I'll be the first to admit that as a Bonnie (and Stefan) fan I was extremely disappointment with the finale. I'm actually unsure if I'll even watch Season 5, but I do plan on still writing fanfic regardless. Interestingly enough I was inspired by some speculation I saw on tumblr so I decided to write something of my own. Anyway here is the first chapter.

Mystic Falls – Present Day (Stefan's Home)

Silas gets out bed and briefly glances at the two women that are asleep in his bed before sighing in annoyance. He hates when they end up staying the night. He seriously contemplates whether or not to feed on them when both of the women stir. Deciding that feeding on them would be more trouble than it's worth, he compels them to leave instead. The women quickly start getting dressed and soon they are near the door getting ready to leave.

"Goodbye Stefan." The pale brunette giggles while her darker skinned friend drags her toward the front door.

"Have a good day ladies." He smiles tightly at the two women before the shutting the door. He has to admit that he still has trouble not rolling his eyes whenever he answers to his doppelganger's name, but it has gotten somewhat easier over a bit of time.

Ever since he's taken over his doppelganger's life, it has been a month of debauchery – feeding and non-stop sex. While he admits that it has been fun indulging, it has become boring and he now finds himself thinking of the actual reason he is came to Mystic Falls, Qetsiyah.

He may have spent the last month with other women but his mind had never been off of his powerful witch. Leave it to history to get things completely wrong. Despite what legend says, Qetsiyah hadn't been a friend that he ignored in favor of another. She was actually the woman he had planned to spend eternity with until everything went horribly wrong.

Ancient Egypt - 2000 Years Ago (Qetsiyah's Bedroom)

Qetsiyah smiles when Silas kisses her neck. "I've been waiting for you, my love. What kept you from me so long?"

"I had to wait until everyone was distracted so I could slip away." Silas pulls her into his arms "I take it you missed me tigress?"He asks humorously as his hands glide down her body, his lips never leaving the crook of her neck.

"Of course." She turns in his arms, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss. Silas' hands move from around her waist to her face to deepen their kiss. The kiss serves to fuel their need, but Silas still pulls away from his lover as a worrying thought comes to him.

"Where are Nekonekh and the little one?" Silas asks referring to her husband and child. As much as he craves his witch, he wants to be sure their affair isn't in danger of being revealed.

"Nekonekh and the other men went to gather supplies and the 'little one' as you call him, went along with them." She leans in to press a kiss to his lips, but Silas backs away. Qetsiyah looks at him in confusion, silently waiting for him to explain the sudden change in his demeanor.

"I'm not sure if we should keep doing this." He caresses her cheek. "It is becoming more and more difficult to leave you." His voice takes on a gloom tone as he stares intensely at her.

"What exactly are you saying Silas?" Qetsiyah looks back at him nervously.

"I'm saying I think we should runaway together, leave everything behind."

"What about our children? Could you really leave your daughter behind, especially since has already lost her mother?" Qetsiyah pauses, briefly thinking of Silas deceased wife that died during childbirth.

"I'm certain I could because I know she is already being adequately cared for by my brother's family." He takes her lips, briefly brushing them with his own in a short, but no less passion-filled kiss. She looks away from him intending to catch her breath, but he takes her chin pulling her face back towards his.

"Qetsiyah." He says her full name instead of his usual endearment for her and she knows what he says next will be very important. "I know you could do the same. We both know you are unhappy with the life you were forced into." He grabs at her shoulders.

"This." He looks around the large bedroom. "Should have been ours and you know it." He looks at her passionately and they both think about the way they were torn from each other as teenagers.

They had been best friends growing up as they both came from powerful witch families. Eventually they fell in love, but because of the differences in their backgrounds were not allowed to marry. As powerful as they both were back then, they had been too young to actually go through with defying their families.

Instead they were pushed into arranged marriages with people who were deemed more appropriate choices. They managed to stay away from each long enough for them both to have children, but after that they began a secret affair that has continued for a few years. The clandestine meetings had been enough for them at first, but lately they have both yearned for more.

"You are right my love." She nods at him. "We should have had a life together, but back then we were too afraid to do anything about it. We might not have had enough power back then, but I'm certain we do now and we could be together for eternity." She smiles up at him and begins to tell him her plan to make them both immortal.

Afterwards she finds herself flat on her back and being kissed thoroughly by her lover. The need that had been rampant when Silas first appeared returns almost immediately. He quickly divests both of them of their clothes and thrusts inside of her without any warning.

The moment his cock pushes inside of her his eyes widen with intense pleasure. Being with her is always amazing, but tonight knowing that they will finally get to be together like they have always wanted makes every moment all the more pleasurable.

Qetsiyah moans softly; her hips rise up with each thrust. Soon the pleasure almost becomes too much for her and she attempts to back away somewhat. "Oh God" she whimpers when she feels her orgasm building. "It's too much."

"Stay with me, Tigress." Silas whispers into her hair before bringing their mouths together. Silas grunts and pulls her thighs down lower around his hips, but doesn't relent. He continues making love to her wildly until she finally shatters around him, bringing him to his own orgasm. They collapse against each other and are on their way to contentment when they suddenly hear loud shouts.

Before Silas can react he is knocked unconscious.

Mystic Falls (Stefan's Home)- Present Day

The shouts at been from Qetsiyah's husband and some of the other townsmen. It seems that Nekonekh had suspected their affair for a while now and had waited for them to meet so the affair would be exposed.

While he had been knocked unconscious, Qetsiyah had been killed by the townsmen. He had initially assumed it had been due to their affair, but he found out that the actual reason because she was a witch. Nekonekh had known about her powers before they married and had been okay with it. Silas had been furious when he found out Nekonekh had betrayed her secret because of his anger over the affair.

Back then it had been against the law for women to practice witchcraft, but not for men which was why he was spared public a death. Instead they planned banishing him so he would he die suffering. Before that could happen however, Qetsiyah had been able to make him immortal, saving him from death (though not from years of banishment) but without her body (it had been burned beyond recognition) she was unable to do the same for herself.

Still they vowed that they would be together for eternity. As a result, they had been planning for years to find a way, but it wasn't until recently that they realized that their plan could finally come to fruition. With him trapped as an immortal and her on the Other Side, the only ways for them to be together would either be for him take a cure and join her, something that was unacceptable for either of them as they would lose a most of their power once they were reunited. Since neither of them wanted to relinquish their power, they decided to go for the other option.

The other option had for them for them to wait for Qetsiyah's doppelgänger that would eventually show up in her ancestry line and find a way to take over her body. The doppelgänger would undoubtedly wield a lot of power which meant that not only would Qetsiyah finally have a body, but they would also be able to get him get back to his true form. They however had no way of knowing how long that might take; they only knew that they would wait forever if need be.

In the meantime Silas watched as his own doppelgänger appeared and while he was initially angry about the creation, once he saw him running around with Emily Bennett, he recognized that it might eventually work to his advantage. It took nearly two hundred years after that initial encounter for it to happen, but once Bonnie Bennett and Stefan Salvatore met, he knew he and Qetsiyah were close to getting what they wanted.

After seeing them interact Silas had always found it interesting that his doppelgänger and the witch never wondered why he was always allowed in the Old Witches House when no other vampire including his own brother was allowed inside. Neither wondered why he worked so hard to earn her trust and why she wanted even wanted to trust him in the first place. They likely just chalked it up to being him being pure-hearted instead of looking for any alternate reasoning.

Qetsiyah watched on as her ancestor's power grew, knowing that their plan to use her body would only work when the witch's powers were nearly insurmountable. When the Bennett witch began delving into dark magic and expression, they knew the time had come and began working accordingly.

He managed to free himself around that same time and began manipulating the witch and her friends by telling them little things about the legend that were untrue. It killed him a little to deny Qetsiyah's importance in his life, but he knew it was necessary. It had also been decided that Qetsiyah would not contact Bonnie or vice-versa in order to play up their antagonistic relationship.

As their doppelganger's Bonnie and Stefan were the only ones with enough power to defeat him and Qetsiyah. While they were both extremely powerful on their own, together they would be an unbreakable force. When you combine their power and the fact that they both tend to be too noble for their own goods, they would be an extremely dangerous team. Silas and Qetsiyah knew their doppelgängers would have to be neutralized and the last several months were spent preparing for that. In an ironic twist the nobleness that as usually a strength for their doppelgängers ended up being their downfall. Had they been more selfish, they might not be where they are now.

Silas smirks at how well their plan worked out, no one suspects a thing and based on most of his interactions with them, they won't figure it out anytime soon.

Ghostly Plane – Present Day

Sheila Bennett paces worriedly, she hasn't seen Bonnie at all in the last week and she has no idea where she is. Ever since her granddaughter's death, Bonnie had been going back and forth between the ghostly plane and the earthly plane to visit the Gilbert boy, but she hasn't been back in few days. At first she thought that Bonnie finally told someone about her death and that she was able to bring herself back to life, but she knows Bonnie would have said goodbye first.

While she did go along with Bonnie's plan to hide it, unbeknownst to Bonnie, Qetsiyah managed to perform a spell that would preserve her granddaughter's body. She was able to do so when Bonnie went to graduation and Sheila had been incapable of stopping her powerful ancestor. Sheila knew that Qetsiyah's preservation spell had been for selfish (not mention dangerous) reasons, so once she knew Qetsiyah was gone from the cave, Sheila secretly did a spell that would hide Bonnie's body from both Silas and Qetsiyah. The downside meant that no one else would be able to find the body either which would make a resurrection much more difficult if not impossible.

When she and Bonnie crossed over together, Sheila had hoped that she would get a chance to tell Bonnie about what happened, but she could sense their ancestor's presence and she didn't want to alert her so she kept the news to herself.

Now she can only hope that wherever Bonnie is that she is at least safe.

Mystic Falls (Boardinghouse) – Present Day

Jeremy sighs when he hears giggling from upstairs. It's been a month since Bonnie brought him and made him promise not to tell anyone about her death, but it has been extremely difficult not to break that promise. Especially with Damon and Elena acting like they are newlyweds.

He doesn't know how long he can keep quiet especially since he hasn't heard from her in the last week. Over the last few weeks she has been going back and forth between here and the ghostly plane, but this week nothing. He assumes that she's been busy in the ghostly plane, but he hopes he hears from her soon. If Not he will have a talk with others and break a promise he probably shouldn't have kept in the first place.

Mystic Falls (Lockwood Home) - Present Day

Caroline Matt, Rebekah, and Tyler are hanging out together at Matt & Tyler's home and while it has been fun (and a little weird hanging out with Rebekah & Matt now that they are a couple), Caroline has to admit that she really misses Bonnie.

She hasn't seen her best friend since after graduation since Bonnie decided to spend the summer with her mother, but she hopes that she comes back in time to spend a little of time together before they go off to college.

Unknown Room-Present Day

Stefan jolts awake expect to be surrounded by water, but finds that he is laying in a bed of room he doesn't recognize.

Stefan sits up in the strange bed wondering if this yet another hallucination. He's been having a lot of those lately and strangely that have all been focused and centered on Bonnie. He has no idea if it's because she was the last person on his mind when he was going into the lake or if it is the guilt that he's technically still alive when she is not. He spent a lot of time thinking about her and how out of everyone she deserved to have good life the most.

After that he started getting the hallucinations. They usually started out with a memory of a moment they shared, but usually the moment would turn more intimate and romantic. He never has a problem with those hallucinations because Bonnie is a beautiful woman and he's always been attracted to her physically and magically.

The only problem is that the hallucinations usually turn horrific and that makes him remember that he is trapped underwater without much hope of being rescued.

When Stefan looks around the room again and still fails to recognize anything he realizes that this most likely isn't another hallucination. Still he decides to check out things hoping it will help him figure out what's going on. Before he can get up however he glances down and is shocked to see a familiar face lying beside him.

"Bonnie?" He yells out in surprise.

At his unintentional yell Bonnie jolts up into a sitting position looking just as shocked when she realizes who it was that called out her name. "Stefan?"

The two continue to stare at each other, both equally bewildered and flustered by the situation.