical circles around his nipples, then rubbed them slickly, causing an electric charge to zap from the surprisingly sensitive area all the way down his spine. Gaara gasped quietly and looked wide-eyed at the woman who was responsible for such an incredible sensation. The blonde sported a mischievous grin on her face as she tweaked his flat nubs and her smile only grew bigger when his gaze dropped to the two distinct protuberances pressed from the inside of her bikini top.

Ino's left hand wandered down his body in a more sensual than just massaging manner, stroking the washboard abs and dipping into the bellybutton playfully. The look he was giving her, a look of a curious, still not fully realized desire mixed with a touch of confusion felt empowering. From that expression alone she could have surmised that he didn't have any previous sexual experience, if she hadn't already known it from his sister. The fact that she was most probably the first woman who got that far with Gaara filled her with a rush of heady excitement.

"Ino-san?" Gaara finally found his voice, though the question wasn't uttered with his usual cool confidence but rather with uncertainty and puzzlement at her actions.

In that moment, as he was laying beneath her, his chiseled muscles gleaming in the soft glow cast by the candles, his teal eyes looking at her with adorable confusion, as he patiently waited for some sort of explanation, he wasn't the insane monster or the venerated Kazekage. He was just an attractive young man whom she planned to give the best time of his life. Ino licked her lips and smiled predatorily. She knew she would thoroughly enjoy this night.

"Gaara-sama," she purred, cupping her breasts, "would you like to touch me here?"

He stared at her in surprise for a moment, so she decided to encourage him a little more. "You seem interested and I really don't mind if you want to," she gave herself a squeeze, pleased that his eyes were riveted to the provocative sight.

Of their own free will, his hands raised in the air and latched onto Ino's bountiful bosom.

"So soft..." he blurted out, gently feeling the round, warm flesh through the skimpy bikini top. His touches grew more bold as he molded the breasts in his hands. His eyes caught a rosy nipple peeking out of the edge of material, which has moved to the side, and he experimentally rubbed and rolled the small nub between his fingers. Ino let out a small, pleasured moan, then reached behind to untie the strings of her bikini. She took the blue garment off and put it on the bed next to them, granting Gaara the unabashed view of her exposed chest.

The young Kazekage took in the lovely sight of a topless, beautiful woman, his pulse racing in his veins. His hands, however, were steady when he examined the creamy mounds, applying varying pressure and rubbing them. He liked the sound of Ino's breathy moans and sighs, so he paid special attention to the hardened nipples which seemed to get him the best response from her.

"There's no milk," he remarked with a hint of disappointment. He heard that women breastfed their children but he had never witnessed the act. He knew for a fact that he had been fed only from a bottle as a child and he admitted that now he was slightly curious about the natural process.

Ino's eyes gleamed. "Maybe you should try sucking on them, Gaara-sama," she proposed.

He nodded at the idea and propped himself on elbows, his lips closing on a stiff nub. Ino gave out a prolonged moan, her insides quivering and melting at the pleasure of his warm mouth gently suckling on her sensitive nipple. She cooed and shuddered when his tongue brushed and swirled around it in an attempt to draw out milk. Seeing that there was no sweet drink in one breast, Gaara moved onto the other one, squeezing it in time with the sucking. Finally, he pulled his mouth away, scrunching his brow in confusion.

"It doesn't work," he stated, perplexed and Ino giggled at his naivety.

"Well, I'm not pregnant, so my body doesn't produce milk," she explained. "You don't know much about women, do you?"

He seemed a bit peeved at his ignorance of the subject, so she decided to steer the conversation away from it. "Don't worry, I'll show you everything you need to know, Gaara-sama," she said, her voice turning sultry when she spoke his name.

Instead of hovering above him, she was now comfortably seated on his stomach and Gaara acutely felt the scorching heat emanating from the secret place between her slim legs. If her words weren't self-explanatory enough, she ground her hips on his crotch and gasped as she became aware of the inconspicuous hardness which has formed there during their earlier activities.

"I have knowledge of sex," Gaara declared seriously, but she detected a hint of irritation in his gaze.

Ino couldn't stop herself from giggling. If not for his grave voice, she would have glomped him.

"Of course, but it's like throwing shuriken or using jutsus – merely knowing the theory behind it won't make you an expert, you need to practice," she explained.

Gaara nodded, unable to disagree with the irrefutable logic in her statement.

"Well, then, first lesson would be..." Ino bent down and whispered huskily, "... kissing," before she pressed her moist, plump lips against his thin ones. Gaara shivered, finding the contact astonishingly pleasant and pulled her closer by the back of her head. She was now laying on him, her graceful curves molded against his body, as she licked and nibbled on his bottom lip. Gaara curiously granted her entrance, allowing the kunoichi to deepen their kiss. The movement of their lips and tongues became slow and languid as she patiently taught her eager apprentice all there was to know about the art of kissing.

When they parted, breathing heavily, their eyes half-lidded from the passion they've just shared, Gaara wasn't thinking any more, too consumed by the emerging desire in his loins to consider the consequences of his actions. There was only heat and want demanding to be fulfilled and the woman so deliciously pressed to him was going to be the instrument of his fulfillment.

Ino caught his gaze and was taken aback by the dark intensity conveyed in it as he regarded her with these new, lustful eyes, however her own body answered his yearning, prompting her to move and relieve them both. Before he could make a move to take control of the situation, the headstrong kunoichi slid down his body, purposefully brushing her behind against the protruding erection, then with a single decisive yank removed the towel which has been obstructing her view of Gaara's nether regions. Only then did she break the eye-contact between them and surveyed the goods, licking her lips in appreciation as her hand closed over the bright red tip of the hard member and stroked down to the base, eliciting a delighted shudder and a startled moan from the young man.

Ino smirked victoriously. She had him literally and metaphorically in the palm of her hand. After giving a few strong pumps, she descended her lips upon him, engulfing the tip in a wet warmth, her agile tongue teasing the slit in the center. Her eyes however didn't stray from his face, even as she went down, taking more of the straining shaft in her mouth.

To Gaara, it seemed that his senses were going haywire, the mad thudding of his pulse deafening him due to the visual stimulation of the beautiful blonde doing something so... so... wonderfully indecent but it felt so good, much better than the cloggy excitement when he had still considered human slaughter as the best source of entertainment. The pleasures of flesh, previously never even considered by him as an acceptable way of outlet, now made him feel alive in a new way he had never experienced before.

And then Ino started sucking on his manhood like on a piece of a very tasty candy, while her hand sneaked down to cup and rub his tender ballsack. Gaara groaned deeply and thrusted his hips up, arching up off the bed in the attempt to fit even more of his bulging erection inside her glorious cavern. His fun was cut short when she released the hardened shaft from her mouth with an audible pop and he sent her a chilling glare that she dared to stop, however she just smiled cheekily, unaffected.

"I thought you'd like it more if I did this, Gaara-sama," she purred, putting the swollen member between her breasts, smothering it in their exquisite softness. She began a steady pace, rubbing and squeezing the saliva-soaked pole.

He could only groan at the blissful sensations and attempt to aid her in the movements by rolling up his hips. To increase the sliding, Ino once again took the oil bottle and poured a large helping of the substance onto her cleavage. It certainly made her job easier, she noted as she keenly watched Gaara's reactions to her ministrations. His desire-laden gaze resting on the erotic sight of her servicing him, the raspy groans emitting from his throat and the growing urgency in his pelvis thrusts were all a dead give away of his state. This wasn't a first time she pleasured a man with her breasts, she was prone to experiment and Sai more than willing to oblige, so she knew that the Kazekage was getting very close to the climax.

Just as she thought, in the next couple of seconds he released with a grunt and the milky white substance splashed on her breasts, mixing with the clear oil. Ino pumped his shaft to ensure that he was done, then gently released the now limp organ and let it rest on Gaara's abdomen. Ignoring her own unfulfilled desire, which soaked through her bikini bottoms, the kunoichi crawled off the bed, intending to go wash up.

Gaara was breathing heavily, his thoughts disjointed and unfocused in the aftermath of the blinding pleasure he has just experienced. He'd never understood why some people were so obsessed with sexual activities but now, having discovered just how good it felt, he didn't question it anymore. No, all he wanted, all he seemed to think about was the burning need to know more, touch more, feel more...

"Where are you going?" he asked with a displeased frown, when Ino slid off the bed.

"Oh? I'll be back in a sec, just need to wash this off," she gestured to the sticky mess on her chest.

"Leave it," Gaara commanded roughly and catching her arm, pulled her back onto the bed. Ino landed on the soft mattress with a startled squeak.

"Gaara-sama?" she blinked in confusion.

He didn't feel like explaining himself, so he took a hold of her chin and pressed his lips to hers. His other hand stroked the curve of her waist and hip.

Ino shook off the initial surprise at his forwardness and expertly took the charge of their kiss slanting her mouth over his to deepen their connection. It seemed that she has awakened Gaara's naughty side, because his hand went even lower to rub her tight buttocks, not that she really minded. Ino smirked inwardly and pushed him down, once again positioning herself on top.

The blonde vixen broke the kiss and smiling wickedly, pulled her bikini strings loose to take off the bottom piece. All the while, Gaara's eyes didn't leave her body, taking in her nude form with an unabashed fascination, which only served to stroke the woman's ego.

Ino reached down and slid her hand over his raging erection, marveling at how fast he has recovered. He possessed a Kage-level of stamina, indeed. Giving him a sultry smile, she aligned the tip of his shaft with her weeping entrance.

"Let's have fun, Gaa-ra-sa-ma," she said throatily and mounted him without much warning.

If he found the sensation of her breasts' warmth pleasurable then the hot wetness which was now gripping him tightly was positively mind-blowing. Gaara groaned drunkenly, his eyes rolling back at the feeling of the fleshy sheath pulsing around his sturdy length. He thought there could be nothing better except perhaps dying and going to heaven.

Ino proved him wrong by a simple roll of her hips, which made him clench his eyes and submit to the rapture. She leaned down and, bracing herself on his shoulders, started a wild pace as she rode his hard shaft. Gaara instinctively rocked his pelvis upwards, intensifying their mutual pleasure, even as his hands wandered to his second most favourite as of now place on a woman's body and tweaked her nipples.

"Oh my god!" Ino gasped out when he managed to hit the sensitive area inside her. She closed her eyes and focused only on the rapidly approaching, long awaited climax. Gaara's strong hand grasped her hip and pushed her down onto him at the same time as he thrusted up, rubbing her spot again as his groin brushed against her clit. The stimulation was too much for Ino's endurance and she was finally seized by the powerful orgasm, the clenching of her inner walls massaging Gaara's shaft with such force that he also let go, releasing his accumulated seed for the second time.

The kunoichi dropped down on top of him, resting against his hard, muscular planes as both of them caught their breaths, their minds perfectly blank for a longer while after experiencing such overwhelming rush together. Ino was the first one to gather her bearings as she raised herself on her elbows and gave Gaara a tired little smile.

"It was pretty great, huh?" she commented.

He regarded her beautiful features for a moment, still recomposing himself, then nodded.

"Yes. Thank you for assisting me, Ino-san," he answered a bit too formally, however he couldn't find any other words to express what he was feeling right now.

It seemed that she still understood his meaning, because she leaned down and pecked him sweetly on a cheek.

"No need for thanks, Gaara-sama. It was entirely my pleasure," she purred.

Kankuro's evening progressed perfectly so far – Sakura has shown him a very cozy, posh place and he bought them both a couple of drinks. He was somewhat surprised when she revealed her preference for sake over the fruity cocktails most women were so fond of – however every encounter he's ever had with her pointed clearly that she wasn't most women and he found himself appreciating the fact more with every second passing in her presence. She was witty and expressed genuine interest in what he had to say, even when he talked about his passion of puppetry. She also managed to get him to dance with her and didn't react adversely when his hands wandered around for a bit. Kankuro was convinced she was exactly the type of a woman he was looking for – who knew how to have fun and didn't expect anything above that from him. That suited him the best.

Therefore, when he realized how much she's drunk already, he took her back to his quarters under the guise of being gentlemanly, while actually he was planning to be anything but. Barely the door closed after them, she unexpectedly assaulted him with a sloppy kiss. Taken aback by her taking the initiative, he reciprocated, the kiss getting more and more heated as he deepened it and let his hands slide down her back to grab her bottom boldly. She gasped and pressed herself into him eagerly. With her arms around his shoulders, he easily hoisted her up and she locked her legs behind his back.

Kissing madly, Kankuro used his vague memories of the suite's layout to get to bed and gently lay his catch on it. She tried to pull him down to join her, but he resisted, disengaging from her with a little bit of disappointment. However, he knew what would come next would definitely make it up.

He reached over to the bedside lamp and flicked it on, the soft yellow glow illuminating the flushed woman laying on the crimson sheets. "Kankuro-san?" she asked with uncertainty, not understanding what he was doing.

"Shhh," he shushed her with a quick kiss. "Let me undress you."

Sakura nodded in compliance and he slowly unzipped her red shirt all the way down, baring the fair skin on her cleavage, stomach and breasts, which were encased in a black lacy bra, to his hungry gaze. The sight of the sexy lingerie turned him on even more. He helped her take the shirt off, then carelessly threw it on the floor.

"Do the panties match the bra?" he asked, leaning down to skim kisses down her throat.

"See for yourself," she answered coyly.

"I will," he flashed her a grin.

His fingers deftly undid her pink skirt and chucked it away, then after caressing her stomach with light, teasing touches, they hooked in the waistband of her tight, black shorts and slowly pulled down, exposing the black underwear, which undoubtedly belonged to the same set as her brassiere.

"They match," he murmured.

Kankuro slowly peeled the shorts down her slim legs, admiring their tautness and graceful curves. Sakura's legs were unequivocally her best asset. When he reached her calves, he was half-tempted to leave her high boots on, but since he wouldn't have been able to take off her shorts otherwise, he had to pull them off too.

Finally, he raised himself on his knees to look at her delicious form, clad only in the seductive black lingerie, in its entirety. This time she didn't try to urge him on, content to let him take his sweet time in his appraisal.

"Gorgeous," he whispered, the raw desire in his eyes making her insides shudder in anticipation.

He trailed his hands up her legs, the fingertips barely grazing the skin. His ghosting touch traveled up her thighs, hips and stomach then rested at the center of her chest, between the cups of the bra to feel the anxious thumping of her heart. Tracing the edges of the undergarment on both sides and along the shoulder straps all the way to her back, when she arched off the bed to let him reach behind her, at last his fingers arrived at the clasp of the undergarment, which was then unhooked with a practiced ease, confirming that he wasn't a novice at this game.

His fingers retraced their path up to her delicate shoulders and pulled her bra straps down off them. As he kissed the bare skin there, his hands gently molded over her still covered breasts. Agonizingly slowly, he slid the unclasped brassiere off her body and drank in the sight of the two lovely mounds.

"So beautiful," he groaned and lowered himself to suckle on them tenderly.

Although his gentle ministrations were a nice change from how her usual sexual encounters went, Sakura grew sick with his slowness. She tugged on his hair to get his attention.

"Go faster," she implored, trying to keep her voice from sounding too harsh.

Kankuro must have seen some of her impatience flash in her eyes, because he smiled cockily, sitting up at her side.

"As you wish."

He didn't hesitate to pull off her panties, which he whiffed with satisfied smirk before throwing them somewhere on the ground with the rest of her clothes. Afterward, he spread her legs to the sides, but paused at the full view of her nether regions.

"So, it is natural..." he chuckled. "I've been wondering for a while."

Sakura knew that he referred to her pink hair colour, but decided to ignore that comment. "Mmm, touch me, Kankuro-san. I need you," she purred throatily.

"Of course," he replied.

If his skill in pleasing a woman was ever in question, the next moments made it null and void. His fingers rubbed her just right, applying softer and harder touches in turns and making her squirm and gasp. Her entrance, previously just slightly wet from his teasing, became slick and ready for the next step. Sakura braced herself for penetration but nothing happened.

"What's wrong?" she barely kept irritation out of her voice as she made eye-contact with the frustrating man.

Kankuro gave her a mischievous smile. "I just want to show you something. It'll be good, I promise," he explained and bent over to reach into his travelling bag laying by the bed. With a triumphant expression he took out a sealing scroll. Sakura observed curiously as he applied chakra to it and with a puff of smoke unsealed a cylindrical, black object. Her eyes widened in a surprised recognition.

"A dildo?" she raised an eyebrow, wondering why would he have something like that in his possession.

"You'll love this, I assure you, Sakura-chan," Kankuro chuckled, remembering the reactions of all the women he had tried this on, and turned the vibration on the low. He was more than eager to see this pink-haired vision of beauty writhing in his sheets and calling out his name in rapture. He licked his lips and gently pressed the tip of the dildo against her moist slit, sliding it back and forth to thicken the tension. Her soft moans were music to his ears.

When he slipped the toy into her needy sheath, Sakura gasped in pleasure and he immediately swooped down to claim her rosy lips again. She accepted the attention, his roaming tongue in her mouth, the hands pinching and rolling her stiff nipples while the dildo pulsed in and out of her, steadily bringing her to the brink...

Her eyes flew open in shock and she broke the kiss.

"Kankuro-san? What... your hands... how are you..." she fumbled for words, unsure how to form her question.

"Puppet master, remember?" he answered arrogantly and raised his hand to show her a glimmering blue chakra string attached to his pinky, which he bent and unbent in time with the dildo's strokes. With another flick he turned up the vibration on a higher setting and she threw her head back, arching her body closer to him in a spontaneous reaction to the stronger stimulation in her burning core.

Kankuro busied himself with ravishing her delectable throat and shoulders, leaving a big hickey where he sucked a bit too harshly on her pulse point, however she didn't object, too lost in the pleasure to care for a minute amount of pain. Sakura closed her eyes and undulated her hips in time with the pumping of the artificial shaft. She was spiraling closer and closer to the edge of the ecstasy, yet found herself wanting something different than the still very satisfying piece of plastic and rubber – something hot, fleshy and twitching, something which was instead burrowing in her thigh. Her hand sneaked down and wrapped around Kankuro's hardened member as best as it could with his clothes obstructing the access. He growled and bit her nipple, thrusting into her palm.

"You'll have it later, baby," he muttered and upped the pace of the dildo, making it piston violently into her quivering snatch.

"Ahh! Kaan-kuroo!" Sakura screamed out, clinging to him as she came loudly in his arms.

After her climax subsided, she let him go and laid down on the bed, flushed and heaving. Kankuro smirked and turned off the vibrations, but he didn't pull out the dildo, instead leaving it deep inside her, latent for now. He used the woman's distraction to quickly take off his clothes, tossing them carelessly on the floor in a heap, then, stark naked, he crawled on top of her to straddle her face.

"Suck me, baby," he ordered and prodded her lips insistently with the tip of his bulging manhood.

Her green, glazed eyes cleared and she reluctantly opened her lush lips, admitting him entrance to her mouth, which he eagerly sank into, jamming his shaft as far as it could go. He pumped in short strokes as she lathered the thick member in her saliva, diligently wiping from her pretty face any trace of annoyance at being forced to cater to him in such a manner. Even though he has just expertly brought her to a great release, she still severely disliked giving oral, especially if it wasn't by her own choice. If he wasn't Konoha's esteemed guest, she wouldn't have allowed him such liberties during intercourse with her, but regretfully he was and so she had to let him get away with this.

When he tore away from her with a muffled curse, she secretly felt relieved that it finally ended. However, her unease returned as Kankuro told her to get on her hands and knees. Confusedly, she followed his request, thinking that he wanted to take her from behind.

His hand slid between her thighs and fondled the damp folds, however didn't touch the dildo, leaving it stuck in place. Instead it wandered up and poked lightly her other small hole.

"What are you doing?" Sakura asked nervously, dreading and at the same time getting increasingly pissed off at what she thought would be the answer. The possibility that he even entertained a thought of such depravity became higher when he chuckled and spread her buttocks, pressing his member in between them.

"You've never done it back there, huh, Sakura-san?" Kankuro asked knowingly. "Don't worry, you'll enjoy it," he assured her. That's what he planned for the whole evening, the glorious claiming of her sweet ass and he was more than ready to get his prize right now.

This confirmation of his intentions was what sealed Kankuro's fate. The tight leash Sakura was keeping on her emotions snapped like an overstrained piece of string and her killing intent spiked, catching the puppet master off guard as the enraged kunoichi bucked him off her and onto the bed. In the next moment he doubled over in pain as she viciously punched him in the gut. Before he came out of shock and regained his wits, he was securely tied to the bedpost, at the mercy of the pink-haired woman, who stood above him with a thunderous expression of a vengeful goddess.

"Wh-what?.. Why did you...?" Kankuro spluttered, struggling against the binds, but they were too strong for him to break out of them without seriously damaging himself. She didn't deign to respond, instead tying his ankles to the bedpost just next to his wrists, the man's attempts to kick her ineffectual against her inhuman strength. He was therefore put in a very humiliating position, with legs splayed wide open, exposing his crotch perversely.

"I'm serious, what are you doing?" Kankuro looked at her, clearly uncomfortable with this, but still thinking it was some sort of a bed play.

Sakura snorted and deftly pulled out the black dildo from her womanhood with a quiet hiss. Then she leaned down to his face, her furious green stare making him inadvertently gulp in sudden fear.

"You've never done it back there, huh? Kan-ku-ro-san," she threw his own words back in his face as she jabbed a finger against his backdoor, causing a pained grimace to emerge on his face, which turned white as a sheet when he realized what she intended to do. "Don't worry, you'll enjoy it. Maybe," she chuckled darkly.

Sakura backed off to have a better view of his lower half. She took the black dildo, which to the petrified man seemed too large all of a sudden and positioned it at his tender, untouched back entrance.

"No, Sakura-san, please, don't!" he protested frantically, squirming in his constraints but Sakura's cold fury demanded retribution for what he had made her do, what he had tried to do to her, against her will, without even asking for her permission.

The kunoichi smiled with a fake sweetness. "Now, Kankuro-san, I think it will be good for you to have a taste of your own... medicine," she smirked vindictively and shoved.

The ear-splitting scream of horror and subsequent wails of utter pain echoed of the walls of the suite as Sakura proceeded with dealing out the punishment to the arrogant man who dared to think that he would get away with trying to make her a tool for his selfish pleasure.

Shikamaru yawned as he headed, still half-asleep, for the Hokage tower to assist in the talks with the Suna delegation. His usual bored countenance hid the fact that he was suffering from sleep-deprivation, which was a result of his volatile affair. The lazy genius winced, remembering this night's events.

At first, everything was going splendidly well. He showed up at Temari's suite with a bottle of expensive rice wine he splurged on to impress the volatile blonde. However, barely he took a step inside her temporary abode, she threw herself on him aggressively. Shikamaru had no choice but to comply with the woman's wishes and soon they ended up entangled on her bed, tearing off each other's clothes and passionately making out.

Though he suspected Temari's sudden and a bit out of character aggression had something to do with his annoying teammate, Ino, he was too busy reciprocating his lover's attentions to dwell on it. This night the Suna kunoichi was truly insatiable and he found himself hard-pressed to keep up with her pace. However, he didn't exactly protest when she coaxed him to have their third and hopefully, final, round.

Temari was on her hands and knees, letting him for once have control of their coupling as he pounded her from behind with nice, long strokes. He was so lost in pleasure, so detached from the reality, that the smooth, flawless skin of her back and the swishing blond hair, free from its customary ponytails caused in him a very acute recollection of his wild birthday party from just two days ago. Shikamaru was nearing completion and in his throes of passion he forgot where and who he exactly was with.

"Ohh, Ino!" he called out, unthinking as he violently came into his lover.

Next thing he knew, Temari immediately kicked him out of her suite, throwing his clothes and the untouched wine bottle on top of his naked form sprawled on the corridor's cold floor before she slammed the door close. The shocked ninja only then came to his senses and realized just what he had done wrong. With a groan, he quickly dressed and went home, however even there sleep eluded him till the wee hours of the morning, when he passed out, exhausted from useless thinking about his unfortunate slip of tongue and possible explanations for it.

"So troublesome," Shikamaru grumbled to himself.

He stopped short upon coming on a peculiar scene, his brow quirking questioningly. In the hallway just outside the conference room the members of the Suna delegation were standing along with their two female Konoha escorts, however the dynamic in the group seemed to have been shifted since the last time he had seen them all together. The Kazekage looked the same but the air around him changed – it was definitely somewhat lighter and more, dare he say, happy? Ino gave the man flirty looks, totally relaxed in his presence, unlike her earlier stiff self, while Temari glared at her, fuming. Before she caught the sight of him and turned her fearsome killing intent his way, Shikamaru sidled to Kankuro who was standing ramrod straight with his back practically glued to the wall.

The Konoha ninja decided to ignore the man's strange posture and greeted him with a nod.

"Are you alright?" he asked, more out of obligation than a real curiosity.

"What? Yes, I'm fine, of course!" Kankuro assured him a little too fast, however Shikamaru didn't bother to pry.

His bored eyes scanned around the place as his genius mind was working out what possibly might have happened to make everyone act so differently. When Kankuro visibly flinched and turned a pasty white colour under his face-paint, Shikamaru followed his gaze and found Sakura, smirking evilly in the puppet master's direction from the other side of the hallway.

Shikamaru sighed, wishing for a cigarette. He definitely didn't want to know what had happened between these two.

Thankfully, the Hokage finally showed up, accompanied by Shizune and his father, and so the second day of Konoha-Suna talks commenced at last, saving the young genius from thinking about illogical interpersonal relations.

It was too troublesome, really.

The End of Chapter 3

Pairings – Ino/Gaara, Sakura/Kankuro, Temari/Shikamaru.

AN: After three months, here is chapter 3. Sorry for the wait and hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing (except Gaara sections. I swear, I hate this son of a bitch, he's decidedly the hardest character to write. It took me two weeks to finish up with him, no one else made me waste so much time on them.)

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I know some of my readers counted on GaaSaku, however the pairings for this chapter were already decided when I was still writing chapter 2. I just really wanted to write Ino with Gaara and Sakura with Kankuro, it's pretty rare. Sorry for any confusion!

I was asked when this story happens in the Naruto timeline. It's some time after Asuma's death and before Pain's invasion. Naruto is away training and all the sexy Akatsuki's are dead, so they don't appear here (not that Sakura and Ino would want to touch them anyway).

The next chapter most probably would be the last one, but more information on this when I actually write it, though there's a high possibility of a continuation or a spin-off.

See you next time :)