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The Kingdom of Molmol, approx. 18 Months Ago…

"General Nu, how good it is for you to join us on this auspicious day," a Molmolese Scientist, Dr. Shayla Bu, cheerfully greeted the highest ranked officer of Molmol's great Air Force, General Villetta Nu. The short, dark skinned and blonde Molmolese bowed respectfully to her tall, light blue-haired counterpart as she walked up to the tables set up at the edge of the Air Force's largest firing range, which occupied one of the Molmol Archipelago's many small islands.

"Auspicious you call it? Doctor, I've been called away from important business regarding the construction of the Amallan Kaollan for what?" the no-nonsense woman asked. "What is so important that it supersedes the most advanced warship ever built?"

"A weapon that will put an end to our greatest enemy in no time, General." Dr. Bu gestured out to the middle of the firing range. "It is completed."

Her amber eyes narrowing, the General followed where the Doctor gestured. "What is it? I don't see anything."

The Doctor smirked. "Exactly."

Before their eyes a massive shape materialized. A towering humanoid mecha painted black and gold suddenly stood where there had been nothing. Twenty meters tall, the mecha turned and stared towards the scientists proudly showing off the device.

"I present to you, the Kaollan Gear Zero! The most revolutionary weapons system ever devised!" Dr. Bu declared.

General Nu was not impressed. "Is that all? A giant target?"

"Target nothing, this is the absolute Zenith of current Molmolese technology. A humanoid fighting robot with combat capabilities that far outstrip even the most advanced weapons systems currently fielded. With this, we will defeat the Great Enemy in no time."

General Nu was even less impressed. "Our 'Great Enemy' is a country that hasn't had a legal standing military in sixty years and suckles the American teat for anything resembling peace of mind. Who designed this thing? Who asked for this thing?"

"Well, it was asked for by His Majesty, King Lambda-"

"Of course," General Nu groaned.

"And it was designed by Her Highness, Princess Kaolla Su."

General Nu stopped. "What!?"

She was promptly kicked in the back and knocked on her face by the aforementioned Princess. "Heya NuNu!"

Twitching a bit in pain, General Nu slowly lifted herself up and looked back at Su, the young woman bouncing on her heels, dressed in her festive royal attire that was worn over with a white labcoat. "Your Highness… this was your creation?"

"Sure was! Bro wanted a big and powerful weapon that would scare the Great Enemy, so I built Kaollan Gear Zero! He's pretty cool, right? He has an onboard AI and everything. He even knows how to breakdance!" Su pointed over to the robot, which immediately began to dance where it stood.

General Nu shook her head. "Your Highness. While I reluctantly accept His Majesty's policy in regard to… the Great Enemy, I must protest this. It's one thing to have a technological superiority over the enemy in order to ensure political leverage, but it is another thing entirely to build such ridiculous things."

Su blinked several times at the General, puzzled. "But the Great Enemy is powerful, giant robots are a weapon they clearly fear more than anything else."

"Cartoons and costume dramas are not intelligence data. What is intelligence data is that their Self Defense Forces as a whole have no chance at even scratching our Air Force. Your Highness, I understand you want to please your brother, but please direct your energy towards practical pursuits?"

Dr. Bu looked out at the firing range briefly, then did a double-take. "Hey, Zero's spotted someone out on the firing range."

"What?" General Nu gasped as she and the other soldiers and researchers at the edge of the firing range looked out at the robot, which had turned around to face the tresspasser-a woman dressed in a tightly-fitting pink and black ninja gi and a featureless white mask except for two eye holes and a blue mobius strip on its right side.

"Huh? It's a ninja!" Su gasped. "Cool!"

General Nu gave pause. "A ninja?"

Doctor Bu was far more alarmed. "A ninja?! Oh no… it's a spy! An enemy spy!"

"Oh dear, Zero's going to eat her up," Su said as the robot immediately identified the trespasser as an enemy, and its blue eyes turned an ominous red.

The ninja took a step back as the robot extended from its right arm a long double edged sword. Raising the weapon, Kaollan Gear Zero lifted the weapon and promptly swung it down upon its intended target… and missed. The ninja had jumped away from the blade well before it struck.

"It missed?!" Dr. Bu gasped in disbelief.

Landing safely away from the robot's blade, the ninja stood up and held out her arms, inviting the robot to strike her. Lifting the blade, the robot lunged forward much faster than a machine its size should've been able to. Instead of striking, however, it attempted to stomp the ninja, who narrowly escaped from underfoot and performed several quick acrobatic flips away from it.

General Nu gasped. "Unreal! To have such reflexes and speed…"

Dr. Bu was getting nervous. "Your Highness, release the safeties. It has to kill that ninja!"

Su hummed as she pondered it… briefly. "Okay! Safety off! Kaollan Gear Zero, use your full might against the enemy!"

The gold portions of the robot's body began to glow brightly and the red in its eyes grew more intense before the robot leaped back from the ninja and lifted its sword above its head. An array of rocket thrusters on its back lit up and then flared brilliantly as it leaped intp the air for the ninja. On reaching her, it swung with such speed that there was a loud roar as the blade came down.

Instead of running, dodging, or dying, the ninja reached up and captured it perfectly between her hands-stopping it cold.

The jaws of the Molmolese on the sideline all but unhinged.

Wrapping her arms around the blade, the ninja strained briefly and then lifted the blade and the robot it was attached to off its feet and above her head. With a great heave, she threw it very high into the air. She then jumped, and ran up its sword arm as it reached the apex of its flight. Leaping directly over it, she swung a devastating kick to its chest, sending it crashing back to the ground onto its back with a tremendous, dust-cloud generating impact.

The dust cloud rolled outward, engulfing the researchers and soldiers on the sideline even as they were trying to make sense of what had just transpired.

"She… by herself… on foot…" Dr. Bu sputtered.

"No way… was it a cyborg?" She looked towards Su. "Your Highness, you were once there. Do the Japanese still have cyborgs?!" Su wasn't there. "Your highness!"

The wind began to blow the dust away, revealing another ninja, this one wearing a fox kabuki mask and more modern, camouflage-pattern equipment including tactical armor around her torso, arms, and legs. She also had Su over her shoulder as she ran off into the trees.

General Nu did not hesitate for a second. She quickly raised the alarm. "The Great Enemy is here, and they've taken Princess Kaolla!"

Love Hina: The Merry Killers
Chapter 6: Operation Desperado

Running as fast as she could through the jungle, the fox-masked ninja vaulted over tree roots and weaved around many of the thick trees to put as many obstacles between her and her pursuers. Over her shoulder with her hands bound behind her back and her ankles tied together, Su was helpless to do anything but let the Ninja carry her off and talk.

"Hey, hey Ninja!" she asked.

"Yeah?" the Fox Ninja replied.

"Are you Japanese?"

"Of course." The Fox Ninja replied as she vaulted over a log with the finesse of a parkour runner.

Su gasped. "That's amazing! You must be really brave!"

The Fox Ninja just laughed as she ran up another toppled tree leaning against a sheer slope. "Nope, just really stupid."

At the top of it she jumped and landed hard, just as a bright spotlight illuminated her. She turned and looked up at the source of the piercing light, the flagship of the Molmol Air Force's 1st Mobile Fleet the Yulan Lollan.

"Or crazy, it depends on if we make it out of here with you," she added before turning and running again.

Aboard the Yulan Lollan, Villetta was getting into her seat next to the Captain's as Dr. Bu set up one of her computers at an open console on the ship's busy bridge. Hologram windows showing the flight of the Fox were plastered in front of the thick glass of the airship's window, presenting a panoramic view around them.

Colonel Alpha Mu, a young man but an experienced commander, looked to Villetta. "Who are these guys? There was no way these Harbor Bombers should've been able to get into Molmol, let alone close enough to the Princess!"

Villetta grimaced a bit at her subordinate. "Captain Mu, please show some professionalism!"

"Aye, ma'am." The Captain ran his fingers through his platinum blonde hair and smirked as he watched the Ninja's run take her into a thicker canopy of the trees, blocking out the view from above. "Damn, we're losing track of her."

"Units on the ground move in and surround her, do not give her a single chance to escape!" Villetta commanded.

Jogging to a stop, the Fox Ninja checked her wristwatch as she landed on a tree stump. "Almost time…"

"For what?" Su asked.

"The rendezvous," the Fox Ninja replied.

"Will there be snacks?"

Her captor laughed. "You know what? I think you're okay, Princess." She then looked around. "Where the hell are you, boss lady? Was it that hard to find a getaway car?"

"Not really, no."

The Fox Ninja stopped and turned around to see her boss lady, Haruka Urashima. Unlike the well kitted out Ninja, she was more modestly dressed in blue coveralls and a cap, and she was leaning against a 1969 Dodge Charger painted bright orange and bearing a livery that even the modern Japanese girl under the fox mask recognized.

"Is that the fucking General-"

"You say one more word. Ask. Anything. About this… And I will smack you," Haruka cut her off.

There was a rustling in the trees overhead, before the Mobius Strip-masked Ninja dropped from above and landed next to Haruka. Lifting up the mask, Naru nodded to the Manager of the Hinata-sou. "Everyone is here, good."

Haruka lit a cigarette. "Did you take out that robot?"

"It's not going anywhere, trust me," Naru reassured her before looking to the Fox Ninja. "Nice moves, Kitsune."

Kitsune lifted up her mask and grinned. "Are you kidding, you were the star of that show."

Sitting in the back of the car on the passenger side, holding her sheathed sword tightly, Motoko leaned over the Driver's Seat. "Can we go now?"

Kitsune nodded and handed Su to Haruka, before running up and sliding across the Charger's hood to dive in through the passenger window. "I always wanted to do that!" she cheered.

Rolling her eyes, Haruka opened the driver's side door and unceremoniously tossed Su in next to Kitsune, before pushing the driver's seat forward to allow Naru in. Seeing this sacrilege, Kitsune gasped.

"It's not even accurate!" she lamented.

Haruka climbed in and started the engine, which came to life like an animal. "But it has a Hemi," she calmly replied.

Kitsune bit her lower lip. "I will forgive this."

Haruka threw it into first gear. "Let's go, then."

A hundred meters ahead, just outside of a clearing, three Molmolese Main Battle Tanks and several squads of soldiers reached the tree line and readied their weapons. The Yulan Lollan was circling around, trying to find the Ninja in the trees with more of its search lights.

"I want all soldiers on the ground to be aware that there are more than one of them and the one in pink is the more dangerous of the two. Shoot on sight if the ninja in pink is encountered, don't take any chances with her," Villetta ordered. "The ninja with Her Highness is to be restrained non-lethally. We need to find out who sent these people."

"General Nu, there's movement in the trees. Something is approaching at very high speed, orders?" the commander on the ground radioed.

Villetta stood. "Stop them. They will need to fly to get past you!"

At that very moment, the bright orange Charger shot from the tree line, hitting a convenient incline and going airborne directly over the stunned soldiers and their supporting tanks. As it flew over their heads, the opening bars to "Dixie" played from its horn.

Landing on all four tires, the Charger didn't slow down, kicking up dirt and grass as it powered off and onto the access road the tanks took to reach this point.

Alpha blinked several times, slowly. "What in the heck."

Villetta just kind of stared at the image of the fleeing car, feeling faint. Her hands clenching into fists, she took a deep, calming breath, and gestured forward. "All ahead to flank speed. Do not let that car out of sight."

As the Charger raced down the paved road wih the Yulan Lollan turning to pursue, Kitsune pulled out a map. "All right, we want to head east to the beach, that's where the Americans are waiting to extract."

Between her and Haruka, Su leaned over and looked at the map, nodding assent.

"Yes," Haruka said, prompting Su to look towards her.

"At the next intersection we're going to make a right and it should be a straight shot to the evac point, but there lies the problem. It's a straight shot," Kitsune said as she studied the map.

Su closed her eyes and hummed, agreeing that that was a sticky situation.

"They won't risk harming their Princess, so they won't kill us outright. We have a chance to defend ourselves," Haruka replied.

Su nodded in agreement to that.

"Oh, then you brought it!" Kitsune said eagerly.

"It's in the back seat," Haruka drolly replied.

Kitsune leaned over Su and kissed Haruka on the cheek. "You frosty bitch, I love you!"

Naru then leaned over. "I have a question."

"Does it pertain to where, why, and how I got this car?" Haruka asked.

Naru chewed her lip briefly. "No."

"What is it then?"

Naru was quiet for a moment as she tried to think of how to word this. "Where did you get the General Lee from?"

Without looking back, Haruka reached up and smacked Naru's face. "That was for asking." She smacked her again, even harder. "That was for lying."

A bullet struck the ground in front of the car, Kitsune quickly catching sight of the puff of dust and smoke from the shot just before Haruka passed it. Her eyes opening wide, she scanned the sky to the right of the car as it made its turn. Sure enough there was the Yulan Lollan, coming about on their right. Darting around in their sockets, Kitsune's eyes searched the ship and immediately spotted a line of sharpshooters standing atop it, trying to zero-in on the Charger's engine and wheels.

"Snipers!" she yelped.

Haruka nodded. "Deal with them. Motoko? Drop the top."

Su looked back at the swordswoman, who nodded and slowly began to unsheath her sword. A second later there was a flash of light and the shearing of steel, before the roof of the Charger came completely off, turning it into a convertible. As the Confederate Flag painted roof came off, the sharpshooters atop the airship zeroed in on the occupants… to find Kitsune standing in the passenger seat, and lifting up a massive, wooden stocked rifle equipped with a drum magazine but no scope.

"What the hell gun is that?" One of the snipers asked before the his rifle was hit and destroyed. Even as he was thrown onto his back, the other sharpshooters similarly had their guns shot from their hands by the terrifyingly accurate gunfire.

On the bridge of the ship, Villetta again couldn't believe what she was seeing. "From over a kilometer out? What kind of monsters are we up against?!"

Standing with one foot on the door and the other on her seat, Kitsune smiled broadly as her rifle made short work on the snipers. "This is the best gun in the world."

She fired again, disarming another sharpshooter. "I hit."

Another shot, another sharpshooter neutralized. "Every."

She fired once more, shooting away the rifle of the last sharpshooter. "Mark."

Lowering the weapon, Kitsune hugged it to her chest. "Hellsing ARMS, I am your loyal customer for life."

Su was in awe. She looked from her to Naru, who had effortlessly defeated Kaollan Gear Zero. These people, they were amazing! They were better than that! This was becoming the coolest. Day. Ever. How many Princesses could say they got kidnapped by Super Ninjas?!

Kitsune dropped back down in her seat, giddy as a schoolgirl. "Haha, I love this gun!"

Haruka nodded. "It's coming out of your rent."

Kitsune turned and looked at her, aghast. "Noooo!"

"You asked for it and I got it, but did you think it'd be free?"

"She has a point," Naru and Motoko said together.

Kitsune sighed. "Just tack it onto next month's." She looked over to Su. "Sorry about that, I did my best not to hurt them. We're only after you."

Su smiled big. "Thanks!" She then leaned close to Kitsune. "Why are you after Su, anyway?"

"Insurance," Haruka answered for Kitsune.

"You're a Royal Hostage," Kitsune clarified. "We're going to hold you prisoner in Japan, and your brother won't try to invade."

"Or you'll kill me, right?" Su asked.

Naru leaned over. "No one's going to kill you, or even try to hurt you. We just need you to stay with us, so a war doesn't break out."

Su stared at Naru for a moment, before smiling to her. "Oh, then that's fine!"

Kitsune and Motoko both looked at Su in surprise. "That's okay?"

Haruka repressed a smirk, as Su nodded. "If Su is going to be held hostage, then it should be by really cool ninjas!"

"Yeah, we are going to get along just fine," Kitsune said before the entered a thick grove of immensely tall trees, blocking view of the Yulan Lollan. She looked down at the map. "We're almost at the extraction point. Let's just hope they didn't beat us to it."

Back aboard the ship as it turned to pursue the getaway car from behind, Villetta cursed. "Damn it… are there any units able to cut them off?"

"The jungle is next to impassable for armor. It'd take too long to get in position."

"Reinforcements from Myuh Myuh are on their way, but they're fifteen minutes out."

Villetta clenched her fists. "Is there anything we've got that can stop them?"

Dr. Bu then clapped her hands. "General, don't worry! I've already sent the orders and he is on his way to intercept!"

Villetta looked to the short doctor for a moment before realized what she meant. She nodded appreciatively. "Do what you absolutely must, Doctor."

Down below, Kitsune's eyes opened again and she looked out at the trees. Through the gaps in the dense canopy, she could see the Yullan Lollan's approach, but that's not what bothered her.

Next to her, Su looked at Motoko. "So! What is your superpower?"

Motoko looked at Su, and then coolly away from her. "I do not have a superpower. I am only a swordswoman."

Su looked down at the sword. "But you're a really good one, right?"

"My skills are adequate," Motoko replied. Like Kitsune, she was dressed in tactical gear, though with noticeably less body armor.

Su pouted at Motoko's chilly reply, and turned back around. "She's not very fun."

"Oh Motoko is a barrel of fun, she just opens it when she wants to," Kitsune reassured her while watching the trees. She swore she saw something moving through them, getting closer…

"Wait a second…" Her eyes then shot wide. "Haruka! Go left!"

Haruka swerved to the left as an intense ray of light blasted through the trees to the car's right. Through the ensuing explosion of flames, Kaollan Gear Zero flew out and landed on the road before breaking into a run after the car.

"That damn robot, it still works?!" Naru gasped in exasperation.

"Of course, it's rated to fight a Kamen Rider!" Su argued.

Kitsune whistled. "Usually I'd ask for dinner before being so completely and thoroughly screwed."

Naru peered down at Su. "Who did we piss off, anyway?"

Su looked up at Naru. "What do you mean?"

"Why do your people hate Japan so much?"

Su let out a wizened hum. "Because my Big Bro hates Japan."

"Yeah, but why does he hate Japan?" Naru asked.

"Because he lost it."

Kitsune and Naru looked to each other and then back at Su. "Lost what?"

"Incoming," Haruka and Motoko droned together as Kaollan Gear Zero fired missiles at them. Haruka weaved out of the paths of the missiles, but they shot far past them, blowing apart the road ahead.

"Do they even care we have their Princess?!" Kitsune gasped before she noticed the robot gaining on them. "Oh, I see."

"It's useless," Haruka replied as she expertly avoided the craters left in the road by hitting the shoulder.

Dr. Bu huffed as the robot locked onto the car again. "Don't think that you can just escape Kaollan Gear Zero that easily!"

Two more missiles fired, forcing Haruka to take evasive maneuvers around the craters created in the road. Seeing what was going on, Villetta nodded. "Main cannons, destroy the road ahead! Don't give them a chance to go any further!"

The 16-inch main cannons atop the back of the Yullan Kaollan swiveled upward slightly and fired, the two one ton shells hurtling far ahead of the Charger and exploding, creating a deep nigh-impassable crater in the road.

"Uh oh, trouble!" Su said.

Haruka sighed and began to slow down, allowing Kaollan Gear Zero to close in. "One of you take care of it."

Naru got up in her seat, ready to jump out. "I got this."

Kitsune turned around and aimed her rifle. "No, I got this!"

Motoko stood up on the back seat and turned to face the advancing robot as it closed the distance on them. "No… It's my turn."

Naru and Kitsune both plopped back down in their seats and began cheering. "Go! Go! Motoko! Go! Go! Motoko!"

Su turned around to watch as Motoko, her hair flowing in front of her, slowly drew her sword and closed her eyes. Exiting the dense thicket of trees, the car immediately fell under the spotlights of the Yulan Lollan. Seeing the car and its occupants up close, Alpha grew surprised.

"They're just a bunch of girls, high schoolers!"

"No, they're monsters," Villetta said.

Dr. Bu was proud in her vindication. "Do you see now, why we can't hold anything back against them?"

Kaollan Gear Zero fired two more missiles, which flew low and close to the ground to pass the Charger on either side. Without opening her eyes, Motoko raised and moved her arms, turning the sword into a blur. The two missiles then suddenly turned straight up, and raced towards the Yullan Lollan in out of control spirals.

Alpha stood from his seat. "What did she do?!"

"CIWS! Shoot down those-!" It was too late for Villetta to give the order, as the missiles crashed into the wing-like flight surfaces behind the main gondola and exploded, severely damaging the ship. More explosions quickly followed, and the Yulan Lollan's bow dipped downward, forcing everyone on the bridge forward in their seats.

"I don't… I don't believe this…!" Alpha gasped as the crew began shouting numerous damage reports around him, Villetta, and Dr. Bu.

"Kaollan Gear Zero! Don't let them get away!" a livid Dr. Bu yelled.

The robot obeyed, charging faster towards the slowing car as its gold pieces glowed brightly and its eyes turned a deep red. Closing its right hand into a fist, Kaollan Gear Zero leaped forward to punch the back of the car and stop it once and for all. But then Motoko opened her eyes, and moved.

She leaped from the back of the car, and became a human saw-blade, racing up and around Kaollan Gear Zero's arm all the way up to the shoulder before leaping off it and into the air behind the robot. In her wake, pieces of the robot's sliced arm scattered everywhere.

Turning herself around Motoko threw a grappling line at the back of the robot and yanked herself back towards and swinging herself around it, slashing it all over its body as an almost untraceable blur except for the sparks and flashes of her sword cutting into it.

While Naru and Kitsune broke into cheers, Su just stared with her mouth open and growing into a bigger and bigger smile as her eyes sparkled.

Swinging herself between Kaollan Gear Zero's legs, Motoko spun around and prepared to pull herself back towards the robot, when its left hand grabbed the line and suddenly swung her around like a mace on the end of a chain. Before it could slam her into the ground, Motoko cut herself free and was sent hurtling up towards the crippled Yulan Lollan, coming to a hard landing atop the airship as fires began to spread across its upper half.

"She's aboard the ship…" Villetta gasped, before she heard something far more alarming.

"Kaollan Gear Zero, stop! Blue on Blue! Blue on Blue!" Dr. Bu was crying out into her computer as the damaged robot ignored her and charged the beam cannon mounted on its head, while aiming at Motoko.

Holding her sword at her side, Motoko broke into a run for the bow of the ship as the light from Kaollan Gear Zero's forehead grew brighter, darting around the eruptions of flame that broke through the airship's skin.

Reaching full output, Kaollan Gear Zero fired the beam cannon as Motoko jumped off the bow of the ship and fell straight for the robot. Upon hitting its target, the beam split down the middle, diverted away from the damaged airship, all the way back down to Kaollan Gear Zero.

Landing on the ground, Motoko slid a fair distance and came to a halt behind the robot. Twirling her sword to flick off the dirt and fluids, she sheathed the weapon as the perfectly bisected halves of Kaollan Gear Zero fell away from each other.

The bridge on the Yulan Lollan was eerily quiet except for the emergency klaxons. Speechless, they could only watch as Motoko calmly walked to the Charger and climbed in before the car pulled off and drove away. It was a few more moments, as the ship's fire suppression began to finally make a difference, that Villetta finally spoke.

"All units, break off pursuit," she quietly ordered into the radio. "Princess Kaolla is lost."

Not a soul on the bridge protested.

Japan, the present…

"And that's the story of how Su came to Japan!" Su declared to Shinobu as the two sat on the roof of their school for lunch. Su, as usual, was snacking on bananas while Shinobu was enjoying another one of the fruit smoothies Su made.

Shinobu nodded and lowered the straw from her lips. "That… Sounds like what would've happened, but… I'm confused about a few things."

"Like what?" Su asked.

"Where did Haruka get a Hemi-powered 1969 Dodge Charger… in Molmol?" Shinobu asked.

"Oh, everyone in Molmol loves the Dukes!"

Shinobu nodded slowly. "My other question… Um… Won't your Brother try to rescue you? I mean, if he really hates Japan so much, what's stopping him from invading?"

Su smiled. "As long as Su is here, he won't try to fight. That's good, Japan is such a nice country with nice people and yummy food."

Shinobu smiled back to Su and hugged her. "Thank you, Su-chan, I like having you here too. The only other person my age I have to talk to is Red."

Su nodded and returned the hug tighter than Shinobu was used to from the wild girl. "Su will stay here in Japan forever, everything Su wants is here."

Shinobu laughed. "Oh, Su-chan…"

Over a kilometer away, as the two girls embraced, a woman in a brown trench coat with long blonde hair watched through the eyes of a ninja-style helmet she wore over the top half of her face that bore the three-eyed symbol of Molmol. Zooming in on Su's face the woman compared it to the databases of images of the Princess… And immediately received a positive match.

"This is KG-02. I have located the Princess."

On the darkened bridge of a Molmolese airship, Villetta sat on the commander's chair with her legs folded, her golden eyes narrowed in disgust at the image of their Princess hugging a filthy Japanese girl.

"Well done, KG-02. Track her back to where they are keeping her," the General ordered. "We will be taking her back when the Red Moon is full."

Turning around, the woman walked towards the opposite edge of the roof, as optical camouflage activated, rendering her invisible.


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