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Chapter 13: Secret

Mona didn't like parties before her transformation, and all in all she'd much rather spend the night in the lair, quietly reading a book or helping Donnie make sure Bishop's security system didn't suddenly flash back on after they killed it with their virus. But still, she can't quite deny the butterflies in her stomach. Being around people again? Sure, scary as hell when last time one of them tried to kill her, but whatever happens it can't be any worse than that.

And however nervous she is, the guys are worse.

Mikey's rather happy about it, of course, but both Donnie and Leo are basically pulling out their weapons every time a human passes (and there's a lot of people out, most of them dressed in monster costumes, to make matters worse). Not to mention Raph. He practically punched a guy for standing in his way on the street.

So even if she feels like hiding somewhere until all the humans decide to go home for the night, Mona still can't help but to giggle at the boys' jumpiness.

Raph, obviously, doesn't like it.

"Quit laughing or I'll make you do push-ups for a week," he huffs.

Mona smiles ruefully. "You'd have to discuss that with Splinter first."

"Oh, I have my ways to get through to him."

"No, really, he hasn't," Leo interjects, and Raph stops glaring at people long enough to send a blow for his brother's arm. Leo ducks the attack and gracefully crashes into a little girl in a zombie costume. She punches him on the nose (or where it should be of he had one) and walks off with her head held high.

"Well," April says, "that was interesting."

"You don't say," Donnie sighs.

By the time they arrive at the party Leo attempts to round them up and go over a few rules, but it's a lost cause. Mikey has grabbed Kala's hand and vanished into the crowd before the blue brother has even opened his mouth, Casey and April walk off to chat with someone from school and Angel for some reason drags Donnie off and out of sight. By the time Leo's said "be prepared for anything" Raph has stomped away to a table with a huge punch bowl on it and Mona is the only one left. Leo's shoulders sag.

"It was worth a shot," he mutters, glancing all around like he's expecting every random partygoer to rip off his or her mask turn out to be a ninja.

"Try not to worry", Mona says, sending him a careful smile. "No one will know it's you; I saw three other turtles just on the way here. You guys are getting quite the fanbase, aren't you?"

"Despite the fact that none's supposed to know about us, yeah, I guess it's rather useful for once." He shudders. "As long as there won't be another Pulverizer." A boy dressed as a samurai walks by and Leo jumps a side, his hands going for his katana.

"Come on now, you anti-social coward. We can go in there and hide from the hideous humans together." Mona winks and bumps his hip with hers, grabs his hand and pulls him into the crowd.

"Hey, let go of me!"

Angel is surprisingly strong, and Donnie has to hit a nerve point in her upper arm to get loose.

"Ow!" She jumps aside and rubs her arm, glaring at him. "What was that for, you jerk?"

"For dragging me off like this!" He'd like to say more, but stops himself before he has a chance. Instead he sends a subtle glace around the crowded room, trying to catch a glimpse of April. Her red hair is nowhere to be seen.

"For dragging you away from April, you mean."

Donnie's face turns instantly red and he reaches out to cover the purple-haired girl's mouth with his huge hand. She makes some angry sounds and struggles a little before a determined expression settles on her face. Donnie's eyes widen.

"You wouldn't," he says.

She licks his hand and he rears back, pulling it away while doing a disgusted noise. When he looks back to her she's sending him a smug smile. "No ninja can beat my sharp tongue," she says, making Donnie groan. Someone dressed suspiciously like a Foot soldier walks by, not looking twice at the pair. Donnie discretely wipes his hand on the guy's black shirt.

"So, about April…" Donnie reaches out to cover up her mouth again, but she threateningly sticks her tongue out. "What I was saying…"

"Be quiet!" Donnie hisses. "I don't want anyone–"

"Anyone to know? Donnie, everyone knows!"

"April doesn't."

"April especially knows."

Donnie opens his mouth to retort, but no words come out.

"Yeah," Angel says dryly, "she knows, and she has for some time."

Still no words come to mind, and Donnie just closes his eyes, letting the sounds of the party surround him. People laughing, talking, having fun, being angry, being happy, being in love. Living normal lives while he and his family does everything in their power to keep them safe, including giving up every chance, every ounce of normality. And he has never complained about that. He has never asked to be a normal boy and to do normal things. But April

"Why do you want to talk about this?" he mumbles, voice empty.

"Because you're smothering her."

He looks up, brow confusedly furrowed. "What?"

"She likes you Donnie, but with the Kraang and ninjas and freaking mutants attacking her every other minute… she's just not that into the idea of dating right now, okay?"

"But I love her," he whispers.

"Donnie please, you're fifteen. You're not in love, you have a crush."

"You don't know that," he says heatedly, and she rolls her eyes.

"I've had tons of crushes. That's the thing, Donnie; crushes fade and you get a new one."

For a moment he wants to hit her. A second later he wants to hit himself for even thinking such a horrible thing. He always knew he never had a chance with April. Who was he fooling thinking otherwise? There is no reason taking it out over Angel, even though he's certain his feelings for April are more than just a crush.

"Sorry," he says. "I always knew… I mean, look at me!"

"Don't be silly," Angel retorts. "It's not about that; it never was. It's about the situation. She has enough on her mind without having to worry about boys."

"She has time for Casey."

"She has time for Casey as a friend, just like she has for you. And if her feelings for him turn into something more over time, then that's her choice, right?"

Donnie wants to hate Casey, and part of him does. But another part can only see the boy on the roof who did everything in his power to save Donnie's life, the boy who is now trying his best, more than his best, to redeem the things he did before. And with all that burning through his mind he just can't bring himself to hate the boy. Neither can he bring himself to be upset with April; as Angel said, it's her choice.

But that doesn't mean that all this doesn't make him want to crawl into a corner and cry his eyes out.

"I should go… I mean, you have a party to attend to and I…" And he what? Enemies to defeat, machines to build. No girls to kiss.

"Donnie, wait! I didn't mean – man, this didn't go at all as I planned." Angel groans and rubs her temples. "Crush or not, don't give up, okay? April might come around, or she might not. Give her a chance but don't suffocate her. She really, really likes you. I know she does, 'cause she told me."

She smiles, but Donnie can't quite take it in. Too many thoughts are swirling through his head, too many voices are screaming and laughing and singing all around him. Someone bumps into him, someone else pokes his shoulder to test the texture of his "costume". And all the while the name April April April spinning around in his head, over and over.

He back away and vanishes among the humans before Angel has a chance to stop him. For a moment he thinks he hears her call his name, but then there is nothing but the sound of the party. It hasn't been ten minutes and he's already more than sick of it.

"Hey, I know you."

Leo flinches at the sound of the shrill male voice, his hands reflexively going for his weapons. But the boy standing before him is obviously not a threat, even if he has a furious expression on his face. He has huge hair and a skinny frame and is dressed in what remotely resembles a mummy costume. It's pizza delivery guy.

"Uh," Leo says, "no you don't."

"Yes I do! You scared the shit out of me several months ago when you and those other weirdos were standing in the middle of the road." The boys points an accusing finger at Leo's face. "You made me drop a pizza! The boss had me pay for it!"

"I'm sorry, but I really don't know what you're talking about."

"You do! I know it's you! Why have you even been running around in turtle costumes for, like, a year? And you owe me for that pizza!" His eyes suddenly widen. "Do you know the redheaded girl who stole my bike the other day? You do, don't you!"

Leo is getting nervous, the impulse to throw a smoke bomb and simply vanishing growing stronger by the second. He is saved by a pale, slender hand suddenly coming to rest on the boy's shoulder.

"Lot's of people saw four turtles during the whole invasion thingy last month," a soft, purring voice says, "there are kids dressed as them all over the place. Although I can't for the life of me see why someone over the age of eight would want to dress like that."

The boy and Leo simultaneously turn red when they see the girl. She's pale with dark eyes and a small nose, dressed in a very tight, black body-suit that shimmers in the party lights. Her hair is long and black, decorated only by a white lotus flower stuck behind her left ear. When she smiles Leo's mouth runs instantly dry.

She turns her back to the boy, subtly pushing him away as she leans closer to Leo. Pizza guy stares at them for a second, obviously not wanting to abandon his opportunity to get paid for that one pizza, but then he glances at the girl (who Leo have come to think of as Lotus Blossom, cheesy as it sounds), turns even redder and walks away.

"Uh, thank you?" Leo says hesitantly.

The girl smiles and leans even closer, making Leo's heart beat all too fast. "Let's just say you owe me one, turtle."

All of a sudden she's backed off, leaving him standing there, dumbfounded. Just as the crowd is about to swallow her she stops and looks at him over her shoulder. "And you should probably check on your brother, the orange one. He's getting eaten alive."

She winks, and then she's gone. It takes a full five minutes before Leo can move.

He finds Mikey and Kala being smothered by a small, blond boy, no more than maybe ten years old and dressed like, you guessed it, a turtle. Mikey is obviously loving the attention as the boy pokes his skin, pulls his mask tails and tries swinging one of the nunchucks. It ends up smacking into his skull.

"This is so cool!" he beams, unperturbed by the bump on his forehead. "A real ninja turtle! I'm your biggest fan! Really! I'm going to be a ninja too, and I'm gonna fight bad guys and make lots of money and go on adventures and…"

How many people know about them, and how many are crazy fan boys? Leo sighs heavily, drawing the trio's attention. The boy's mouth drops open.

"No way!" he breathes. "Another one!"

"These are just costumes," Leo says patiently. "You know, made of rubber."

"It doesn't look like rubber. How come your mouth moves when you talk? If it was a mask, shouldn't it be more still?"

"Not our masks, 'cause they're the coolest you'll ever see!" Mikey is practically beaming. "Isn't this awesome, Leo? We have another fan!"

"Mikey," Leo hisses, but his brother is oblivious to Leo's concerns. Luckily, Kala is not.

"Hey Mikey, wanna dance?" she says. "I never have."

Mikey's eyes grow so big they might just pop out of his head. "You've never danced? Dude, that's horrible! Come on, I'll teach you a few moves!"

He grabs Kala's hand to drag her out onto the dance floor, but the boy steps into their way. "Wait!" he whines. "You got to tell me about your fights! Where do you live? Can you travel through time? Or turn invisible? Is that an egg?"

Just as he's about to reach for the smoke bomb in Mikey's belt, a voice so high pitched it makes Leo's ears ring pierces the noisy crowd.


The boy, Zach, shrinks considerably where he stands as a girl stomps up to him.

"You are not allowed to be here! Fourteen year old minimum, you little punk." Her face is red under the glittering make-up.

"But Buffy!" Zach whines. "They are ninja turtles! You can't make me go!"

Buffy glances at them, looking decidedly unimpressed. "Their costumes are stupid and you are grounded, or at least you will be once I have called your parents." Grumbling under her breath Buffy drags off the wildly protesting boy.

"Wow," Mikey breathes, "she's so beautiful!"

Kala makes a coughing noise to hide her laughter. "If you say so, hotshot. Now how about that dance?"

The two of them make their way onto the packed dance floor, immediately assembling a circle of dancers to cheer them on. Leo is left standing where he is, feeling forgotten and kind of scared of all these humans who are much weirder than most mutants.

"Leo." Angel squeezes her way through the dancing people until she's close enough to hold a conversation. "I'm worried about Donnie, he just took off."

"He what?"

"He left. I think. He got upset and vanished and now I can't find him."

Leo swears under his breath. Donnie's supposed to be the smart one, and now he's roaming the city on his own when Bishop's still out there.

"I have to find him", he says sternly, earning a smile from Angel.

"Want any help assembling the gang?"

Leo hesitates. Mikey and Kala are still having the most fun of their life, he saw Raph and Mona some time ago actually talking to people, and April is finally spending with her human friends. He doesn't want to take this opportunity from any of them.

"No," he says tiredly. "Let them stay and have. We might never get a chance like this again. I'll find Donnie."

Angel gives him a thumbs up. "Go get 'em, tiger."

Leo snorts, not knowing whether to laugh or worry as he leaves the party and enters the chilly street.

This is Karai's first Halloween. Not that she hasn't watched her fair share of horror movies, or been through a few quite horrific events of her own, but this is the first time she's seen kids dressed in obscure clothes roaming the streets, expecting strangers to hand them free candy. She finds it a very odd tradition.

She would have loved to participate if she was younger, and if her head wasn't full of revenge.

Her fingers are itching for blood, hands twitching for her blade every other second. Every single night since the would-be invasion she's spent up on the roofs, in the allies, creeping through the dark. Looking for mutants in a city of humans is harder than it sounds, especially when they so obviously doesn't want to be found.

Sneaky little bastards, jealous and cruel enough to kill a woman in cold-blood, traitorous backstabbers who make you trust them and then attempt to take what family you have left away from you.

She stops, fingers curling into tight fists. Every time she lets her guard down they are back in her head, every minute of every day since she met the rat man. She barely ever thought of him before, but seeing him was like ripping open an old wound. Now he's always there, in her head.

Yoshio Hamato. Splinter.

The murderer.

The one who stole her mother and nearly her father, the one who refused to fight her fair and square. The coward who ran when she stood up to him.

She won't think those other thoughts, the ones that curl through the back of her mind when she isn't careful to keep them at bay. He defeated her father, the Shredder, the most skilled martial artist she has ever met (and that says a lot for someone raised in a clan of ninja) and yet he wouldn't fight her. Why? He would have easily defeated her, and someone who can cold-bloodedly murder a mother wouldn't have a problem doing the same to a child.

So why did he run?

She flinches at the sound of someone sobbing. Who'd be weird enough to climb a roof to cry? She has a feeling she knows.

Careful not to make a sound she creeps closer to the dark figure huddled against a shed, arms around its knees and feet pulled closed to the body. The roof might be shadowy, but she can still make out a shell and green skin, but not the colour of the bandana. She suddenly notices that her weapon is already in her hand, as if her body is making the decision for her. She doesn't argue. It's a good decision.

She gives a load roar as she rushes the turtle, blade glinting in the distant light from the street. He jerks up and immediately ducks back down so her weapon slices through the air mere inches from the top of his head. She tries to grab for him as he rolls over the cold roof, but he is fast and slips through her fingers. She snarls and lunges for him, and he yelps as he draws his weapon and smacks her hand away. Her arm goes numb with the power from the blow.

A bo staff. She squints through the dark night and sees a purple bandana tied across its face. What was the purple one called? Donnie?

Not that it matters.

Not that anything matters.

She ignores the ill-timed numbness in her arm, feints a kick for his midsection and rams the handle of her sword into the enemy's face. He makes a muffled sound and grabs her wrist, twisting and pulling until her nerves scream and the weapon falls to the floor with a clatter. He follows up with at punch into her stomach, just under the protective armour. She groans and stumbles back. The city is swimming in and out of focus in front of her, and she's feeling nauseous.

You have to focus, she tells herself. A battle isn't a place for anger and vengefulness. Let your emotions run away with you and you will lose this.

Get a grip on yourself or you will lose to this backstabbing little creep.

The world rights itself before her and suddenly everything is sharp and cold and exact. She can see the turtle, see how his hands shiver ever so slightly and how the fabric around his eyes is dark and wet. She smiles.

I'm coming for you.

She swipes her blade from the roof as she whizzes past and launches it into a complicated pattern before her, swiping it back and forth so fast it's nothing but a silvery blur. The turtle tries to block it with his bo, but she rams the sharp metal into it and it splinters and cracks into two halves, and she kicks him on the hand so that one of the halves propels away and disappears in the dark. Another kick, connecting with the back of his knee, and then she jumps, spins, and sends her foot into the crook right between his neck and shin with all the power in her legs and hips.

The turtle rolls over the roof and she stands still for a moment, panting. Adrenaline is still rushing through her, but now the pain is starting to catch up on her. It hurts to breathe, ever lungful of air making the muscles in her stomach cramp. Her arm is throbbing and pulsing.

In front of her Donnie heaves himself up into a sitting position, the one half of his bo that is left held protectively in front of him. Karai gives it a condescending glance. Half a stick against her knife. She likes those odds.

She walks at him slowly, giving him a chance to gain his footing. She won't walk away from this fight, and she won't let him run, but she will fight with the honour of a true ninja. A moment later she launches against his face and he stumbles, holding up his arm and taking the blow on his wrist. The sharp metal leaves a thin, red line, gushing blood over his green skin. She kicks his stomach, momentarily forgetting about his plastron. Donnie stumbles back with the power from the kick, out of her reach for just a split second.

"Why are you doing this?" he wheezes.

"Why am I doing this?"

She screams the words, letting all her dammed fury go in those few words. Her throat is already sore.

"My fight was never with you!" She stabs for his throat, but the anger is taking over again and she misses. "But you betrayed me to protect your murderer of a Sensei!"

"What?" Donnie ducks a punch and tries to kick her in the chest, but she catches his foot and pulls him out of balance. He stumbles. "Our Sensei isn't a murderer!" he calls, anger crackling through his voice despite everything.

"He killed my mother!"

For a moment it's like time freezes for Donnie. He stops, mouth hanging open and arms slack. It keeps moving for Karai rams into him, taking them both to the ground. They roll, sand and gravel crunching under her as she pushes and pulls and tries to get enough room to swing her blade. Somehow she ends up underneath him, and it doesn't matter that he is injured and weak, because he is still much heavier than her.

"Splinter would never kill your mother!" There is rage in his eyes, the frenzy that courses through those defending the honour of their loved ones.

"Then he has lied to you," she hisses squirming and struggling underneath him. "Because he killed my mother, he killed Tang Shen!"

Donnie's pupils retract, leaving only small black dots in his reddish eyes. The anger is gone, leaving only pure astonishment.

"Tang Shen was Splinter's wife."

She doesn't remember how she got him off of her. Suddenly she's standing up, and she wants to attack but she can't. Instead she stays where she is, and the confusion and anger finds only one outlet.

"You're lying!" she screams. "Tang Shen was my mother, and she was murdered by Yoshi because he couldn't have her!"

There's something wrong with Donnie's face. Aside from the fact that it's blurry and watery from the tears she can't keep back, it's also devoid of all malicious emotions. He looks sad, sympathetic even.

"Karai, you've been lied to."


"The Shredder was the one who killed Tang Shen."

Much like when she first attacked, it's her weapon taking charge of her and not the other way around. She swings at him, not thinking and not planning, only wanting blood for the accusations and lies he's throwing at her. He easily sidesteps her attack and when she lunges again she misses without him even moving, her vision being too blurred to aim properly.

"Karai, I'm telling you the truth. Tang Shen was Splinter's wife. She had his child." His eyes suddenly widen, and he looks at her in a all new way. "Oh my god, it can't possibly be… Miwa?"

It's as he's talking with someone else, a friend, an ally, someone he wants to reach out to and help.

Splinter staring her, not even trying to attack. "Miwa?"

"No." She backs away from him, suddenly shivering. "No."

"Miwa, please –"

"My name is Karai!"

That is who she is. That is who she has always been.

She turns her back to him and runs.

Raph want to punch someone. He also wants to get the hell out of here, but mostly he just wants to punch someone. Hard. In the face.

And the kid who keeps picking a fight with him isn't making things any better.

"You should have let me fight him! I could have taken him, easily!"

"Kid, he's twice your size."

The boy's tops thirteen years old and more prone to violence than even Raph. When Raph stumbled over him he was just about to try and attack a huge guy who looked to be nearly twenty, blond hair tied back in a ponytail and with a very telling tattoo of a purple dragon on his left arm. Personally, Raph would have preferred to step in and take the fight. His skin is itching with excess energy he can only get rid of by punching stuff.

But Mona, always the sensible one, simply grabbed the boys arm and dragged him off. The blonde was too big to be able to follow them through the crowd, and Raph had sulkily trailed after the pair.

"But I could take him! Just leave me alone!"

"Listen," Mona says calmly, "you shouldn't fight someone unless you really, really have to."

"But he's a jerk! He took my money!"

The serene look on Mona's face is immediately replaced by something harsh. "He stole from you?"


Raph clenches his fists. "What a jerk!"

"I told you so!"

"Hey, you over there!"

Apparently the big guy's one of the persistent kind, and Raph couldn't be happier. A blonde head is sticking up several inches over everyone else and the tiny eyes are set on the trio.

"Who do you think you are, getting in the way of others' business?" He pushes the people around him aside and looms closer, huge feet stomping over the floor.

"I think I'm the guy who's gonna kick your ass," Raph snarls, but before he has the chance to follow up on his promise, Mona steps in.

"Did you steal from him?" she says, gesturing to kid, and Raph rolls his eyes. Like she's going to get a confession out of the guy in the middle of a crowd.

"No," he says silkily, "He handed me the money, 'cause he owed me them. Isn't that so, Riley? You owed me money. And you still do." He steps closer, and all of Raph's muscles clenches for the attack.

Again, Mona's faster than him. But this time she does something he hadn't counted. She leaps at the guy, taking him by surprise and smacking a fist into his face. He tries to reel back, but the crowd pushes at him and he stumbles ahead instead. Mona meets him with a kick in his solar plexus.

Raph grins widely. "Go Mona! That's my girl!"

She twirls around, staring at him, and he realises what he just said. Her mouth is hanging open.

"Watch out!" Riley calls. "To your left, you left!"

Mona ducks and Raph shakes off the shock as the guy's gigantic fist flies through the air above her head. Not wanting to miss what might be the night's only chance to hit something, he throws himself into the fight.

It doesn't go on for long. A brunette in a shimmering dress and a face red with rage breaks it up. Mona accidently clips her on the cheek, realising too late that she has stepped in between Mona and her target. The girl stumbles back, face even redder and with a hole in her glittering make-up. Raph snickers, but shuts up when she aims her piercing glare at him.

"This is absolutely unacceptable," she screeches. "How dare you try to ruin my party? How dare you?"

"Uh," Mona says.

"Listen, Buffy, they're troublemakers."

"You're a troublemaker, Hun!" She spins around and points accusingly at Mona and Raph. "And you two aren't even invited!"

"Maybe we should go," Mona quips in, and Buffy nods furiously.

"And don't come back, 'cause I will call the police."

"You'll call the police?" Raph sputters. "Why don't I just –"

"Raph, sweetie, come now."

A small hand slips into his, and he hesitates before following Mona away from Buffy, who's so angry there's practically smoke erupting from her ears. Raph just manages to see her brown ponytail whips around as she turns to Hun and starts berating him.

Riley is waiting for them on the street, grinning from ear to ear.

"That was so awesome!" he says, following them down the sidewalk. "I've never seen anyone take on Hun and walk away before!"

"Well, we had a few advantages. Being two-on-one, for starters," Mona says placidly.

"But we could still have taken him with our hand tied behind our back," Raph says, knowing it to be true. He can take anyone.

Mona gives him a sceptical look. "If you say so. By the way, Riley, I have something for you." She opens the hand she didn't use to drag Raph off earlier, and in it lays some crumpled pieces of paper. It takes Raph a second to recognise it as money.

Riley brightens even more. "Hey! How'd you do that?"

Mona winks at him. "A girl has her ways." She hands him the money and then nods at the other direction. "Go now, before that guy comes out looking for you."

Once he's gone, they keep walking in silence for a while, constantly being passed by by oddly dressed kids with buckets and bags in their hands. Raph glances at Mona where she's walking next to him. She flinches every time someone runs by her. Then there's one dressed as a Foot ninja, and she practically jumps out of her skin and rips the manriki from her belt. The chain swings through the air and the poor guy leaps back before running the other direction. Mona makes an unhappy sound and puts her newly-appointed weapon away. Raph snorts.

"And I thought I was bad with people."

"I'm just out of shape, that's all."

"You just jumped a guy."

"He sneaked up on me."

"He was a kid."

"Can't we just take the roof tops? Please?" She gives him a pleading look and he shrugs.

"Sure. Why not?"

They find a fire escape in a nearby alley, and he gives her a push to help her up.

"So," he says once they're up, trying to sound casual, "what did you mean with 'sweetie'?"

She flinches. "Depends. What did you mean with 'that's my girl'?"

"I meant you were kicking that guy's ass."

"Oh." She sounds disappointed.

"Just like I taught you. It was awesome." She's still looking disappointed, but he doesn't know what else to say. "Really, you've gotten loads better from before!"

"Thanks," she mumbles.

"Mona…" He stops, and so does she. Her eyes are shimmering in the light from the city, and suddenly he doesn't know what to say. "You… uh… you fight good. Really good."

This time she smiles, and he gulps. "Thanks Raph."

She leans in closer, and he can't move. Her breath is warm and sweet on his face and his heartbeats are loud in his ears.

Just as their lips meet, someone clears their throat behind him. He twirls around, expecting Leo or Mikey or Splinter or why not Fishface, but standing on the roof a few feet away from them are two girls, both dressed as foxes.

"Hi," one of them says, an amused smile on her face. He fur is snow white, except for a purple patch around her eyes. "Beautiful night for a kiss, isn't it?"

"What are you doing up here?" Raph snarls, ignoring how warm his face is.

The girl in white grins even wider. "Just out for a late night stroll with my friend here. Ninjara, wanna kiss? Look how nice it seems." She puts an arm around the other girl's shoulder and leans in, but Ninjara shrugs her away and pokes her in the side with a sharp elbow.

Ninjara is, unlike her friend, covered from head to toe in a reddish brown fur, only blocked out by a few garments. She is very pretty, and Raph's face gets even warmer while looking at her.

"We need to go," she says, voice low. "Come, Alopex. We have a job to finish."

She sets off in a run and Alopex shrugs, giving Raph and Mona a salute before following. A minute ticks by and they are gone.

"I don't think that was costumes," Mona says, finally breaking the silence.

"Huh?" Raph shakes himself to clear his head. "What makes you think that?"

"Didn't you see their faces? No masks in the world can be that detailed and complicated. Their mouths didn't just move when they spoke, their lips did to, punctuating every word. And they could raise their eyebrows."

Raph turns around and looks at her. "You're such a dork. Why don't you like Donnie?"

"Because you're such a brute, and opposites attract."

She smiles teasingly, and this time he meets her halfway as she leans into him.

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