Chapter 6

A few months later…

Edward and Roy were well adjusted to their new home for their temporary stay in Forks, Washington.

Edward was speeding down the main highway on his motorcycle, heading home from school when it all happened.

He never saw it, he didn't even realize what was happening until he was on the ground.

A woman with flaming red hair attacked him. She was faster than a normal vampire. She ripped Edward's automail arm out of the socket, making him cry out in pain.

"I'm sorry about this." She said and picked Edward up running off with him. She ran so Roy would lose her scent before taking Edward to an abandoned boat shed. She chained Edward up to a steel beam with plenty of chains, he wasn't going to be going anywhere soon on her watch.

She took Edward's phone from his pocket. "I need to make a phone call." She smirked and speed-dialed Roy.


Roy was typing on his computer in his office when his cell started to vibrate. He looked at the caller id and smiled. He saved his work and picked up the phone. "Hello beautiful."

"Why, thank you."

"Who is this?" Roy demanded, immediately concerned.

"My name is Victoria and I have your mate right here. Want to say hi?"

Without Roy saying anything, Victoria put Edward on the phone.


"Edward, are you okay?"

"I'm fine, listen, we are at…"

Victoria punched Edward, silencing him and took the phone back.

"I'll make a deal with you Roy. Kill or capture Bella Swann and bring her to me, and I will let your precious mate go. If not, Edward's arm won't be the only thing I disassemble." She warned, and hung up the phone.

Roy looked at his phone background.

Edward was smiling and hand his arms wrapped around Roy's neck, looking over Roy's shoulder to the camera, grinning as Roy smiled in the picture.

Thoughts and memories stirred in his mind. He had fought in plenty of wars. He deserved his happiness after helping so many to claim theirs. He was going to get his mate back, he didn't care who he had to kill to get him back.