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Third-Person POV

The trio ate in silence. Even Italy, who seems to talk non-stop during meal-times, didn't make a single peep. The only noise was the clinking of metal against glass. It was a very awkward situation.

"Thank you for the food. Excuse me," Japan said nonchalantly again, his voice sounded much like a machine-automatic and bland, with no emotion. Italy looked over to his Japan's plate, which was still full of pasta. Italy looked back up to Japan, who was on his way to the guest room.

"Ve~. Japan, you didn't even eat your pasta. Do you feel sick?" Italy asked worriedly. He kept looking back and forth between Japan's plate of pasta, and Japan.

Japan turned back around, his eyes and face still the same expressionless mask of a robot. "Yes, Italy. I am alright." And with that, he turned back around and left. Germany and Italy looked at each other, exchanged worried glances, and went back to eating their dinner.

Third-Person POV

The next few days were shared with more silence, despite the many failed attempts of Italy trying to make conversation which always ended with Japan either avoiding the topics or ignoring the bubbly Italian. By the next week, Germany had had enough of Japan's coldness towards himself and Italy and decides to confront him.

"Hey! Japan!" Germany grabbed Japan by the wrist. "What has gotten into you? You have been giving us the cold shoulder lately and-"

There was a sound of a blade leaving its sheathe.

"G-Germany! Look out!" Italy was about to help when suddenly, an unknown and invisible force pushed him back. "H-hey! What do you think you're doing! Germany's in danger!"

The force just laughed and then started to materialize in front of Italy. "Do you really think you can help Germany? You're just a weak little nation who can do nothing but sit on his butt and wave his little white flag around like an idiot." The figure was fully materialized by then and Italy could clearly see that the person standing before him was, by no doubt, Japan! Only with red eyes and a black uniform with golden chains. He also had a sword hanging on the hip on his left side. The white Japan then stepped away from Germany and walked over to the black Japan.

"Hello my little Kiku. You are looking as delicious as ever," black Japan stated, caressing white Japan's face. That was when Italy saw that white Japan's eyes were lifeless and half-lidded.

'It's like he's being controlled or possessed!' Italy thought with realization. He saw Germany from the corner of his eye and saw him slowly get up and stealthily sneak up behind the two Japans and tried to pressure point, but the black Japan easily moved away, dragging white Japan with him. He smirked triumphantly as he started to disappear once more.

"Well, I guess playtime is over. For now." And black Japan was gone. White Japan started to collapse after black Japan left, but Germany caught him before he reached the ground.

"Do you think he will be alright?" Italy asked him.

"I don't know, Italy. I don't know," Germany said as the two went back inside Germany's house, with Germany carrying Japan bridal-style. However, little did they know, a certain blonde has been watching the whole scene unfold from the day it first started.

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