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Jayden- 19

Mia 18

Mike 18

Bay 17-18

Kevin 19

Emily 16-17

Antonio 19

Lauren 20

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(Bay's POV)

I never expected to find myself in this situation again, taking up the spandex for the fourth time. In my head I think I am getting a little too old for this. I mean I'm not my dad, three times is enough. But like always, I am already in too deep to walk away now. What am I going to do, abandon them? I may not have been raised like them but I was raised to know that I can't let my team down. All right then, one last time. Besides this time I get a new color, one I get to share with Dad. I guess Uncle Jason was right… Like father, like daughter.


Back in college Tommy Oliver met a young psychology student, Alice Sakuraba. They had a small fling which ended when Alice had to leave the college for reasons unbeknown, to Tommy. The reason… To serve as a Samurai Power Ranger! The White Samurai to be exact. Word had been sent out that the Sealing Symbol was weakening and the next team had to assemble to prepare. But what were the results of that "small fling"? A child of course! Alice gave birth to a daughter named Baylee "Bay" Lux Sakuraba just before the seal broke, and since she had no family to look after young Bay, the little girl was raised right in the Shiba House alongside the Red Ranger's young son Jayden. And we all know what happened in that hard war, Xandred was sealed away temporarily after a sacrifice from the Red Ranger. But that wasn't the only bad thing to happen, Alice had found out she had terminal cancer a few months before the final battle. Knowing the end was near and wanting her daughter to live a normal life she took Bay to an orphanage with only a request that they find her father, she died a few weeks later. Not long after, Tommy was contacted; he bonded with his daughter and took her in changing her last name to Sakuraba-Oliver. Years later at the age of 13, Bay was introduced to the Power for the first time; she met Conner, Ethan, and Kira and watched them become the Power Rangers Dino Thunder. Not long after he dad became the Black Ranger she became the Purple Dino Thunder Power Ranger fighting alongside her new team to victory. Three years later she became part of another team, Operation Overdrive again becoming the Purple Ranger. Soon after their victory she arrived in Ocean Bluff for her Pai Zhua master test, of which she had studied for years. She assisted the rangers and became the Pink Fox Jungle Fury Ranger. Now she studies Paleontology at college, her ranger days far behind her. But fate has other plans…

Character Synopsis:

Name: Baylee "Bay" Lux Sakuraba-Oliver

Appearance: Naturally curly red hair, brown eyes, and is 5 ft. 5" (portrayed by Bella Thorne)

Age: 17-18

Family: Alice Sakuraba- mother (deceased), Tommy Olive-r father, David Trueheart-uncle, Jason Lee Scott- godfather/uncle, and so on

Personality: Sarcastic and a little snippy but once known better is kind and full of compassion

Likes: Reading, paleontology, playing guitar, singing, fashion, and martial arts

Dislikes: Bullying, monsters, having her thoughts interrupted or her day ruined

Ranger Colors: Purple-Dino Thunder-Operation Overdrive, Pink- Jungle Fury, White- Samurai

Powers: Dino Thunder- Intangibility, Operation Overdrive- Invulnerability, Jungle Fury- enhanced senses

Animal Spirit- Fox

Symbol Power- Winter

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Next Chapter:

We will get an insight into the past into when Tommy met his daughter along with a certain friend of his