Mokka leaned against the door, trying to overhear Ms. Madeleine and Principal Biscotti. They were talking in unusual whispers. In his office the place where students tried to avoid unless you were Pico.

"Mokka are you sure about this?" Lassi asked. She stood by him, on tiptoes. They were here because Astrid was worried about Ms. Madeleine. Mokka hated seeing her so torn, and wanted to assure her everything was going to be fine. But to his circuits, Lassi volunteered (Tagged along without his approval) to help (Refuse to silence her voice box)

"Ssssshhh."Mokka beeped in annoyance. He was finally able to make out some noises inside; humans thought they were so perfect with their primitive wooden doors.

"You'll have to depart *Mutter Mumble*… soon too."

"What about the children…*Whisper Mutter*…and Astrid?"

"What about her?" Mokka pressed himself harder on the door. If Astrid was involved so was he.

"What about Astrid? I don't know what's going on! He sounds so serious! Mokka I'm worried for Ms. Madeliene."

He rotated his head to glare at her. "Ms. Madeleine can take care of herself, its Astrid I'm worried about now! So Lassi please stop—"

"GUYS!" Pico making the two jump. The noises inside also stopped abruptly. Mokka wanted to slug Pico, and he was until he saw Sorbet, Astrid, and Chai near him. Astrid looked uneasily at her two friends. Lassi whispered tugging on Astrid's stray curl.

"They're saying scary things…about you."

Astrid looked at Mokka trying to see if his reaction matched Lassi's statement. Sorbet stepped in front of Astrid looking at the two. "Are you two sure, I mean no need to freak her out further if you're not 100% sure."


Sorbet looked curiously at the two. "Well, that's not an answer…what is going on here?"

Astrid sighed gazing at the door; she was still concerned for her teacher.

(Inside Principal Biscotti Office…)

Principal Biscotti paced back and forth, lost for words. Ms. Madeleine waited patiently, sitting atop his desk.

"Miss Madeleine…these things are never easy to say…well here I'll try anyway."

"That's all you can do…and hey, I'll never kill the messenger.

He twirled his thumbs and sighed, "Miss Madeleine, you are the only person…I really trust here completely…and with such an embarrassing and delicate case this is well…how it must be now."

"Ms. Madeleine…To many's regret you must…leave Will-o-Wisp academy…"

"Forever?" Ms. Madeleine hopped off his desk, worry spreading through her eyes. He let out a stray chuckle. "I wish you were only being fired…it would be a safer alternative than this."

Ms. Madeleine nodded, "I know…but to the wind planet? Really? Are you sure this is the best option?"

"I-I don't want to be but…it is." He briefly walked over to his desk and pushed a button on the side. A hologram of the beautiful wind planet appeared in front of them. As the lights darkened. Ms. Madeleine marveled at it. "It's still as breath-taking as ever."

"Well said. But I need you and your unusual talents to help deal with a very deadly wizard on Puffoon."

"I see. May I bother to ask why this need ours attention at all? I mean, I don't stir up a bees nest unless, I have reasons too."

Biscotti sighed, "Its…Kale."


The hologram changed into a picture of a once peaceful student photo of a senior turn now into a laughing maniacal man. Ms. Madeleine's jaw literally dropped at the sight. "He goes by the name Master Kale now…You remember him…he was one of yours in fact. He isn't alone of course, my spies tell me he has banded with a crew of cut throat pirates, who do his dirty work across the solar system."

Ms. Madeleine recovered from her shock, "Not him…he was such a promising student. How far did he go astray?"

Biscotti took her hands and held them in his. He gave them a reassuring squeeze. "I don't know…But Aradia if push comes to shove…you must fight. Even if it hurts you...I know what he used to be…a scruffy haired student who only wanted to do good…but he isn't that anymore." They looked up to see the laughing Magician and his trail of destruction. Ms. Madeleine got a fiery look in her eye.

"I'll do it…for Kale."

"I pray for your safe return."


All six students came flying in, Lassi leading the pack. Biscotti scowled, and knocked his cane onto the button the hologram disappeared and the lights snapped on.

"Ms. Madeleine! It's not true, is it? You aren't really going to Puffoon, are you? Why? You can't leave us!" Lassi voice got higher and higher as her fear grew.

Pico tried to chime in, but Mokka beat him, "Teacher! We were listening at the door! We heard everything you discussed! You have to go to Puffoon and fight evil wizards and slimy pirates! My sensors say that is HIGHLY alarming!"

"Yeah, I mean—"Pico tried again only to have Ms. Madeleine shush him.

"You all weren't supposed to be eavesdropping on us. This conversation was not meant for your inquisitive ears."

"Inquisitive? Blah?" Chai asked.

"It means curious or inquiring…*Beep*"Mokka chimed in, after searching his heart drive for the words meaning.

"But we—"Pico tried to cut in.

"Teacher! All of that talk about other planets… Are you honestly planning on going into space?" Sorbet said, trying to hide her concern beneath a cool exposure.

"Can I at least say one thing—"Pico said desperately.

"Please, I'll be fine. You should be more worried about your tome reports. They're due next week!"

"Who cares about tome reports!"Pico screamed frustrated at everyone's interruptions. Everyone turned to look at him; he fumed as little steam lines floated above his head.

"Look MS. MADELIENE! You can't go! This is stupid! I mean, you need an army of highly trained magical fighters to even stand a chance with Principal B! And he's not raving evil! Just old…No offense! But this guy's evil and has pirates! PIRATES! As I said before, PIRATES!"

Everyone starred at him. Pico huffed and crossed his arms. "There I've said my piece."

Chai scowled, "And everyone else's too!"

Ms. Madeleine smiled a bitter sweet smile. "I appreciate all your words of your concern…but I've made my mind up…so please try to forget this conversation happened and—"

"GRANDFATHER!" Everyone jumped. Astrid turned and to her dismay, there slouching on the doorway was Lillian and her best friend Hilda.

Hilda was cloaked in a black robe; it covered her entire body, except for her wicked painted purple smile, which was always showing. She held her everlasting staff, a staff with an onyx witch's hat on top. She had the powers of the ghost or as she called it the ancestors. Either way, Astrid went out of her way to avoid the girl, for their magic's clashed. Hilda smiled looking up, catching Astrid's eye, Astrid saw her glowing red eyes. She looked away, severely freaked out.

"Good day Grandfather…" Hilda soothing voice filled the once calm room. Oh and yes…Hilda was Mr. Biscotti's Granddaughter. Hilda moved her hand up the staff, so the light reflected off her silver painted nails and into Astrid's eyes. Astrid held up a hand to block the light out of her eyes, facing Hilda again.

"Hello Dear."

"Oh no…not the little witch again." Chai whispered to Mokka. That was also correct; besides her refined grammar…she was rumored to make incantations and potions…for the right price.

"Feeling chilly?" Lillian smirked looking towards Astrid.

"Grandfather have we interrupted something?" Hilda slid in the room; she kept her eyes fixated on Astrid. Astrid stared back; she knew Hilda was up to something. But why now? Of all times, why does Lillian's lackey have to interrupt!

"No no…they were all leaving."

The group minus Astrid turned to look at him.

"Leaving?" Pico restated.

"Is that what we were doing?" Lassi asked, pulling the frills of Sorbet's dress slightly. Sorbet nodded no, giving Lassi the look of silencing. And Lassi sadly let go of her dress, Sorbet tried to smooth the creases of her favorite dress.

"We're not going anywhere sir." Pico stated crossing his arms. Principal Biscotti sighed, turning to Ms. Madeleine for much needed help. Ms. Madeleine's eyes turned hard.

"There nothing left to be said. But after school….Meet me in the Meditation room."

"Why?" Chai pressed a little harder.

"Why?" She turned her voice soft.

"Because I'm going to teach you to fight."

"What!?" The six thought.

"Girls, what do you need?"Ms. Madeleine redirected the room's attention back to the two girls. Lillian smiled a little too sweetly,

"Yes finally, Hey Hilda what do we need from these kind Clunk heads er lovely students?" Lillian toyed with them happily, twirling a piece of hair.

"We need her." Hilda said sharply, pointing to Astrid. Astrid wanted to duck behind Pico or melt into the floor. Anything to stray away from those silver painted nailed hands.

She shook her head wildly and went mute. There was no way she was going anywhere with Creepy Hilda not in a million years!

"Astrid? Whatever for?" Principal Biscotti asked ignoring Astrid's blunt refusal.

"We desperately need her special talents…for an um special experiment." Hilda said gracefully, filling her words with ease to taint her Grandfather judgment.

"Special what now?" Astrid thought. This would only end badly for her.