Chapter 30

Sarah woke up with a massive headache pounding and moved to rub her head with her hand but found that it was being gripped by something. Slowly she opened her eyes and took in her surroundings to find that she was in the library of the bunker. Turning to look at what was gripping her right hand so tight, she found that Dean was holding her hand with his head resting on the table next to her. He was fast asleep.

"Dean…" Sarah exhaled, sitting up slowly and using her free hand to stroke his hair. His hand gripped hers harder. "Dean, wake up."

"Huh?" he mumbled, sitting up and looking around. His eyes landed on Sarah and he shot forward, pulling her into a tight hug. "You're awake." He whispered then pulled back and cupped her face, searching her eyes for something before pulling her into a desperate kiss. When he pulled back, he asked, "Are you okay?"

Sarah took a moment to settle her breathing before answering, "Well, my head was hurting but now…" she trailed off as she tried to slide closer to him when pain shot up through her left leg causing her to hiss in pain.

"Easy. Easy. You got beat up pretty bad." Dean stated as he helped her to sit more comfortably. He pulled the bandage back a little to see that her gunshot wound was looking better. "Good news is, it looks like you still have some of your angel mojo working."

"What happened? How did you find me?" She asked as some of the past day's events started filling her mind. "Where's Cas? Is he alright?"

"Yeah, he's in one of the spare rooms. He somehow managed to get you both as close to us as he could, which just happened to be the middle of Route 36."

Sarah rolled her eyes, "Why is it always the middle of the street with him?" She paused then asked, "Did he tell you what happened?"

"He gave us the cliff notes. That Naomi used you to find him and that Crowley stepped in." Dean replied before giving her an odd look.

"What?" Sarah asked, in response to his look.

"There is one thing that Cas didn't know."

"Which is…"

"How Naomi found you in the first place?" Dean asked.

Sarah shifted uncomfortably, moving to get off the table, ignoring the pain that radiated from her wound. "She… uh… she must have found me when I was running my errands." She said wincing when she put weight on her leg.

"How?" Dean asked, seeing her evasive behavior.

"I don't know, some type of angel gps? How did you and Sam end up on Route 36?" Sarah asked, limping over to the sink and rinsing her face off.

Dean watched her for a moment then said, "Well, if you'd been here, you'd have known that we got a lead on Metatron."

"Metatron? Really?" Sarah asked as she took a seat at the table.

"We found him and he helped us find Kevin." Dean explained to a now stunned Sarah. "Oh and we know what the third trial is."

"What?!" Sarah exclaimed. "What is it?"

"To cure a demon." Sam said tiredly as he walked into the room. Sarah turned to look at him in shock.

"And how does one cure a demon? Have either of you ever heard of that before?"

"No, but we're hoping that the men of letters have something." Dean said from behind her before striding out of the room.

Sarah stared at the doorway Dean just disappeared through and sighed, then turned her attention back to Sam. "How are you feeling, Sambo?"

"Shouldn't I be asking you that?" Sam asked, looking at her tiredly.

"I'll survive." Sarah replied. "I always do." She slowly stood up, "I guess it's research time. Want some coffee?"

"I'll go fix the coffee. You shouldn't be on that leg." Sam said, ushering her to sit back down.

He returned a few minutes later and placed a steaming mug of coffee in front of her. It looked like mud.

"What is this?" she asked skeptically.

"Your coffee." He stated sitting down next to her at the table.

"It looks like sludge." She commented while examining the contents of her mug. "Did you put fresh grounds in?"

Sam shifted uncomfortably. "We're kinda out of grounds. So I used what was… in there…"

"Great." Sarah said sarcastically. "And how many days has it been sitting in there?"

"I don't know." Sam said sheepishly before Dean walked in and placed a stack of files in front of him. "Please tell me that's everything."

"Yeah." Dean chuckled slightly. "Not even close. You see, the Men of Letters kept files on every demon possession for the last 300 years. I mean, we've got Borden, Lizzy, all the way to Crane, Ichabod."

"Aah." Sam replied as Sarah sighed heavily.

"How you feeling?" Dean asked Sam.

"Honestly, um… My, uh, my whole body hurts. I feel nauseous and like I'm starving at the same time, and everything smells like rotting meat." Sam replied.

"I've had that hangover. Jaeger, man. Maybe you should, uh, take a break, get some air." Dean suggested.

"No all, you need is a cup of some good old fashioned sludge. Oh look, I have some here." Sarah joked, sliding her 'coffee' over to him. "Better drink up." Sam glared at her.

"All right. Well, I'll go get you some grub, keep your strength up." Dean said, brushing past Cas as he walked away.

"Morning." Cas said only to be ignored by Dean. "I like this bunker. It's orderly."

"Oh, give us a few months. Dean wants to get a ping-pong table." Sam stated as he and Sarah started looking through the files.

"I've heard of that. It's a game, right?" Cas asked then groaned.

"Are you okay?" Sam asked.

"My wound isn't healing as quickly as I'd hoped... But I am getting better. And Sarah, you seem to be healing as well. But as we are getting better, Sam, you're getting worse."

"Well, two trials down, one to go." Sam replied.

"And the final test, do you - you know what it is?" Cas asked.

"I have to cure a Demon."

"Of what?" Cas asked.

"That's what we're trying to figure out." Sarah answered for Sam.

"Soup's on." Dean said walking back into the room and placing a plate in front of Sam. "There we go." Dean took a sip from a bottle of beer before setting it down too. "I think this is, uh... Oh, it's still good."

"A half-drunk beer, jerky, and three peanut-butter cups?" Sam asked looking at what Dean had brought him.

"Yeah, we're - we're running a little low. I'll make a run." Dean stated.

"Get some coffee!" Sarah chimed in, barely looking up from the file she was looking through.

"Dean, can I go with you?" Cas asked. Dean put on his coat and continued to ignore Cas. "Dean. I'm sorry."

"For what?" Dean retorted, showing his temper.

"For everything."

"Everything? Like, uh... Like ignoring us?" Dean asked.


"How about leaving Sarah vulnerable to be used as a Cas gps?"

"Yes." Cas sighed.

"Or like bolting off with the Angel Tablet, then losing it 'cause you didn't trust me? You didn't trust me."


"Yeah. Nah, that's not gonna cut it. Not this time. So you can take your little apology and you cram it up your ass." Dean growled.

"Dean, I thought I was doing the right thing." Cas retorted.

"Yeah, you always do." Dean sighed heavily, shaking his head.

Sam cleared his throat then asked, "Hey, uh, do we have a room 7B?"

Dean and Cas turned to look at Sam when Sarah suddenly said, "Yes. Yes, it's down the east corridor, I think." When all eyes turned to her she added, "Shall we go see what's in there?"

She started to stand up but Dean stopped her, "No, wait here. Sam and I will go, you stay off your leg."

Sarah sighed and watched them leave the room. She looked up at Cas as he just stood in the same place he had before, staring at the floor.

"It'll be okay, Cas. Dean will forgive you. He just needs time." Sarah said, trying to be reassuring. She got up and limped over to the angel. "Thank you, by the way. For saving me. They wouldn't of found you if it hadn't been for me."

Cas looked at her curiously. "How did they find you?"

Sighing again, Sarah looked away from him, wrapping her arms around herself. "I was stupid. That's how."

"Stupid how?"

"Stupid enough to walk into a trap. And not just any trap." Sarah huffed, tears filling her eyes. "The same damn trap that the leviathans pulled on me." She looked up at him then, "I got a call from you. You told me to meet you at that café without the boys. That you needed my help. I should have known something was wrong when you told me I couldn't tell Dean where I was going. I should have told him anyways." Sarah finished in a whisper, mostly to herself.

"Sarah, you couldn't have known what would happen." Cas replied, placing a hand on her shoulder.

"But I should have." Sarah retorted with a sad expression before limping back to her chair and sat down.

Cas took a seat next to her at the table. He then lifted her injured leg to his lap and placed his hand on the injured area. Before long, a faint glow shone from his hand.

"There." He said, his voice tired. "I've healed what I could. My powers aren't up to full capacity yet." He sat for a moment with a troubled look on his face, his hand still resting on her leg.

Hearing the boys walking back to the room, Sarah quickly wiped her face and pulled her leg off of Cas' lap. "Find anything useful?" she asked as they walked in with box.

"Do we have a projector here?" Dean asked.

"Yeah. It's in the room next to my room. I'm not sure if it still works though." Sarah replied.

After Dean pulled out and set up the projector, they all sat around the table to watch the filmstrip they'd found.

The projector clicked as the black and white movie started to play on a nearby wall.

"Simon, we're filming." A female voice said off camera.

"Um, hello, world." Simon, a young priest, said nervously to the camera.

"So this new ritual we're going to see, This new type of exorcism,h-how does it work?"

"I don't know. It's my first time." Simon answered. The camera spanned as Simon walked away and was pointed at a mirror. The girl filming in the video waved at herself before following Simon.

"Wait, is that Abaddon?" Sam asked, when the girl was revealed.

"It's not killy enough." Dean replied.

"This must be the girl she possessed." Sarah answered.

They turn their attention back to the screen and can see a woman chained to the ground, screaming and grunting in pain.

"Hurry. We must do it now." An older priest said hurriedly to Simon.

"Dead! They're all dead! Everyone you ever loved..." The woman growled.

"Hey, those chains look exactly like the ones in our dungeon." Sam interjected. Sarah and Castiel turned quickly to look at Sam, in surprise.

"In your what?" Cas asked before Sarah could say anything.

"Demon on a leash - cool." Dean said, ignoring Cas.

"We really have a dungeon?" Sarah asked. Dean gave her a smirk and nodded his head. She was cut off then by the sounds of the woman on the screen screaming louder.

"Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus... hanc animam redintegra..." the two priests chanted together. "Lustra!"

The screen suddenly goes white and the body of the woman fell to the floor dead with a hole in her chest where her heart used to be.

"She's dead." The girl filming stated. "Where's the demon?"

"Stop filming." The older priest instructed.

"What happened?"

"Will you just stop?!" the older priest growled.

The projector clicked a few more times then stopped, having run out of film.

"Well, that was weird... With three exclamation points." Dean replied, still staring at place on the wall that the film had been.

"That wasn't a normal exorcism. They changed the words." Sam stated.

"I believe "lustra" is Latin for wash or cleanse." Cas interjected.

"Oh, yeah, 'cause that was the most freaky thing was the vocabulary. What about the bloody high five or the chest burster? Anything else on the film, like director's commentary, sequel, maybe?" Dean asked.

"Yeah, listen to this. The older priest, Max Thompson, bit the dust in '58, but the younger one is still alive and still in St. Louis." Sam said, scanning the file in front of him.

"Think this kind of weird is worth the drive?" Dean asked.

"Dean, everything in those folders - the possessions, the deals, all of it - we've seen that before, but that - That was all new. Yeah, it's worth the drive." Sam replied.

"You're damn right this is worth the drive." Sarah interjected.

"All right. Let's roll." Dean said. Castiel caught Dean's attention by standing up. "Not you." Dean said to Cas.

"Sam is more damaged than I am." Cas complained.

"Yeah, well, you know, even banged up, Sammy comes through." Dean snapped.

"Dean." Sarah warned standing up.

"Dean, I just want to help."

"We don't need your help. Just stay here and - and get better." Dean muttered. He walked a few steps over to his jacket and said, "Let's go.", before looking back at Sam and Sarah.

Sarah looked back at him surprised but followed him outside. Once outside, she asked, "You sure you want me to go, Dean?"

"Of course. Now get in the car." He grumbled.

"Come on, Dean. What is it? Why do you want me to go? Not that I don't want to but, I haven't showered in three days, I'm covered in dried blood and I'm not really healed enough to be much help. So why am I going?" She asked. Dean sighed heavily. "I see." She said, reading the answer all over his face. "You don't want me to stay with Cas."

"You got that right. After all he's done, I can't trust him to keep you safe. So get in the car." Dean huffed.

"No." She replied calmly. "I get that you don't trust him. I can see why that's hard for you. But that doesn't mean that I don't trust him." Dean's eyes flashed with anger, but Sarah cupped his face with her hand. "He saved me. Again. He could have gotten away. He could have left me with Crowley or the angels, but he didn't. He didn't have to use the last of his power to save me. But he did. You don't trust him, fine. Trust me."

Dean gave her a hesitant look but finally nodded. "Fine."

"Good." Sarah whispered, before placing a soft kiss on his lips. "I'll see you when you get back." After another kiss, she pulled away to walk back inside but Dean grabbed ahold of her arm. She looked back at him confused.

"Watch your back." He grumbled, then released her and climbed into the impala.

Sarah watched the impala disappear from view before walking back inside. She found that Cas was hunched over in a chair.

"Remember what I said, Cas. He'll forgive you, he just needs time." Sarah said placing a reassuring hand on his shoulder. "I'm going to get cleaned up. Why don't you help me out by getting some supplies. I'm sure everyone would appreciate it."

"Sarah… Wake up, Sarah…" Sam said, as he shook her shoulder.

"What? What's going on?" Sarah asked, sitting up quickly.

"Do you know where Cas is?" he asked.

"I sent him on a food run." She stated, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

"How long ago?"

Sarah got up from her bed while saying, "I sent him after you left…" Confusion crossed her face, "How long were you gone?"

"A few hours. When did he go to get food?"

"…a few hours ago."

"Dammit." Sam swore under his breath as he tore from the room. Sarah followed close behind as they walked into the library. "Cas is gone. Sarah said that she sent him to the store a few hours ago. You think he blew town?"

"Sounds like him." Dean mumbled.

"I bet he's just lost in some produce isle." Sarah stated trying to defend Cas but Dean threw her a doubtful look. Sarah rolled her eyes at him then decided to change the subject. "So did you two find out anything?"

"Well it turns out that, uh, Father Thompson recorded all of his demon-cure tests. This one here, this was the last one - two days before he died." Dean replied while setting up an old fashioned tape recorder.

They listened as Father Thompson went through the process to they had seen in the film with a demon named Peter Kent. The recording seemed like it was going nowhere but took an interesting turn…

"Hour 8, the subject is prepped." Father Thompson reported.

"Aah! Aah!" the demon cried out, his breath sounding labored.

"Exorcizamus te,omnis immundus spiritus. Hanc animam redintegra, lustra! Lustra!" Father Thompson recited. There was one final cry from the demon then silence. "When you ate his children, how did it feel?"

"They were screaming...and I laughed. Why did I laugh? I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. God, I was a monster." The demon whispered mournfully.

"But now you are a man again. And you have been saved."

"Did he just..." Sarah asked as the recording stopped.

"Cure a demon?" Sam finished for her.

"Maybe." Dean replied. "Could we take this hoodoo on a test drive?"

"Um, I mean, I have the exorcism right here. All we need is the blood, consecrated ground, and a demon. So, what? We summon a demon, trap it." Sam replied.

"Or - or we use one that we've already tagged." Dean said, with an odd glint in his eyes. "Do we still have dad's old army field surgeon's kit?"

"It's in the trunk." Sam answered.

"Why?" Sarah asked warily, exchanging a worried look with Sam.

"Yeah, I think it's time we put humpty dumpty back together again." Dean replied evasively.

"So you really think this will work?" Sam asked as they unpacked their supplies next to a pile of heavy duty metal boxes.

"Dude, we got needles. We got thread. We've seen 'Young Frankenstein' about a thousand times. Yeah, we're golden." Dean assured them.

"Ugh." Sarah sighed.

"This is gonna be disgusting." Sam added.

"Uh-huh." Dean replied a little too cheerfully.

Sarah pulled out a pair of scissors and pointed them at Dean. "This better work, Winchester."

"It will, I promise." Dean said arrogantly.

"And if it doesn't?" She retorted.

"If it doesn't, I don't know… I'll owe you one."

Sarah thought for a minute before placing the scissors on the table and holding her hand out to him, "Fine, but it'll be something of my choosing and you have to do it."

Dean looked at her outstretched hand and said, "Okay, but, if it does work… Sam will owe me a beer and you, Sarah, will owe me something later. No questions asked and no getting out of it."

"Deal." She stated, shaking his hand. "Okay, let's get to this."

They worked for a couple of hours sewing Abaddon's body back together. Reattaching the limbs that they had chopped off only a couple of months before. Finally Sarah and Sam worked on reattaching her head as Dean held it still.

Sam cut the extra thread away after tying a knot then all three backed away as Abaddon opened her eyes.

"Morning, sunshines." She crooned.

"It worked. You owe me a beer." Dean said smacking Sam's arm and giving Sarah a wink.

"And I owe you so, so much. I can't wait to tear out those pretty green eyes." Abaddon replied.

"Good luck with that." Sam taunted.

"We figured kitty didn't need her claws." Dean stated.

"Then I'll stump you to death. It'll be swell."

"Yeah, that's not gonna happen, either. The bullet - remember?" Sam asked.

"So you sit there like a good little bitch. We're gonna consecrate the ground, and you're gonna get to fessing up." Dean stated.

"Oh, I know this tune."

"I doubt that." Sam replied.

"Father Max Thompson, born October 12, 1910. Died August 5, 1958. Who do you think ripped him apart? Word got back to home office that Maxie was messing with things, so we made an example. It wasn't my most artful kill, but it was effective. And bonus - before he died, he told me all about Josie Sands. I found her, and I rode her into the Men of Letters." Abaddon explained with a laugh. "And what I did to them, that was art."

"So you know what Max was doing?" Sam asked.

"Fella screamed the basics... but it'll never work."

"You keep telling yourself that." Dean replied as Sam pulled his ringing cell phone out of his pocket and showed the caller id of '666'.

"Hello, boy." A familiar voice crooned.

"Crowley." Sam muttered.

"Crowley? The salesman?" Abaddon asked confused.

"Try the King of Hell." Dean replied as they turned to walk outside.

"This is a joke, right?"

"Stay." Dean commanded before walking outside.

"Hold on." Sam said into his phone before turning the speaker on. "How'd you get this number?"

"Ah, first things first - what are you wearing?"

"Oh, okay, hanging up now. Hang up." Dean huffed.

"Fine. This isn't a social call. I was wondering. You three been reading the papers, say, Denver Times from yesterday? No? Well, you should. It's side-splitting." Crowley paused before adding, "What the hell - I'm sexting you an address. Check it out. Then we'll talk. Cheerio."

"Wait, what? Crowley?" Sam growled into the phone only to hear that Crowley had hung up on him.

Dean pulled out his cell phone and searched for what Crowley had mentioned. "Here it is. Vic's name is Tommy Collins. Tommy. Why do I know that name?"

"Well, Tommy Collins, we saved him from a Wendigo like forever ago." Sam said quickly.

"That was right after we got you from Stanford." Sarah added.

"Okay, and, what, you think that Crowley blew his head off? Well, what are we dealing with here? Some sort of Demon-Wendigo team-up?" Dean asked.

"Uh, no clue." Sam replied as Sarah shrugged.

"All right, well, we'll pour one out for Tommy later. As far as Crowley goes, screw him. We got everything we need to put him in a permanent time-out." Dean said walking back into the warehouse only to find that Abaddon was missing. "No. No! No! No! No! She's gone. She's - son of a bitch!"

"What the hell?" Sarah growled, moving quickly to search the room.

After a moment Sam called out and showed them a bloody bullet that was on the ground.

"Is that…?" Sarah asked. Sam gave her a look, confirming that it was the bullet that was lodged in Abaddon.

Just then, Sam's phone chimed. "It's a text message from Crowley - an address in Prosperity, Indiana."

"Prosperity? Didn't we work a case there?" Dean asked.

"Yeah. It was the one with the witches with marital problems." Sarah replied.

"Yeah, yeah, the witches and the baked goods. So what? He's going after somebody there now?" Dean asked.

"I don't know. We got to check it out." Sam said hurriedly.

"Well, you know it's a trap." Dean said.

"Of course it's a trap. But a trap means demons, and we could use one right now." Sam replied.

They traveled to Prosperity, Indiana only to find that they were too late. The woman they'd saved a few years before was burned to a crisp inside her oven. They had only been there a moment a few moments before Crowley called again.

"What the hell are you doing, Crowley?" Sam growled.

"Oh, Moosie, isn't it obvious? I'm killing everyone you've ever saved - the damsels in distress, the innocent whippersnappers, the would-be vampire chow - all of them."

"How do you even know…?" Dean asked.

"I have my sources and a cracking research team." Crowley chuckled. "When you boys hit a town, you tend to leave a mess. Now, you're probably wondering why my droogs aren't in there giving you the bum's rush, so let's brass these tacks, shall we? I'm gonna gut one person every 12 hours until you bring me the Demon Tablet and stop this whole trials nonsense."

"We don't have the tablet. Kevin took it and…" Sam started to say but Crowley cut him off.

"I took Kevin. Then someone took him back. Word from the cloud is that it wasn't Heaven. So either the cutest little Prophet in the world is with you two lads, or you better find him tout-bloody-suite because time, she is a-wasting. About now, you're thinking of ways to stop me. You won't be able to, but you'll try because that's what you do. You - you try. So, time for an object lesson. Indianapolis, the Ivy Motel, room 116. You have 57 minutes." Crowley teased before hanging up.

Sam, Dean and Sarah all shared a look before bolting from the room and rushing to the car. They reached the Ivy Motel with 20 minutes to spare. After jumping out of the impala, Sarah sent Sam up to the room to see who Crowley was threatening while Sarah helped Dean gather their supplies.

Sarah and Dean worked their way up to the room and knocked on the door. Sam opened it and let them into the room.

"Sarah, long time." Dean said as he walked into the room and saw a tall brunette. "What you doing in Indy?" He asked as he placed the bags he was carrying on the floor.

"I...was scouting an estate sale for my dad." Sarah Blake replied noticing Sarah behind Dean.

"Sam, is this the Sarah, you told me about?" Sarah whispered to Sam.

Sam blushed a little with an awkward look on his face, "Oh, um… Sarah Blake, this is Sarah Reynolds, she's Dean's…" he trailed off seeing the uncomfortable looks on both Sarah's and Dean's faces. "She's family."

"Nice to meet you." Sarah Blake said holding her hand out to Sarah.

"You too." Sarah said shaking her hand before helping Dean unload their supplies.

"Look, we're gonna put Devil's Traps everywhere - the windows, the door. We've got holy water, an exorcism ready to play on a loop, and anything that comes through that door - it's meat. Look, I know this is insane, but insane is kind of what we do. We'll keep you safe."

"Okay." Sarah Blake sighed.

"Okay? That's it?" Dean asked skeptically.

"You've done it before." She stated.

"I can see why you liked her, Sambo." Sarah whispered impressed.

Sarah and Dean quickly worked to cover the room in Devil's traps and other warding sigils while Sam worked to calm Sarah Blake's nerves.

At exactly midnight, the hotel room's phone began to ring.

"Crowley." Dean growled after turning the speaker phone on.

"Five... Four... Trios... Zwei..." Crowley counted, unfazed by Dean's harsh tone. All four of them look around wildly, raising their guns, ready for an attack.

Suddenly Sarah Blake started to gag, instantly dropping to the floor.

"Sarah! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Can you hear me? Sarah!" Sam yelled frantically as he rushed to her side.

"She's dying, and there's nothing you can do about it." Crowley taunted.

"You son of a bitch!" Dean yelled.

"Son of a witch, actually. My mommy taught me a few tricks."

"It's a spell. Find the hex bag." Sam instructed quickly moving to the desk to start looking. Sarah and Dean snapped into action with him and tore the room apart as Crowley continued his monologue.

"I thought of sending in a few of my bruisers, really letting them go to town. But then, well, trial one was kill a Hellhound. Trial two was rescue a soul from the pit. So, from here on, I'm gonna keep everything hell-related - demons, et cetera - away from you. Safe side and all that - plus, I just thought it seemed fitting. From what I understand, Sammy took that bird's breath away. What's the line? 'Saving people, hunting things - the family business.' Well, I think the people you save, they're how you justify your pathetic little lives. The alcoholism, the collateral damage, the pain you've caused - the one thing that allows you to sleep at night, the one thing is knowing that these folks are out there, still out there happy and healthy because of you, you great, big, bloody heroes!"

"Hey! Hey! Hey! You're gonna be okay." Sam tried to reassure Sarah.

"Sarah? They're your life's work, and I'm going to rip it apart piece by piece because I can, because you can't stop me, and because when they're all gone, what will you have left?"

"No. No, no, no. No. No, please, no." Sam whispered as Sarah laid lifeless in his arms.

"You want to keep those people alive. I want complete and utter surrender. The tablet, the trials - you'll give them up, or we'll keep doing this dance. Your choice, my darlings." Crowley said before hanging up the phone.

Sarah fell to the floor next to Sarah Blake and began doing compression onto her chest. Dean threw the phone across the room in a fit of anger, shattering it to pieces. He walked over and picked up the hex bag that had been hidden in the phone.

"Sarah, stop." Dean said firmly, moving to pull Sarah away from the body. "She's gone. She's gone."

Tears filled Sarah's eyes as she continued to push on Sarah Blake's chest. "No. No there's still time. There's still time." She ranted.

"Sarah…" Dean tried again but was interrupted by Sam.

"Sarah! Look at your hands!" Sam yelled surprised, as he stared at her.

Pulling her hands up she was amazed that they were glowing softly. She stared at them in confusion before something clicked in her mind. "Destroy the hexbag!" she yelled over her shoulder to Dean.

He stared at her wide-eyed as he took out his lighter and set the hexbag on fire. Within seconds the hexbag was destroyed and Sarah had placed her hands back on Sarah Blake's body. She closed her eyes and focused all of her energy on restarting the beat of the other woman's heart. After a few moments, Sarah fell back against Dean, completely devoid of energy or the power to keep herself upright.

"Did it work?" Sarah whispered into Dean's shoulder before blacking out.