The Eyes Of Trust

"You have got to be kidding me?"

"No, Batman, I am not. I am here to help. Like I said, Gedeon has more advanced technology so I…"

"Whoever sent you is taking a big risk. Really, sending a 10 year old?" The lantern folded his arms and frowned.

"No one sent me, Lantern. As for my age, I'm 12."

"That doesn't make it any better."

"I can't explain everything."

"It's alright, you don't have to." Superman smiled at her. He looked into the young girl's eyes. It was just something about her.

"Thank you, Superman." Phoebe flew off.

"I been confused ever sense the weird future guy was talking." Flash became a bit agitated. "Now we are just going to let her go?!"

"For now but J'onn…"

"I was not able to read her mind. It seems as if she knew that I was trying to."

More questions were raised and the answers were just too far away.

Diana flew across Metropolis. She didn't exactly know why. Didn't exactly know where she was going but something was guiding her. She came to a stop seeing Phoebe on top of a building. She flew to her.

"I wish the future would be like that again. Peaceful."

"Why is this happening, Phoebe?"

"It's because….because of me, who my parents are and what he thinks they did. I am a threat to him. I am the one that is supposed to stop him for good but he has decided not to let that happen. He decided that what better way to get rid of me is to destroy the world before I am even born."

"Phoebe, in order for us to protect you and your parents you have to tell me who they are."

"I don't need protecting, Wonder Woman. I am protecting all of you."

"You can trust…."

A loud scream came from an alley nearby. A group of six women were surrounded by a group of fifteen men.

"Now come on ladies! We just want to have a little fun. No harm in that." Luke, the group leader said.

"Leave us alone!"

"Aw! Baby! Don't be like that!"

The men looked very dirty and drugged up. They came closer to the women.

"Let them go…NOW!"

They turned around and laughed. Wonder Woman and Phoebe stood there with their hand on their hip.

"This day just gets better and better! Wonder Woman is here! I would love for you to tie me up…"

Six of the men grabbed the women and held a gun up to their heads.

Wonder Woman and Phoebe were disgusted.

"Idiotic brutes…" Phoebe smirked. Her eyes turned red and the gun started to melt in the men's hands.

They quickly dropped the guns and winced in pain.

"Who is this? Wonder Woman's sidekick. How old are you kid? Five? You shouldn't be here this is a grown up situation."

"This is a waste of time. I'll take the left you take the right then we take care of the big mouthed idiot."

Wonder Woman smiled. "Deal."

Wonder Woman and Phoebe took the men on one by one with them flying all over the alley and knocking them out cold. The group of women stood in a corner cheering them on.

Last was the leader. He tried to run away but Wonder Woman used her lasso, yanking him to her and as soon as he came close enough she punched him.

"How ironic is this? You got what you wanted." Wonder Woman smiled.

"Oh thank you! Thank you both so much!"

Wonder Woman and Phoebe nodded slightly.

"None of you are injured?" Wonder Woman asked.

"No, just still unease."

Police sirens were now heard.

"I cannot stay any longer," Phoebe was about to fly off.

"No! Wait!" Wonder Woman grabbed her hand and stared into Phoebe's eyes.

Immediately the world…time seemed to stop. Diana heard a child crying.

"Mommy! Daddy!"


"Mommy! Mommy!"

"We are right here, Lara!"

"Daddy, I can't see you! Mommy! Daddy!"

Diana gasped and let go of Phoebe's hand. They stared at each other. Diana saw tears forming in her eyes.

"Who…?What…?" Diana couldn't speak.

Phoebe took off.

"Phoebe, don't…."

"Wonder Woman!"

She looked back to see the police and Superman.

"Now I see why I couldn't get in contact with you."

"We can take it from here," A police officer said.

Wonder Woman and Superman flew off to a remote area in the park.

"Diana, what's wrong?" Superman took her hand in his.

"I talked to Phoebe today."

"What did she say?"

"Kal, she is in danger, trying to protect us…the league. She can't tell us everything because it is just some things that are better left unsaid."

"What do you mean?"

"She is a very tough girl but looking into her eyes, I saw pain and sadness. All she wants is for the league to trust her and not judge her or ask so many questions. I trust her, Kal."

He smiled. "I know you do. I am not and will not question that. But the reason why they question her is because we have dealt with many who are not who they say they are."

"She is twelve years old."

"Yes, but a twelve year old that might be stronger than both of us combined."

Diana sighed. "I thought you of all people would understand." She turned away from him.

"Diana? Diana, look at me."

She did nothing.

"I do understand. I'm trying to explain what the others are thinking."

"I don't care what they think, Kal! If they don't want to help then I will help her."

"I will not let you do this alone and you know that!"

Diana turned around. "Do you trust me, Kal?"

"Of course I do. That's a question you should never ask."

"We have to get the others to do the same. I need for Phoebe to talk to them and them to listen."

"That is going to be a challenge but we will work it out, ok?"

Diana nodded and embraced Kal. "You always know what to say."

"I'm always here for you."

"Wait! Wait! Wait! I didn't sign up to babysit!" Green Arrow was not cooperating very well. "I am not about to take orders from a little kid."

"Arrow! Calm down!" Superman yelled. "Just listen to her!"

Superman and Wonder Woman stood by Phoebe's side giving her support for whatever happens and whatever is said.

"Green Arrow, I respect you and your opinion. But At the same time I will not be disrespected. Gedeon is after all of you. He wants to have control of you. He wants you to go against each other. If not that he wants to kill each and every one of you because to him you are a threat."

"That's why we should just find this psycho, kick his ass and send him back to whatever time he came from! What is so difficult about that? It's more than a 1,000 of us."

"He knows everyone's weakness."

"He what?! What the hell is going on!" Hawkgirl was really in a bad mood.

"Shayera!" Diana was also getting frustrated.

"This was a bad idea from the start. We can handle this ourselves, taking every precaution," Batman said adding insult to injury.

Everyone started talking amongst themselves, not even trying to give Phoebe a chance. Her left eye started to twitch out of aggravation.

"Everybody! QUIET!"

There was indeed only silence. Everyone looked at Phoebe. Time is running out. Every minute that passes is every minute Gedeon becomes stronger. Like I said Gedeon knows everyone's weakness. Even mine…"

"So what are you saying?"Batman asked.

"Gedeon has a weakness. And if you all will stop complaining, we will be able to be a few steps ahead of him."

Will the league be able to put their trust in Phoebe or will they be too stubborn and Gedeon will get the best of all of them?