Chapter 1

"She'll love it.." I mumbled looking at the big diamond ring.

"Yeah.. She's a lucky girl.." Ian smiled.

Ding! The door! I rushed to it, opening it. Kalel's bright and cheery eyes light up as I kiss her. "Anthony!"

"I missed you!" I hugged her.

"I've missed you too!" She says.

"Well.. I have to go Email producers.." Ian winks at me with his blue eyes.

"Okay.." Kalel sits on the couch.

"Well uh.. How was the plane ride?" I ask.

"Bad." Kalel answers.

"Aw. You just need some sleep," I put my arm around her.

"Yeah," She lays her head of green hair on my arm.

"Well, I have a question," I clear my throat.

"Yes..." Kalel looks around awkwardly.

"Kalel, will you marry me?" I ask as i open the ring box.

"Anthony, Are you sure your asking the right person?" She asks.

"Of Course!" I answer.

"Um.. I'm sorry but your asking the wrong person. Your supposed to marry Ian, everybody knows that," she clears her throat.

"WHAT?!" I yell. Nononono! This was supposed to be perfect! What. What. What.

"I'm.. I'm sorry.." Kalel grabs her suitcase and runs out.