Altered: Forget Me Not

"Your existence is fading, isn't it?"

Lara slowly sat up. "Why?! Why all of this?"

"You see this, father? I am the better man! I did this!"

"Are you serious? For your daddy's approval! He is dead!"

Gedeon smiled. "I know! I killed him! My father was never proud of me! But now look! I have successfully done all of what my father couldn't! The Justice League did nothing to protect me and my mother so now they suffer the pain I dealt with."

"You are sick and twisted!"

"No...I'm doing what's best."

"What's best? For who?"


Lara couldn't stand up. Her heart was giving out because of how badly injured Superman and Wonder Woman was. An android stood above them with the blaster.

"Now that I have you all together. Fire the-"

Not a moment too soon, Batman threw an explosive batarang at the android. Satisfied, he laid blacking out.


Lara stood up slowly, clutching her heart and looking at Gedeon with her eyes fiery red.

"No matter. I will enjoy you all dying slowly and painfully!"

"I'm not letting you get away with this. My purpose is to stop you and I will."

"Are you ready for the final level? Do you know what "Akuji" means, Princess? It means dead and awake. Akuji was dead but he has awakened!"

Dark grey clouds rolled in. Lightning flashed and hit the ground. Thunder roared.

Gedeon snatched off his coat and mask. He had transformed himself into half an android. "I can now live forever!" Gedeon said with the most deep, demonic, and disturbing voice.

"You are an idiot."

"I have succeeded! There is nothing you can do."

"Are you sure about that?"

"We will find out won't we?"

Lara and Gedeon charged at each other. Gedeon began to rapidly attack Lara, but Lara was a tad bit faster, even in her weak state.

Gedeon came at her again, rapidly kicking and punch at her.

"You don't know anything! You are just a fake, a cheater! Without this armor, you are nothing!"

Gedeon slapped her with so much force, she slammed into a wall.

"You should know your place, little girl."

Lara pulled herself up. "Didn't your mother teach you not to hit girls?"

"I'm sure she will give this an exception."

"You have the mind of a child." Lara blasted her heat vision.

Gedeon chuckled. "Well you got me." He said sarcastically.

Gedeon raised his fist to knock her out, Lara then saw Gedeon's fist come at her, and she grabbed it. She threw him into a building.

Lara charged at him again. Gedeon smiled thinking he could block her hit. But she still was able to punch him in the jaw, sending him flying. She flew up drop kicking him back down to the ground.

Gedeon hit the ground creating a giant hole; debris went up in the air.

As the smoke cleared, Lara hovered down. Lara walked forward, not able to see Gedeon.

"Behind you."

Lara turned only to, only to find that Gedeon's hand was around her throat. Lara looked down at the hand and gripped it.

His eyes turn a shade of green, green as kryptonite.

"You lose."

Lara couldn't breath. She was slowly blacking out.

Suddenly, a Kusarigama chain was wrapped around Gedeon's neck tightly pulling him backwards.

"Let our daughter go!" Wonder Woman tightened the chain of the Kusarigama around his neck. His grip loosened.

"Let her go NOW!"

He drop Lara and Wonder Woman yanked him back, dragging him on his back. Once she was above him, she slammed her foot in his chest.

Superman dashed to Lara.

"Are you alright?"

Lara looked up and embraced Superman, relieved.

"Let's finish this."

"You will not defeat me!"

Superman picked up Gedeon by his head. He threw Gedeon behind him, with Superman's fist following Gedeon and punched him. Superman then gripped his leg and threw him into another wall.

Wonder Woman step in punching and kicking. Lara cocked her hand back then swung her fist into his face.

"Is that all you got?" Gedeon taunted. They all charged at him.

Superman swung his fist into Gedeon's gut. He couldn't react. Gedeon grunted as he took the hit, only to find Superman in the air. Superman slammed his elbow into Gedeon's back, hearing his army crack. Gedeon went across the alley into parked car.

They all took turns hitting Gedeon, wearing him down. He began to kneel before them. Gedeon was being beaten so fast, he could do nothing.

Wonder Woman used her lasso bring him to her and sent an uppercut into his face. Gedeon flipped backwards falling to the ground a few yards away.

Superman, Wonder Woman and Lara hovered in the air.

"You three are so trivial." Gedeon had a smirk on his face. "This is what I've been waiting for!"

Coming from a distance was a 30 feet tall Akuji. Gedeon transported himself in front of the middle of its chest and emerged himself with it.

"The rage of my younger self and I older gives so much power."

Gedeon's hand formed a sword. He sliced the air, creating a large crescent shape of energy. The energy came fast, razor sharp, missing Wonder Woman and Lara. It collided with a building going straight through. The building was cut clean in half. He created more energy crescents as they dodged every last one.

"My best guess is that we have to get to whoever that is on his forehead," Superman said.

Lara looked up. "The boy? The boy and his emotions are in control."

"We are not going to kill him."

"No. The boy is in some type shield."

"If we break the shield and get the boy-"

"Gedeon will come crashing down!"

Wonder Woman picked up two swords. "I'm done with this childish game!"

They had to devise a quick plan.

"Have you all given up?"

Superman flew off.

"Where are you going, little man?!"

Gedeon swung his giant hand towards Superman.

As Superman distracted Gedeon, Wonder Woman and Lara moved at the speed of light putting gashes all over his body.


With his left hand, he tried to grab Lara. But Superman punch his hand as hard as he could going through his hand.

Wonder Woman and Lara came fast in front of Robert Jr. At first they were hesitant; they looked at each other and nodded. They rammed the swords into the shield cracking it then it busted open.

The giant Akuji came crashing down. "NO!"

Superman had grabbed the boy before he had fallen to the ground. Robert Jr. was still breathing but unconscious. Superman set him down. Lara stood above him.

"I am not done yet!" Gedeon said trying to stand but his android body was malfunctioning.

Lara sighed annoyed. She raised her sword making a clean slant cut. "You are the one that talked too much and will know your place."

"Damn all of you!" Was Gedeon's last words before his androids body exploded.

"It's done," Superman said proudly.

"Now everything goes back to normal."

"I don't think anything will be normal now that the whole world knows who you are."

"There is something else I need to tell you."


"It's time for me to go back. The future has been altered."

"For the better."


"Why maybe?"

"Gedeon had already altered time when he came back this far in the past. My existence was in question then and it still is. I don't know what would be my purpose anymore. But that was a risk I had to take because no one should have their life dictated by a mad man."

"Lara, all it means is that your purpose has changed for greater not leading to destruction. It brings your mother and me true happiness. We can be a family, like it should have it should be."

"You were not supposed to know about me in the first place. Your lives, your futures shouldn't be predictable. It shouldn't have been revealed like this at all. And that's why when I go, you won't even remember me."

Diana had a disappointed look and her voice lowered. "What happened in all this time just can't be forgotten."

"If it is meant to be, I would rather start over and let the rest of life come as it may. I want to be introduced to my parents the right way."

"You very wise, Lara. I see much of both of us in you and I am so proud."

"Mother, Father, I love you." She flew up embracing them both.

Diana and Kal tighten the embrace. "I love you." "And I love you, my little shining one."

Lara pulled away, smiling. "Goodbye, for now."

Diana hugged herself as she watched Lara walking slowly fading away.

"For now..."

"Diana." She looked at Kal. He saw her eyes filled with tears but she did not let a tear fall. Kal wrapped his arms around her and kissed the top of her head.

A flash of light came across the city making its way across the world.

"Metropolis News latest report! There was a breakthrough in the Robert Alan murder investigation. Thanks to Batman, the murderer has been revealed to be Dr. Alan's own 10 year old son! The boy learned of his father's infidelity, mental and physical abuse towards his mother. The mother was taken to a psychiatric hospital numerous times and for that the young boy took matters into his own hands. He set the house on fire and fled off to an abandon warehouse. There, Dr. Alan had his latest invention (Ninja Androids) hidden. The boy had used them as toys of destruction. The Justice League prevailed defeating the androids, keeping Metropolis safe, once again. The boy is now in custody and will be tried as an adult."

"I am speechless. This story is quite the tale. My mind is still trying to grasp on to the concept of Ninjas. Really?"

The abandon warehouse was completely destroyed but Metropolis was untouched.

At The Watch Tower

Most of the JL were in the medical lab, under intensive care. Their wounds were caused by more than what they remembered. They all had the same question of "What Happened?" but no one could answer.

Batman had broken ribs and had a broken arm. He could only remember being in the warehouse beyond that, he was at a dead end.

There was indeed a drastic change.

Kal and Diana went to the park lake. Diana sat with her eyes closed.

"What's wrong?"

Diana opened her eyes "I don't know. I feel strange."

"What do you mean?"

She shrugged and sighed.

"Diana, talk to me."

"I don't know what to say. I have a feeling of sadness but a part of me is reassuring that there is no need."

Kal was stunned and concerned for both of them because he too felt that way. "Don't worry, Diana. I feel it too but whatever it is will go away. We have to look forward for the better."

"You sound so sure."

"I am sure," He smiled pulled her close and kissed her softly.

No one had any memory of Lara and it was tearing Diana and Kal apart. Feelings just don't go away but her appearance; being there physically…knowing that she ever existed and will exist was erased from their minds.

Lara did more than what she set out to do, which has altered lives, and significant events that has yet to occur but will soon.