Strength Of The Mind

"Hey, C.K, man where were you yesterday? Lois and I got good shots of that new superhero girl."

"I was around."

Clark was a bit short, distant even. He had a lot on his mind concerning Diana and Phoebe. He wanted to express his feelings the right way to Diana but things prevented that from happening. He was determined to at least have a day with just them two together, not as Superman and Wonder Woman but as Clark/Kal and Diana. With Phoebe, he still needed to figure out the vision he had when he touched her shoulder.

Lois came from around the corner. "Clark, Jimmy, come watch this!"

Metropolis News Reports: Young New Leaguer flashed across every screen. "People started to wonder who was this young girl and where did she come from joining the Justice League. Where did the man come from with the ninja army?Are they connected? How are they connected? Why? Many questions are looming around Metropolis," news anchor Heather Moore said.

"Indeed, Heather." Don Rockwall co-anchor agreed. "A kid her age should be interested in something less dangerous, though."

Clips were shown of Phoebe in action.

"Can we trust her? I mean can a child with that much power, take responsibility?"

"Well I say if the Justice League does, than we can. We see her in action, so safe to say she knows what she is doing."

She nodded. "In other news…"

"Wow! She has the same power of Superman but she kind of looks like Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman…she is really hot." Jimmy stared into space, daydreaming.

"Jimmy, really?" Lois slapped his arm.

"What?! I would ask her to marry me if I could!"

Lois rolled her eyes and turned to Clark who was in a daze.

"Clark?" She waved her hand in front of him.


"So what do you think? This will be a good story to cover. I need to get more information on her."

"How do you plan on doing that, Lois? From what I hear, she disappears most of the time and no one knows where she goes."

"You must forget I'm a top reporter, Clark. I always get the story I want and this story I will get." She walked away with determination in her eyes and her mind already set.

"She takes this job way too serious. But anyway, I need to find a way to get Wonder Woman's attention," Jimmy smiled. "I'm confident I'll have a chance."

"Careful, Jimmy, you don't know what you are trying to get in to."

"Kent, it is my dream to make Wonder Woman my Wonder Wife!"

"It will only be just that, a dream." Clark shook his head and walked back to his desk. He had to do a little research on his own.

Later That Day….

"I still don't understand why was it so simple for the kid to slice the droid in half but we barely left a scratch?" Flash asked.

The league was yet again in the conference room trying to figure out what actually transpired downtown. Yes, they successfully defeated the army but not being able to defeat the real Akuji? What type of power did the girl truly posses?

"Fighting the army was just a test." Everyone looked in the direction of Phoebe.

Batman glared. "How did you get in here and what do you mean a test?"

"I have a right to be here, Batman and does it matter, I'm here to help," Phoebe snapped back.

"Alright, Alright! We just need answers." Aquaman budded in.

"I'm not invincible but I know Gedeon's moves. This is just a childish game."

Batman noticed a bruise on Phoebe's right arm but didn't say anything.

"What is he trying to do, Phoebe?" Wonder Woman asked softly.

Phoebe looked at Wonder Woman as if she was a child trying to hide the truth in fear of getting into trouble.

"This is not about physical strength. It's about mental strength. The androids were to test your power. Every hit was absorbed to be resisted. That's why Akuji attached the damage pieces to test if it would work. Gedeon knew that all of you individually and combined are very powerful with weaponry or not. Superman could've easily sent Akuji flying to the moon with one blow."

"So now we are defenseless." Green Arrow sunk in his seat.

"No not necessarily. Like I said before the technology Gedeon uses is advanced but yet it also have a flaw."

"That still doesn't explain why you were able to defeat Akuji?" Batman became impatient.

"I used Akuji's own sword. He was not programmed to resist his on weapon and attack. "

"You figured this out and didn't tell us sooner?"

Batman seemed to interrogate Phoebe.

"I wondered why Akuji was set to self destruct. Why was it so easy for you all to destroy the army but not Akuji. Gedeon had already got what he wanted. It was obvious to figure out once back tracked. Batman, even you could've figured that out but because you are so focused on trying to fault me you were too blind to see that."

Shocking looks were all around. The room was silent. Batman got up from his seat and left the room.

Green Arrow sat up and looked around the room waiting for someone to say something. But being impatient, "Well that was an awkward way to end this. But can we all go now?"

Without a word everyone stood and filed out except for Phoebe, Wonder Woman, and Superman.

Once the doors shut again, Wonder Woman got up walking over to Phoebe. She didn't know what to say or how she should start but she needed...wanted to talk to Phoebe without her feeling like she had no one to talk to because of so many questions are being asked or the wrong questions for that time is being asked.

"Phoebe, Batman doesn't mean any harm. It's sometimes it takes a while for him to open up."

"Yes, I know but this is not that simple to explain. Lives are still at stake and I don't know what to say." Phoebe sighed. "Honestly, I miss the older Bruce..."

"The older Bruce?" Superman and Wonder Woman questioned.

"I said my parents were a part of the league. I spent a lot of time around the league being one big family. Batman is Bruce Wayne, Superman, Kal-El of Krypton also known as Clark Kent, and you Wonder Woman, Princess Diana of Themyscira also known as Diana Prince. That is why this is so important. Why I have to protect all of you."

"Let us know what we have to do?" Superman said.

"Just listen. Pay closely attention to who you are surrounded by. Gedeon wants the league to make one mistake…just one. And that one mistake will determine the fate for everyone here. He is trying to make a future for his own benefit."

With that said Phoebe left the room. Wonder Woman and Superman didn't know what else to say or ask. It was like a never ending mystery. They end up at a dead end and with the rest of the league still somewhat against Phoebe who knows what will happen next?

Wonder Woman sighed in deep thought.

"It's going to get better, Diana."

"How? We have no idea what to do."

"I know you feel like we are putting everything on Phoebe and waiting for her every move but we're not, you heard what she said."

" I need her to open up to me more, Kal. I feel like she can only trust and talk to me, yet she is still hiding something."

"It just takes time."

Diana smiled. "Now you are sounding like the optimistic one but what time do we have?"

"Well I have to be and we will make time."

"I hope so."

Phoebe flew alone in the rain trying to make it to her temporary safe haven.

But her arm started hurting even more and she was trying to stay strong. She became to irritated and weak to fly the rest of the way. She landed on the ground but fell not able to stand. It started to rain harder.

"What's wrong, princess ...Lara?"

"That is not my name anymore."

"Did you get a chance to tell them who you really are?"

Phoebe tried to stand but she fell on her knees.

"You're weak and helpless just like your parents."

"Leave them alone, Gedeon!"

"Time is wasting. But I'm You should tell them who you really are before I kill them. But then again it doesn't matter because your existence won't be at all."


Gedeon disappeared chucking evilly.

Phoebe tried to hold back her tears but she was not strong enough. She took the heart locket that was around her neck and opened it. She stared at the picture of Diana and Kal who were a little older.

"Mom...Dad...I won't lose you again. I won't fail you." Phoebe held onto the locket as she continuously cried.

Kal made reservations for a late dinner with Diana. He was surprised she said yes when he asked, knowing she would be more focused on the issues at hand but they both needed a moment away from that.

He was going to meet her at the restaurant. Not even fifteen minutes of sitting alone at the table, he saw Diana walking towards him. Kal stared at her in awe. Diana was wearing a midnight blue strapless fitted mini dress, showing all her beautiful curves with strappy black stilettos and matching accessories.

"Hi, Clark."

He smiled hearing her call him Clark which she rarely does. He knew the only reason why is because they were in public. "You're incredibly beautiful," he said standing up to pull out her chair. Diana's face lit up as she sat down.

"Why thank you. You look very handsome," she said flirtatiously.

Kal wore khaki slacks, white shirt, black tie, and black shoes.

Their table was in a secluded corner, away from most of the other diners.

"Have whatever you want," Kal nodded.

After they placed their orders and as they waited for their food, Kal couldn't keep his eyes off of her. There was something how she looked in the flickering flame of candlelight that emphasized how she always looked, and she looked absolutely stunning.

Their meals had arrived, and the little conversation they attempted to have as they ate.

Music started to play. Kal got up and held out his hand for Diana to take for them to dance. It was a slow song. He put his arms around her waist and pulled her close as he looked her in the eyes. Diana put her arms around his neck.

Kal pulled her even closer to him. She closed her eyes and rested her head on his shoulder.

At that moment, everything did go away.

They had flown back to Diana's home.

"Thank you for tonight."

"There is no need to thank me. We have to have some type normalcy."

Diana leaned closer to kiss his cheek. She pulled back slowly staring into his eyes.

Kal tucked his hand under her chin, and lifted her face to his as their lips met. Kal slowly moved his hands to Diana's hips as Diana placed her hands on his shoulders.

They broke apart, savoring the moment. "Good night, Diana," he said, quietly, as he floated off the ground.

"Good night," she whispered, watching him fly away.