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Chapter 1- Announcements

I smoothed my skirt for the millionth time. A new school, in a new town, in a new country. I guess I'm allowed to be a little nervous, right?

"Sabrina!" I turned to see Tally (short for Natalie) and Rachel running up the street, right at me.

"Gah!" I'm tackled by the 5' 3", blacked haired girl.

"It's been too long!" she laughs, rolling off me.

"I saw you at the airport on Saturday." I answer. Rachel, my (slightly taller than Tally) black haired friend, holds her hand out and helps me up. "Thanks."

"No prob, but are you okay? She got you full force that time."

"Yah I'm fine." I dust of my uniform which consists of a black jacket and a white skirt, the uniform for Seiso academy mainstream program.

"We should get going." Rachel starts up the hill and Tally and I follow.

Coming to the front gates of the school is impressive; even though we came here a few days ago to register it still sends a sense of awe through me. Seiso is nothing like the high schools back in the states, but it's in a good way. They have so much more equipment that our small town school ever will and the curriculum is high level, even in the main stream program.

Together the three of us made our way to the teachers' office to collect the books we needed.

"Here you go." A kind female teacher gives us the last of our supplies. "Do you know where you are headed?"

"Yep." Tally answered cheerfully "We got a tour the other day."

"Alright then. Have a good first day."

"Thank you very much." I said as we left the office.

We made our way down the crowed halls to classroom 2-2. Entering the classroom was worse than I could have imagined. All the students looked up and paid keen attention as we were introduced by the teacher. The three of us were seated in the back row, which help to minimize curious glances.

But by the end of the day we had settled in and we found we weren't treated any differently, well except in English class, The teacher wouldn't call on any of us to answer questions and rarely had us read because we always got it right.

I was packing my stuff up after our last class when Tally pounced on me again.

"Hey! We should go wander around." She suggested


" 'cause there's something I want to check out." She grabbed her bag and started dragging me along with Rachel following behind us.

"What are we looking for?" I asked as we crossed over into the music stream section of the school.

"The practice rooms." Tally finally answered.


"I heard that their super nice so I wanted to see."

"I heard that too." Rachel added


"I might practice here instead of at home." Tally explained.

"That's actually a good idea." Which was true, there was nowhere for me to practice at home because the walls here were so thin that my practicing was too loud for the rest of my family.

"Tally actually thought of something good." Rachel chuckled.

We came upon a hall with specially paneled walls. "Found it!" whisper yelled Tally.

"Why are we whispering?" asked Rachel

" 'cause we don't know who's around." Tally peaked in the first door (there's a window on each door, its standard for most practice room doors). "Gah! Someone's in there."

We kept looking in doors until we found an empty practice room.

"Let's check it out." Tally yanked open the heavy, sound proofed door.

"Wow. This is nice." I looked around; it was a nice sized room (bigger than the ones at our old school) with a baby grand piano.

"Geez, this school is fancy." Rachel played a cord on the piano. "The piano's actually in tune."

"Jeez, isn't it normal for piano's to be in tune?" I asked

"Not at our old school." Tally said

"That's true." I agreed

"Well I know what I'm doing tomorrow after school." Rachel said looking around at the room one last time.

"Same." I closed the door behind us.

After our little scouting adventure we went to the teachers' office to reserve practice rooms for tomorrow after school then went our separate ways home.

When I arrived home I was greeted by the smells of a working kitchen.

"Hola~ Yo estoy en la casa!" I yelled out, using my first year Spanish skills.

"Dinners almost done. Go wash up!" my mom yelled back.

" 'kay!" I dropped my bag in my room and changed into sweats and a t-shirt then washed up. I ran down the stairs and slid into my seat at the table. "What are we eating today?"

"Mac and cheese and chicken nuggets." My mom slid a plate in front of me.

"Aww. Come on." Holly, my younger sister whined.

"I've been busy unpacking and looking for a job so I haven't had time to do any grocery shopping so eat up."

"I'll eat whatever you cook." My dad said. He's such a schmoozer, especially since we had to pick up and move because of his job.

"So how was school Sabrina?" My mom asks, taking her seat at the table.

"Good. The schools really fancy."

"Yah, same with my school." Agreed Holly

"Well as long as you're getting an education it doesn't matter what the schools like." My dad took a sip of his water.

"Oh, I'm going to use the practice rooms after school tomorrow so I'll be a little later getting home." I informed my parents.

"Alright. But I don't see why you don't want to be in the Music stream if your still going to be playing." My mom shook her head.

" 'cause I don't want to be a musician. I just play because I like to. I want to be an author and I can't go to college for writing if I only get a musical education." I'd been telling them this over the last couple of days. At first my mom was furious that I had 'quit' music because she had just bought me a boatload of new music books and supplies. I had to tell them over and over again that I wasn't quitting, just not pursuing it in school.

"I know. Just don't be home too late." My mom sighed

"I know that. I'll be home before dark."

~~The next day~~

This time I was prepared for Tally's tackle and side stepped at the last moment to avoid any injury or dirtying of uniform.

"So you brought mini klitzner today." Rachel said, eyeing my instrument case.

"Yep. I got a few new music books so I decided to go with him today. What about you?" I asked

"That's a secret." She smirked

"Well then. What about you Tally?" I asked

"Brought Toby!" she said swinging around her case.

"Coolio. Let's go."

During class we got a few weird looks because of our instrument cases but nobody asked us about them. At the end of the day we went straight to the practice rooms in order to avoid most of the other students. We lucked out and found no one in the practice rooms yet. The three of us had reserved the last three rooms and separated to go to our designated rooms.

Setting down my case I flipped open the locks and started putting together my soprano.

I sat down on the piano bench and tuned to the piano. Satisfied I pulled my music out and put on the piano stand and started learning some new Disney songs. I often buy pop or movie music books for fun and practice fillers. I often got bored of the same music day after day for band so this was my way of branching out.

I played for about an hour before I packed up and left. Tally had already left when I finished and Rachel was going to stay a little longer so I walked home alone.

This pattern occurred for the rest of the week and we found it enjoyable to be able to practice at our own leisure.

The next Monday seemed no different. The three of us walked to school together and took our normal seats in the back.

"Sabrina~" I looked up to find tally leaning over at me with puppy eyes.


"Can I see your math homework?" asked Tally

"Why didn't you do it?"

" 'cause I didn't get it."

"Why didn't you text me for help then?"

" 'cause my phone was dead."

"Why didn't you charge your phone?"

" 'cause my charger is still packed in a moving box."

"Why… oh wait. Never mind. Here" I pulled my homework out of the bag and passed it to her. "Just don't let the teacher see."

"Yay! You rock!" she started copying down answers.

I looked up again when a girl rushed into the classroom, I believe her name was Hino-san or Kaho-chan as her friend called her. Said friend greeted her then dragged her to her seat, swooning over something.

I found it funny when the same girl spaced out during roll call.

~~During Lunch Break~~

"I see you brought both Klitzners' today." Rachel said referring to both instrument cases.

"Yep, thought I'd practice both today."

"Diligent as always." Tally teased.

"Yah, whatever." I brushed it off and continued eating my sandwich.

We were then interrupted by the principle coming on the intercom. "Well…err…Hello there everybody. There are some things you need to know concerning this year's musical concours which will be held in the school. So now I will announce the participants of the concours. To begin from the music department…"

"Well I guess this doesn't involve us." Tally said, ignoring the announcement.

I nodded in agreement and went back to finishing up my sandwich. I half listened but didn't know any of the names so it meant nothing to me. But when the principle started at the normal department my ears perked up.

"From the regular department; Sabrina Hayden from class 2-2, Natalie Miles from class 2-2, Rachel Kindred from class 2-2 and lastly from class 2-2 Hino


So I guess I should explain the 'mini klitzner' part huh? So Klitzner is the name of my saxophone (my friends named it after the youtube guy) and so I'm calling Sabrina's soprano a mini klitzner. Toby is Tally's trumpet (my friend Tosh calls her trumpet Toby) Toby refers to Tobuscus from youtube. Yah, we're band geeks :) we name our instruments.

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