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Chapter 7- Selection 1 (part 1)

The next few days flew by. Hours were spent practicing and I still had to fit in time for studying.
The day of the conours finally arrived and I was getting ready to leave for school. I had packed up my dress and soprano along with some extra supplies in case I accidently broke or misplaced something.

"Holly!" I called.

"What!" she yelled back.

I went to her doorway and peered in. "We have to go."

"Coming." She had refused a dress and opted for black slacks and a white dress shirt. She followed me downstairs.

"Good luck." My mom smiled as we left.

We walked quickly to school and were greeted at the front gate by Tally and Rachel and their accompanists.

"Sazzy you took forever." Tally complained as we made our way to the music hall.

"We were just early." Kim commented. Kim was a friend of ours who had been moved to Japan as well but she decided to go to another school, today she would be Rachel's accompanist.

"I agree with Kim." Ella added. Ella was another friend of ours and she was brilliant on the piano but was too shy to show it. Today she would be Tally's accompanist.

We entered the building and made our way back to the girls changing room.

"So what dresses did you guys pick?" I ask, pulling my own dress out of my bag.

"You'll have to see." Tally winked.

I shook my head and sighed and slipped off my school uniform and pulled the dress over my head.

"Wow! Sazzy's dress is super cute!" Tally exclaimed when she caught a glimpse of my dress.

"It's pretty and it matches your eyes." Ella said

"Thanks." I blushed at the comment. I was a silky blue dress, it didn't have shoulders but two sets of strings connected it to a slip of fabric that went around my neck. The dress ended slightly below my knees with a silver trim. I pull my silver flats out of my bag and put them on.

"No heels?" asks Rachel.

"Nah. I can't walk in them."

"I can't either." Tally shows me her black flats. I notice her dress; it's a deep purple dress with sleeves that end at her shoulders. The dress goes down to her knees as well. It has a swirling black pattern around the neckline (which is a bit daring for her but she pulls it off) and the end of the dress.

"You look good Tally."

"Yah' think so?" Tally spins around "My sister picked it out."

"She's got good taste." Kim slips her dress on "Could you get the back?"

"I got it." I close the small clasp on the back.

Kim, being an accompanist, has to a blander dress so she picked out a simple black dress. Ella pulled off a white dress with some lace trim.

"What's Rachel wearing?" Tally looks to the back corner. Rachel is trying to hide the dress; she's normally not self conscious but it seems to be different with dresses.

"Is it ok?" She's wearing an emerald dress with long sleeves.

"You look great." Ella reassures her.

"Yah, you totally pull off green." I told her. I turned back to the mirror to adjust my hair. I curled it for the special occasion. I re-arrange my curls so that my bangs are pinned back and the rest is swooped over one shoulder.

The rest of the girls spend a few minutes on their hair. Part way through Fuyuumi came in.

"Good morning." I greeted

"A-ah good morning." She returned

With all of us finished up we went out to the back stage. Slowly but surely everyone came in.

"Well, this is everyone." Kanzawa-sensei addressed us "Well, the first selection is only the first of four. This may be extreme, but even if you end up last place this time there's still a possibility of you winning the contest. So relax and take it easy."

"Kanayan, say something more inspiring." Insisted Hihara

"Now then, I'll announce the order of performances.
The first one is Shimizu.
Next is Hihara.
Natalie, Fuyuumi, Yunoki, Rachel, Sabrina, Hino.
Then Tuskimori's turn.
Well, I wish you good luck."

With that we were dismissed. I went and set up my soprano and popped my reed in my mouth.

"Gah, this tasted horrible." I complained to Tally.

"Are you using a new reed?" she asks

"No. I'm not stupid enough to use a new reed at a performance. I would squeak to no end if I did."

"We wouldn't want that." Laughed Rachel

"Nope." I agreed

"Seisou Academy's Intraschool Musical Concours has just begun" A female voice sounded over the speakers "Performer number one, from the music department, 1-A, Shimizu Keiichi-kun."

Shimizu walked onto the stage, visibly he wasn't nervous and neither was his accompanist but I wondered if he was on the inside. He didn't seem like a prideful guy that wouldn't be so full of himself that he wouldn't be nervous *cough cough* Tuskimori *cough cough*.

"Performing a Boccherini composition 'Cello Concerto in B Flat Major'." He bowed and sat. He seemed to prep himself before he started ~ ~ ~ ~ His movements were smooth and the sound flowed perfectly. I'd never heard this piece before so I was all ears.

"Wow…Shimizu-kun is good." Hihara commented

My focus was distracted when Hino ran off somewhere.

I turned back as the final notes carried out to the audience. ~ ~ ~ ~ He had done a good job and the audience agreed. The clapping persisted as Hihara took the stage.

"Performer number two, from the music department, 3-B, Hihara Kazuki-kun. Performing a Wagner composition 'Unter dem Doppeladler'."

"What language is that?" asked Tally

"German I think." I turned back to the stage as Hihara started ~ ~ ~ ~ I listened to his clarity and I was impressed, not all trumpet players could get that crisp of a sound. He also seemed to put his feelings into the tune because it came across very light-hearted and joyful. ~ ~ ~ ~ The crowds reply was loud and he deserved it, he gave a nice smooth performance.

"Performer number three, from the regular department, 2-2, Natalie Miles. Performing Buglers Holiday by Leroy Anderson." Rachel and I silently cheered Tally and Ella on as they crossed the stage.

"I can't believe that's the piece she picked." Kim said

"It brings back memories right?"

"To think she would play a piece we did in band in ninth grade."

"Well it's the same piece but this time it's a solo not a trio, it makes it much harder. She doesn't have Jason and Emma backing her up this time." I looked to the stage. ~ ~ ~ ~ The all too familiar tune rang out through the hall.

"She hit the high note." Rachel cheered.

"Of course she did." I smiled

~ ~ ~ ~ Tally finished strong and she made her way off the stage.

"Good job!" I high-fived her as she walked by.