Here is the last part of the final chapter. I felt bad about leaving the ending as just notes so... here it is!

The battle is ongoing, Hiei and the NCR have breached the Legate's camp and are now engaged in a full siege in an effort to find and defeat the Legion's second in command.


Kurama knelt to the ground below one of the canyons cliffs and held his aching side as he caught his breath. the search for the Clock of Reality was not going as well as he had initially anticipated. While he knew it would not be easy to find a clock in a desert canyon, he had hoped to at least sense some of its spiritual energy. Botan sat beside him, placing her hand over his injured side, she forced some of her healing powers into it, trying to mend the mangled flesh as best she could.

"Don't," Kurama said as he pulled her hands away from him, "I'm fine for now, but save your energy we are still in danger."

Botan nodded and glanced over her shoulder in time to see Hiei approach, his rifle held firmly in his grip as he looked about himself prepared for an attack from all sides. "Something is not right..." He said, his voice trailing off as his eyes darted around the camp. The Legionaries were mostly defeated at this point yet there was still no sign of their leaders. Turning away, Hiei started to trek back to where most of the troopers had taken position.

"HRAAA!" Kurama cried as he was struck to the ground. Hiei glanced back in time to see the Legate take two giant running steps towards him, swinging his massive blunt blade over his head before whirling it down attempting to take Hiei's head with it.

Hiei ducked and rolled out of the way, landing on his back, Hiei pointed his rifle at the Legate and fired. Bullets ricochet off his armor and pierced the flesh of his bare arms and legs but that did little to stop the massive man as he tore through the NCR forces as quickly as he appeared. Pushing himself to his feet, Hiei maneuvered himself to where Kurama lay bleeding. Botan sat beside him, her ands covered in his blood as she tried to heal what she could. the wound was not mending well. Kurama was struck just where his neck met his body where a giant diagonal slash nearly severed him. Hiei grabbed him by his arm, looping it around his shoulders, Hiei pulled him to hide behind one of the Legion tents. It was little protection though so long as he was out of sight it was the best he could do for the moment.

Rushing out into the fray, Hiei joined up with the NCR forces as they fought to survive. Running up behind the Legate, Hiei struck him in the back of the head with the butt of the rifle. The force of the hit made the Legate's helmet fall forward onto the ground as he turned to face Hiei. growling, the man skillfully swung his blade at Hiei who barely managed to dodge. The Legate continued to pursue him, throwing as many blows as he could while Hiei avoided as many as he could. The last blow was unavoidable. Having rolled to dodge the previous, he had not expected the Legate to be able to change direction and angle as quickly as he had. As Hiei rolled onto his knee, the Legate's blade swung back before Hiei could react. The blade hit him directly in the chest, tearing through his tunic and ripping through his flesh and crushing bones beneath the blow. Thrown backwards, Hiei landed with a grunt as he gripped his chest, struggling to catch his breath.

Laughing the Legate casually made his way to Hiei intent on killing him. Hiei closed his eyes knowing his death was next but rather than hearing the final swish of the blade come down on him, he instead heard the bang of three bullets followed by a loud thud. Opening his eyes, Hiei saw General Oliver armed with a hand gun and accompanied by at least fifty reinforcements.

Hiei tried to force himself to sit up but with little success on his own. Botan rushed to him and looped his arm over her shoulder as she helped hold him up. The general took a few moments to glance around the camp before beginning a victory speech. Hiei rolled his eyes as he tried to stand, groaning as he did so. Holding him down a moment, Botan placed her and to his chest, she manipulated her energy to heal his bones and stop the bleeding. Hiei stared at her the whole time, more relaxed than he had been before. When she had finished, Hiei quickly looked away and began to rise, Botan helping him as he made his way over to where Kurama lay.

The fox demon's breathing was heavy as his hand rested across his wound. Kurama held his eyes tightly shut every time he took a breath. "I'm not going to make it, am I?" He asked. Hiei blinked a few times but did not answer. Botan's eyes began to water as she frantically shook her head. Kurama let out a breath, "Its alright. This was never our world to begin with. Of course it would be our downfall, like in all tragedies." He tried to let out a light laugh but only managed to cough and groan before his breath gave out entirely. Hiei leaned his body against the tent as Botan fell to her knees, gripping at Kurama's blood stained shirt.

"Hiei," The general called. Hiei turned slightly and attempted to stand on his own as best he could. "I believe this might be of interest to you," He said as he held out an old battered clock. Hiei took it in his hand and examined it carefully. He had only seen the Clock of Reality once and that was over a decade ago, though for some reason he knew it was the same clock that had taken him to this new world. Looking back to where the general had stood Hiei found he had already vanished. Turning back to Botan, he knelt down and put the clock in front of her face. Her entire body froze as she saw the clock. Bringing her shaking hands up to it, she grasped it as firmly as she could manage. The clock was ticking slowly as she held it and she could feel the energy in it. Holding it close to her she cried.

"We should have never come here." She said. Hiei hesitantly placed a hand on her back, "If we had been more careful- more aware... they would still be alive." Hiei carefully helped her to her feet and began to lead her back to the dam.

As the two of them stood overlooking the setting Sun over the Colorado River, Hiei watched as Botan stopped and walked towards the edge of the dam. Hiei followed her and stood by her side. She still held the clock close to her chest, her eyes red from crying but now dry of all tears. "I wonder what life would have been like if none of this ever happened." She said. "Would Koenma send us on another mission? Would we gather has we always had? Would you boys mess with each others feelings? Fight?" Botan shook her head.

"If you're still interested, you can go back," Hiei said, placing his hand on the back of the clock.

Botan stared down at it and shook her head again, "And how do I explain all this to Koenma? To Keiko, Shizuru, Yukina, to everyone? I can't do that. I can't go back to my friends and tell them that everyone we love is dead." Looking down at the clock she took another step forward, and held the clock over the edge and let it fall, watching as it fell bouncing off the wall of the dam and into the river below. "Maybe its time to start over."She said as she wrapped her arms around Hiei's neck and kissed him with all the passion and hope she had left in her.