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What I remember was walking…

And it was hot… Out in the blazing sun, where the light yellow sand burned our skin as we were forced to trudge through. The sound of shackles clattered through each movement.

We were forced to walk on foot through what seem like endless deserts, forest and jungles. We all lost our voice to speak, our eyes lost in the cloudiness because of our souls that was already dead. Then there were some of us who completely given up and fall behind or just stop.

We all became careless and selfish beings… all we cared about were ourselves. There were times where crows would scream and scold those who lay on the ground and pick at them. But we wouldn't even bother to fight back even against crows. None of us would even help our 'family', fearing they would be left behind. Cowards. That's what we were.

Our 'leader', the man who chained us to this painful fate was nothing but a cold hearted man, who would laugh at those who are being picked on the crows. He would also beat us if his 'business' wouldn't go well. He would crack his whip at us and cackle if any of us would struggle and try to run. He would grab those who run by the hair and throw them to the ground. Spit on them and curse them, calling them many different names.

I believed my life had no meaning, as I was chained and cuffed. And I continued to believe that on the day I stopped…

The blazing rays of the sun scorched my skin and burned the cuts all over my arms and lefts. The cuffs chained to my ankles feet as heat gathered in to the metal bindings.

My body became heavy as lead and refused to move. The body that was shackled and chained was to die as a useless vessel. As I laid on the desert floor, I stared out the endless view of sand and dead plants that met the clear blue sky at the unknown end. There were scraps and remnants of those who died out here.

My throat dry, no voice could come out cry. So dehydrated, no tears could come from my eyes. So hopeless and lifeless, my life was to perish without meaning.

Until he appeared…

There was the sound of footsteps in the distance and next thing there was a shadow that loomed over me. The person got down and pulled me up in to his arms.

He put a flask to mouth and slightly tipped it upwards letting a cooling moisture flow in to my mouth. Then in a gentle voice, he spoke to me.

"Are you okay?"

With the little strength I had left, I tilted my head to see who my savior was.

"Who?" I tried to ask, but not even a croak could escape my mouth. With my blurred vision, I tried to make out the boys appearance.

"Hold on, there's a town not too far from here." He told me.

Golden eyes… and dark amethyst hair…

I felt my body being lift up and carried in his arms. This time I managed to let out a small cry as he moved. The boy spoke to me again.

"Don't worry. I won't leave you."