Words From The Future

I am the daughter of two most loved and adored heroes in the universe. I am from the future. My parents were convicted of treason and taken advantage of the innocent by the conjecture of a madman out for avenges. My parents as spirited and kind-hearted as they were would not fight back as they should have. They knew the mad man would use anything to get more and more people to believe him. My parents only commiserated the people. My mother and father were known to stand illustriously and with venerability. They were discerned by all citizens of the city and the whole world.

All they ever wanted to live to provide consolation for families, for all people, for our family. But once the people turned their backs on them, they were trapped in consternation. Confused on the base of life in this world.

We lived in isolation. My parents did all they could to protect me; they sacrificed their lives for me. As their daughter, I live for finding the truth and justice. I have set out on a journey to the past to find out the truth and bring peace to the future.