I know I said that this story would be at least 15 chapters, but it turned out slightly differently than I planned. Thank you to everyone who has read this, favourited it and followed it. Thank you.

It's been 100 years since Alec and Bella married. They fall in love more and more each day. The Cullens visit regularly, and Edward has found his true mate, a vampire named Evangeline, who was a nomad for a while before joining the Denali's. She's very nice, and everyone loves her. Bella visited Charlie and Renee on their death beds and told them everything. The whole lot. They thanked her and hoped her happiness. Bella became close friends with Desire, and found out the truth about the mysterious girl and her husband. Jane married Demetri, and Felix began dating Heidi. Gianna was killed, but not by the Volturi. She crashed her car whilst driving to the village. And Forks? Let's just say it's got a few guard dogs keeping it free of wandering vampires.