"I Would Get What I Want"

Coldplay – Viva La Vida

I used to roll the dice
Feel the fear in my enemy's eyes
Listen as the crowd would sing
"Now the old king is dead! Long live the king!"

A/N: New Story – New Pairing…going to do my best. Just give it a try…


Two days spent in New Orleans.

Two days spent in my favorite city – the only place that I had felt at peace; the only place that I had considered as being my home.

Enough time to realize that things have certainly changed around here and all because of Marcel.

Marcel - my disciple…my student and apparently now, my successor.

Yes, I had expected changes but the fear that crossed the witches' eyes and their compliancy was astounding. They had always been such…spirited creatures, with great belief of being more powerful than vampires, but somehow my protégé had learnt to tame them.

Not only this, but Marcel had also managed to build a community; an empire, which might even be acknowledged as a family.

In less than one hundred years, he had accomplished what I had been searching for in over five hundred years. He had the power, the loyalty and the followers.

Sure, I could be happy for him and sure, I could smile and follow his 'so-called rules' but that was I was not one of his minions.

Furthermore, this was never his city to take.

New Orleans had always been mine and I wanted it.

I wanted it all.

….and I would get what I want.

After showing him kindness and taking him under my wing, he was now standing here, treating me like a child as he dared to challenge me.

Being in Mystic Falls may have made people forget about me – forget about what I was capable of. Maybe allowing myself to be distracted by the pretty little blonde cheerleader has made others lose their respect for me; including Marcel.

This was the only explanation that I could come up with as I watched him take what was meant to be a threatening step towards me as he dared to raise his voice at me, "This is MY TOWN" he glared at me but I didn't waver. "I'm not the Prince, my friend" he paused with a dry chuckle, "I'M THE KING!" he screamed stilling everyone's movements before bravely and stupidly ordering, "Now show me some respect!"

That was it!

Clenching my tight and angered fists to my side, I felt the razor-sharp incisors peak with his unappreciated audacity. A low growl rumbled in my chest as I fought against the sound trembling through my lips.

In any other case, I may have been somewhat impressed by his to defy me but his act was gradually becoming annoying. Having his children follow me was one thing but trying to humiliate me in front of these…vampires in MY own town was another thing.

Just as I took a menacing step towards him, there was a swift blur that shot down before landing between us.

"Stand down Marcie"

A/N: I wonder who the intruder is…

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