Chapter 2

Edward accepted a ride with the Cullens back to their home.

Bella sat beside Ed and looked at the teen. He looked like he had an interesting story about his life.

"What's your name?"

Bella woke up from her daze. "What?"

"What is your name?" Ed repeated.

"Bella Swann."

"Hello Bella. We never formally introduced. I'm Edward Elric Mustang."

"Hi." Was the only thing that slipped past her lips, she face palmed, she probably sounded so dumb.

Edward chuckled.

They arrived at the Cullens' house. Carlisle and Esmee met the group at the door.

Edward shook hands with them as he introduced himself and they repeated the sentiment.

A blue mustang pulled into the driveway and parked.

Bella watched as a beautiful man stepped out.

He had short black hair, a tanned complexion, and dressed like he had just come from a meeting, but took off the unnecessary articles of clothing. He wore a blue dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up and an unbuttoned collar, his tie was loose, and he wore black slacks. He removed black sunglasses to reveal black eyes.

Edward C. shielded Bella.

Roy chuckled. "It's okay. My eyes don't change colors like yours, they are always black." Roy shook hands with everyone and wrapped an arm around Ed.

Carlisle led them in and showed them around.

"You have a lovely home." Roy complimented.

"Thank you." Esmee smiled.

The Cullens talked for a while before inquiring on what the two do.

"So, What is your profession Mr. Mustang?" Carlisle asked.

"I'm a private investigator."

"Do you really work for my dad?" Bella asked.

Roy smiled and nodded. "Yes I do Ms. Swann."

"How long have you two been together?" Rosalie asked.

"We have been married around 63 years." Roy shrugged. "But we've roughly been together for around 100 years." Roy kissed Edward's cheek.

Edward C. looked at the time. "I need to get Bella home."

Roy got up with Edward. "We should go too. Sorry for keeping you so late."

"Not a problem. Hope to see you two around."

Roy and Edward shook hands with everyone and smiled. Roy got to Edward C. and smirked. "Take care of your human. You never know when you will lose them." Roy held Edward close and smiled.

Edward C. drove Bella home and snuck her into her bedroom.

"They were nice." Bella said as she got ready for bed.

"They were."

Bella looked at Edward. "Is something wrong?"

"Bella, I can't read either of their thoughts."