A/N written for the Snakes and Ladders prompt to write about Minerva Mcgonagall. This ties into my much longer story, The Rise and Fall of Dumbledore's Army, but it is a stand alone piece as well. Please enjoy and review!

Minerva McGonagall walked into the hospital wing after the feast had ended. She had been subjugated to listening to the dark musings of Alecto Carrow. That woman has the most messed up mind I have ever had the displeasure of coming in contact with, Minerva thought.

Poppy hurried over to Minerva, matronly to the core. Minerva rarely went to the hospital wing unless one of her students were injured. "Minerva," Madame Pomfrey asked. "Is everything alright?"

"I'm fine bodily, Pommie," Minerva replied. "I just need a little something for this splitting migraine."

Frowning, Poppy began rummaging in the potions cabinet. "What has caused your migraine, exactly, Minnie? I seem to recall that you survived teaching the Marauders."

"Two words, Pommie," Minerva stated as Madame Pomfrey handed her a vial of potion. "Alecto Carrow."


As Minerva moved the sorting hat out of the way, she glanced for the first time at the staff table. She, like many of her students, tried to avoid the presence of Death Eaters among the staff. Sitting in Minerva's spot, however, was none other than one of those Death Eaters.

Minerva grimaced as she saw that the only open spot at the staff table was directly next to Alecto Carrow. Seating herself, Minerva looked distastefully at the woman seated beside her. Alecto had been there at the Battle of Hogwarts, the battle where their school had lost Dumbledore. The woman who was almost as toadlike as Umbridge, grinned at the mention of her name and Minerva feared that, like Umbridge, Alecto would get up to speak.

When she didn't, Minerva was relieved to say the least. However her relief was short lived, as during the meal Alecto turned to strike up a conversation with her.

"I must say, I believe that this year the education system will finally be teaching these kids how to be proper witches and wizards. Honestly, the modified Muggle Studies class will be so much more educational than what they forced on us when I went here," Alecto stated to Minerva.

Swallowing her distaste, Minerva picked up her cup and took a shaking sip of pumpkin juice. She knew that if she said a word against the new system or either Carrow she would be sacked. Alecto took obvious pleasure in this and continued.

"Honestly, it's a true shame that you didn't have your curriculum updated, Minerva. So much could have been accomplished under the new regime in the field of transfiguration. Pity." While Alecto spoke, she shoved her food down her throat. Minerva fought the urge to hex her.

All through the meal, Alecto said distasteful things to Minerva. But never once did Minnie retaliate. Sticks and stones, she told herself. I am the greater person.


Poppy listened as Minerva told her the source of her migraine. "If I were you, Minnie," Poppy stated. "I would have hexed her."

"Alas, Pommie," Minerva replied. "One must not stoop to their level. Thank you for the potion and letting me vent to you."

Minerva handed Madame Pomfrey the empty vial and headed out of the wing. "Always a pleasure, Minerva," called Poppy as Minerva silently closed the door behind her.