Edward drank several bags of blood to regain his stable conditions. He slowly sucked one more down as he packed a box of glasses from the kitchen.

Roy walked in with a box from their room labeled 'Clothes'.

"Thank you." Edward said as they packed.

"For what?"

"Saving me, letting me not kill Bella, and moving like I wanted."

Roy hugged Edward. "I love you. I'm sorry. I should've listened to you." Roy kissed Edward.

Edward smiled, then sighed. "I don't enjoy the moving concept though."

Roy chuckled. "Yeah. I figured that you wouldn't." He kissed his mate's cheek and opened the fridge, tossing Edward a new blood bag. "One more, you still have bags under your eyes."

Edward caught the bag and smiled. "Yes dear." He opened the pack and drank.

A knock sounded at the door.

Roy answered it to find Edward C. and Bella. "We are leaving your territory." Roy promised quickly.

"That is not what I'm here for." Edward C. assured Roy.

Edward walked over and Roy wrapped an arm around his shoulders. "I'm sorry for my actions. I didn't do it for myself. I did it for him."

"I know. Victoria was out problem, I am sorry we left unfinished business interfere with your life."

Roy nodded. "Thank you. I am guessing that this is a goodbye."

Edward C. shook hands with Roy. "Maybe we will see you around sometime."

Roy nodded. "Possibly."

The four said their goodbyes before Bella and Edward C. left.

Edward picked up the final box and set it in Roy's mustang. Edward looked at the address Roy had wrote down. "I guess I will see ya there." He said, strapping on his helmet and making sure that the small Uhaul was firmly connected to his bike. He mounted his bike.

"Race you." Roy smiled softly, looking at his beautiful mate.

"When are you going to learn that I always win?" Edward said, taking off down the road, leading the other to their new home.

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