Scuttling Things


They gnash they bite

They twist they turn

The fear the sun

Whose harsh rays burn


They live in the house

And under the ground

Their scuttling feet

Make terrible sounds


They seek out the children

So sweet and so pure

And into their nests and caves they do lure


And one fine day

Two children arrived

One brave

The other who shook

One craved thrills and adventure

The other sought solace in book


They called to the boy, who was special indeed

And asked him to go to a well

And told him it would be foolish indeed

If he were to tell


At first he said no, he would not go, he ignored them as they had feared

but they coaxed and the pleaded, told him he was needed

and praised him until he cried tears


And while this was happening

His friend she went searching

For things to be trapping

And on an old tree a black cat was perching


The cat dropped a ring and quickly departed

And the girl ran to her friend

Whose journey had started


And that one special boy who sat on a log

That rested above a well

His pant's they did tug on his shoes they did cling to

Until he eventually fell


But this one special boy had a very bright friend

Who braved these creatures of night

She fought off the spider who sat down beside her

She fights through the fear and the fright


She goes down the steps

Down the dark basement stairs

Armed with naught but wit

And a few lucky prayers


Oh no but wait

She had one other thing

A small and glittering

Sliver-black ring


She enters the caves

In which the dark dwells

And with her strange ring

she breaks through the veil


She catches the creatures

Who are changing her friend

And though they bite and snatch

She wins in the end


She grabs her old friend

Changed back through the ring

Together again

Their hearts they do sing


They climb through the dark

Not guided by sight

But rather in fact

By a mysterious light


They exit the tunnels, the house is now black

They leave finally, and never look back


So remember dear children and take heed

Open your ears and hark

A time may come when you should leave

When you see creatures in the dark


Well, that's done, hope you liked it. I suppose you could consider this a trailer for a later fic, but it would be a much later fic, if I do it at all. Also, sorry about all the C's, my computer is being really stupid and refuses to add spaces unless there's some kind of letter there, it also won't increase font size, weird.