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Emmett hated Renee. He hated her more than he'd ever thought possible. He hated her more than Jackson, the boy who'd shot his sister and started this mess, more than Jacob Black who had kissed her against her will…more than Jeremy and Mark, who he fully intended to kill….that thought stuck with him for a moment and he let himself grin in anticipation. That was going to be fun…he hadn't expected Edward to reveal those details to Jasper or himself, but the two of them were planning a special hunting trip as soon as Bella was recovered enough not to need Jasper so much…

A soft sob brought his attention forcefully back to the topic at hand…he hated Renee. Because as much as all those other people had hurt his beloved little sister, none had done so more badly than the girl's mother. He'd stood in the kitchen, listening as Bella comforted her mother, the fury in the kitchen a tangible thing, then heard the girl's breath catch when Renee said that she'd take her away…because that's how they'd all understood it…Renee wanted to steal her daughter from them…and Emmett didn't know how they'd manage without her now. Thankfully Carlisle and Esme had stepped in before he'd committed the murders he was planning, and Jasper had stepped into the doorway, quickly calming Bella, surrounding her with their love for her before her selfish mother could do any more damage.

Now, as the fragile human cried, sitting between his mother and father, Edward kneeling in front of her and holding one of her hands tightly, and Jasper hovering behind the sofa, his full concentration on comforting the girl, Emmett felt his dead heart clench. He wanted to kill Renee, he realized with some surprise. He'd never thought that he would ever want to kill someone so passionately, but he wanted to kill her mother. The ignorant woman had wounded her daughter so deeply…and the worst part was that she didn't even realize what she'd done; there was no doubt in his mind about that. She'd neglected her daughter…and in her selfish blindness, refused to see that her child was being abused by the very people she brought into the house.

Slowly, her sobs began to quiet, her head resting on Carlisle's shoulder as her silent tears continued to soak his shirt. Their father kept a firm arm around her, holding her close and rocking them back and forth slowly while Esme whispered to her. Alice stood beside Jasper, her large eyes sad and worried, and Rosalie came to stand beside him, leaning against him as though she were tied. Lifting his arm, he held her to his side.

"I hope that's the last we see of her." Rosalie told him softly.

"For her sake, it had better be." His deep voice was ominous and Carlisle gave him a brief warning look, but it was unnecessary. Emmett wouldn't hunt down the girl's mother…it would cause her too much pain.

"She wants to go back to school on Monday." Rosalie murmured.

"Will Carlisle let her?"

"I don't think he's going to stop her…not if that's what she wants..." He looked down at her when she trailed off.


"I know you've heard what everyone says about her…don't think the rumors will stop just because she got hurt." He sighed, hating to remember that particular fact. "Actually, they may get worse. Humans are cruel…they'll try to hurt her if they can."

Emmett wanted to say that no one could hurt her while they were around…but the blatant lie would be too painful. They would all do their very best to keep her from physical harm, but the rumors, the cruelty of high school students…the people she still loved…they could all still hurt her, and their was nothing her vampire family could do about it. "We'll protect her as best as we can." Emmett told her simply. "And if it's too much, we'll leave…all of us."

Glancing up at Carlisle, he grinned a bit at his father's firm nod. His pacifist father would do anything to keep Bella safe…even if it meant moving them all far away from this little town. But looking at Bella, he had to wonder if that was what she wanted.

Edward closed his eyes, releasing a deep, relived breath when Bella finally stopped crying, slipping into unconsciousness. The fact that she was sleeping so much would usually bother him, but he was too beyond worried to register anything else. Had she wanted to go with Renee? He had to wonder, considering how…broken she had seemed. Had she been too afraid to say so? Had she wanted to spare his feelings? Or did she want him to go with her? He would…no matter how much he would miss his family, he'd do anything for her. Emmett and Rosalie mumbled in the background, but he could only focus on her soft breathing, wincing when her breath hitched occasionally. "Carlisle?" He didn't know what he wanted to ask…but he needed something from his father….some kind of reassurance.

"Her mother just abandoned her, Edward." His father said softly, and Edward was ashamed at the relief he felt.

"She doesn't want to go with her?" He had to clarify…just in case.

"No…but didn't you see how easily her mother gave her up?" Edward winced, tightening his hand on hers. Scolding himself for being an idiot, he managed to smile gratefully at Esme who stood and let him take her place, but Carlisle kept the girl close, holding her gently in his arms as she slept. Lifting her feet until she was curled on the sofa in a more comfortable position, and covering her with a thick afghan, Edward lay beside her, his head by his father's shoulder, as he waited for her to wake. Looking around at everyone in the room and reading their thoughts, he realized that they would all stay until she woke up.

The End

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