So...this is a sequel to "Her Brothers," as it take place after those events and has little to do with them, but you can still read this one if you haven't read the previous one...everything is pretty much explained. I hope you enjoy.

This takes place in Eclipse after the incident with Jacob...but I play with their timeline (what year they are in school) a bit.

Emmett hated biology, even if it was advanced biology. He'd taken the course, or a variation of it, a hundred times, and rarely did he learn anything new. Then again, that could be because he barely paid attention, used Jasper's notes, and copied his answers on all of their tests. Or Edward's. It all depended on who he had biology with at the time. At the moment, he was a 'senior' with Rosalie and Jasper, and Alice and Edward were still 'juniors' with Bella, which was fine with him. While they were still in high school every day for another year, he and Rosalie could have some fun.

"…Mr. Cullen?" Emmett glanced up at the teacher, searching his mind for what the man could possibly want. Teachers rarely called on them, something he was grateful for. "Well? Do you know the answer?"

"Charles Darwin?" Emmett offered the man a grin, his eyes half-hopeful, and the man sighed.

"No, Mr. Cullen. The process by which cells duplicate their genetic material and yield two daughter cells is not 'Charles Darwin.'" He sighed again, a long-suffering sound that spoke of weariness and resignation, and turned to another student, not bothering with Emmett for any longer than he needed to. Once, at the start of the year, he'd met with Carlisle and Esme to discuss his concerns about their son's lack of attention and suspected cheating, and Emmett had been warned that he would have to try harder to keep up appearances. But something about the parent-teacher conference had unnerved Mr. Meyers, and he'd never commented again. Emmett looked down at his notebook and began to doodle, lazily running his pen over the page as he draw a cartoon of Edward getting eaten by a bear.

Suddenly, the sound of a gunshot split the air, and everyone froze. Emmett glanced around quickly, making sure no one in the room had a gun, and then looked back at the door warily. Of course he wasn't afraid of guns, since they weren't much of a threat to him, but he wasn't keen on anyone else in the room falling victim to one either. Another shot rang out, right after the first, and the panic began, the frightened, nearly hysterical whispering and stunned whimpering surrounding him. Emmett glanced up at the desk. His teacher had frozen midsentence, eyes wide, and seemed almost as stunned as the students. Finally, the intercom buzzed to life, and the words 'Lock Down' were barked out before there was silence once again. A few of the boys jumped out of their seats, as if run to the door, which seemed to pull Mr. Meyers from his stupor. The short, balding man hurried over to the light and switched it off, pointing to the wall beside the door which held bookshelves covered with rarely used biology texts.

"Everyone, hide! Against this wall. Shh!" He began herding people over, pulling on their arms or placing a hand on their shoulders. The seat next to Emmett, which was usually occupied by Jasper, was, unfortunately, empty, or the whole room would have been engulfed in an unnatural calm by now. Emmett cursed the fact that he had been the one to stay behind for this hunting trip. Still, he reasoned with himself, someone needed to look after Bella.

Emmett stiffened as another shot echoed through the halls. 'Bella.' He cursed himself softly as he came to stand by the wall, keeping away from the small window in the door. He slipped his hand in his pocket and pulled out his phone. He'd promised Edward (and Carlisle and Esme and everyone else for that matter) that he'd look after his little sister, especially since she'd recently moved in with them (sort of) and hadn't been left alone yet. She had been staying with them since the incident with Jacob Black about two months ago, something that improved the mood throughout the house, for which he was grateful. Edward was in a perpetual good mood when she was around, and watching her stumble around the house was a never-ending source of amusement for him. Not to mention that she was usually willing to play video games with him, even if she wasn't any good, and he was trying to teach her how to play Assassin's Creed, which was hilarious to watch, as she seemed to get caught by the guards every five minutes, and was constantly falling off of buildings. Jasper liked playing chess with her, even if she was horrible, and Alice used her as a life sized Barbie doll. Even Rosalie had warmed to her human sister, and although she still disagreed with her choice to become one of them, he'd once caught her playing Bella Barbie with Alice. Carlisle and Esme adored her as well, and made it their mission to keep her well fed and watered and whatever else the human needed, much to the girl's embarrassment.

These thoughts in his mind, Emmett selected her name in his phone and opened a blank text message. 'Are you okay?' He closed his phone and made sure it was set on vibrate, then held it carefully in his clenched fists. After a few seconds, it vibrated.

'What's going on?' He glanced up to find the teacher on his own cellphone, and most of the students had theirs out, so he doubted it would be an issue.

'Someone's got a gun.' His fingers flew over the touch screen. 'Where are you?' He listened carefully, and someone screamed in another part of the school. Another shot was fired and he clenched his jaw. If Bella got hurt…

He checked his phone anxiously then looked around again. A few of the girls were crying, leaning their heads on their boyfriend's shoulders, or huddled in groups with other girls. The boys looked shell-shocked, and Emmett realized that this was probably the most dangerous situation they'd ever found themselves in. His mind wandered back to Bella. Was she crying in one of the classrooms, huddled with a bunch of girls? He doubted it. She didn't have many friends, especially since she'd decided to cast her lot with the Cullens. He fought the overwhelming desire to jump up and go find her and chose instead to stare at his phone, checking the time.

She was in calculus this period, he realized, a floor above him. Room 207. He had sat with her at lunch earlier, after seeking her out and pulling her to a table where he forced her to eat. She hadn't eaten much that morning, probably because Emmett hadn't quite gotten the hang of cooking, and Bella had just nibbled on an apple. He'd been worried, but had decided to keep an eye on her. A few boys had stared at them, their eyes following Bella wherever she went, and he'd fought back the urge to growl at them. That wouldn't do well for their cover. Most people now knew that she was living with them, since Forks was such a tiny town, and gossip was spreading like wildfire. She pretended that it didn't bother her, but the rest of them didn't.

Four days after she'd moved in, he had been sitting beside Jasper in this very room, mumbling at vampire speed about their plans for the night, when they'd heard someone whispering in the back of the room. "Yea, I heard she's living with the Cullens now. You think Edward shares her with those big brothers of his?" The other person snorted, and Emmett hadn't been aware of what he was doing before nearly falling over with lethargy, his shoulder shaking under Jasper's firm hand.

"Don't." He'd warned sharply under his breath. "It will only make things worse. Don't get up." No one else seemed to notice their little conversation as the teacher continued to drone on, but Emmett was seeing red, entertaining daydreams about cornering the boys behind the school and beating them to a bloody pulp. Well, maybe not the bloody part…he didn't particularly want to feed on them. That would probably cause even more rumors…and they would have to move in a hurry, which would be bad for Bella no matter how he looked at it. So he'd sat down and drawn little doodles until the end of the class period, when he'd cornered the two gossips, one football player and one lacrosse player, and politely informed them about the perils of talking about his little sister. With Jasper standing nearby, looking as menacing as ever, the two had quickly apologized, not willing to get on the bad side of the strangest family in town. Later he'd seen one of them nursing a black eye, and Jasper was a little too innocent when Emmett had questioned him. The soft buzzing of his phone brought him back into the present.

'Bathroom.' He stared at the little green bubble on his phone, holding only one word, and knew that if his heart still functioned, that it would be racing. 'She's in the bathroom…she's not in her classroom…what if the shooter…' He cut that thought off brutally, and with forced care, touched the little letters.

'STAY IN THE BATHROOM. I'M COMING.' The message was sent and he was on his feet before he had consciously decided on a plan. The teacher was whispering anxiously into his phone, and the other students were the only ones who realized what he was doing. Several of them stared at him, wide-eyed, as he placed a hand on the doorknob, but none of them spoke up…until a hand caught his arm.

"What are you doing?" The boy, who was barely as tall as Emmett's shoulder, and not quite as thick as his bicep, hissed, and Emmett had to admire his courage. The teacher didn't even turn around, and Emmett wondered if the man even knew what he was supposed to be doing.

"My sister's in the bathroom." He whispered harshly pulling away before the panicked boy took note of his icy skin. The boy looked at him in surprise, and then let go with a nod, leaning back against the wall and retaking his place on the floor. Emmett turned the knob silently and slipped through the door, shutting it again as quietly as possible, and ignoring the muffled 'Hey' of the teacher. There was very little chance that the man would come out of the safety of the classroom to retrieve him, and even if he did, it wouldn't work.

Emmett's sharp ears caught footsteps nearby, but nothing close enough to stop him as he ran silently through the corridors as slowly as he could, not willing to be caught on camera running at vampire speed, although he dearly wanted to. From what he could hear, the shooter was on the second floor, where Bella was. 'Of course.' He grumbled internally. 'Someone's out to kill people. Of course they would be close to Bella. Why is she such a danger magnet!?' He ran up the stairs, coming to the same level as Bella's classroom, and paused for a moment, listening carefully. A door rattled down the hallway, and he hurried past the open hallway to the bathrooms that he never entered.

The women's room was across from the men's, and he slipped inside, immediately picking up the sound of her frantic heartbeat and her unique scent. He quietly walked in front of the rows of doors, finally coming to a stop in front of the one on the far end where he knew she was hiding. "Bella?" He whispered, his voice bouncing around the little room.

The door was pushed open and he saw her, balancing precariously on the toilet seat, tears running down her face and dripping off her nose. "Emmett!" She whimpered, and he hurried into the stall, picking her up and setting her on the floor, enveloping her in his arms as she sobbed. Another shot was fired, this one closer than any of the others, and she cried harder.

"Shhhh. Sh, Bella." He whispered frantically, begging the higher power Carlisle seemed to believe in for some mercy. 'Just this once.' He begged. 'Please don't let the danger come to us!'

"I'm scared." Her words tore at his chest and he took a deep breath, breathing in her scent.

"It's okay. I've got you. You're okay." He assured her, running his had up and down her back. "We'll be okay."