Chapter 3


Syria's Sky's

Early Morning

Leon glazed out the window then turning back to his gun, checking the chamber and sliding back into his Wing shooters. He rubbed his forehead, still trying to process what Ada told him.

After leaving Mount Rushmore, Ada explained to him that when she gave Wesker the Las Plagas virus; Ada had given Wesker a fake and the real one to her organization to make vaccines. But when he asked about the China incident, she tensed up and said 'That's personal. I'll tell you some other time, handsome.' It stayed silent after that.

Leon singed continuing to rub his forehead. "God knows I'm going to need shots after this." He mumbled. "You know there's a saying 'You can't drink your problems away.' Snapping his head up, Leon breath caught in his throat upon seeing Ada's outfit. A red tank top with lace trim, black leather jacket that stopped at her waist. Leather pants coved her long legs and a black choker with red trim completed the look. The red spy smirked. "See something you like handsome." Ada asked playfully as she took a seat across from him. The O.D.S agent coughed looking out the window again hopping to avoid eye contact. Ada watched in amusement as Leon rubbed his neck nervously. She decided to also take what Leon was wearing. A skin tight shirt showed off his toned muscles very nicely if she said so herself and black pants that were easy to run in. Leon caught Ada checking him out and staring grinning. 'Alright two can play at this game.' He thought grinning. "See something you like Ms. Wong" He said playfully. Her smirk widen.


Their faces turned serious as silence took over. Ada answered her phone. "Yes? Yes we're about to land." There was a pause, Leon observed Ada's face trying to see any emotions but she showed none. "Alight, we'll be there." Ada hung up the phone. "Well, what did your boss say." He asked. "My boss gave me the direction to the area those pictures were taken in." She replied back, checking her weapons. Leon nodded glazing out the window again. "Please buckle up and remain in your seats. We'll be landing in Syria shorty." The plane attendant said into the speaker. Leon and Ada buckled in as the plane started to land.

Once landing, the agent and spy climbing into a brown jeep then pulled out the airport. Both stayed silent as Leon drove into the city not knowing the horrors that waited for them.

Leon and Ada drove though Syria, everything was quiet to quiet for their likely. "I don't get it, where is everyone?" Leon questioned, glazing around the empty buildings. Leon stopped the jeep when a barricade appeared in their path. "blocked? That's odd." She said getting out of car. "What do you mean?" Leon asked following after her. Ada took out her phone and checked her map. "There isn't supposed to be a block in the road-"Shh! Listen" he hushed. Both listened, suddenly growls and moans broke through the silence of the dead city.

Red hungry eyes glowed in the shadows, slowing coming out of their hiding place. Stalking slowing towards the government agent and red spy. Leon thrust out both his wing shooters and began firing. Ada followed suit, thrust out her Machine pistol and helped Leon take out the B.O.W's. "god damn it, it seems like the whole city is infected!" Leon shouted reloading his guns. "Well then, let's take out these party crashers shall we." Ada replied back taking her crossbow and firing pipe bomb arrow at the horde of zombies which made a path way into an alleyway. "Handsome this way! I'll cover you!" Leon nodded dashing towards the dark alleyway. Leon glazed behind him, Ada was taking down B.O.W's one by one while trying to keep up with him. Then suddenly, he heard the faint sound of footsteps running towards his and Ada's direction. When the running got closer, Leon stopped running and pointed his gun at the person, he or she held up their hands. "Wait asshole I'm not-"Get down!" Leon yelled. Getting down on his or her knees, Leon shot the Zombie in the head making it go down. The person stood up slowing taking a look at the corpse surrounded by its own blood then towards Leon. He had his gun trailed on the person not sure if he or she was hostile. "Can you not point your gun at me? God damn do I look like some sort zombie to you?" Lowing his gun, Leon got a good look at muscled man. He was 6ft 3in, red orange chopped hair, Steel blue his eyes, and long scar ran along his left cheek. He wore a black long sleeved shirt that he rolled up to the elbows, black cargo pants, black combats. Leon immediately know who this was person. "Jake…?" Leon said slowing not sure if the person was indeed Jake Muller. "Leon…?" Jake said also slowing, not believing hero was in Syria.