Plans, Truces, and Promises

Superman and Wonder Woman headed to the Watch Tower together. On the way they had to discuss whether to tell the League about Lara. It was still a little tense and it would possibly escalate a bit more. But they have decided to hold a meeting to get everyone on the same page with what they have to do.

"I called this meeting because we are running out of time. We need to come up with a plan to bring Gedeon down! Phoebe needs our help. I'm not about to give up on her. If you don't want to think about that, you need to help yourselves."

"We get that and we agree with you, Superman, but how are we going to do that when the psychopath knows our every move?" Aquaman asked.

"Phoebe said we have to use Gedeon's own weapons against him," Wonder Woman answered.

"We just need to find Gedeon's location," Batman stated. "I have analyzed all the material Phoebe gave and it is just what we need."

Superman and Wonder Woman were very impressed with Batman, of all people, has a change of heart.

"Alright, well let's get going!" Flash clapping his hands together.

With the League finally agreeing, the confidence had arose that whatever Gedeon had was nothing compared to what the League had for him!

Lara flew across the skies. She wanted to take a last look at what was her home but it might not be for much longer. She flew across a remote area outside of Metropolis, looking down and smiled. She sighed stopping at the Kent farm, remembering how she and Kal across the field, playing hide and seek in the barn. Themyscira, days of training there and riding horses with Diana and Queen Hippolyta. The last place she wanted to visit was the Fortress of Solitude.

She flew down to the entrance, touching the door and closed her eyes. She breathed in and slowly exhaled. This is where most of her memories are and they are truly good memories. This is her safe haven. This is where she had to go when everyone she loved were gone. She opened the gigantic door, looking around she couldn't help but to smile.

At the foyer of the Fortress were giant statues of Jor-El and Lara, Kal-El's birth parents holding up the world of Krypton.

"I could only imagine how life would be if you were here. I am proud and honored to be named after you, grandmother," Lara bowed giving her respect. "Thank you."

Two Days Passed…

"Have you seen or heard from, Lara?"

Kal and Diana had decided to go on a lunch date and take a stroll around Metropolis shopping area.

Diana sighed. "I don't know where she goes. She told me that she can't get too close but I don't know what she means by that."

"Maybe she is scared that Gedeon will succeed."

"She doesn't have to be, Kal. I want her to understand that. At the same time she is stubborn."

"She will, Diana. And yeah, now I know where she gets that from," Kal smiled slyly.

Diana raised and eye brow.

A young girl who looked like Lara walked passed them. There was a familiar feel Diana felt. The girl had her hair half up with loose curls. She had on black jeans, purple shirt and purple flats.


She turned around and smiled. "I guess a disguise will not work with you."

"Where have you been? Where do you fly off to?"

"I wanted to visit places that are significant in my life."

"Was anything different?" Kal asked.

"Only one place was but the others, no. You didn't tell anyone about me, yet?"

"No, it didn't feel like the right time to and Bruce wants to speak with you."

"Really, now? This will be interesting."

Batman stood up from his chair as the door slide open. Kal, Diana, Lara…I mean Phoebe walked in.

Batman cleared his throat. "We are prepared for anything Gedeon has planned and -"

"Apology accepted."

Batman was astounded.

"Well I know it is hard for you to say how you feel so you don't have to say another word. I have already forgiven you. I know you are doing your job. And I also apologize."

Batman was silent as she held out her hand. Taking her hand, they shook on a truce.

"Oh cool! Ninjas!" Robert Jr. ran through the many stilled androids.

Gedeon took Robert Jr. to where he held the rest of the android army.

"How do you feel about our father?"

"He was so mean. He was never proud of me. He used to hurt and yell at mom all the time."

"I know that why he needed punished. That's why we punished him."

"If we have the Justice as our guards, there will be no more bullies and every one will like me!"

"Yes! So enjoy our creation. But this is not all."

"What else is it?"

"There will be something more powerful and bigger than our whole army just as one and you are the key. When the time is right, your power will take control and anyone who tries to get in the way will meet there demise." Gedeon said balling up his fist.

Kal and Diana decided to take Lara to an open field to spar. They wanted to know more of exactly what she can do.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?"

"Lara, we are miles away from other people," Diana assured her.

Kal put his hand on Lara's shoulder. "It's alright. You don't have to hold back."

"That's what I always have to tell you, Kal!" Diana folded her arms.

He chuckled.

Kal and Lara decided to have the first go. Lara lunged at Kal, he had blocked her but her hit was still just as powerful. Kal didn't expect that.

Well she is part Kryptonian and Amazon.

"Ok, well that was great! You are strong!"

Diana watched with a smile. Kal was wonderful with Lara and he will be a great father when the time permits.

Taking a break, Lara looked over to Diana who was in deep thought.

"What's on your mind?"

"I was thinking about my mother. Lara, my relationship with my mother is a bit strained. I don't want that for me and you. I guess that would be where my doubts of being a mother comes from."

"Promise me, that you will stop thinking that way. There is bound to be a change. It's just in a matter of time. I know it is still over whelming but you make an incredible team as heroes and as parents. Make this promise to yourselves as well."

Diana was curious to know more.

Lara took her hand. "Just promise me, Mom and Dad."

Diana and Kal looked at each other then at Lara. "We promise."

Lara nodded. "Come on!" She pulled Diana to get up. "It's our turn!"

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