The Darkside of Heaven

By : Cat Lea

Date Started : July 19, 2002

Date Finished :

Disclaimer :

I'm sure that everyone has read at least one of these before but let me just state that for the record that I do not own Taker or Kane though I wish I did. Or better yet I wish that they owned me. ( Could be Fun ) I also do not own any other of the wrestlers as they belong to themselves and to the WWF or WWE. The character of Heaven does belong solely to me. I have no money and the only thing of great value in my life are my Children who got me interested in wrestling to begin with and who spend what little money I have on wrestling matches, shirts and other products. So please don't sue me unless you want my Kids. This is purely Fanfic and for entertainment purposes only. Though I wouldn't mind if some of it came true. I also want to say that I do like Sara but sorry it's easier to have you gone for Fanfic purposes. Songs used in story are Nina Gordon's: Tonight and the rest of my life. & Jane Siberry: It can't rain all the time. I used them because I like them and no I don't own them but wish I did. And if I have any of the words wrong I'm sorry.

Story's Rating :

This story is rated PG-13 as of right now for language & violent but might change later on. I will let you know if it does.

Summary of Story :

Undertaker Story as Him and Kane are my Favorite Wrestlers. Many other Wrestlers are in it from Hardy Boys to Ric Flair. They say that Heaven is a place of great beauty and light. I say that Heaven has a dark side that is beautiful too. They also say that the light is the fun place to be. I say that the darkness could be just as much fun. Maybe even more. First Fic Posting so Please be nice and Please R/R so that I know if I should share anymore of my writings or just keep them for myself.