Mystic Falls (Stefan's Home)

Stefan sleepily wraps his arms tighter around Bonnie intending on going back to sleep when he hears someone at the door. Not wanting it disturb Bonnie, he quickly climbs out of bed and makes his way downstairs, only to frown when he sees who is at the door.

Damon stands at the door impatiently tapping his foot. He wants to say what he has to say and go back to his business, but of course his Stefan has to take forever to open the door.

"What do you want?" Stefan barks out as soon as he pulls the door open.

"I came to see how you were doing after what happened." Damon ignores Stefan's less than enthusiastic greeting and grins cockily at him.

"Okay you've seen me. Now you can go." He attempts to close the door, but Damon manages to push past him.

"What's with the hostility, brother?" Elena really has done a number on him is all Damon can think.

"Bonnie's asleep and I don't want you disturbing her." Stefan also wants to go back to the comfort of Bonnie's warm embrace, but he doesn't think that's really any of Damon's business.

"Speaking of the witch, that's actually why I'm here."

Stefan looks at him in confusion, not quite sure where Damon is going with this. "If you're here because you want some kind of spell or something. You should think again." Stefan knows he shouldn't be speaking for Bonnie, but he has no doubt that her response would be the same.

"That's not it." His eyes roll far back in his head. "I want you stop whatever it is you think you're doing with the witch." Damon demands arrogantly, pulling no punches.

"What exactly is it that you think I'm doing?" Stefan feels the anger rush through him, annoyed both at Damon's refusal to use Bonnie's name and because he has idea of where Damon's thoughts are going.

"I know you're only with her in order to make Elena jealous. I just wanted to let you know that Elena loves me, so this plan you have isn't going to work. So there is no need for you to use her best friend that way."

"The fact that you actually think I would do something like that to Bonnie says a lot more about you than it does about me." Stefan attempts to calm himself down; annoyed that Damon is downplaying his relationship with Bonnie. "What I had with Elena is over, I've moved on. I love Bonnie and I'm not giving her up." Stefan steps closer to Damon, anger flaring in his eyes.

"Oh come on you can't expect me to believe that you aren't still pining for my girlfriend." Damon looks at Stefan in disbelief. Stefan can say he no longer has feelings for Elena all he wants, but as far as he's concerned, his past behavior proves otherwise.

"I really don't care if you believe me or not. I don't have to prove a damn thing to you." And Stefan means that. All that matters to him is that Bonnie knows how he feels about her and that she feels the same way. Thinking of Bonnie brings a smile to his face and it makes him want Damon to leave all the more so he can get back to her.

"You're right you don't have to prove anything to me. Just make sure you remember who got the girl and that when I have something, I'm very determined to keep it." His voice is deadly as he refers to his past determination to find Katherine.

Fed up, Stefan opens the door silently indicating that he wants Damon to leave.

Damon angrily walks out annoyed that he hasn't seemed to deter his brother from his ridiculous plan. Oh well he'll just have to watch out for Stefan more.

Stefan closes the door behind him. He lets out a long exhale, washing the annoyance from Damon's visit away. He turns around and is surprised to see Bonnie standing at the bottom of the stairs watching him with an unreadable expression on her face. Walking over to her, Stefan presses a kiss to her lips.

"I was hoping to get him out of here before you had chance to wake up."

Bonnie smiles weakly at him. She woke up when she heard the raised voices, panicking for a moment thinking Stefan was in danger until she remembered that he was safe and sound.

"How are your wounds today?" She softly touches one of the bandages that covers his shoulder.

"They are actually lot better. I think I should be fully healed within a few hours." He changes the subject, wondering how much she heard. "So, how much of that did you hear?"

"Enough to know that Damon is still a possessive jackass that treats Elena like she's a prize to be won." Bonnie's voice is filled with annoyance on behalf of Elena.

"You noticed that too." He also picked up on it during their argument, but decided not to say anything knowing Damon would only use it for evidence to support his theory about him wanting Elena. He silently wonders if Bonnie is going to say anything to Elena

Reading his mind Bonnie answers his unasked question. "I learned a while ago not to get in the middle of that relationship. Nothing I say is going to change Elena's mind." She shrugs helplessly. She hopes that will change eventually, but for now she will keep her opinions to herself.

When Bonnie suddenly yawns, Stefan remembers the little amount of sleep she's had and decides they could to get her back upstairs.

"Let's get you back to bed." Stefan says as he brushes his lips across her forehead before taking her hand in his and walking them up the stairs.

Mystic Falls (Mystic Grill)

Several hours later, Bonnie and Stefan are at the Grill engaged in a game of pool. Or Stefan amends, Bonnie's playing pool while he finds himself distracted by her. He gets distracted by the cocky glint in her eyes whenever she makes a shot, the way she looks in the jeans she's wearing, not to mention the mixture of intoxicating scents wafting from her. As a result she's managed to beat him several times tonight, though he's not complaining since it brings a smile to her face.

He watches as Bonnie makes another shot, he eyes lingering on her ass as she bends down. She sinks it and rights herself, but before she can turn to gloat, he hauls her into a hot and wet kiss. She moans into his mouth and he briefly moves his tongue around tasting the chocolate from the milkshake she had as well as her own unique taste. However before he can further deepen the kiss, Bonnie pulls away, a slightly dazed expression present on her face. When it clears their eyes meet and they share a long heated look.

"We should get back to the game." Bonnie is the first to break their staring contest, knowing that continuing along this route would not be very wise. At least while they are in a public place.

Stefan shifts in attempt to calm his hormones down, hoping that no one notices the slight bulge he's sporting.

"I need to get something to drink. Do you want anything?" He figures getting something cold will help cool him down.

Bonnie shakes her head no.

"I'll be right back." Stefan brushes a kiss against her cheek before walking over to the counter.

Bonnie grins at him knowingly before turning back to the pool table. Bonnie is just getting ready to attempt another shot when she hears a throat clearing behind her. She quickly spins around only groan in annoyance when she sees Jeremy glaring at her, obviously still looking for a fight. She sets the pool stick down on the table, figuring she would be less tempted to use it on him if she's no longer holding it.

"What do you want, Jeremy?" Not really wanting to deal with him especially after the last twenty four hours, but knowing they need to have it out.

"What do you mean 'what do I want?' You threw me across the room like a rag doll last night. I can't believe you would do something like that." Jeremy's voice is angry despite finding out that she was rescuing Stefan. As far as Jeremy's concerned the world would have been better off without the bastard that stole his girl.

"I asked you to get out of my way and you refused. I did what I had to do and I'm not sorry for it." Bonnie keeps her voice level mindful of the crowd of people around them.

"Bonnie, can't you see what he's doing to you?" He steps closer to her. "He has you sacrificing yourself and your morals for him when he'll only let you down in the end."

"So it was perfectly fine for me make sacrifices for you, but if I do it for someone else, you have something to say. And if I remember correctly, you ended up letting me down." She really doesn't want to bring up the situation with Anna, but him acting so self-righteous about Stefan makes her want to lash out.

"I've apologized and apologized for that. What will it take for you to let it go?"

"That's just it, I have let it go. I don't care anymore about it anymore. I've moved on and so have you by the way." Bonnie thinks of Hannah and her anger rises. The few times Bonnie has met her, she's been nice and she really doesn't deserve this.

"Have I?" Jeremy looks at her meaningfully.

"What are you saying?" Bonnie stiffens not liking where this more than likely going.

"I'm saying I only moved on because I hoped you would realize you could lose me. But instead you decide to spread your legs for the first guy to give you a little attention."

Bonnie eyes flash with fury, but before she can say anything in response they are interrupted.

"Is there a problem here?" Stefan's steely voice breaks through Jeremy's angry haze and he turns around to face the vampire.

Stefan purposely makes his glare as intimidating as possible, inwardly smirking when the younger Gilbert backs up slightly. He softens his features when he glances over at Bonnie. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine Stefan." Bonnie's previously cold voice takes on a slighter warmer tone when she looks at Stefan.

"This has nothing to do with you." Jeremy jealously interrupts the brief moment between vampire and witch.

"I think it has everything to do with me." Stefan's anger flares up. Bonnie told him about the argument she had with him they day before as well as their other confrontation later on. He couldn't help but chuckle at image of Jeremy flying through the air. Stefan had hoped that would wake the boy up, but obviously that hasn't happened. And after hearing that last barb, Stefan wonders if maybe it's time to teach him a little lesson.

Bonnie sensing a storm, moves in between them and presses her palms Stefan's chest in an attempt to calm him down some. It works a little, but she knows Stefan is still brimming with fury so she turns to Jeremy to give him one last parting thought before they leave.

"I don't know what it is that you're trying to accomplish here, but like I told you before. We're done. I was hoping we could be friends, but that obviously isn't possible." After she's finished she turns back toward Stefan and they silently make their way out outside, Bonnie's arm slipping around his waist.

Jeremy looks on with anger and is planning on making his own exit when he sees Hannah in the corner of his eye. He blanches when he remembers that they were supposed to be meeting here and based on the angry look on her face, she heard a lot of what was said.

"Hannah…" Jeremy begins knowing that she at least deserves an explanation.

"Don't!" Her voice is quiet yet determined. "I knew something was up with you, but I couldn't figure out what. I guess now I know." She had known about his past relationship with Bonnie, but stupidly assumed that it was in the past for the both of them.

"Just so you know, you and me are done." After that she turns to leave.

"Hannah…wait." Jeremy 'pleads, but she walks out without looking at him.

For the second time today he's watches as another girl he cares about walks out on him.

Mystic Falls (Outside the Mystic Grill)

As soon as Stefan and Bonnie make outside, Stefan finds himself pressed against the wall.

"What are you doing?" Stefan asks confused yet intrigued.

"I can feel the anger radiating off of you. The way I see it as your girlfriend, it's my job to calm you down and take your mind off what just happened."

"How do you plan on doing that?"

Bonnie says nothing instead she moves her hands to his face and slowly caresses his cheeks. After a few moments she removes her hands and replaces them with her lips. She presses a kiss to each cheek, his forehead, and his neck before pulling away to look at him.

Stefan exhales and is happy to find that his anger is slowly fading away. They continue staring at each other intensely; the last remnants of anger fade away, turning into desire. Without warning they lunge at each other their mouths meeting in a frantic kiss.

Bonnie gasps when Stefan turns them around and slams her against the brick wall that he was previously against. Their kiss becomes all the more heated and when Bonnie pulls back to catch her breath, he begins sucking on her neck. Before long Bonnie can feel his erection poking against her.

"As much as I'm enjoying this, I'm not the exhibitionist type. So I think we should get out of here before we do just that." She slides out of Stefan's embrace and begins moving forward when she hears Stefan's voice behind her.

"You know I love you right?" His eyes are dazzling and shine with the love he feels.

"I love you too" Bonnie gives him a bright grin before hugging him tightly.

Damon watches their interaction quietly, it suddenly hitting him that Stefan actually has moved on from Elena. He should feel happy, but for some reason he's feeling the opposite. He shakes himself out those thoughts when he realizes that Bonnie and Stefan are moving closer to him. Not wanting to deal with them at the moment, he hangs back so Bonnie and Stefan won't see him.

When Bonnie and Stefan walk past him, Damon can't stop himself from checking Bonnie out. She looks good, something that he's noticed before on several occasions, but today it seems to be on display more. He suddenly wonders what a relationship with Bonnie would be like.

Two Months Later

Two months have gone by and Caroline, Bonnie, and Elena have finally managed to get settled into college life. They moved into their dorm suite with the help of Tyler, Matt, and Stefan. (Damon opted not to come.) Rudy, Abby, and Carol threw them a party before they left and while they still miss their parents, Elena, Bonnie and Caroline are glad to be on their own at the moment.

Jeremy decided to move in with Matt and Tyler, no longer comfortable with living with Damon without Elena as a buffer. The two of them decided on attending the local junior college and since they would still be in town. He's still dealing with the aftermath of what happened with Bonnie and Hannah. And other than Elena (who has to talk to him, though she isn't very happy about it) he's only speaking terms with Matt and Tyler. Hannah still refuses to talk to him and has even began seeing someone new, leaving Jeremy alone.

Despite the distance, Bonnie and Caroline's relationships with Stefan and Tyler have continued to flourish. Both couples make it a priority to each other as often as possible by going back forth between their residences. Meanwhile, Damon and Elena's relationship has grown strained. Elena feels Damon pulling away and she can't figure out why. Still she tries to keep a happy appearance, hoping that things will eventually get better.

Whitmore College (Wooded area)

A tall and lanky vampire stands in his usual hiding spot waiting for prey to snatch. He never would have figured that a college campus would be a great place for food, but it is. He'll however, have to move from this particular campus eventually because he is getting the feeling he's being watched.

About fifty feet away, Bonnie walks side by side with Caroline and Elena flanking her. They have been tracking this vampire for a few days and today is finally the day they will catch the bastard. There have been quite a few unexplained deaths in the area over the last two weeks and they quickly figured out that it was vampire related. Ever since then they've been trying to find the culprit to prevent any more casualties from happening. It's funny, they had assumed that going away to school would give them normalcy than they had in high school, but so far it's proving not to be the case.

Elena spots the vampire first and points him out to Caroline and Bonnie. Silently they begin to get ready for plan they formulated earlier. Bonnie will incapacitate him by giving him an aneurism, leaving it up to Elena and Caroline to do the rest.

Bonnie begins her part in the plan and the vampire collapses to his knees, his head searing with pain. Elena is just about charge him when a bolt hits him in the heart and he turns into dust. Shocked, the three women turn around and are surprised to see a tall (at least 6'5) handsome and muscular African-American guy holding a crossbow in his hand.

"I love the sound this thing makes." The brown-eyed man briefly looks at his crossbow before looking back at Bonnie, Caroline, and Elena with a wry smile.

New York (Silas & Qetsiyah's Boardinghouse)

Katherine moans as Elijah rapidly lifts her up and down in his lap. Since she's not facing him she can't see his face in order to see how turned on he is. Instead she clenches her inner muscles around his cock and is rewarded when he grunts and proceeds to speed up his thrusts even more. She gasps as his hands move from her hips to her breasts and he squeezes them softly. Elijah begins kissing her neck and she feels the beginnings of her climax when she feels the pressure build up in her body. Aware of this and heading to his own climax, he starts pounding while whispering dirty demands against her neck. Before long they are both in the midst of a powerful orgasm that weakens them both. They collapse into the leather chair they are sitting in, cuddling happily against each other.

The last person she had expected to run into when she came to New York a couple months ago with Qetsiyah and Silas was Elijah. She had been celebrating going back being a vampire by draining on as many people as possible when she ran into Elijah. She had compelled an attractive newlywed couple (intending on sleeping with him while she forced the wife to watch) when Elijah suddenly appeared. She had been angry when she realized he was standing there. Mostly because when they last saw each other she did something she thought she would never do for anyone- beg. So despite still feeling drawn to him, she decided to walk away because there was no way she was going beg him for anything again. Instead she decided to stay focused on the couple she planned on draining, ignoring Elijah's presence.

That of course pissed off Elijah who didn't like the thought of her fucking another man (human or otherwise) and before she knew it they were both back at her place going at it, using the woman as a meal while the husband was tied to a chair and forced to watch them. Later they drained the man as well and after another round of sex, fell asleep in her bed. A few hours later they woke up and Elijah revealed that he realized quickly that being in New Orleans with Klaus wasn't all that appealing and that he would much rather be with Katherine. So when he found out where she was he purposely followed her to New York with the intention of getting her back.

Now here they were together and they have both been working with Silas and Qetsiyah to take out Stefan and Bonnie. She's surprised that it is taking so long for the plan to unfold, but she knows that the longer it takes the more successful the plan will be.

Mystic Falls (Bar)

Damon sits in a booth by himself, a glass of scotch in his hand. Normally he would be drinking at home, but he wanted to be in the public today. He really should be going to see Elena at school, but he doesn't feel like seeing her. Lately he's been finding himself bored and restless and he knows it's because Stefan has actually moved on from Elena. He had found it exhilarating to finally have something over his brother, but now that that has changed, his relationship with Elena isn't as great as it once was. He loves her, but the excitement is missing and has no idea how to get it back.

He is broken out of his thoughts when two busty Pamela Anderson lookalikes sidle up to him. They introduce themselves as Adriana and Donna and they both make it more than obvious that they would like nothing more than to go home with him.

When Damon feels his cock harden he suddenly wonders if this might be the answer to his problems.

Whitmore College (Wooded Area)

Bane Granger sniffs the air as he looks at the trio of women. Based on the scents he is picking up, the blonde and the brunette are vampires like him while the shorter green-eyed woman is a witch. A very powerful witch if the vibes he's getting prove anything. "Ladies." He greets them with a nod. He has always been a sucker for beautiful women and the three women fit the bill magnificently.

"Who are you?" Bonnie is the one to find her voice first. Bonnie notes that he's wearing a daywalker ring on his right hand (the same hand as Stefan) which indicates that he is a vampire. Because of his towering height, she has to crane her head in order to meet his eyes.

"Brisbane, but everyone calls me Bane. And you are?" He smiles and it's hard for them not to be taken in by his charming grin which is enhanced by the look in his brown eyes. Caroline is the first to break and introduces herself as well as Bonnie and Elena.

"Now that's we've introduced ourselves, you want to tell us why exactly you were out here in the woods stalking vampires." Caroline is curious why the handsome vampire would be out on a college campus.

"The same thing as you three apparently. I mean why else would a witch and two vampires be in the woods this late." He gives them a knowing look before putting away his crossbow. "I heard about the murders and knew right away who was responsible. I've been tracking this guy for a few days and I finally caught up with him today. That is why I stepped in just now."

"There was no need for you to step in. We were perfectly capable of taking care of that bastard." Elena looks at him in annoyance.

"I never said you weren't. It's just that I've been tracking him for days and the thought of someone else making that kill was not an option." There is nothing worse than being denied a rightful kill.

"Maybe we felt the same way. Did you ever think of that?" Elena raises her voice. "No instead you act some big macho white knight that needs to come in and save us poor damsels" Elena walks closer to him her nostrils flaring with anger.

"That's not what I was doing, but if you had moved faster you might have been able to take him out before I did." Bane snaps angrily surprising himself. He has always been able to hold back his emotions, but for some reason Elena has managed to spark them up without much effort.

"That doesn't still doesn't explain why you're out here on campus." Bonnie breaks up the argument to focus on the reason they all there in the first place. Later she'll note that Elena seems overly hostile to Bane which is unusual for her friend that has tendency to be nice to every new person she meets. As for right now, Bonnie doesn't want to be suspicious, but other than Elena and Caroline she doesn't come across too many vampires on campus. And she wants to make sure this new vamp won't be a threat to them.

"I'm a student here. I do the college thing during the day and what most would call vampire hunting at night." Once again his wide grin is place and this time Bonnie can't help but smile back. She is still somewhat suspicious of him, but she actually getting good vibes from him.

"Why would a vampire hunt other vampires." Caroline asks wondering if he could be a potential threat.

"I'll tell you, but can we talk about this in some place other than woods. Having a conversation like this is a little creepy. How about I treat you all to dinner at the den?"

"We don't need you to pay for our dinner." Elena snaps irritably only to roll her eyes when Caroline pokes in the gut with her elbow.

"A hot guy wants to buy us dinner and he doesn't want anything in return. I for one am going to take advantage of that." Caroline whispers to her, resulting in an eye roll from Elena.

Bonnie laughs at their antics before glancing at Bane. "Lead the way."

She indicates with her hand and the four of them beginning making their way out of the woods.

Mystic Falls (Boardinghouse)

Damon grunts in pleasure as Donna and Adriana take turns sucking his cock. He grins as both women get more brazen with each suck, both competing to give him the most pleasure. They have different techniques; Donna goes for the deep throating method that sends pleasure to his spine while Adriana goes for a different method that makes him feel as though his head will burst. At one point they decide to share and both women begin licking him at the same time. Eventually he gets bored with that and pulls Adriana's mouth away from him and slams her down on his cock. He snaps his finger indicating that he wants Donna to climb on top of his face. She smiles saucily and quickly crawls over to him, promptly sitting down on his face. She tastes fantastic and it makes him want to take some of her blood, but he decides against it because he didn't compel the women before he took them and he doesn't feel like stopping do to so right now.

Instead, he continues to screw both women fiercely, changing positions frequently. At one point he's taking Donna from behind while she has her face in Adriana's mound. It seems as though the longer he fucks them the hornier he grows something that obviously pleases both women.

Later, Damon is lying in bed, Donna and Adriana are cuddled on either side of him fast asleep. He thinks about Elena, while there is a part of him that feels bad for hurting her this way, he doesn't really feel all that guilty. He has been bored by his relationship as of late and tonight gave him the adrenaline rush he needed. Damon figures that he can still do the relationship thing with Elena and get the rush he's craving by having one night stands.

Finally satisfied with his solution, he falls asleep a satisfied smile appearing on his face.

Whitmore College (Dorm Suite)

A couple hours later, Bonnie, Elena, and Caroline return to their suite after having dinner with Bane. It had been an interesting and weirdly fun night. And it led to them deciding to exchanging information to hang out another time. It had been nice talking to someone who wasn't in their inner circle about supernatural things. They talked about vampires, witchcraft and other subjects. When Bonnie had wondered why he knew so much about witchcraft, Bane revealed that he had been born into a family of witches over 300 years ago. He had been a fairly powerful witch until his entire family was killed and he was turned. And despite no longer being able to practice magic, he still studies the subject because it make him feel closer to his family. Caroline had been impressed when he revealed that he hasn't had any human blood in years and sticks to animal blood that he buys from a butcher friend of his. She and Bonnie had both been impressed when he told them the reason he became a vampire hunter. He had gone through his own ripper stage and initially did to atone for that, but found that he actually liked helping people.

The only one that hadn't been impressed was Elena and she let Bane know it every chance she got. Not taking it lying down, Bane fired back. As a result, throughout the night Bonnie and Caroline had watched the two of them with fascination as they traded snarky barbs back and forth.

"Okay, what was with you tonight? I'm supposed to the 'bitchy' one." Caroline asks as soon as they reach their shared suite.

"She's right you know" Bonnie nods her head in agreement, ducking when Caroline playfully swats at her.

"I think he's a conceited jerk." Is all she says before heading to her room and closing the door behind her.

Bonnie and Caroline share an amused look. They've never seen Elena so animated and they both wonder what exactly it about this guy that seems to set Elena off.

After talking for a few more minutes, Caroline eventually heads to her room, while Bonnie decides to go their shared bathroom to take a shower.

Whitmore College (Bonnie's Room)

After her shower, Bonnie goes back to her room dressed in pair of boxer shorts and a tank. She closes the door behind her and is just about to head to her bed when she realizes that she isn't alone. She sees Stefan lounging in her desk chair, a wicked grin on his face. "I missed you."

"Stefan? How did you get in here?" Her voice is filled with a mixture of confusion and happiness. She knows that he would only be let in if she or her friends let him in and since they weren't here that obviously hadn't been an option.

"I have my ways. And before you ask I didn't have to compel anyone to get in here." Stefan quickly stands up eager to touch her, but before he can get halfway across the room, Bonnie is already in his arms. Their lips meet in a fiery kiss and Bonnie melts into the kiss. They kiss frantically for several moments until Bonnie pulls away and begins dragging him over to her bed.

On the way over they manage to pull off his leather jacket before he lands on the bed, Bonnie straddling him. She lifts her shirt over her head leaving her bare. Stefan looks up at her, lust evident in his gaze and he feels his already hardened erection rise. She grinds down on it causing them both to groan in pleasure. Stefan pulls her down for another kiss only to frown in disappointment when she pulls away.

"I think you're a little over dressed." She says before she lifts the hem of his black t shirt up. He helps her by lifting his arms and eventually joins her tank and his leather jacket on the floor. As always, she feels the excitement run through her when she takes in Stefan's naked torso. In response he thrusts upward, grinning sly when Bonnie attempts to hold back her gasp.

She grinds back down on him watching as his jaw muscles contract forcefully while his hands clutch tightly at her hips. She grins slightly as it becomes obvious that she's torturing him some, loving the rush of power and desire it gives her.

Without warning she finds her shorts being ripped off her and Stefan is undoing his pants. She helps him take them off, smirking when she realizes that he went commando today. Soon they are both naked and staring at each other with an intense desire. Bonnie sits up slightly before slowly sliding down on his shaft. She rides him slowly, her head thrown back in ecstasy while Stefan's head thrashes back and forth.

Eventually the pleasure becomes too much for Stefan he shifts turning them over so Bonnie is the one her back. He begins thrusting in earnest, his cock pushing deep inside of her. Before the small room is becomes filled with their grunts, gasps, and moans.

Whitmore College (Dorm Suite)

Caroline is surprised to see Elena in the kitchen with holding a mug of blood when she comes out of her room. She had assumed the other woman had gone to bed, but obviously not.

"I'm sorry about earlier." Elena is the first to speak. "It's just that I'm frustrated because of what's been going on with Damon the last couple of months."

"So you admit that you were kind of harsh with Bane." She teases, giving Elena her trademark grin.

"No. I still think he's a jerk, but I didn't mean to take my anger out on you and Bonnie." She doesn't know what it is about Bane that gets to her, but she doesn't want it interfering with her friendships with Bonnie and Caroline. "How are you doing?" She looks up at Caroline, having read the look on her face.

"I'm feeling a little restless. Normally I would be with Tyler or he'd be here, but he's out of town with Matt and your brother." She pouts slightly before sobering up. "This is pathetic it's Friday night and we're here pouting about our relationships. I say we go out for a drink."

"Sure, I'll go get changed." She says before heading back into her room.

Caroline who had yet to change out of her earlier clothes decides to go get Bonnie. When she gets to the door, she is just about to twist the knob when she hears the squeaking of bed springs as well as moans and grunts that are obviously attributed to Bonnie and Stefan. He must have surprised Bonnie by coming to see her this weekend. She listens to them unabashedly for several seconds before she moves away from the door.

Elena comes out of her room only to frown in confusion when she sees the wicked grin on Caroline's face. "I thought you were going to get Bonnie and what's with the grin?"

"Bonnie's a little busy right now, she definitely won't miss us at all."

"What do you…" Elena starts to ask only to trail off when Caroline's grin turns into a leer. "Oh" A silly grin appearing on her own face as she realizes that Stefan and Bonnie are obviously getting it on as they speak.

Shaking her head in amusement, Elena slips her arm through Caroline and they walk out of the suite, both planning on ragging on Bonnie and Stefan about this later on.