Three years later…..

Merlin stood in the crowd of almost complete strangers - all who wanted to pat his back and congratulate him on his successes. His eyes searched out for the one person whose opinion mattered the most. He couldn't help but smile when he saw where Arthur was – at the bar; talking to the bargirl about the different ciders they had on tap.

Merlin Emrys had written a book, a book which skyrocketed into the bestsellers list all over the world. It was unexpected, it was amazing and it was also a little terrifying. Who would have thought a book centred around two male leads and their fantasy worlds could create such a fuss. The book itself wasn't hard to write – he practically lived the entire ordeal. But when Arthur suggested he try and write a novel, he knew exactly what to create - their strange if not unorthodox courtship.

Evan, his editor had been fantastic in the early stages, he put Merlin onto a publishing house of a friend's after he'd read the outline. Merlin still travelled all over writing, but now he could add novelist to the list of his achievements – that, along with finding his perfect partner. God's Arthur looked fuckable in a made-to-fit tuxedo. He squashed thoughts of screwing the blonde in the men's restroom when his publisher came up to offer his congratulations.

The party wasn't Merlin's idea - he really couldn't be bothered with all the pomp and circumstance that came with the job. But Arthur insisted that if he wanted to sell books and keep writing, he needed to be seen and be approachable. Merlin watched over his publisher's shoulder as Arthur turned around sipping a scotch, neat. Their eyes met and Arthur winked sexily before being accosted by Laura, who had just turned up with her husband – Gwaine. Merlin had never seen it coming – Arthur once again laughing at his inability to see the obvious before his face. Apparently they had hooked up after the tequila night and kept it secret for weeks. Merlin would never have guessed – ever. Arthur wasn't surprised.

After speeches were made and Merlin was embarrassed thoroughly by having to read out a chapter, he finally made it to where Arthur was standing waiting for him. It was ridiculously corny but it felt like coming home. The only thing left for him to do was start using female toilets – he was practically a girl now – especially where Arthur was concerned.

"You did well, except when you stumbled over the phrase, 'leaking hot cock'….which by the way – I don't leak; it doesn't sound manly at all."

Merlin smirked and turned red all at the same time, "you really are a twat. Lucky you're a good looking one."

"So what – you're only with me because of my extraordinarily perfect physique?"

"Of course, why else – your personality doesn't really win points now does it?"

Arthur smiled at Merlin and drew him in closer so his lips touched Merlin's ear – he shivered as Arthur nipped his lobe. "Who needs personality when I have a hot throbbing non-leaking cock which wants to be inside of you right now?"

Merlin groaned and felt his cock wake up in his pants. It was crazy, after three years of being together, fucking, living and breathing the other – they still were absolutely in lust. Merlin hoped it never changed, he didn't think it would. But right at that moment, Merlin wanted Arthur inside of him, thrusting away making him forget his name.

Looking around Merlin saw everyone was otherwise occupied and dragged Arthur out the door and around the corner. Almost immediately Arthur had him up against the wall, tongue deep in his mouth and hands down the front on his pants. Arthur started to stroke him and Merlin whimpered against his lips as he fisted so tight it almost hurt – but in a good way.

"Not here…" Merlin garbled almost incoherently – he wanted nothing more than for Arthur to turn him around, drop his tuxedo pants and breech him, but this hallway was not private enough and Merlin had enough embarrassment for the night.

He was dragged down another hall until a huge exit sign appeared at the end, Arthur pushed on the bar and they were suddenly in the darkened stairwell. Arthur looked up, then down the stairwell and once satisfied, grabbed Merlin's pants and pulled them straight down.

A cool breeze tickled Merlin's bare thighs, but it was soon overtaken by another sensation – the one of Arthur's hot mouth deep throating him. Wet slurping noises echoed down the stairs, followed by Merlin's small whimpers of pleasure – then a small growl as Arthur's fingers found the tight ring of Merlin's hole. Slowly and agonisingly good, Arthur began to push inside. Merlin grabbed Arthur's hair and pulled slightly, making the blonde smirk on his knees.

"You want me inside?"

"Gods, yes…" Merlin moaned.

"Are you sure you want this utterly perfect cock deep inside of your arse, pounding you until you are red raw and screaming my name." Arthur was grinning by now.

Merlin yelped a little as a third finger joined the other two, "On second thoughts…"

He got no further, Arthur had stood up and pushed Merlin against the stair rail, so he was looking down almost twenty flights, it was a little dizzying. He heard Arthur's pants fall to the ground and a small tear of a packet of lube being opened and wet fingers were back inside of him. They could almost own shares in the lube company now.

His small cries of pleasure reverberated down the stairs, as Arthur's cock finally pushed against his pucker. Then it was on. Arthur's grunts and tight hands on his hips made Merlin squeeze unintentionally – Arthur's pace stumbled.

"I'll last three seconds if you keep clenching."

Merlin apologised and held onto the railing as Arthur began to fuck him with the force of a tank. It was so perfect, the burn, the fullness – getting fucked in a public place. This wasn't the first time the urge to get each other off in public had happened. They had screwed almost everywhere and so far never been caught – well if they had neither knew it.

As Arthur's breath began to labour, Merlin couldn't help but clench tightly, he knew it drove Arthur over the edge. With a loud wail, Arthur thrust one last time, so deep it almost hurt – and his cock began to throb. Merlin felt warmth fill him as he stood their panting, still hard.

Arthur pulled out quickly,

"Clench," he ordered.

Merlin felt a thrill, and clenched tighter so that none of Arthur's seed left his body – this was always the hard part. Then Arthur was on his knees again, licking Merlin's hardness. Merlin was seeing stars, his arse clenched trying not to let any cum loose was almost impossible as Arthur began to fist and lick him.

It was over all too soon; Merlin's hips were thrusting out of rhythm as Arthur jerked his orgasm from him. As he came down Arthur's throat he let go, feeling Arthur's seed leave him at the same time – it was a heady sensation.

Merlin held onto the railing with the last of his strength and only came back into himself when Arthur started to clean him up with his handkerchief. When they were both respectable again Arthur pulled Merlin in for a tight hug.

"Fuck I love you."

Merlin smiled into the blonde's shoulder, sated, happy and wanting a nap.

"Yeah, well for an obnoxious prat – you're not so bad yourself. Love you too."

Arthur huffed out a laugh and grabbed Merlin's hand and pulled him back to the party. Just before they opened the door, Merlin grabbed Arthur and kissed him completely.

"Let's go home – they won't miss us. I want a shower, a Star Wars marathon and a slow fucking on the couch."

Arthur's eyes went insanely dark, "Deal."

Merlin followed him out to their car and slid into the front seat smiling. Life was good, actually life was perfect – and he wouldn't change a damn thing about it. Not only was Arthur Pendragon Merlin's fantasy, he was his reality too. And nothing in the world could change that.


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